Aunt Veronica Ch. 03

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The last three days were all business for Anna. She drilled and grilled Leo until she knew he had it down pat. No mention was made of her letting him have sex with her as part of her bachelorette party

Just before she left, she said, “Leo, you were wonderful. I know I haven’t said anything, but that is because your aunt’s needs take priority. I hope you realize now how badly she needs a personal assistant. You will do well, I am confident.”

He wasn’t as confident himself. His aunt made him nervous. A twitch of her lips and he was rock hard. How was he supposed to focus on the tedium he needed to keep in order?

Anna left the next morning and Leo made sure his tablet was ready to go. His aunt said goodbye to Anna and then invited him into the kitchen for coffee. Mary was busy making breakfast rolls.

“What happened to your cook?” he asked.

“Mary is better. I fired him. Don’t give me that look. I doubled her pay. She can keep it when we hire a new housekeeper.”

“Is she seeing anyone?”

“Well,” she exclaimed. “Are you interested? Like Anna, she is your age.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Ever since I saw you in the airport, all of my ambition has been towards you.”

“The first time you saw me?” she asked. “You are hopeless, Leo. I’m not as old as your mother, but I am a decade your senior. On top of that, you know my feelings about incest.”

He lowered his voice. “Aunt Veronica, just seeing my cock touch your breasts got me so aroused I woke up in the middle of the night and came again. How can you say that hasn’t gone far enough? Making love to Anna was nice, but we both know I want to be so deep inside of you you writhe and cum uncontrollably.”

“OK Trent Reznor, that is enough. I get it. You want to fuck me like an animal.”

“Put bluntly, yes,” he said.

“I don’t do it bluntly, or animal,” she said. “Think of the lessons Anna taught you. Sophistication. That is the key.”

He calmed himself. Anna had taught him. No matter how much his hormones raged, he had to guide them properly. An animal rutted with whatever was available. A sophisticated human marked its prey, then patiently waited for the opportunity.

“I understand,” he said. “Shall we get on to business? This is my first day on the job.”

“What appointments do I have today?” she asked.

“Six. Two with committee members, two with drug reps, and two with the press.”

“Reschedule them all,” she said.

“All?” He looked at her, surprised.

“All, and don’t show emotion when I give you a command. I’m sure Anna mentioned that at some point. I have clients from all over the world. Some will be offended if my subordinate speaks. Other times you may be required to bow or even kneel.”

He kept as straight of a face as possible. He didn’t know if she was serious or just testing his ability to remain stoic.

She leaned over and whispered to him, “In the bedroom, if you are lucky.”

He started to smile but then stifled it. She narrowed her eyes slightly. Then she stood up quickly and barked, “Chopper.”

He knew this one. Quickly stepping around her, he ran to a closet and brought out her flight suit. While she started to pull it on, he pulled up her calendar on his tablet and cleared her schedule.

“Leo, I need some help.”

He looked up and she was struggling to get the suit over her hips. Was this the same suit? She fit in her suit easily. He nodded and reached to help her pull it up.

“I’ve got that, Leo. You are going to have to help me wedge in.”

He started on both hips and tried to let his hands shoehorn her in.

“Leo, that isn’t where the problem is.”

It suddenly dawned on him. Of course this wasn’t the same suit. Her beautiful buttocks were hanging over the edge and jiggled all around as she struggled to pull the suit up. What was she up to?

He did well to keep a straight face, but his cock defied him as he gently touched her buttock and pressed it down as she pulled the suit up. After he had both sides in, he knew she would notice the slight bulge in his pants.

She said nothing. Deftly she pulled the suit over her shoulders and then pulled in from each side. She got frustrated and looked at him again. “It appears I need help here too.”

He couldn’t help it. He swallowed. She narrowed her eyes and asked, “Why is this suit so small? Did you switch it just to be able to ogle me in a tighter one?”

He shook his head no.

“You better not have.” She took hold of each side of the jacket and pulled tight. Then she looked at him expectantly. As he reached for her she started to say something about a horrible punishment if he let her nipple get damaged by the zipper, but stopped as he expertly curved his hand under her breast and held her nipple down with his thumb. While he did the other side he wondered how he was going to get through life without washing his hands again.

She gave him a pleasing look and turned to head towards the door. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Mary wink at him. He nearly yabancı gaziantep escort missed it, as his focus was almost solely on his aunt. Now that she had been stuffed into the suit, she looked incredible. He wondered how she stayed in such good shape. He had never seen a workout room and she had no time set aside for the gym.

“May I ask you one question?” He asked.

“Of course! Practice on being stoic was over a long time ago, Leo. I just didn’t have the heart to tell you, you were doing so well.” She gave him a very wicked grin. He had never seen it before. It both terrified and turned him on intensely. The ability to hold off an erection was gone. It was a good thing they were putting on their harnesses for the helicopter.

“How do you stay so young and healthy looking?” he asked.

“You didn’t see the pool? Best exercise ever.”

He had seen the pool. He never saw anyone in it.

He had been in a helicopter a few times with a friend, whose dad flew one for sightseeing tours. He had to agree with his aunt, the Smoky Mountains were far more interesting than Iowa City from the air. There was a slight charm, but farmlands started looking the same after awhile.

He tried not to look too often at her body wrapped so tightly in the flight suit. She was helping a bit. She took flying seriously, not taking any risks that would jeopardize their safety. That didn’t mean she went slowly, however. She spotted a large, classic red barn and touched down lightly in front of it.

“This is Harkin’s farm,” she said. “I sometimes take care of it while they are gone. I’m getting a bit worried, actually. They haven’t called and are a few days late getting back. Will you help me? We have to feed the animals.”

“Of course,” he replied. “Just tell me what to do.”

“You may as well start with the messiest. Just over there you see that large vat? It has food for the pigs. Just outside the barn to the left is their sty. Fill the trough for them.”


“Oh, and one more thing, we are back to practicing being silent in front of guests.”

He nodded. As he headed toward the vat, he caught a brief glimpse of that wicked grin again. What was she up to?

She busied herself with something in the corner. He headed to the vat. Next to it was a sizable bucket. He lifted the lid and nearly gagged. He had heard the term pig slop before, he had never smelled it. He dipped the bucket in and nearly fell in after it when he tried to lift it back out. The stuff was heavy. He wasn’t about to let his aunt see him struggle, however.

She was in the sty leaning over and doing something to one of the pig’s ears. Then she briskly headed right past him to go back in the barn. He continued to head to the trough.


Something hit him square in the back. She had tackled him! The slop spilled all over the ground. He was covered in it. She was sitting on top of him and grabbed him by the hair. Then she rubbed the tip of his nose in the slop.

He couldn’t tell whether to be angry or if she was playing with him and wanted him to turn around and wrestle her to the ground. He never got angry.

She seemed to when he tried to turn around and buck her off. She was a far better wrestler than he was. Putting him in a half-nelson, she buried his nose in the slop again.

She started sliding up and down on his back. He could feel her buttocks and perhaps even her mound as the outfit she was wearing was so tight.

“Do you still want to fuck me like an animal, Leo?”

He opened his mouth to say, “No,” but she shoved his nose in the slop again.

“No speaking, remember?” she said in a voice that matched the wicked grin she had earlier.

He shook his head. She lifted him up a bit and started grinding on him again.

“Take a look,” she said. “Are you sure?”

She must have given something to the pig she was touching earlier. He was now happily humping away at a female pig. They both seemed to be enjoying it. He still shook his head no.

She used her legs and slid him away from the spilled pig slop. She had incredible strength. Then she turned him onto his back. He could see the pigs going at it to the side and her on top of him. She gently touched her crotch to his, and started grinding again.

“How about now?” she asked.

He still shook his head no.

“I think you are lying,” she said. “The bulge in your pants is getting bigger. Take a look at the animals again and tell me that you don’t want to be doing the same thing to me.”

He looked over at the pigs. They were really going to town now. He didn’t think pigs did it this long, or intensely.

He looked back at her, and nodded.

She leaned down and kissed him, deep and hard. She ground hard into his cock.

She stopped just before he came in his pants and stood up. “Kneel,” she said.

He took a knee.

“Animals may enjoy it. I have no idea,” she said. “I just know their primary purpose is to gaziantep yabancı escort make more animals. You are a human, Leo. You have far more sophisticated behaviors. In the end it may all boil down to the same grunting and moans, but you can do so many things to make the experience that much more intense. I am a sophisticated woman, Leo. You have struck me already with your insight, kindness and passion. Let’s stay on that path, OK?”

He nodded his head.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you get back in the chopper, Leo. You stink to high heaven. I would suggest you get off of whomever’s farm this is before they return, however.”

He looked up at her quickly. She had the wicked grin going again. “Yup, I tricked you. I haven’t had that much fun tackling a guy since I was seven. You even admitted at the end you liked it!”

She turned and headed back towards the chopper. He didn’t waste time heading for the road to get off of the farm.

A familiar SUV with Gary driving pulled up. To his embarrassment, Mary was with him. She popped out of the car and handed him a bag. “Off with those duds immediately,” she said. Once he was completely naked she gave him a T-shirt and shorts.

After they were back in the car she told him there were clothes laid out on his bed for him that he was not to touch until he had bathed thoroughly. He was to accompany his aunt to dinner that evening. Then she winked at him.

“I don’t ever think I have seen your aunt so happy,” she said. “I think she likes you.”


“You clean up nicely,” said his aunt. “From now on you will not include ‘aunt’ in my name. Call me Veronica.”

She didn’t have that wicked look any more. She also had cleaned up well. She looked stunning in an elegant white gown with a plunging neckline. Seeing her in the dress alone was plenty of reward for the humiliation she put him through.

“I am your date tonight, Leo. You aren’t my boy toy, my nephew, or some Cougar fantasy. You are a man, I am a woman, and we are going to share a romantic dinner.”

He nodded.

“Oh my!” she laughed. “Do I terrify you that much? You learn fast, Leo, but tonight isn’t business. Let us enjoy it together. I’ll tell you what. Next tackle into the pigslop is your turn.”

“Deal,” he said while trying to give a wicked grin.

“Don’t think it will be easy,” she smirked. “Now, I do want to try something. Don’t feel pressured and don’t turn little stutters into what you feel is failure. There is no failing. I just want you to feel like I am your date, not the other way around. It doesn’t really matter, but many in this town know me. You need to be proactive. Make eye contact quickly and begin any conversations. You know the old fashion etiquette of dating, don’t you?”

“Open doors for you, seat you, and such?”

“Yes, but I’m real old fashioned. You introduce me as ‘Your Date, Veronica’. You do not let someone just walk up and start talking to me. You gracefully force them to start speaking to you first.”

He smiled. “Shall I bring a musket just in case? No one would dare insult you, but it might be fun.”

“Ooh I love it.”

She had a sports car. She had an SUV. What Gary pulled into the circle tonight was a long black limo straight out of the Oscars. Gary was also playing his role as a driver. He was decked out in a fine suit and seated them inside.

Veronica closed the privacy window and locked it once they were on the road. “Isn’t it amazing what we can do with just one finger?” she asked. “I can close the window, and lock it. Or, I can do this.”

She reached down and touched him. Only thin cloth separated her finger and his penis. She held it there. It was warm. Soon his cock was pulsating, growing.

“You see?” she asked. “Just a slight bit of pressure and you’ve started to grow. The tip of my finger is the only thing touching you and already electrical impulses are firing up and down your spine and into the parasympathetic system. Endorphins are released all over your brain. Your sensations from my simple touch increases and you search for more stimuli. Physical. Visual. Taste and smell. Then you begin to fantasize…”

“And I’ve done nothing but touch you with my finger. Leo, the full cascade of emotion, sensation and fantasy is beyond the capabilities of animals. We are human. Lovemaking for us is an art, not a biological duty.”

“I believe you,” he said.

“Now lie back a bit.” She let go of the pressure, and started to undo his pants.

“But the tuxedo!” he said.

She ignored him. His cock popped free and he was amazed at how hard she had gotten him with just a touch. Now that he was free, she touched him in the same spot and started lightly moving her finger around.

“This is your frenulum, Leo. Touching it drives most men crazy. Women have one too. Later tonight I will show you where.” She smiled and lightly caressed his lips with hers.

“We had a saying in medical school to remember escort gaziantep yabancı the stages of neural input into the male orgasm. P to point and S to shoot. The P stands for parasympathetic. The S stands for sympathetic. Would you like to see the full cycle?”

He didn’t reply, he just pulled his jacket and shirt wide and lay further back.

She kissed him lightly again. Then she carefully rubbed the soft cloth of her dress covering her breasts across his shaft. After that she propped him up and ran her tongue lightly up his shaft.

“You want me, I know, Leo. You don’t want me because of some taboo aunt fantasy. You don’t want me because of my money. You also don’t want me like some animal out of control of his hormones.” She licked up and down his shaft. She ran her tongue over the tip and frenulum.

“When I look in your eyes, I see Marc Anthony looking at Cleopatra. I see you wanting to make love to me in such a way that it brings tears to the eyes it is so beautiful.”

She was right. It was beautiful. He was going to cum. She took him completely in her mouth and down her throat. He arched up and an intense orgasm overpowered him. This was no simple orgasm, or even an orgasm like she had given him before. He was elsewhere, charging on a white steed in full armor. His mind was frenzied. He struck with all his might.

“Well,” she said as he struggled to catch his breath. “You went somewhere. You will have to show me that place later.”

He meant to say, “I would love to,” but what came out was, “I love you.”

She looked him deeply in the eyes. Then she smiled. “I believe you,” she said. “You at least have to buy me dinner first before I can decide whether to reciprocate your love.”

“I’m buying? I have no money.”

“Oh, did I forget to mention? As part of the team with Anna, there will be expenses I expect you to take care of.” She handed him a couple of gold credit cards.

He simply sighed. A peace came over him.


He thought dinner would just be an exercise in culture. She said she was going to show him where women had a frenulum. He had only seen her ass in panties thus far. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Yet he kept focused. She was right, many in the restaurant knew her. He spoke immediately as they came by the table and introduced her as “Victoria, my date.” Some seemed genuinely interested in who he was. Others were rude. One woman laughed and asked his aunt who the boy toy was.

Veronica was cool. She used her wit to make the woman blush before she headed off with her tail between her legs.

He paid the check, signing his name to more money than he had ever paid for a dinner. Then Gary drove them home. On the way they discussed the book The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Not exactly romantic material, but she was stunned he had read it. He was really interested in literature, but didn’t think it would get him much as a major in college.

Victoria disagreed. She gave him an assignment. Write something. Anything he wanted. It was hard to think of anything at that moment. Her dress kept sliding over her thighs as the car moved.

Would she accept a love story between him and her? It was all he could think about. His first thought was to make her younger and him older, the same age. Then he rejected it. Part of his attraction to her was that she was older, yet hotter than most of the young women his age. Maybe he just assumed that her being older meant she was in charge. A sort of non-painful dominatrix. He didn’t think it was a mother son thing. He wasn’t attracted to his mother like this.

Maybe all the interest in older relative incest he found browsing pornography was because the people browsing wished they had a hot woman like her as a partner. Enough of the philosophy, he said to himself. She was simply hot. Tonight he would see more of her. He couldn’t wait to get home.


“Rain is destroying my moonlight,” said Veronica as she moved to close the shutters.

“Wait,” he said. “Look at yourself. You look great in moonlight. You look even better in rain. The droplets run down you like you are wet.”

“Well, that is a nice thing to say. How about now?” She slowly lowered her panties, the only thing she had left on. Her bush was like everything else about her, perfectly sculpted. He knew then she was truly an old fashioned romantic. A lot of women completely shaved. She understood the enticement of a bush. It stimulated thoughts of what wonders it enclosed. Not too hairy. Neatly trimmed.

“I see something fascinates you even more than my breasts,” she said.

He all of the sudden felt more mature and impassioned than he had ever felt. He wasn’t a boy toy in puppy love anymore. He had to express his feelings without her thinking it was that.

“Victoria, when I met you I was but a boy. Simply who you are has changed that. I’m fascinated with everything about you. Your face. Your mind. Your body. Your deep heart. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

She looked at him for a long time. She started to say something, then cut herself off. “Leo, you know we can’t.”


“Pardon me?”

“Michigan,” he replied. “If what you were about to say is that you had similar feelings about me, the answer is Michigan. I’ve read a number of sources that say they rarely enforce incest laws there.”

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