At the Villa Ch. 20

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At The Villa Ch 20
Sam in Athens 2
A New Era for Olympia and Diana

It did not take long for the taxi to arrive and park in front of the main door which Sam had indicated during his latest mobile conversation with the young ladies. The bags were unloaded and Sam, who was eagerly waiting, hugged both Olympia and Diana as they alighted.

They were very anxious to know what Sam had prepared for them, but once he had mentioned nothing, they decided not to ask. In a way they were not sure if what Sam had prepared for them, they were going to like it. Quite a few emails were swapped between Olympia and Diana from the moment they had left the villa and the island while settled back to their daily norms within their individual families; but what precisely were Sam’s plans, they just had only a mild idea.

They spent countless nights within their private bedrooms, thinking and dreaming, sometimes they even touched themselves as they chatted with each other on the net. Their pussies quickly got wet and when their orgasms were getting closer, they even activated their computer’s visual system. They watched each other getting high; sometimes they even pointed their camera lenses towards their wet lips, showing what was taking place down there between their legs as with a couple of fingers they continued to massage their little clitty.

They dreamed and visualized, but finally they always came to the same conclusions; to service men and get their money. That was the final conclusion which had been flowing through their brains; plus that the money was going to be great and they should become totally independent, not to mention that many times they had discussed that they should give their clients, something worthwhile.

That was the only scenario that they had arrived at; that they become prostitutes. Sam had promised that it was not so, and insisted that everything should stay like that.

They opened their memory file when they spent about half an hour having something to eat and drink after they met at the agreed rendezvous in the Greek capital; before they hailed a taxi to take them to Sam’s Glyfada apartment.

Sam helped them with their bags and soon they were inside his posh apartment. As they entered they were rather surprised with the luxuries the place was decorated with. Everything was in order and perfectly designed. The furnishings were manufactured and perfectly fitted. Both ladies immediately loved Sam’s place, although they had not yet seen everything.

After they sat down around the dining room table, Sam was quick to serve the newly arrivals with drinks while he asked them if they are hungry. Settled at last after they arrived in the suffocated city, they started to exchange sort of news, since the last they time spoke. Both ladies wanted to ask Sam about their future in this cooked up adventure; but they had agreed that whilst it was Sunday, it was better to stay the night and then they decide, if they would dedicate some time to the more important and interesting affairs on the menu.

After enjoying a quick look around, they realized that the apartment was of, of a very high value and that a lot of active and aggressive sexual activities must have taken place on the beds. They looked and saw nothing more than a jungle. Olympia really wanted to break the ice, but she hoped that Sam was still in the mood of starting some fire.

Between their legs there was more than fire burning, and sure, that Sam was not going to decline any possibilities, once they become available. They were both hot and ready to indulge into any hot adventure Sam may have had boiling within his dirty brains. Since they left Sam’s villa on the island and returned back home, not much had happened to satisfy and relinquish the heat they endured; and in no way they had forgotten the hot fucking which they had enjoyed during that unexpected holiday.

They thought and dreamed and the hotter they became. They were ready for anything that may satisfy their egos. Their pussies were drenched, and from between those legs love juice had leaking down along their inner thighs. Their panties were as wet as they had ever been when they were at his villa. But at that moment, when they were at his place in Glyfada, waiting for the moment when they will be involved into a new charade, they never thought or ever planned.

They were as hungry for some food to relinquish their stomachs as much as they were for some quick sexual satisfaction. The heat was increasing with every look; or better whenever they looked in Sam’s direction. They pledged, that if Sam will not act; they will. His place was more; than very inviting.

‘Do you like something to drink or eat?’ Sam asked with a smile on his face. It was that usual smile which sent shivers through females’ bodies, and which only a handful of women managed to escape from.

‘That is what we precisely want at this moment, Sam. Which bedroom?’ Olympia asked, making it obvious what they were hungry for..

Sam casino siteleri did not answer, but neither they, needed an answer. They entered the bedroom and both started to shed their clothes and increase the congestion which was already there, in what seemed to be the main bedroom. Olympia was the first on her back with her wide open legs readily inviting Sam’s hard cock to enter. Sam’s cock was raging as much as the ladies volcanoes were erupting. Sam’s cock had started to rage from the moment he took them into his arms and felt the radiated heat flowing out of their bodies.

Olympia lifted her arse and pushed the first cushion that was close to where she had laid down. Sam crawled next to her and as he moved between her legs he realized that the smell flowing from between her legs was more than intoxicating.

She pulled her legs towards her exposed bald pussy which had been lubricating her vaginal area for some time. Diana was pulling her G-string off, making herself ready; for that moment when the expected signal comes. She knew that Olympia was doing anything to go first.

Fully exposed, Sam’s eyes were very close to that waiting masterpiece. The first touch between those wet juicy lips was enough for her body to shudder. Oly cried and moaned as on the second touch, his tongue scraped the juices upwards until his lips fount her hard little knot. She exploded. Her body twitched and rolled on the bed while she lifted her ass to enjoy more lip pressure.

‘Fuck me Sam fuck me; fuck me. So hot I am; so hot Sam; just fuck me.’ Olymoia shouted.

The aromatic taste was also there, and so his tongue continued to flow along the inner area between her pouty swollen lips collecting a generous amount of the juices of Venus. Her body shuttered as she felt Sam’s tongue digging between her freshly shaved lips. While he was resting on his knees he felt Diana crawling on her back until she positioned herself with Sam’s dick hanging exactly on her mouth. Di grabbed it with her hand and started to lick the already leaked pre-come, before she took most of it in her mouth.

Sam gave Olympia another orgasm and turned around until he was on top of Diana’s body in a sixtynine position. With a finger he first inserted in her vagina and then up her ass, he started to suck on her flowing juices as he shoved his tongue between Diana’s hot engrossed pouty lips. They ate each other for a few long minutes until her second orgasm, Diana could not contain. She exploded and tried to push Sam’s mouth and fingers away from her pussy; but Sam did not oblige. He pressed his lips harder against Diana’s pussy and continued to suck between her drenched lips. She pushed her ass upwards jamming her pussy against Sam’s mouth while she cried and rolled under him.

At last Sam had enough of sucking pussies and in one go, he turned and stuffed Diana’s pussy to the full. He banged her like crazy, making sure he will give her one on those fucks she got used to, when they were on the island.

‘Fuck me Sam; harder…harder.’ Diane cried as she lifted her legs and rolled them around his ass as she pressed harder trying to get more of his hard dick deeper and deeper.

He continued to fuck her until her body started to shake; then he pushed his ass upwards, untying himself from her legs and moved over to Olympia.

‘Get on your knees; quick; quick.’ Sam ordered Olympia.

Olympia shocked with the way Sam ordered her around, she obeyed and as quick she was on her knees with her ass looking towards Sam, who was standing at the left side of the bed. As she settled on her knees with her legs wide open, Sam quickly knelt on the floor and started to lick and suck on her wet pussy, licking the free flowing juices.

Oly cried and moaned as her body started to shake. She pressed per pussy harder against Sam’s mouth searching for her next orgasm. As it was becoming due in such a short time, she cried. ‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me.’

Sam stood up with his hard cock and within a second or so, he rubbed the head up and down along her slit.

‘Stick it Sam. I can’t wait any longer.

Sam crawled further over her body until she felt the thick hard head of his cock at the very entrance of her leaching vagina ready to stretch her opening. The excitement multiplied as she felt the hard steel polished head going within the folds but not too deep. Her body trembled as she pushed her ass upwards and the head crossed the entrance into her hot burning cunt.

One single push and it was totally embedded deeply inside her body. He pressed harder and harder against her womb while Olympia, like a pro she tightened her muscles and locked him there. There was no movement except the tremors within her orgasmic body. She had her first orgasm. She moaned while he pulled his dick backwards and then slammed back against her cervix.

‘When was the last time you washed your pussy?’ Sam asked.

‘Emmm Samm… you want to know too many female’s secrets. If I tell you when I shaved it, canlı casino it was yesterday; will that satisfy your curiosity?’ Olympia asked.

‘Certainly it will, my dear.’ Sam answered.

‘But the smell of sex within these walls is not as old as yesterday?’ Olympia teasingly, asked.

Unfortunately Sam left her without an answer and she never asked again, especially when he started to fuck her like a gentleman, who seemed like he never had a woman before. He hit the hottest parts within her vagina and so her body was already beyond cooling down.

‘Fuck me Sam… fuck me; fuck me…harder, harder.’ Her body trembled as she continued to moan and shout while Diana was watching the action while with the fingers of one hand she was rolling her nipple and with the other was massaging her pussy with two fingers fucking herself.

The hunger for sex just increased on what they had arrived with. Within both ladies body’s there was that hunger which they were expecting; that once they were inside Sam’s hideaway, they can satisfy what they could not do since they left the island. Sam gave her a few more long thrusts all the way in and out hitting the very depths, as also dozen very short ones, attacking the sensitive entrance of her vagina.

‘Fuck Sam fuck.’ Olympia shouted as she was totally lost in a huge orgasm. Olympia continued crying and shouting as the last few strokes hit the right places within her hot wet tube. Her body was twisting and trembling on the bed while cries of pleasure were escaping from between her lips.

Diana was not only lying on the bed waiting, but she was also watching excitedly as Sam was banging Olympia with his hard cock moving in and out. Sure it was making Diana hotter and hotter, not only from watching Sam’s big prick moving between her friends pouty lips, but also as she continued to use her fingers to play with her clitories not to forget, that more than one finger had even crawled within the walls of her hot leaking pussy.

Sam gave Olympia a couple of hard strokes which really sent her into the heavens. That was the moment when Sam pulled his still hard cock out of Olympia’s pussy and inserted it into Diana’s hot leaking cunt. Olympia felt her vagina become empty; barren.

He very slowly and teasingly put the big head between the folds of Diana pouty lips before she started to feel the entrance stretching as he took his time.

‘Fuck Sam; don’t tease. I haven’t been fucked for sometime. Just fuck me.’ Diana cried.

But Sam was not in a hurry. He loved to tease, but more he liked the feeling of the expanding tube as it stretched around his big hard cock.

Even though he knew, Sam took his time pushing his prick slowly inside her vagina. He was not in a hurry; he loved the teasing but Diana reacted differently by trying push her body upwards to get more of his organ deep within her body.

At last her vagina was full. Feeling her vagina filled up she just the same pushed her ass upwards to get that feeling that she had all of Sam’s truncheon all the way in. Sam reciprocated and he also pushed in until her body started to tremble. Then Sam pulled it all the way back until she felt totally empty. A few short trusts at the entrance and she became immersed in a huge orgasm. Diana cried and shouted while her body shuttered. She felt his manhood going through the entrance of her vagina as she cried. She was so lost that she did not even feel his hard cock stretching the walls of her vagina again and again as he continued to fuck her like crazy. It was really something that she had missed since she returned back from Sam’s villa.

Sam hit the walls of her womb while she was still lost enjoying the pleasures of the first climax. With a few short thrusts at the very entrance and a couple of deep ones, a second climax was on the way corrupting the whole of her body. A few thrusts more all the way deep inside her vagina and her body became as hot as Olympia’s was, if not hotter and wilder.

Sam continued to fuck her slowly. He wanted not only to massage her most erogenous spots, but wanted to continue to enjoy the feelings of her tight pussy. He worked his cock in and out of her vagina with different thrusts which Diana backed each one as she felt his rod shooting in. She loved those moments as earthquakes were building within her body, multiplying the pleasures within. The blood flow was increasing as her body was getting as wild and continued to shudder on the bed, while she shouted and cried. ‘Fuck Sam; fuck; fuck me harder…harder…harder.’

Sam did oblige and fucked her harder and harder as he knew that within seconds she was going to explode and try to push him a way. But Sam, to Diana’s disappointment, pulled out before she exploded again. ‘Fuck Sam fuck. Fuck me… fuck me… what the hell are you doing?’ Di shouted finding her pussy bare and empty.

The day was still young, even though the sun was dimming and in less than an hour it will be hidden behind the horizon kaçak casino for the night. Sam did not enter her again, but he stuck his tongue between her legs and within seconds he left her lost into a delirium of animalistic pleasures.

After a break for some refreshments and small talk; the subject was mostly about how they spent the long days since the day they left the island. After that, which only took minutes, the three still sexually hungry, returned back to the bedroom were Sam laid himself on his back and asked Olympia to get on top, but the other way round. She quickly took her position, and as quickly she filled her mouth with Sam’s hard cock. Sam had already stuck his tongue between the lips of her vagina and started to enjoy the tasty juices which were all stuck to her vaginal pouty lips, not to mention what was still leaking. ‘Emmmm… you rely taste good.’ Sam commented as he stuck his tongue back into her vagina, moving his tongue back and forth between those drenched lips with some precious moments, using the tip of his tongue to penetrate her vaginal entrance. He continued to pleasure this young lady who showed her best talent as she moved her tongue around in her mouth, while she sucked his manhood in reciprocation.

A few minutes later and Diana joined Sam and Olympia on their oral ministrations. She knelt behind Olympia and started to tease her with her tongue by hitting the area around her asshole while the others were enjoying a sixtynine position. Olympia jumped as Diana’s tongue touched her rosebud. The tremors increased, and soon Sam had Diana taking Olympia’s place as she lowered her body and filled herself with Sam’s truncheon.

The heat continued to build and within the next hour or so quite a few orgasms took place, and which the young hot sexy ladies had enjoyed. They melted many times over as Sam not only sucked on their tasty pussies, but fucked them in different positions; especially when they were reaching the same type of climaxes as they had enjoyed earlier, on during the late afternoon sessions. The best was when he fucked Diana while she was being eaten by Olympia and she was reciprocating by eating Olympia’s pussy with Sam’s hard cock pistoning either of the ladies vaginas, as they tested different positions.

The final shouts and cries were deafening. Finally Sam pulled his cock and held it in his hand. As it happened many times, he was not ready to shed his sperm away, without somebody enjoying it. The first one to notice was Diane. She opened her mouth and took the first shot which ended deep inside her throat. Olympia came up for the rest and as she opened her mouth, he fed her the head of his cock which dispensed what was left, into her hungry mouth.

The rest of the evening was great. The outside air was rather a little cooler and so Sam accompanied them to a very good well known taverna, a different one from the one Sam took the three A’s. The food was fantastic and Sam also ordered a bottle of Italian wine; which the three of them had definitely enjoyed drinking. It was so good that it took all the pussy tastes which were still present.

During the rest of the evening not much was said about the future of the ladies present; but there was more hot sex before they retired for the night. Both ladies were as hot as they were when they were living with Sam at the villa.

They made intimate love, rather slow and loving and which made their bodies want more and more, until he shared the next load between the two pussies, starting with Olympia and the last shots ended into the depths of Diana’s burning volcano. The three of them felt happy and satisfied, which shaped a very comfortable sleep, until not so early in the morning.

During breakfast, Sam introduced the subject and started to explain the objectives of his plan to the two excited ladies. He gave them a light idea of where they were going to live and the place from where they were going to operate. He gave them some important ideas about how to handle the money and later in the day or the next day he was going to take them to the bank to open their bank accounts.

He explained that he had registered their names and new addresses for Value Added Tax and other taxies. He explained in very easy terms the way things had to move, books kept and taxes paid in time. Sam knew precisely what had to be done and he did not want them to get them into any trouble with the tax department.

As the early afternoon approached, and after they had gone to the bank were back accounts were opened, Sam had explained in great detail and without the ladies asking too many questions, they understood perfectly how everything had to be managed. With Sam’s easy explanations, they felt they were ready to make a success out of this adventure, if one can call it that.

It was about half way through the afternoon when they arrived at the venue from where they were going to live and operate. Sam took them through a tour of the living area where they actually, were going to live during the next academic year. They loved the place and much more the area. The main entrance was in the main road which served as their main entrance and also for the rest of the tenants who lived in the apartments on the higher floors.

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