Aunt Annie Pt. 03

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Aunt Annie Pt. 03

“I have to go. Early seminar,” Kat said as she rolled off the bed.

“Stop, let me look at you,” Martin ordered, “Damn! You look more beautiful every day.” He got up and pulled the redhead close. He felt those massive breasts mash against him, his cock stirring feeling her soft pubes press against him.

“Ok, that’s enough. I see where this is going. I’ll be on my back with that evil snake of yours ripping me apart again.” Kat pulled away and slapped her boyfriend on the ass, “New rules. No more than six love-making sessions per day. My friends keep teasing me that I’m walking bow-legged.” She trotted into the bathroom to get ready for her first class of the day. “Oh, and don’t forget we have to get ready for Annie tonight.”

Martin’s cock was throbbing, and he tried to think about Calculus or Trig to get things settled down. He thought back to the last 24 hours and suddenly realized something, “Kat, it was only five times. You owe me a screw.” He heard her giggle from the bathroom. Grinning he pulled on his pants and headed down to make breakfast.


Kat waved to her friend Laura sitting at the back and as she started up, she heard Professor Adams say something, “Yes professor?” She looked over at the 60 something man who’d definitely let himself go. Scraggly grey hair, that stupid macho unshaven look, a pronounced beer belly. On the other hand, a brilliant lecturer.

“Miss Wilson, please see me after class.” The older man said as his eyes scanned the beautiful redhead from head to toe. His groin pulsed thinking about what he knew was under that sweater and blue jeans.

“What does Adams want?” Laura asked, “He totally creeps me out. “I swear he was staring up my skirt the first day when I sat in the front row. He even winked at me when I was not focusing on keeping my legs together.”

“No idea. I’ll let you know. Maybe my paper was the best he’d ever seen. I agree, though. His eyes sure try to see through my clothes.” Katerina replied as she opened her laptop.

Laura laughed, “Everyone wants to see what’s under your clothes. You have a body all the rest of us would kill for. Fuck, I’d do you and I’m not even gay.” She looked at the girl’s exposed legs, “And I’d love to have legs like yours. I’d wear even shorter skirts than you do.”

The boy in front of them turned around, “She’s right. I’m gay and I’d do you. I overheard what you guys were talking about and see the blonde front right? I know for a fact she’s been getting extra credit after class once a week. She’s a bright girl, but As on every test and paper?” He looked at Kat, “Leave the door open when you go in to see him, and can you lengthen your skirt at all?” He grinned at the girls and turned back.

“Well, you don’t need to worry about that, you get nothing but As in your classes. Oh well, I am dying of curiosity, so you have to tell me if he tries to get you to do something. Christ, I just got creeped out just thinking about it. Good luck.”

Kat waved goodbye to her friend as she headed down the hall to Professor Adams’ office. She had a tight feeling in her stomach but couldn’t think of anything she’d done wrong.

“Come in, Miss Wilson, please close the door.” The man saw the nervousness on the girl’s face and internally smiled. “I’ll get to the point,” he said as his eyes drifted down to the jutting breasts, “I’m disappointed in you. You’ve never been anything but the best student I’ve had in quite a while, but not turning in your term paper was quite a surprise.”

“What? Wait, I turned it in. Last Friday I put it on the USB and…” She reached into her backpack looking and felt all the blood rush from her head. She pulled out the USB realizing what she’d given the man instead. “Um, oh Christ. I’m so sorry. This is it.” She looked pleadingly at the man, “Can I have that back? And, here’s my paper.” She extended the USB to the leering man. When he leaned back, she felt like throwing up.

“Miss Wilson, can I call you Katerina? I see no reason to bend the rules for you. Every other student turned in their papers on time. If I allow you to have the extra days to work on yours, how is that fair to the others?”

Kat felt herself tearing up, “It was a mistake, I had the paper done but grabbed the wrong USB. Please, sir, I’ve done all the work, all on time. This won’t happen again.” She looked over as the man spun his monitor around.

“Look at it, don’t look down. I know you’ve seen this. Look at it.” He stood up and came around the desk, “Now, I cannot say for sure that this is you, but let’s say it isn’t. I should take this to the Dean to report students are giving me porn for what? Perhaps as an enticement to get a better grade? To perhaps seduce me into giving a better grade?” His hands were on her shoulders as they watched the redhead in the video lie back on the bed, spread her legs and play with her pussy. “Is that you? Great tits, casino oyna world-class in fact.” His hands slid down under her sweater feeling the smooth upper chest. “The boy in this is pretty lame, but it sure looks like you and since it was in your possession…Say, this looks really professionally done. Do you have other porn shoots?”

Kat stood up, pulling his hands off her, “I have another class. I have to get going. Can I have that back? Please just take this USB and grade me down for being late. It’s actually really good.” She felt herself being pushed back down in the chair.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you give an oral presentation now and I’ll accept your late submission. It’s that or I share this with the entire department.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Kat’s head was in turmoil. She desperately wanted that USB back and her chance at keeping 4.0 intact, but this man disgusted her. Then again, she bit her tongue with Craig and got through that though she had nightmares about it for weeks afterward. She had a sudden thought that if he found out who the lame boy is he’d be able to sell it for thousands. No way could she have that get out. She turned and began stroking his hardening cock, “Ok, but I want that USB back. It was a mistake making it and I regretted it immediately.” She wrapped her lips around the head and flicked her tongue gently against the underside.

“I’ll think about it. You make me happy and I’ll take your paper late without penalty, but unless you blow me away, so to speak,” he laughed, “I was thinking more along the lines of what you were offering that boy. Was that prom night?” He laughed, “Sorry, you can’t talk with your mouth full.” He reached down and slid his hand inside the cute girl’s sweater and grabbed that massive mound of flesh. “Take off your clothes. I need to make sure that girl in the video and you are the same. Slowly. Make it last.”

Kat resignedly stood up and watched as the man sat in the chair and watched eagerly as she pulled off her sweater. She felt her nipples harden seeing him stare at her tight tee. She pulled the shirt out of the waist and pulled it over her head. She suddenly stopped hearing the professor order her to wait. The shirt effectively blind-folded her but she knew what was coming, gritted her teeth and felt his rough hands on her bra-covered breasts. “Ow, please not so rough.” She cried out feeling him yank hard on her nipples. She stepped back feeling his hands leave her tits. Scowling at him, she threw her shirt on the desk, then reached around and undid her bra. She looked at the asshole and saw his eyes were wide and unblinking, so she decided to get it over with and slid the straps down her arm and toss it onto the desk.

Will Adams had never seen tits like those in all his life, maybe on that porn slut Penny Nichols, but never in person. He stroked his cock feeling it ache eagerly. “Hop up and down, no, drop your hands…ooohhhhh.” Unblinking his eyes followed the large masses bounce as she jumped. He’d seen many great coed breasts through the years, most were small, perky. But even with the dozens of naked girls who’d been right there, none could compare, none as large, so obviously natural, so gravity-defying. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on those again but acting irritated he indicated she keep stripping. “Go on, let’s see that cunt of yours.”

Kat couldn’t believe it. She unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor and stood in her thong hesitating knowing if she took those off, her last defense against his cock being shoved inside her would be gone, but seeing the look on his face, she resignedly pulled those down also. She’d never blushed harder in her life.

“God! You’re so perfect. Come here.” We pulled the blushing roughly towards him and grabbed those perfect ass cheeks. His hands stroked up and down the silky-smooth globes, his fingers feeling that tight crease, but his eyes were glued to the soft patch of red fur. He loved how she kept herself trimmed, and how the patch naturally was parted down the middle. She looked scared, looked embarrassed, but he could smell the tang of arousal.

Kat felt like screaming as the odious man buried his face against her pubes and took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe she didn’t resist when he lifted her leg up and placed her foot on the arm of the chair. She felt his tongue come out and probe her slit. She’ll need thoroughly douche herself when she got home feeling that slimy tongue enter her. His rough hand grabbed her left breast, stimulating her nipple, his other hand sliding between her ass cheeks probing for her anus. “Stop, please. Let me give you a blowjob so I can get to class. Please stop.”

Adams looked up at her, “I’m not done. I’ll excuse you when I say I’m through with you. Who do you have next?” Hearing the name, he grinned, “That’s great news. Scott’ll be amenable to you working off any missed assignments. I’ll call him later and explain why you canlı casino were delayed. I’ll make sure to cover your ass.”

“No! Stop, you can’t do this. Please don’t tell anyone anything. I’m not a girl who is going to sleep her way through the classes.” Kat cried out, her tears running down her cheeks. “Let me suck your cock and get to my class.”

“That won’t work. I never cum quickly with a blow job. I need a nice cunt gripping my cock, or this nice asshole of yours, your choice. And you’ll miss your next two classes if you want me to wear a rubber.” The look of panic on her face was replaced by resignation. Hearing her mumble she’d let him fuck her, he stood and pulled his pants off before sitting down again. “Ok, get on my lap and make me cum quickly and you can go to your next class.” He looked at his watch, “You have 10 minutes.” He grinned seeing the beautiful redhead climb onto his lap while licking her fingers and getting her cunt wet, her tits right in front of his face, then grab his cock and lower herself onto him. “Oh fuck, you’re so fucking tight. Fuck yesssss.” He groaned as she apparently got used to his plumb cock and soon began bouncing up and down on his lap. He grabbed those massive tits and squeezed and pinched them roughly as the girl aggressively torqued her pelvis against his cock. He wanted it to last and couldn’t give a fuck whether she made her next class on time, but he’d never been so aroused. He needed to get her to ease up, so he let those breasts go and grabbed her hips to slow her down, but the girl was too strong and clenched her cunt around his cock taking him over the top. He didn’t even consider pulling out as he spasmed inside her.

Kat felt sick knowing this disgusting man’s sperm shot inside her, but ground her pussy on his cock, milking him completely dry. Finally, she pulled off him and cupping her crotch, went over and grabbed tissues to clean herself off. “I have to go. Can I have the USB back now?”

Adams sat there stroking his slimy cock, “Sure, after I cum in your mouth and cum in that great ass of yours. See you after class on Wednesday and Friday? Oh, and you got an A on your paper. Never read anything so incisive, penetrating and so tightly researched.” He laughed. “Go on, but leave the bra and thong. I’ll give them back to you Friday.”

Kat felt like crying as she literally ran to her next class. Running seemed to add additional stimulation on her leaking pussy and her breasts were flopping around causing multiple boys to stop and stare. “Fucking Adams.” She thought bitterly. On top of that, she was getting warm from the exertion and she’d in no way be able to take her sweater with this thin tee shirt and no bra. She dove into the Ladies’ room and quickly cleaned off the cum running down her thighs.

She made the classroom just in time and started to sit in the back, but heard the professor stop her, “Miss Wilson, we have to get started, please just take the seat here.” He pointed to the empty seat right in front of him. Suddenly she realized that fucking asshole Adams must have warned Dr. Scott about her condition. She sat down and felt herself overheating and heard one of the students complain that it felt like 80 degrees in the room. She studied the man to see if he knew what just happened and saw a quick expression of lust flash across his face. ‘What do Adams and Scott have in common? He’s something like 35 and Adams is 60? 65? They must share notes on the coeds.’ She thought bitterly. ‘At least he’s a good-looking man who’s kept himself in shape, why couldn’t it have been him rather than Adams, shit! No! Ugh.’

Douglas Scott began his lecture and called on various students to work out problems on the board. He kept looking at Katerina hoping she’d finally take off her sweater. Finally, as he corrected a solution on the board for a very pretty girl, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. The hot redhead was pulling off her sweater. Finally! Damn! Her tee wasn’t see through, but tight enough the shape of those tits was totally revealed. He’d have to call Will and thank him for alerting him about Kat’s lack of a bra. He saw her opening and closing her legs trying to cool off and wanted to verify she was not wearing panties, but couldn’t make out any details. He called on one of the boys in the back to come up and do one of his new problems.

Kat saw Scott whisper something to the boy and saw him grin. She wondered what he said to him, but as they described the solution, she saw they both were staring at her damp tee and between her legs. ‘Christ, are all the males on this campus rapists and sex addicts?’ she thought. The boy finished up and made a point of walking down and slowly went right in front of her.

“Miss Wilson, please come up and solve this for the class.” He pointed to a problem he’d written high on the board.

Kat looked at the board and sputtered, “But that’s not anything we’ve covered.”

“Miss Wilson, please come up here. Anything kaçak casino you have to say should be addressed to me and the entire class.” Dr. Scott ordered.

Reluctantly and with an arm across her chest she walked up onto the raised platform. She suddenly realized the kids in the front row could easily see up her skirt and no way could she reach the top of the blackboard without her skirt lifting up.

“Ok, see what you make of this. It’s in the next chapter but you’re my best student and you’d have no problem solving any of the previous problems. This should be as easy as throwing together a home video. Come over here so you can see it better.” He ordered.

Kat turned hearing Dr. Scott mention a video. Of course, that fucker Adams shared it. She looked around and realized all the students were staring at her breasts and resigned herself to the humiliation Adams and Scott devised for her. She decided to get it over with and immediately reached up and began rapidly writing out the solution. She was fully aware her ass felt the cool breeze of her exposure, not to mention her wetness and as she stretched, she had to open her legs and heard the whispering. Finally, she put down the marker and heard Scott clapping, soon to be joined by the rest of the class.

Blushing, Kat hurried back to her seat. The rest of the class was a blur and as she was leaving Larry stopped her.

“Um, Kat. I think you should know most of the kids had their phones out.” He held up his phone showing her nipples clearly poking through her shirt. He swept to the next picture showing her bare ass and a clear view of her slit. The next picture showed her bright red bush and pink slit as she stepped down from the platform. “I’m sorry Kat, but I saw others doing this and I needed to capture your beauty myself. I’ve dreamt seeing you naked and, well, thanks.”

“Please don’t show those to anyone.” Kat pleaded. “I didn’t think it would be so warm when I dressed this morning.” She saw boys walking by grinning at her, so she pulled on her sweater. She turned and fled down the hall relieved this was her last class of the day.


Martin came in and saw Kat sitting on the couch crying. He rushed over and held her.

Kat put her face in her boyfriend’s chest and let all the frustration and pain out. She felt his strength as he calmly stroked her hair and back without saying anything. Finally, she felt the need to say something, so she lifted her head up and kissed him. “Martin, I don’t know how to tell you what happened today, but it’s not good.” She shuddered not having a clue how to start, “I let another man fuck me today. I didn’t want to…I really didn’t want to. Please don’t hate me.” She cried.

Martin hugged the crying girl and stroked her back, “It’s fine. Relax. I could never hate you. I love you and you would never do anything that would make me feel any different. Start from the beginning. If you were forced to do something you didn’t want to do, you did nothing wrong. Tell me who made you do what and why.”

Kat looked at Martin and sighed, “I feel like shit. I never ever thought I’d ever be with another man since we finally got together, but remember the paper on Zen Influence on the Samurai I did for Adams?” She softly related the entire tale.

Martin felt a surge of anger hearing how the perv blackmailed her into fucking him. He said nothing and tried to keep his feelings to himself until she was done. Hearing she agreed to lower herself onto his bare cock and allowing him to cum inside her made his stomach hurt, but his anger was directed at the man, not Kat. He stroked her back and let her express her anger, her frustration along with recounting what the man said to her. He was stunned that Scott was seemingly in on it also and gritted his teeth mulling over what kind of violence would be fitting and just.

Kat looked at Martin, “so, now you must hate me.” She wiped her eyes, “I’m so sorry.”

“What? No? What were you supposed to do? Hell, I might have blown him if I were in your shoes, but the man is a predator. He used his power over you, cornered you and made you act…wait, he recognized you but not Craig?” Martin asked as he handed her a fresh tissue. “If he figures out what he has, he’ll call TMZ or someone and sell it. Not only will a video of you be out there, but Craig will probably get more praise for being so open and honest about his sexuality. I saw on ESPN this morning he’s already broken a bunch of records for freshman quarterbacks in Division 1, and they made it sound even more amazing seeing as how he’s dealing with having come out. Shit! I’m so sick of that asshole.” He pulled Kat into a tight embrace, “we’ve figured things out before. Let’s figure out how to get that back without the creep getting into your pants again.”

“Really? You think we can do something? I mean before Wednesday? My stomach is in knots thinking about what I did and what he wants me to do. I should have made him use a condom,” she said bitterly, “I feel like squatting in boiling water,” she muttered, “but I had to get to my next class, and he had to cum fast or I’d be late.”

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