Audrey , Judy , Pete Pt. 01

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Peter Jackson is a 31-year-old successful California realtor living on a big 3-acre estate in upscale Rancho Santa Fe. His wife of two years, Judy, is a gorgeous, sexy blond, 5′ 9″, age 28. Judy is a successful fashion model, just a notch below super model status. Audrey, Judy’s identical twin sister, is also a model and a top-notch legal secretary in Miami. Two months ago, she married Jack, age 43, her workaholic attorney boss. But the marriage is severely strained and already at the breaking point. The sisters are very close and love each other in that special way only identical twins can share.


Pete Jackson lay naked on his back in their huge bed, his hands under his head, watching his gorgeous blond wife, Judy, saunter toward him. The short black diaphanous gown barely covered her natural blond-haired pussy. Her voluptuous breasts were scarcely hidden by the low-cut gown and her nipples pushed visibly outward. Her sparkling eyes were fixed on his swelling cock and her full lips parted in a sexy smile.

“I can’t wait to get your cock really hard and deep inside me!” she murmured.

Judy put one knee on the bed, leaned down and brushed her moist lips teasingly across his mouth. He reached up, enfolded her in his strong arms and pulled her soft body closer. Their lips began to work caressingly together, then slowly parted, and the two tongues began to duel. Pete ran his hands reverently down her smooth curving back, then out over her big up-tilted ass, loving the satiny skin. He slowly slid his hands upwards under her gown, pushing it over her head. She broke the kiss momentarily so he could remove the gown completely, and then mashed her mouth to his again.

Judy lowered her body completely onto his, pressing her heavy breasts to his chest, and they felt hot and wonderful against his skin. Now his hands returned again to knead her full smooth ass cheeks. She crooned with pleasure as she tried to suck his tongue completely out of his mouth.

Pete rolled onto his right side, taking Judy with him. She raised her upper leg and pleasured his thigh and hip with its silky skin. After long minutes of devouring each other, Pete broke the kiss and thrust his hot tongue into her right ear, causing an appreciative murmur and sending goose bumps down her back. Then he moved his lips to her throat, and on to the deep valley between her luscious breasts. After nuzzling back and forth between those two beauties for a half-minute, his mouth moved to a turgid nipple. He licked it with his tongue, then enveloped it with his lips, and began to suck softly.

Again Judy groaned aloud, “Oh, Darling . . . that feels so wonderful!”

Pete reached down with his left hand to gently caress her oozing pussy. With the other, he kneaded the full breast beside his ravenous mouth as his fingers parted her moist and swollen nether lips. He slowly slid his mouth downward across her taut belly, kissing and tonguing as he moved. When he reached the heavenly spot where her tawny thighs joined, Judy sighed contentedly and rolled onto her back, spreading her tanned legs invitingly. He kissed the soft inner thighs close to her pussy, and teased her tingling pleasure nubbin with two fingers. The lips were already parted invitingly as he lie between her long, lovely legs and his mouth finally covered her flowing pink cunt. Pete teased his rigid tongue slowly up and down, back and forth through her wet slash. Judy lifted her hips, thrusting her hungry pussy up against his tantalizing mouth. He sucked softly on her swollen clit, causing a shudder throughout her tense body.

Then Judy grabbed his head and pulled it tight to her juicing cunt, crying out, “Oh, Pete, Darling! I’m CUUMMMIINNGGG . . . Oh, it’s so GOOD!!”

Pete opened his mouth wide and took her entire pussy into his hot mouth, sucking the juices from her spasming cunt. She squeezed his head tightly between her powerful thighs, and groaned loudly as the orgasm went on and on.

Finally her taut body relaxed a little and she cried, “Pete, Honey, swing around so I can reach your cock! I want to make you really hard so you can fuck me good!”

Pete mumbled, “It’s too late, Judy Baby, I’ve already got a ‘rod of iron’. But I’d love to have your hot mouth keep it that way while I feast some more on your delicious pussy!”

And keeping his mouth on her gaping cunt, he twisted around and Judy turned onto her side until they were entwined in a passionate 69. She grasped his rigid, weeping cock and rubbed it lovingly all over her engorged breasts, tormenting the stiff nipples. Now it was Pete’s turn to moan with pleasure. When Judy finally engulfed his throbbing prick with her hot mouth, Pete rolled onto his back, pulling Judy over on top of him. She folded her knees under and lowered her delicious cunt down on his open mouth, never letting go of his hard cock. As his hands roamed lovingly all over her beautiful body, gaziantep bayan escort she slid her cunt back and forth over his face. Her unintelligible sounds became louder and her hips moved more frantically until very soon, she ground his head into the mattress with her gaped-open cunt and juiced again, keening fiercely around his big cock.


Pete could feel the throbbing contractions of her cunt with his mouth, and he slid his hands under her big tits, squeezing hard to heighten her pleasure.

When Judy had recovered a little, she took her mouth from his cock, and pushed herself up.

“Oh, God, that was wonderful! But now I want to fuck you . . . you’ve really earned it.”

And she lifted her swollen cunt from his mouth, turned around and straddled his hips on her knees. Judy’s eyes were shining as she reached underneath and positioned his aching cock at the open entrance to her tight pussy. Then she slowly lowered herself down, swallowing his stiff prick.

It can’t get any better than this, Pete thought. (But in less than three weeks, he’d be proven wrong!) Here was his gorgeous wife, riding up and down on his swollen cock, her beautiful blonde hair swirling around her shoulders, her full gorgeous tits bouncing up and down. He reached up and firmly squeezed her breasts and flicked his fingers lightly across her stiff nipples. She moaned and rode his cock harder.

“I love you so much, Pete,” she whispered softly.

“And I adore you, too, my Darling. You’re really getting to me . . . . I can’t hold out much longer!” he cried.

Judy began to frantically push down and back, rubbing her tingling clit hard against his pubic bone.

“Yes, Darling! Come now! I’ll come with you! Together, Sweetheart! Now! Nowww!!” As her body went rigid, she pushed down with all her strength, her lovely face contorted, eyes like slits, unable to breathe.

Pete cried out “Oh, YES, Baby! I’m coming, too! CUMMMINNGG!! With youuu!!”

And he spurted helplessly up into her spasming cunt, squeezing her heaving breasts, emptying himself, and filling her.

Finally, Judy slowly leaned down and lay on his chest, both of them panting as though they’d run a hard mile. Their lips met, tongues caressed languidly, whispering sweet nothings. Pete turned slowly onto his side, still holding Judy tightly in his arms. Her upper leg slid up over his hip, her head lie upon his shoulder. Their breathing slowed. His cock softened and slipped out. Then they drifted off to a light sleep.

Sometime later, Judy awoke and carefully slid out of bed without awakening her sleeping lover. She went to the bathroom, showered, put on the matching black peignoir, and left the room.

Shortly, Judy rushed back into the bedroom and shook Pete frantically, crying “Pete! Pete! Wake up! Oh, wake up!”

Startled, Pete sat straight up. Adrenaline rushed to his head as he saw the fear on Judy’s ashen face.

“What’s wrong, darling?”

“There was a call on the recorder from Audrey! We must not have heard the phone ringing! She was hysterical and crying terribly! She said, “Jack’s been killed!!”


The next ten days were very hectic and stressful. Pete and Judy had tried repeatedly to phone Audrey, but without success. Finally, they had taken the first plane out of San Diego. Upon arrival in Miami, they rented a car and hurried directly to Audrey’s penthouse condo. Jim Nelson, Jack’s law partner, and his wife had met them there. Audrey had been very hysterical but was now heavily sedated. Jim filled them in on the tragic details.

An Exxon tanker truck had run a red light and smashed into the left side of Jack’s Porsche, killing him instantly. The truck driver had not been injured seriously, but was staggering drunk. In a weird coincidence, a tourist had been shooting video of the fountain across the intersection and had recorded the entire accident! The police had called Jim from the emergency notice card in Jack’s wallet, and he had gone immediately to the scene. The truck driver had been arrested and taken to jail, and tow trucks were cleaning up the mess. But the tourist witness had remained at the scene, being interviewed by the police. Jack purchased his videotape on the spot. Then he had driven home, picked up his wife who was a good friend of Audrey’s and drove to the condo to break the news.

Audrey became uncontrollably hysterical and that was when she had placed the call to Judy. Jim had taken Judy to his doctor who had given Audrey a shot to put her to sleep, plus some sedating medicine. All this had happened in the last 12 hours. Pete and Judy took over Audrey’s care from Jim who turned to the task of obtaining a big settlement from Exxon and their insurer.

For the next two weeks, Pete worked closely with Jim over long, late-night hours. The videotape and police DUI report helped them in obtaining a substantial offer. Jim regarded that as a good starting point; it was obvious that the dispute would be successfully settled out of court. Also, Pete had to fly back to California twice to handle pressing business matters of his own, leaving the care and comfort of Audrey almost solely in Judy’s hands.

Audrey was quickly weaned off the sedating medicine but she was still very emotionally upset. Her two-month marriage had been falling apart. How the marriage came about in the first place is a tragedy of its own, since Audrey has always been highly sexed. She was a top-notch private secretary to Jack who was a very “nice guy”, attentive to the all the ladies and everyone’s friend. Audrey was swayed by Jack’s extraordinary good looks and gentlemanly manners, and to no small extent by his lavish gifts, fabulous penthouse condo and six-figure income. Audrey had tried several times to seduce him, but Jack had insisted they wait until they were married. That was a big mistake! Because to Audrey’s shock, she learned that he was basically an asexual person! On their honeymoon in Cancun, he spent most of the time poring over the briefcase full of legal papers he had brought along, and even had Audrey taking dictation! When they returned to Miami, Jack was frequently away from home, working 70-hour weeks. Clearly his career and business success were paramount.

As a result, Audrey and Jack had had several bitter confrontations including an especially rancorous one on the morning of the accident. Jack had left the house very angry and roared off in his Porsche. As a result, Audrey felt she had caused his death, and was burdened with guilt. But eventually, upon learning from the police report that Jack was driving at a safe, normal speed and had not contributed to the accident in any way, Audrey began to be persuaded that Jack’s untimely death was not her fault — it was just one of the unfortunate tragedies of life.

However, initially Audrey was so distraught that Judy had to sleep with her beloved sister at night to quell her crying and coax her to sleep. On the fourth night as Judy held Audrey in her arms, the cuddling turned sexual. This was not surprising because Audrey had been so sex-starved lately. Also, they had occasionally made out together when in their late teens and, being identical twins, they truly loved each other. Most importantly, this sexual renewal really helped Audrey get her life back into perspective.

So it was that, about two weeks later, the two beautiful twins lay side by side, enfolded in each other’s arms, their lush, naked bodies pressed tightly together. They faced each other with languid eyes, smiling and kissing tenderly. Presently, Judy slipped a finger into Audrey’s warm, moist pussy, teasing the lips. Simultaneously, she rolled her thumb along her sister’s clit. Audrey moaned softly with pleasure.

The two girls began fingering each other gently, savoring each stroke. They kept on kissing, slowly sucking tongues, grinding their tits together, moaning with growing excitement. Gradually, as passion and desire consumed them, the tempo of their loving increased. Their asses squirmed, demanding more and more finger pleasure. They continued kissing, breathing hard, groaning in their lustful desire.

Then Judy slid down and took Audrey’s right breast in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Her hand rubbed gently back and forth across the stiff nipple of Audrey’s other breast. Audrey whimpered and arched her back to press her tits to Judy’s loving attention. Judy continued her torment for several minutes. Then she slowly moved further down, tonguing Audrey’s navel, kissing her soft belly and then her satiny thighs, nuzzling between her spreading legs. With mouth and tongue, Judy teased those full moist pussy lips and then spread them to gain access.

Audrey turned onto her back and groaned, “Oh, Judy, darling Sister. I need your loving so much! Eat me good! I’m so hot!!”

Judy moved between Audrey’s legs, keeping one hand massaging her heaving breasts and the other gripping her smooth lovely ass while she began to devour that swollen cunt. Very shortly, Audrey pressed Judy’s head tightly to her pussy and cried out loudly, “Oh Judy! You’re making me CUM! SOOO GOOOODD!!”

Her body stiffened and she kept groaning loudly. Her cunt juiced, and with her mouth, Judy could feel it throbbing. She kept on eating Audrey, taking the whole cunt in her mouth, her tongue moving swiftly back and forth on Audrey’s erect clit, two fingers now buried in that pulsating cavern. In no time, Audrey sobbed quietly between clenched teeth, and orgasmed a second time.


Audrey was so aroused that she knew she would come once again in a few more seconds.

“Quick, Judy” she cried, “Turn around so I can get at you, too!”

Keeping her mouth pressed tightly to Audrey’s cunt, Judy twisted around, straddled Audrey’s head and lowered her own pussy eagerly onto that waiting mouth. Audrey buried her face in the muskiness of Judy’s silky patch of blond pubic hair. Her tongue found the slit and she stuck it in quickly and lapped greedily. But as soon as she felt Judy’s tongue in her cunt again, she stiffened, then spasmed hard as the orgasm cascaded down on her.

“UUNNNGGHHH!” she whimpered.

In their frantic excitement, they fondled asses and kissed and licked each other’s cunts and clits, wriggled and squirmed their breasts against each other’s soft belly, fingers thrusting in and out. Audrey’s legs enveloped Judy’s head, pulling her mouth tightly against her throbbing pussy. Audrey pulled Judy’s ass hard down against her hungry mouth. Soon both girls cried out, the sound muffled by their juicy cunts. And their bodies went rigid as they came together.



Judy almost bit her beloved sister, her climax was so intense. They continued their frantic loving movements until they both gasped, stiffened and came yet again.



Orgasm followed orgasm until, at last, they were sated. They stayed locked in this lustful 69 embrace, kissing tenderly until their breathing finally returned to normal.

Then Judy lifted off her exhausted sister, turned around and embraced her lovingly. Their lips met softly and their bodies pressed tightly together again, breast-to-breast and thigh-to-thigh.

Audrey whispered, “Oh, Judy, what would I do without you? And Pete, too. He’s been so helpful. I’m ashamed that I’ve been sexing it up with you while he’s been working so hard and such long hours to see that I get the biggest possible settlement out of this mess. I don’t want to cause any trouble between you two.”

She began to cry softly. “I’m so mixed up. What am I going to do? What’s to become of me?”

Judy murmured, “Just let us love you, Audrey. Both of us. We know that because you’re so devastated by Jack’s death, you need all the love and comfort we can give you. Last night, I told Pete that you and I were making out again, like we did when we were teenagers.”

“Oh, NO! Oh my God!”

“Don’t be upset. Pete understands, Audrey. Really. He knows this is a very traumatic time for you. And he wants to help. Comfort you. He loves you, too. He wants to love you as I do. He wants to love you as he loves me.”

“Good Lord, Judy, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that Pete would love to join us. He’s been waiting in the hall. Listening to us. Maybe even sneaking a peek now and then — we were both too far out of it to notice. I’ll bet he’s got a harder cock than he’s ever had in his life. What do you say? May I invite him in? Please? It will be really exciting — and good — for all of us!”

“I don’t believe what I’m hearing! I don’t know what to say! Oh, Judy! I’ve been fantasizing about Pete ever since I first met him! And yes, I’ve day dreamed about the three of us making out together! Now you’re saying that my dream can come true . . . . Yes, darling Sister! I’d love to do it. Tell him to come in! But I’m going to put my gown back on first. I’m really just a modest little country girl!” she said with a nervous giggle.

As Audrey sat up and slipped her gown on over her head, Judy called out, “Pete, Honey! Come on in and join us. There are two very horny babes waiting for you! Audrey said ‘Yes!!”


Pete was waiting just outside the door, and he walked into the bedroom wearing a short red nylon robe and a big grin on his face. The girls were lying on the bed, side by side, with Judy closest to the door. He went quickly to the bed and knelt beside Judy who was looking up and smiling at him. Audrey, too, had a timid smile and reached out her hand to him. He took it and kissed it gallantly.

“Audrey, Baby, I really love you. How could I not love you since you’re a perfect duplicate of your sister, the wonderful woman I’ve loved for so long? When I look at you, I see her. I can’t wait to touch you all over, and . . . make love with you.” He untied his robe and slowly parted it.

“See what happens when I’m only thinking of you? Wait until I’m touching and tasting you!”

And both girls stared at his big, turgid cock. . . harder than ever before, as Judy had predicted. Judy turned on her right side and embraced Audrey.

“Oh Sister,” she said, “We’re going to love you like you’ve never been loved before! But I get him first, just to break the ice.”

Pete lay down on the bed behind Judy and embraced both girls, reaching over and kissing Audrey lovingly, and then kissing Judy as she twisted her head to meet his lips. Pete ran his hands reverently up and down both voluptuous bodies, lovingly caressing those full luscious breasts and big curving hips. He fitted his body tightly to Judy’s back, pressing his hard cock against her big smooth ass. Then Judy lifted her left leg slightly, maneuvering so his big cock slid between her legs and pressed up against her steamy pussy.

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