Aunt Harriet Ch. 3

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I was enjoying the holiday spent with Aunt Harriet. I couldn’t get enough of her hairy body and I spent many a long afternoon in her bedroom with my head in her bushy armpits licking and loving her lush luxuriant hairy armpits. I wanted my holidays never to end and my parents were definitely finding it strange that I was following Aunt Harriet around like her faithful puppy.

Aunt Harriet told me that I must keep away from her since her children Brian who was 20 and Beth who was 21 were coming for the weekend. Brian was to share my room while Beth would move in with her mother. I, of course had made a hole from my room which allowed me to view the bathing area of the bathroom which separated our bedrooms. I had seen the long bushy nest in Aunt Harriet’s hairy underarms through the hole in the bathroom door which culminated in our sexual activities.

I hadn’t met Beth and Brian for any years and I was really looking forward to meeting Beth. I remembered her in pigtails but now that she was 21 she surely would be a beauty much like her sexy mother Aunt Harriet. Would she be as hairy did she shave her armpits like all modern teenagers or would she be as hairy as her mother. The moment I saw her I knew that she as made for me. She like her mother was a brunette and she had long hair on her head tidily knotted. She kissed me on my cheek and I felt heavenly, as I smelled her natural freshness. I even thought I saw a bit of black hair peeping from under her armpits, which was covered in a low cut blouse. I obviously was hoping that her armpits were unshaven.

Brian gave me a warm handshake as we lugged the luggage up to our rooms. I made a sideways glance at Beth. Her face looked very fresh and blemish less. Her eyebrows were thick and jet-black like a precursor to the thickness of the hair of her groin and I daresay the long bushy hair in her hairy pits. Could it be a signal that her armpits were unshaven? Rarely did you get to ensest porno see a girl who did not pluck or at least trim her eyebrows. Did it mean that she had bushy armpits too like her mother? I tried to take all these thoughts out of my mind but having fucked the hairy Harriet my mind was on getting my cock into Beth.

I took Brian to my room and as he unpacked we talked a bit about sports but my mind was in his sister. He told me he had to go for an hour or so to check his mail on the Internet and I was glad I was to be left alone. I went to the other room to look for Beth. She was talking to Aunt Harriet. I asked her that maybe she needs to freshen up or have a bath and then I would show her the neighborhood. Aunt Harriet did not know that I had seen her having a bath too through he hole in the door from my room and she told Beth to have a bath. I excused myself and dashed off to my room.

Soon enough I had stripped to my underwear and took out my cock as I anxiously awaited Beth as I sat next to the hole in the door. I was stroking my cock slowly when I heard some noise and as I peered through the hole Beth had entered the bath. I wanked my raging member harder and I was hoping that Brian wouldn’t come back from his trip to the Internet café. Beth was taking her time. She looked around the bathroom and in a flash slipped out of her dress. Her underarms were hidden from me but I was peering at her crotch. It was a mass of jet-black hair. Her pubic triangle was like her mother and I rejoiced at seeing its hirsuteness. I stroked my eager dick as I looked at the verdant garden of her hairy pussy.

She moved under the shower and her armpits came alive. Was I dreaming or was it for real. I jerked my hot tool as I gazed at her armpits JET-BLACK BUSHY HAIR grew in a huge quantity in her unshaven armpits I moaned deliriously as I caught sight of the untrimmed jungle in her bushy armpits. Having escort porno tasted the hairy armpits of Aunt Harriet, Beth’s bushy armpits rivaled hat of her hirsute mother. I had to kiss and lick the sexy bushy armpit jungle of Beth. I continued to jerk my massive dong when to my surprise the bathroom door opened and to my utter shock and amazement Brian entered the bathroom. What was he doing there the rascal. I should have been there my mind raced as I wanked my prick. He stripped down quickly and I saw that his phallus was pretty big. It hung down limp and I wondered where Aunt Harriet was but Beth didn’t seem bothered at seeing Brian nude in the bath. He moved towards as I looked in amazement that my hard tool had slipped out of my hand. What was Brian going to do with Beth? His tool had not hardened at seeing the nude hairy Beth but he moved into the shower with her.

I heard her ay. “Brian darling just rub the soap on my back” Brian grabbed he soap and rubbed her back and then his hand moved into her bushy armpits. He lathered her bushy armpits as the lush armpit jungle turned white as he soaped he long soft tendrils of hair n her unshaven pits. I was about to faint as I saw brother Brian lovingly tug and soap at the bushy armpits of sister Beth. It was a very erotic sight as he washed the jet-black armpit hair of his sister Beth. His cock was no longer limp but was semi hard. Even though it was semi erect he had a massive cock. Though she was all soaped and her armpits matted with soap she got to her knees and took hold of her brother’s member. She slowly stroked and his manhood became hard. It was very large as she put her mouth to the tip of his large cock head and then slowly took it in her mouth. She took it out and licked the entire length of his huge cock and then started to suck his massive tool. She took it deep into her wet mouth as he started fucking her mouth. He drove his cock in and gizli çekim porno out of her mouth as I started jerking my erect dick once again.

It was obvious that she’d had a lot of experience giving head and he started working his hips a little, feeding it back in. He was moaning in excitement “Oh, Beth baby, you can really suck cock! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh take more of my prick into your mouth.” “I’m getting ready to cum, Beth will you swallow it?” he asked. She just moaned again. All this talk was exciting me and I wanted to cum along with them. Her arms were outstretched and I could see the long soft hair in her furry armpits as she continued to accept his hard dick in her mouth. Her armpit hair was matted with water and sweat and I swear I could see it streaming down as he fucked her mouth with his massive dong. His hips now started to piston his dick in and out her mouth, and she just held still taking it in. I couldn’t wait any longer as I started spurting my cum all over the floor. Torrents of my seed flew out my cock as I ejaculated all over the floor my eyes peeled to the wanton Beth arms aloft showing her bushy armpits giving a sexy blowjob to her brother Brian.

He still held on as the shower spit out water on them. I was amazed at he fact that Brian still was hard and erect and had not cum even though his cock was being sucked by this brazen hairy sister. How did he manage to stop from ejaculating as he plunged his large prick in and out of his sister’s willing and eager mouth?

“AAAAAggggggggghhhhhh” he groaned “Beth I m going to cum in your mouth” he screamed as he stuffed his white jism into her mouth. She took every drop, swallowing quickly to make sure she got it all. It was such an erotic sight seeing the siblings in the bath that I was soon erect again. I quickly cleaned up the mess and I had to think of a scheme to get to fuck the erotic Beth and deposit my seed to in her untrimmed jungle in both her armpits and pubes. I went down to the living room where I soon joined my parents and Aunt Harriet who were watching a basketball match on the television. Within a few minutes both Brian and Beth joined us and who would have known that Beth and Brian had just finished a most erotic hour together in the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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