Aunt Liz’s Erotic Dream

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I’m here in your room. And in a minute I’m going to lie down on your bed. Naked, aching to have you inside of me; but first, an agreement.

You must listen to me at all times, you must agree to do only what I ask you to do, what I tell you to do……to me. Any initiative taken on your part will void my participation in this little adventure of ours — unless I tell you that you may have your choice.

Do you understand and agree with me? Because I’m going to hand you these two strips of silk and ask you to tie me to your headboard; to tie me to your bed and if you fail me, I will be upset — upset enough to walk out of here, leaving you to deal with your arousal all by yourself.

And I know that you are aroused because I am dripping wet, the thought of you touching me and teasing me is enough to make me cum already.

So let me take off my clothes and you may watch. A t-shirt since I rarely wear anything else; my favorite gray sweats and then I’ll turn my back to you so that you can unhook my bra. When it falls to the ground I’m going to lean into you and I want you to cup my breasts in your hands. But only for a moment, I’m liseli porno anxious to lie down and stretch my arms over my head so that you can tie me nicely to your bed.

Umm, it feels good to have your cool hands on my body — but by the time we’re done I want them warm and damp with sweat. Watch me as I lie down; your sheets are soft and cool and I know that they won’t stay that way for long — they’ll be as twisted and damp as you.

Kneel over me as you wrap the silk around my wrist and then tie me to your bed. I want to feel your erection against my body. I want to see how much you want this. It won’t be very long before you can taste how much I want you.

Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels amazing. To know that I’m in control of your every action, every move that you make and that you can only groan in frustration because I have no hands with which to touch you. Right now I think I’ll let you kiss me. Soft kisses, all over my face — my mouth first of course, kiss me there and then my eyes, my neck and all along my jawline.

Return to my mouth and kiss me like a lover. Like a man who cannot sit still mobil porno because he is so hard with his need for my body. To be inside me, thrusting against me. Eventually you will be, but now I want you to use your tongue on my skin. Down the center of my chest and then up and around my breast. Whichever, you may choose left or right. My left breast is slightly bigger so perhaps that one will draw your attention first.

Use your hand to hold me and lick my nipple, suck on it until it’s as hard as you are, until it is as erect as your cock. I can feel your hips thrusting against the bed, against my leg and I’m getting more anxious to have you fuck me.

Down my stomach and spread my legs — touch me and feel how wet I am for you. How slick my cunt is, how ready I am for you to be inside me. Use your fingers to stroke me — to make my body thrust against yours. Because I’m going to cum again and I want you to feel how my body shudders and I want you to hear me whimper your name when I cum.

I know you want to use your mouth on me; I can see that frustration on your face as your fingers continue to öğrenci porno stroke me. Put your fingers in your mouth, taste me. And then kiss me again because I want your tongue in my mouth first. Before I let you put it inside me, driving me to a greater frenzy of need, the need of your cock inside me. Which I want so much right now.

Hmmm, I want that right now, I think. Convince me that I should let you lick me first. Tell me why I should wait when I want you to fuck me right now. Hard and fast. Thrusting inside of me, deeper and deeper, making me scream your name as I cum again.

I want you, I want you, I want you inside me. Everything else can wait. I cannot. Fuck me right now. Put my legs up over your shoulders and slam your cock into me as hard as you can. I am so wet that you’ll slide right in. As deep in me as you can go. And ride me until I stop talking to you. Until I am so breathless that I can only gasp, pulling against the ties that hold me here, unable to touch you. Unable to dig my fingers into your ass, pulling/pushing you deeper into me. Holding you there when you cum inside me. Pouring yourself into me. Crying my name as you cum — the aching Lizzie that you used the other day. Only this time you’ll groan it, your mouth against the skin of my calf. Biting me as you cum inside me. And I’ll be crying your name, unable to hold onto any other thought in my head except for the absolute pleasure of you fucking me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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