Aunt Teases Nephew in Front of Mom

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This is a work of fantasy. Author and all characters are over 18 and is intended and written for an adult audience. It is incest themed containing dubcon. If such themes offend you, it may not be for you.

Let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

It was a hot summer day and Conor was looking forward to relaxing in the pool in the back garden. After a challenging week of finals at the end of his first year in college, taking a dip in the pool without worry of assignments or exams was his ideal way to unwind.

He put on his swimming shorts, put a towel over his shoulder and made his way downstairs where he met his Mom, Claire, in the kitchen. She too must have planned to spend this glorious Saturday morning out in the garden as she wore her plain red bathing suit covered by a thin, see through sun dress. She turned to Conor to greet him.

“Hey, Conor! Good morning, Sweetheart.” She looked at her son in his swimming shorts. “Are you planning to relax a bit out in the garden today?”

Conor always felt a bit awkward around his Mother in her bathing suit. She stood there facing him, she had long brown hair that went just past her shoulders. Her large breasts sat comfortably in the bra, but it was a slight tight fit which gave the push up effect, causing an inviting amount of cleavage. For her age, she kept a slender body, one that she was quite proud of and her bikini bottoms hugged her firm round ass and complemented her legs. Even through the thin sundress, there wasn’t much left to the imagination.

Conor averted his gaze as she turned around, and looked outside examining the weather. “Uh… Yeah. Might get some laps in and lie in the sun before it gets too hot.”

“That’s great, Honey. It’ll be good for you to relax after a tough year at college.” She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, by the way. Aunt Lisa will be calling over any second now. We’ll be out in the garden too; I hope you don’t mind.”

He acknowledged this and made his way to the pool. He placed his towel on one of the sun loungers and put on some sun cream that his Mom must have left out. He glanced back at the house for a second and saw that his Aunt Lisa had arrived as he saw his Mother greet her with a hug and they kissed each other on the cheek.

They made their way outside and started to approach the pool. Conor always got a bit nervous around his Aunt Lisa. Even though they were identical twins, his Aunt was just that little bit hotter – her breasts were a bit larger, the clothes she wore were sexier and he always felt she had a more natural, sultry sex appeal.

As they came closer, his Aunt Lisa waved to him. He waved back, but caught himself staring at her. Alongside his Mother, she walked towards him in her leopard print bikini. In the revealing bikini top she wore that barely contained her boobs, her boobs bounced and jiggled in hypnotising fashion with each step she took. Her hair was tied back and looked as if her hair was kissed by the sun. With a little guilt, he admired his busty Aunt’s curvaceous body.

“Hi, Conor. It’s so good to see you.” She walked over to him and gave him a hug, deliberately pressing her body into his. Conor could feel the blood move towards his crotch and tilted back to avoid poking his Aunt. She finished the hug and moved back, holding him by the arms as she checked out her nephew for the first time in a long while. “Wow, Conor. College seems to be treating you well. You’re in such good shape. Girls must be all over you in college.”

“Um. No, not really.” Conor chuckled as he responded. He began averting his gaze, his shyness now coming back through as he acknowledged he was now in the presence of two barely dressed attractive women, his Aunt and his Mom.

She recognised his awkwardness, let go of his arms and began to set her stuff down on the lounger beside where Conor had placed his towel. His Mother then sat beside his Aunt Lisa so they could chat.

Claire looked at her son with confusion, wondering why he was just standing there, staring at them both. “Conor, I thought you were going swimming, no?”

This broke Conor out of his daze. “Sorry, Mom. Yeah, I’m gonna jump in now.” Thankfully his Mom or Aunt hadn’t noticed the bulge in his pants from his semi. He jumped in the pool before his erection became more obvious and swam a couple of laps.

While taking a break he noticed his Mom was no longer there. She was most likely getting refreshments inside. But he did catch his Aunt applying sun cream and in order to get a better view, he swam to the other end of the pool to get a better view.

She was standing beside the sun lounger, facing towards Conor, when she placed one of her feet upon it. She started rubbing the cream into her toned legs working her way slowly from her feet up to her inner thighs. She spread her legs slightly as she moved the tips of her fingers just inside her bikini bottoms, spreading the white sun cream around her pussy.

Conor maltepe escort was thankful that he was in the pool as his cock was growing inside his shorts. When his Aunt finished rubbing the cream into her legs, she stood back upright and noticed Conor was staring at her. She continued nonetheless as she slid her hands beneath the waistline of her bikini bottoms again, only to move one of them down to her shaved pussy and rubbed then cream in. Noticing Conor was still staring at her, she lowered her sunglasses then waved and smiled at him.

He went red faced with shock as his Aunt caught him staring and proceeded to start swimming laps of the pool again. When he took another break a few minutes later, he noticed she was now rubbing the sun cream into her arms. He returned to the same spot in the pool to check her out.

Lisa spread the cream up and down her arms and then moved to apply it to her sides and torso. Her body was glistening in the sun with all the sun cream. She took another bit of cream from the bottle and put it on the top of her chest. She looked towards the house to see if her sister was coming back, and then took a quick glance at Conor, who was too caught up in the daze to notice.

She smiled again, knowing he was looking at her. It gave her a thrilling spur of confidence, knowing she still had such an effect on young men, even if it was her nephew. She started rubbing it into her chest and around her neck, tilting her head back to get more coverage. She moved down to her large breasts and started rubbing it into both of them, one hand on each.

Her bikini top was in the way of a small portion of her breasts and of course her nipples were beneath it. She caressed the curvature of her breasts with both her hands and slipped each of her hands behind her bikini top, rubbing the cream into each of her nipples. She looked at her nephew, who was mesmerised and still locked in a daze, then winked at him and smiled as she finished rubbing her nipples under her bra until they were hard and pushed her boobs together and reorganised her top.

Conor snapped out of it then and his knee jerk reaction was to resume swimming. Lisa smirked at the way she was able to grasp Conor’s attention so easily.

They were both caught up in this interaction that they didn’t realise Conor’s Mom was just behind her sister Lisa as he went off on another lap.

“Sorry for Conor’s behaviour, Lisa. I don’t know what’s gotten into him today. He’s not making you uncomfortable, is he?” Conor’s Mom placed the iced tea on the table in between their loungers.

“Oh no. He’s okay, Claire, seriously. It’s probably because he hasn’t seen me in a while. Don’t worry about it.” They settled into the sun loungers. Conor’s Mom opened up her book and his Aunt put on her sunglasses, took a sip of her iced tea and relaxed. “In fact, he could help me with something… CONOR! Come over here to me and help your Aunt put sun cream on her back.”

“Lisa! That’s a bit inappropriate, don’t you think? I mean, he’s my son, and your nephew. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and waited for her nephew to come over.

Conor found himself in a bit of a dilemma. He knows his Aunt will just keep calling him if he doesn’t get out of the pool, that’s just the way she is. But he also needed to get rid of the erection he got from watching his Aunt. He thought of a way to postpone getting out of the pool. “Just a Moment, Aunt Lisa, I’m just gonna do a couple of more laps, if that’s okay.” He launched straight into them, hoping the workout will soften his dick.

It worked, for the most part. He realised he couldn’t wait another couple of minutes before being called on again so he climbed out of the pool, trying his best to loosen his swim shorts from the way they had clung around his bulge. He walked over to his Aunt and Mom and approached the side of Lisa’s lounger.

“Hey, Conor, Sweetie. Sorry to call you out of the pool, but can you be an angel and rub some sun cream on my back, I can’t reach.” She leaned over to her side to grab the bottle and handed it to him. Conor took it and she turned over on her back.

“Uhh. Sure, Aunt Lisa.” He looked towards his Mom, who gave him a disapproving look, but shrugged her shoulders as if it was now a lost cause and returned to reading her book.

“Conor, you’re going to have to sit on the lounger alongside me, you’ll hurt your back doing it standing.” Lisa shuffled her body to the side and patted a spot on the lounger that was on the side facing his Mom.

His dick was beginning to get hard again so he sat down on his Aunt’s lounger to help hide the fact that he was hard. He was unsure of what to do, so he glanced towards him Mom again, but she was immersed in her book, probably choosing to ignore the situation. He got some sun cream out of the bottle, but admired his Aunt’s body before putting some on her back.

He was sitting right next to his Aunt’s ass. It was so round and looked so firm and glistened escort maltepe in the sun. Her legs were spread out just enough that he could see right up to her inner thighs, but not enough to see where her bikini bottoms were covering her pussy. She had her arms crossed to form a sort of pillow that she rested her head on while looking in the direction of both Claire and Conor.

He couldn’t believe his eyes being so close to such an attractive older woman, the kind he fantasised about and watched in porn videos – big tits, a firm, round ass and not to mention, a milf. But he felt conflicted in his state of arousal as she was his Mother’s sister, his Aunt. He admired her body for a Moment longer before being interrupted.

“Emm. Conor, Sweetie? You need to put in on me before I get sun burnt. C’mon now.”

Conor reached over and placed some sun cream just below her neck, He began rubbing it in small circles, careful not to touch of the bra string around her neck. He was nervous, shaking.

“That feels so good Conor… Don’t be shy with it now.”

Conor began rubbing in larger circles, but not being comfortable rubbing it in near her bra strings, he moved onto her lower back. He squirted some straight from the bottle. Lisa moved her ass upwards in response to how cold it felt and it touched off Conor’s arm, who then dropped the bottle.

“I’m so sorry, Conor. I didn’t mean to do that. It just felt so cold.” Conor went to pick up the bottle. “Actually, you’ve missed some areas. Wait. It might be easier if I… hold on.” Lisa moved one of her hands behind her and began untying the bra string behind her neck.

Conor was in disbelief. To him it was like it was happening in slow motion, his heart started beating faster. He became a little light headed. He could feel the heat in his face and his dick trying to break through his shorts. He looked towards his Mom, but she still wasn’t looking over.

The strings behind her neck fell loose. She reached around her back and untied those ones too, deliberately pulling on it a little slower as she knew Conor was watching. When completely untied, the sides of the bikini top fell, exposing the sides of her boobs that were pressed against the lounger, pushing them out to the side.

Claire saw this and looked over with a stern look, first at her sister, clearly not happy at what she was doing in front of her son. “Lisa, there’s no need to take your top off, it’s very inappropriate, especially around my son.”

“I’m lying down, Claire. He can’t see anything. He is an adult, you know? Plus, it’s only a pair of tits. It might do him some good to see tits like mine.”

Conor was caught between looking towards his Mom and trying to catch a glimpse of the side of his Aunt’s breasts. This brought his attention back to Lisa.

“Conor, jeez. I’ve made it easier for you now. Hurry up for goodness sake.” As Conor’s Mom shifted to her side in an attempt to ignore it all. Lisa bit her lip and smiled when Conor started rubbing the cold sun cream all over her back. He was moving quicker this time, sometimes wavering as he occasionally checked out his Aunt’s body.

“Don’t forget the sides, Sweetie.”

“Uhh… are you sure, Aunt Lisa? I thought I got everywhere.”

“I told you not to be shy. The sides of my chest area are a bit awkward for me to do, you see.” Conor acknowledged that with her large breasts it may have been a hard to reach area for her. With that in mind, he started with one hand on each side of her waist and again started slowly moving upwards. As he moved his hands towards his Aunt’s breasts, he could feel their softness. Feeling brave he rotated his hands a little slower and pressed a little harder.

Lisa felt this and was puzzled by her nephew’s daring move. She didn’t really know what to think of her nephew caressing the sides of her breasts like that, but also didn’t want her sister to find out, that would probably lead to an argument. She looked back at him and saw how red faced he was, clearly turned on by his own Aunt. “Hey, Conor. I think you’ve covered everything. Thanks, Sweetie.”

“No problem, Aunt Lisa.” He gave her a nod of acknowledgement but found himself in another predicament. He needed to stand up and go somewhere else, but he was hard as a rock. If he did stand up, his wet shorts would make his erection really stand out. He thought about this while cleaning the sun cream from his hands and setting the bottle back down.

At the same time, Lisa turned back around, and picked up her bikini top that was laying underneath her. She placed it on the ground beside her and lay back in the lounger leaving her large, soft breasts exposed to the summer sun. Conor of course, was locked in a stare as his Aunt caressed her tits to ensure there was still enough sun cream on them.

Conor’s Mom was less than impressed. “Is that really necessary, Lisa? I mean come on, you being topless in front of my son. Really?”

“What? I’m sure it’s nothing he maltepe escort bayan hasn’t seen before.” She looked towards Conor with a seductive look with a slight smirk. “You’ve seen a woman’s breasts before, Conor, haven’t you? And I’m not talking about the ones you see in porn.” She laughed, this time fully knowing the effect she was having on him.

Conor’s dick was now pulsating, twitching inside his shorts. He’d never seen tits this big before, he didn’t care that they were his Aunt’s or that his Mother was right there. Claire was catching on to what her sister was doing and looked at her sister with disgust. “Okay, that’s enough, Lisa.” She then looked at her son, rolled her eyes and took a sip of her iced tea.

Lisa also took out her book, but noticed Conor was still sitting on her lounger. “Oh. That’s it for now, Conor. Thanks so much.” He could feel his Mother’s stare after his Aunt prompted him to leave.

Conor accepted his fate. He stood up and while he shuffled around his shorts as much as he could get away with, the bulge in his pants was very noticeable. Before he had a chance to move away, his awkward shuffling attracted the attention of both his Aunt and his Mother who both focussed on his bulge.

“Sorry, Conor. I guess that got a little hot for you… the weather, I mean.” Lisa said as she grew a cheeky smile on her face.

His Mother was less than pleased and gave him a stern look. “I think you should go inside to cool off and calm down. It’s not very appropriate to be walking around with… you know.” She reached over and grabbed the empty jug of iced tea. “In fact, bring us out some more iced tea, will you?”

Conor walked quickly back to the house and into the kitchen. He got himself a glass of cold water and at last, his raging boner had begun to subside. He felt embarrassed, humiliated even. But he also couldn’t stop thinking about his Aunt. He’d been fantasising about her for long, but had never really allowed himself to acknowledge such thoughts. He debated whether thinking about family members in a sexual way was wrong or not. He felt conflicted about how turned on he was right now.

He took another minute or two to take a breather and get himself back to normal. When he settled down, he opened the fridge, took out the other jug of iced tea, and went back outside, taking deep breaths in order to keep his cool.

“Here you go, as requested.” He set the jug down on the table in between them. His Mother had flipped over and seemed to be resting, the umbrella was pulled over her to protect her from the sun. His Aunt was still laying on her back, sunbathing topless. Just as Conor was about to turn away, she grabbed his wrist.

“Hey, are you going back in the pool?”

Conor couldn’t help but glance at his Aunt’s large breasts before looking her in the eyes. “Umm. Yeah, Aunt Lisa. I’m just gonna do a few more laps.” He was kept there, not really knowing where to look, he felt his dick getting hard again.

She kept him there for a Moment, knowing it was making him uncomfortable. She noticed movement in his crotch area and let him go. “Maybe I’ll join you in a while. I’ll need to cool off shortly.” She let go and Conor went back into the pool to swim.

Lisa glanced at her sister to check if she was still resting. Happy that she was facing the other way, she didn’t hesitate to check out her nephew swimming up and down the pool as she lay there topless with her tits facing him.

She noticed him taking a rest at the far end of the pool. Every so often, he would glance back but immediately turn back around as it was obvious to him that his Aunt Lisa was staring right back at him. While he took a breather, he rested his arms on the edge of the pool.

Thinking it was now a perfect time to cool down, Lisa set down her drink and silently made her way to the edge of the pool where she sat down and quietly slipped into the water. She wanted to surprise Conor, so she slowly waded her way to the other end of the pool. The water was a lot cooler than the outdoor heat and this caused her nipples to get hard.

When she got a little closer, she dipped underwater. As she came within reach of Conor, she held out her hands and in a quick movement gripped the waistline of his shorts and pulled them down as much as she could. She managed to get them down to his knees, before needing to get some air.

Conor, alarmed by this, didn’t really know how to react other than to grab his shorts and attempt to pull them back up. But before he could do even that, his Aunt Lisa had already crept up behind him and pressed her chest against his back, making sure he could feel her hard nipples.

“Aunt Lisa, what did you do that for?” He turned his head as he continued to try pull up his shorts, but he was caught off guard.

“Shhh, Conor. You’ll wake your Mom.” She spoke softly to him. From behind, Lisa started caressing her nephew’s chest, moving her soft hands all over Conor’s pecs and torso. After a Moment, she slid one of her hands down and grabbed her nephew’s cock, which was rock hard.

“Aunt Lisa, what are you doing?” He tried to turn around again, but Lisa, with her body, nudged him forward a little so as to prevent him doing so.

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