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Author’s Note: This was inspired by an actual author on this site that I can’t get enough of. I wish he would write more so that I could get my fix.


Oh, God…what are you going to do to me next?

Last time you came to me, I was delirious with want for you. I couldn’t concentrate for days wondering how long I would have to wait for you again. I feel myself getting wet already before you’ve even gotten started. My fingers drift toward my pussy just thinking about it. What will we do this time?

Are you going to be rough or gentle? Tell me to suck your cock, or beg me to grace you with my soaking wet pussy? Knowing you, it’s rough all the way, but sexy rough. You don’t beg for anything, do you?

Within seconds you have me on the edge of my seat, your tongue flicking wildly at my throbbing core while your hands stroke my large breasts and squeeze my aching nipples. I can tell that you worship pussy by the way you are feasting on me. Tell me, do you like how I taste? Tangy and tart, but potently woman? I know you do. You love pussy the way that I love cock.

After a Anadolu Yakası Escort screaming climax, I drop to my knees in front of you. I can see the hard bulge straining the front of your pants, and I caress it slowly while licking my lips. I lean forward and kiss it lovingly, running my tongue over the fabric and making it moist. After unzipping you gently and taking out your gorgeous cock, I look up at you through my eyelashes as I lean forward to lick the tip.

I know you love this, the way that I devour you. I can see it in your eyes as I circle my tongue around the head and rapidly flick the frenulum with the underside of my tongue. As I take you further into my mouth, I can see that you won’t be able to put up with this for long if you want to fuck soon. Deciding I better enjoy what time I have, I pull back to start again, beginning my favorite technique.

I pucker up my lips tightly, while dripping saliva onto the head of your beautiful cock. Then, with my cheeks sucked in, I reach around and grab your ass to pull you slowly inside my tight puckered Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan lips. I know you love this, it feels as close to fucking as I can simulate. As I begin to fuck you with my mouth faster and faster, you yank my head back and order me on the bed. You are so in control of me, I throb just to think of it.

Now you are shoving me down on the bed and impaling me with your amazing cock, sinking into my welcoming pussy. God, you’re fantastic! Thrusting harder and harder until I scream, you then pause to flip me over so you can enter me from behind. I love it when we do it like this, it’s just straight raw fuck. Judging from your groans, you are getting off watching my back flex and my ass move. I beg you to grab my hair and slap my ass, and you never fail to deliver. You hold my hair like a harness at the base of my skull and smack my ass hard, while I’m screaming for you to fuck me harder.

After you make me climax even more intensely the second time, I feel you start to pull out. I know what you want now. I don’t even do this with Escort Anadolu Yakası my husband, but for you, I will every time. You ask me if I want you to fuck my ass. Normally, the answer to that would probably be no. But this is you. I know that you will do it right. You will make it special. You will take me to the edge and over it, the whole time making me feel sexy and irresistible. Of course I want you to fuck my ass.

You slowly penetrate my puckered opening, so gentle and yet so forceful. I can feel one of your hands move around my waist to make lazy circles on my clit. The other hand comes around to squeeze my large nipple again, making it distend even further. You begin to move faster as I relax into the motions, and I can tell by the bucking of your hips that it won’t be much longer.

By now I’m on my way to number three, and I’m begging you to please…fuck my ass harder…fill me up. Please…won’t you cum for me? Cum in my ass, cum on my back, cum in my fucking hair if you want, just please cum for me NOW! As always, you never disappoint. I hear you cry out, the only time you say my name. I’m just flattered that you remembered it. As your hips piston into me, I can feel your hot fluid pumping inside of me…so deep inside.

As I come back to reality I’m once again in front of my computer. My fingers are buried inside me, and my juices are flowing down my thighs.

My God, you sexy fucker. You sure can write.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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