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All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


The spring sun was bright; the trees and grass were alive with vibrant green; and colorful flowers dotted the yard. Jennifer had the house to herself, her college roommates were out in town. Walking to her bedroom, she stretched her arms out. She kicked off her sandals and picked up her MP3 player; strapping it to her wrist. With earphones on, she dialed up the volume and music began to play.

At first it was slow, but still up-beat. A piano played the intro and a woman vocalized. She stood facing the bedroom window, as the music flow over her; bathed in the warm sunlight. With closed eyes, she slowly drew her hands up to her chest. Hands glided across the soft fabric of her sky blue and white trim camisole, and grazed the bump of her nipples. Seductive fingers caressed her petite breasts, tracing circles around her areola; stroking her nipples until they were erect.

Saxophones kicked in with a punch and brought a danceable momentum to the beat. Swaying from side to side, she matched the tempo. She shook her hips; intoxicated by the music. Beat, beat, beat, beat; she sped up. Her hand brushed against her cheek; a finger touched her lips teasingly. Beat, beat, beat, beat; she bounced her body up and down.

A long cry of the saxophone; a deep breath; her hands traveled down and up her thighs. They found the hard metal snap button of her jean shorts. Beat, beat, beat, beat-SNAP. The resistance around her hips relaxed slightly. Another long note played from the sax; hips gyrated slowly; the zipper descended; orhangazi escort the fly of her shorts blossomed open; revealed a matching pair of sky blue and white panties with a tiny white bow on the front.

The music crested; hands thrust into her shorts; fingers splayed over mons pubis. Hips rocked back and forth; her shorts inched downward; fallen to her ankles; her hips freed from their confinement. Beat, beat, beat, beat—SPLASH; the sound of cymbals crashed against her body like a strong ocean wave. She twirled around, floating weightless; lost in the music.

The wave receded only briefly; the pressure steadily built up again. Step, step, step, step; the music swelled and crested once more. Her body responded; she exhaled; head whipped back. Heat radiated from her, as excitement flowed from her body, wetting her labia visibly through her underwear.

Bump, bump, pump-pump, GRIND . . . Bump, bump, bump, bump—Slide-WHIP! Hands ventured under her camisole; a finger gently kissed her navel. Her hands, like her temperature, rose and her camisole lifted up with them. Jennifer groped her body and hummed to the song. One-two, one-two, one-two, one-two; she danced. The ocean of the song came in lows and highs.

Spinning over to her twin-sized bed, she lifted her dance partner from atop the pillows and into her arms. Tightly hugging her beloved grey fox plush; his face pressed against her chest. She snaked her body around her bedroom, holding up her stuffed animal, and danced backwards in a circle. His head held in her palms, she brought nilüfer escort him close and kissed; her lips pressed hard against his soft cheek. Together they danced freely.

The rhythm changed slightly as it entered the middle of the song. Her dance partner was deposited on the edge of her desk. Jennifer stepped back and danced erotically for him. Hips gyrated; panties moistened; she turned to show him her ass. She teased him; thumbs hooked inside the hem of her underwear, sliding it up and down only slightly. Jennifer flashed him an eyeful of her bush; the thick mess of pubic hair hid her pussy well. She turned to show him her bare ass and bent over. Her left hand spread open her cheeks while her right stroked her dripping pussy; fully visible from the new angle.

Jennifer slowly stood up and brought her panties back up with her. She licked her lips and the music intensified. She danced over to her partner and allowed him to straddle her hips. Beat, beat, beat, beat, bump, bump, bump, bump; she humped the corner of her desk. Her clitoris stimulated by the edge, made slippery from the wetness of her sex. Unblinking, he watched her excited dancing; forever a silent voyeur.

The rhythm returned to the original beat, only more intense. The emotion of the saxophones and the pounding of the drums swelled. She was getting close to the finale. Jennifer danced over to her bed and straddled over the mound of pink pillows. She ground her hips; her back arched backwards and fingers combed through her short hair. The pressure was building greater; bursa türbanlı escort the notes more forceful and higher pitched.

She gripped the bed sheets; her hips thrust harder. Hump, hump, hump, hump—SPLASH! This was it. The music grew stronger, climbed higher, and she moaned louder and fucked harder. The pressure grew, swelled, throbbed, and pounded; all the instruments reached the incredible plateau. Jennifer slammed her hips against her bed hard.

The song finally came to the titanic climax. The orgasmic tidal wave crashed over her like the flood of her ejaculate that exploded from between her legs. She whipped her head back; fingers clawed into the back of her head. Her whole body shuddered from the orgasm; the last of her cum flowed out of her pussy and pooled onto her pillow.

The song ended. Heart beating fast, she panted heavily. Jennifer bathed in the warm sunny afterglow. Her internal muscles twitched a few times. Her clitoris was still sensitive and she rubbed it with her fingers. Exhausted, she removed her earphones, and simply sat where she was for a moment.

“This is SO going on online!” Her eyes sprang open. The unexpected voyeur was her roommate’s brother, Peter. He stood there, filming with his phone, grinning mischievously. “How come you didn’t have an orgasm like that when—”

“You son of a bitch!” Jennifer roared. Peter cackled with delight. Jennifer tried to get out of her bed, but got tangled in the sheets and pillows. Peter framed her blushing face zoomed in on the screen. She grabbed up her dance partner and hurled him at Peter. He ducked laughed again. Full of frustration, she scrambled to her feet; one hand held onto her underpants so they wouldn’t fall down any further. She gave chase as he playfully fled.

Jennifer turned back to her room, collecting her stuffed animal, clothes, and a pillow to savagely bludgeon him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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