Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 11

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Sorry for the HUGE delay in submitting this final chapter. This was due to a number of reasons that I won’t bore you with. Thanks to those who have submitted feedback and have enquired about the final chapter.

Next time I write a story I’ll try to write the whole thing and submit it a chapter at a time rather than try to write a chapter at a time as I submit the previous one.

Hope you like this anyway.


Although I hadn’t drunk much alcohol the previous evening, I had enjoyed a few drinks. It had taken me a while to get to sleep, too. It was hardly surprising. I mean, I’d never before slept beside a married woman, let alone one whose husband was dozing on the other side of her on the king-sized bed!

I had partnered Lucy and Bill, with the raunchy Lucy sharing her favours and attentions between us. I was now discovering the true naughty allure of swinging. It wasn’t just about having different partners. It was all about the excitement and shame of being watched by the husband as you enjoyed his wife. But it was also about the sordid delight of watching – and joining, as the invited interloper – man and wife in what should be their most intimate and private act. To be truthful both elements were equally exciting. And equally shameful.

That, along with the excitement of the last few hours, as well as the limited amount of sleep that I had recently had over several nights alone with my aunt in her bed, caused me to awaken slowly and gradually.

The curtains softened the daylight that filled the room. I was lying on my side, and as I opened my eyes I saw before me the slender, naked back of a woman, her dishevelled chestnut hair veiling the nape of her neck and resting on her shoulders. My eyes followed the soft, smooth skin and the contours of Lucy’s back, running down its hollow to where it disappeared under the bedsheet, which reached just above her waist.

I recalled being vaguely aware of Bill getting off the bed at some point in the night, and, sure enough as I glanced across, he was lying asleep on a futon that faced the bed on which I was now lying next to his naked wife. The whole situation was surreal, and I blushed with embarrassment. I knew he had only done it so he could sleep more comfortably, but it almost seemed that he had bestowed his conjugal rights on me. He was breathing deeply. He had drunk quite a bit more than I had.

I was getting hard as I studied the form of his wife Lucy, recollecting the feel of her body and skin, and the sensation of being inside her married, mature body. I also thought how just a few hours earlier she had alternated her favours between her husband and I.

Despite all that had happened between us, I was too embarrassed now to take the initiative in Bill’s presence. Instead I contented myself with gently lifting the lemon-coloured bedsheet that covered us both, to gaze on her better.

Her hips were not broad but they did flare nicely from her waist. Similarly her backside was not big, but it was curvy and in good proportion to her slender frame. My eye was drawn to the cleft that separated her buttocks, and blushed as I thought of the occasion the previous week -on this very marital bed, in fact – when she had even invited me to have anal sex with her. As I glanced once more at her husband I blushed deeper, and at the recollection of how, at her insistence on that occasion, I had called her lewd names as I came inside her.

It was only then that I was suddenly aware of another presence. On the bed, beside and behind me as I lay on my side. I have already mentioned that I awoke gradually. In addition, the sights and feelings I have just described all occurred within just a few moments and flooded my senses, making me oblivious to other details. I rolled slightly onto my back and twisted my neck round.

Close to my face and near the headboard was a pair of feet. Attached to it was a pair of strong calves and long legs. There was no doubt whose they were, but instinctively I rolled further over and turned my head to check.

Aunt Anne’s pale pink chemise was almost entirely plain. It was made of satin, and reached just below her knees. Under it, her flattish stomach and little breasts rose and fell with her breathing. She was lying the opposite way to Lucy and I, with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet by the headboard, to take up less space beside us. The upper bedsheet was loosely bunched over me and did not cover her at all. Her face looked serene as she lay there asleep, her dark straw hair framing her face untidily yet naturally. She must have joined us on Bill and Lucy’s bed some time after Bill had moved to the futon and when the three of us were asleep.

The satin of her chemise gleamed a little in the soft daylight, which created subtle highlights and shadows on the fabric. The stretches, creases and looser folds in the satin where it hugged or draped over her seemed somehow very sensual and I watched the rise and fall of her stomach konyaaltı escort and little breasts under it with each breath she took.

I rolled over onto my back and tilted my head to look up her hem. Her inner thighs were parted a little and were slightly shadowed inside the pink satin. Her posture hid her crotch from view but by now I well knew what it looked like, and imagined it as I gazed upon where the soft pink fabric covered it. I admired the half-discernible curve of her mound through it.

I felt my erection begin to harden.

I also felt acutely embarrassed, though. As far as I knew, only Lucy knew Aunt Anne’s and my secret. There was no way of knowing whether her husband Bill would be outraged or turned on by it. I was shocked, too, that my aunt had created such a situation.

As I seemed to be the only one who was awake, I contented myself with lying on my back and glancing from my aunt to Lucy and back again. Shame and apprehension had made my erection abate, but now it revived as I looked from one of them to the other and recalled the moments of illicit pleasure and ecstasy I had enjoyed – separately – with each of them.

I felt Lucy stir and saw her hand fumble behind her back. I watched in half-horror as I saw it snake round and feel for my member. Irrationally, although Lucy had seen me having sex with Aunt Anne, I was acutely embarrassed at the prospect of Aunt Anne waking and watching me with her friend. Don’t ask me to explain why being watched by my aunt seemed more taboo than having sex with her. I’m just stating my mixed up feelings about it all.

Lucy rolled over and smiled at me, then flicked her tongue mischievously over her narrow lips. Her brown hair was quite dishevelled and fell forward, covering her cheeks. She gently straddled me and kissed me on the mouth and I felt her stomach press gently down against my erection. She brushed her breasts against my chest, then more firmly, then softer again. She began to thrust her belly lightly against me. My member began to harden with her weight and gentle but rhythmic rubbing. Her soft pubes rubbed my thigh. They were soft and silken. After a few minutes of humping and rubbing her hairy pussy against me I felt her dampness appear on my skin. It was very lewd and very erotic.

She raised herself on her elbows and I gazed as she lowered her B-cup breasts to my face. They sagged a little, and I stared at her nipples and at her piercing. Her eyes were bright and intense, and I stroked her untidy brown hair. She caressed my cheeks and my mouth with her semi-soft orbs and rubbery nipples. I closed my eyes and sighed contentedly. My embarrassment and shame were giving way to desire. Her nipple rested on my lips. I tugged on it gently and licked the hard gold piercing.

She whimpered. I glanced anxiously at her husband, Bill, but he still seemed fast asleep. If he wasn’t, I told myself, he was a good actor and plainly content with my pleasuring of his wife. I resumed tugging on her nipple with my lips and licking it, pressing it flat with my tongue and releasing it. It was now tautening in response.

Lucy laughed softly and took my wrist in her hand. My gaze fell on her wedding ring. To my horror she edged my hand to Aunt Anne’s leg stretched out beside us. I resisted, fearful at the prospect of Bill awaking and seeing, but Lucy licked her lips suggestively and nodded assertively. I watched, now almost powerless, as she inched my hand slowly, inexorably, to my aunt’s shin. I stifled a gasp as my fingers touched her soft skin. I stiffened, not wanting to wake her, yet half-hoping I would, as Lucy guided my hand lightly up and down the soft skin of my aunt’s calf.

I’d touched and kissed her there several times already over the last few days, including in Lucy’s presence and at her instigation. I’d also had sex with Lucy, of course. But Bill’s sleeping and oblivious presence added a whole new taboo flavour to what was taking place now with his wife – and with my aunt.

Aunt Anne began to stir. For a brief moment I got a glimpse up her pink chemise of her crotch, shaved except for a narrow vertical line of short-cropped sandy hair above it.

Her chemise shimmered alluringly as she half sat up. Her dark-straw hair fell over her face and she brushed it aside. The undercurve of her little breasts was silhouetted through the pink satin against the daylight. The half-visibility of their shape was intensely arousing. One puffy nipple pressed slightly against the silky fabric, too.

Aunt Anne looked down at my hand in her friend’s as it caressed her. She half-sat up and looked into my face, then at Lucy’s body as it rubbed against me. Aunt Anne raised her eyebrows and beamed approvingly at the sights and sensation. I felt my pre-cum seeping and lewdly lubricating the skin of Lucy’s thigh and of my own as Lucy continued to hump against me. I blushed, too, as my aunt’s gaze rested on my lips with Lucy’s hardening nipple between kepez escort them, and I let it go. I glanced at Bill, thankful that he still appeared to be asleep, yet a small part of me hoped that he would awaken and witness the lewd and illicit scene taking place a couple of yards from him on his own matrimonial bed.

Lucy looked over her shoulder at my aunt and gave a few harder thrusts, as if to emphasise what she was doing to me – and as if there had been any doubt about it!

I could just see the top of my aunt’s shallow cleft inside her chemise. She shuffled forward and unbelievably – to me at least, though with a shudder I realised that this was almost certainly something she had done before – her hand stretched out to caress Lucy’s back and bum cheeks with her long, lithe fingers. I stared, spellbound at the reflected image in the large mirror.

Lucy was still rubbing her belly against my hardness, but more lightly now so as not to over-stimulate me. Her dank pussy and pubes continued to rub against my thigh. My skin was now moist with her juice – as was hers, with mine.

Aunt Anne’s expression was now as intense as Lucy’s was. I watched her raise her arms and tug her chemise up and off her head. She reclined on her side beside me. I ran my gaze swiftly over her slender body, taking in her slightly lined neck, her little breasts and gorgeous puffy nipples. My eyes swept down to her stomach, taking in its relative flatness but also its few slight horizontal creases, then to the butterfly tattoo near her crotch. Aunt Anne smiled at me, enjoying my pleasure in her, and briefly she teased me by opening her legs and showing her pussy, hairless and smooth save for the thin strip of closely cropped, pale hair above it.

Lucy raised herself a little higher, but was still straddling me. She and Aunt Anne exchanged glances then leaned in to kiss each other. It was clearly intended for my benefit, as the kiss was just brief and light.

Aunt Anne sat more or less upright, and Lucy kissed her little breast. Aunt Anne gave a little shudder of delight and cupped her friend’s medium sized breast, kneading it gently in her hand. I stared, shocked, embarrassed, yet with my testosterone pumping at the sight of my own aunt’s hand pleasuring another woman.

With a shudder of excitement I recalled that I had been secretly watching a porn movie of mature lesbians when Aunt Anne had inadvertently walked in on me. What I was seeing now was close to what I had been pleasuring myself to then.

But right now it was for real. And I was not just a spectator of my aunt and her female friend, which would have been lewd enough, but a participant. The fact that it was only a show for my benefit made it somehow more arousing than if they were genuine lovers.

Lucy’s orb yielded and returned to its natural shape alternately and rhythmically in response to my aunt’s light squeezes. And Lucy’s lips drew on Aunt Anne’s little breast, tugging it away from her, stretching the modest orb deliciously. They both sighed and crooned. And they both glanced repeatedly from each other to my face, and to my erection. Our glances also wandered to Bill’s sleeping form, then back to each other again. Lucy and my aunt beamed with satisfaction once more at the effect their display – and of Bill’s oblivious presence – were having on me.

This was new territory to me, so although I longed to reach out and touch my aunt or Lucy, for some reason I felt unable to. I don’t know whether she sensed my reserve or whether she just wanted to progress things, but Aunt Anne took my hand and cupped it over Lucy’s other breast. I savoured the sight and the feel of the softish flesh in my hand, and in the mirror I watched her other orb’s gentle but rhythmic palpation to my aunt’s touch. Subconsciously I found my own kneading falling into synch with Aunt Anne’s, and the sight of Lucy’s two orbs in the mirror was delicious.

Lucy gave a little whimper and rolled onto her back. I watched as she and Aunt Anne changed positions, with Lucy now kneading Aunt Anne’s little breast and Aunt Anne kissing and nuzzling Lucy’s. The sight of Lucy’s ring-adorned hand on my aunt’s breast was incredibly alluring. My aunt drew one of her friend’s soft orbs into her mouth and began to suck. I heard her teeth bite Lucy’s nipple ring. The sound seemed far louder than it was. It sent a shudder of delight through me.

I glanced nervously to Bill and was reassured by his closed eyes and steady breathing. I felt suddenly chilled as I thought too of Jack and his partner, Caroline. I didn’t know which room they were in, but hoped that they couldn’t hear or guess the illicitness of what was taking place.

Aunt Anne gazed at my pulsing erection. Her hair brushed Lucy’s face, and she was clearly whispering to her. Lucy nodded and grinned teasingly. The intrigue was slightly disturbing, and annoying, but exciting too.

Lucy gently pushed me over onto my back and ran her kemer escort tongue down over my stomach. Her hair brushed my skin and her breasts swayed under her as she moved down to my erection. She turned to face me and licked her lips then closed her mouth around my throbbing member. I gasped.

I blushed at Aunt Anne’s eager watching. I wondered whether, like me, she was recalling how she herself had done what her friend was now doing, and whether the illicitness of it was being added to by sharing me with her friend. I sighed as I watched Lucy’s mouth puckering and relaxing as she pleasured me, sucking gently then harder and teasing my slit with her tongue. I glanced at Aunt Anne’s keen interest, then back at the rude working of her friend’s mouth, watching my shaft disappear and partly re-emerge in a slow and lewd rhythm and accompanied by soft but rude sucking sounds.

To my shock, Aunt Anne knelt on all fours close to her friend. Once more her hand cupped Lucy’s modest breast and kneaded it, then scooped it up and down. She teased Lucy’s nipple with her finger, and I watched the already half-taut button stiffen further. She clambered behind her and to my horror – and delight – she moved her mouth close to Lucy’s. I stared at my aunt as, still playing with her friend’s breast, she poked out her tongue and began to lick my balls.

I half sat up and played with Lucy’s other breast as I watched her and my aunt tease me with their mouths and tongues.

Lucy gave a low chuckle and removed her mouth. A bead of my pre-cum still joined it to me and, staring at me, she drew the gooey string to her mouth with her fingers and licked her lips, then her fingers. Aunt Anne gazed at me, too, as she sat up and craned her neck forward to lick the remnants off Lucy’s fingers herself. Aunt Anne tickled my hard balls with her long fingers. I nudged them away, sensing that I would not be able to hold back otherwise.

Lucy giggled. Then it happened. It was only a matter of time.

A low grunt came from the futon, and the three of us looked across. I froze. So did Aunt Anne. Only Lucy didn’t.

As Bill stirred and opened his eyes I had to gently push his wife’s mouth away from my shrinking member. Bill gaped at the sight that confronted him. Then he gave a low chuckle and sat up.

Having seen his reaction, Aunt Anne also chuckled. She swung her legs off the bed but before she walked over to where he was sitting she gave my flaccid member a few slow, firm jerks. I sensed Bill’s gaze, and did not dare look at him.

Lucy looked across at him and flickered her tongue across her lips provocatively, then, holding my soft member firmly in her hand, she swirled her hard tongue over my tip. She flicked her tongue lightly but swiftly against my sensitive end, and poked her tongue into my slit once more. She followed it by a few noisy sucks. I looked down at Lucy’s tongue as she teased me. She looked alternately into my face and her husband’s. I groaned softly and felt myself begin to harden again.

Aunt Anne sat beside Bill on the futon. She swung one leg across his and bared her pussy. Her butterfly tattoo and the narrow strip of pale hair above her hood drew the eye to her half-open slit. She kissed Bill then drew his face to her little breasts. I half-watched, embarrassed yet aroused to see him kissing and sucking the orbs that I had begun to savour so recently – and illicitly. Aunt Anne looked over to me and our eyes met briefly. She raised and lowered her eyebrows and grinned. I managed a coy smile back and averted my eyes back to her body. She was cradling Bill’s head to her and massaging the back of his scalp. Just as she had done to me.

Bill’s hand was running up and down my aunt’s firm thigh that was draped over his, then his fingers began to stroke between her legs. I glanced just briefly at the slow but deliberate jerking movement of Aunt Anne’s hand as she tugged on his erection. I blushed and looked down instead at his wife’s cheeks as they dimpled and relaxed with her sucking on my hardness. Lucy’s hand snaked between her own parted thighs and began to stroke and rub herself. Her long, silken hairs entwined her fingers as if in glad embrace.

Lucy looked up into my face. Her hair fell forward around her face as if to emphasise her wantonness.

“Fuck me, James! Fuck me hard like you did last night!” she hissed. She took a condom from the top of the bedside cabinet and tossed it onto the bed. Then, half to my delight and half to my horror, she knelt on her hands and knees facing across her bed towards her own husband and my Aunt Anne. The prospect of taking Lucy doggy-style facing my aunt filled me with foreboding. I tried to keep focussed instead on the sexy, mature body that was posed in invitation to me. Lucy rocked a little from side to side, causing her modest, slightly saggy breasts to sway alluringly. As I sat up to oblige her I gazed on her luxuriant brown pubes and at the smooth skin of her back, following the curve down its hollow and up again to her shapely, well-proportioned bum cheeks.

I was terribly self-conscious of my erection before Aunt Anne and felt rather stupid as I tried to shuffle behind Lucy without showing it overmuch. I watched Lucy brace herself, but my embarrassment had diminished my hardness a little.

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