Awakening pt. 2

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Mum carried on screaming and I carried on cumming in my sister’s face.

She fell to her knees, and screamed again. Unfortunately my sister was trying to clean out her mouth with her tongue and as it flicked over my still enlarged cock-head I felt yet more sperm spill out and splashing onto her face.

Looking at her now I couldn’t help but think my sister looked like a slut. My cum covered hair face, streaks of it running off her chin and in her hair. Her young virgin cunt leaking her fragrant juices over my body.
Mum had stopped screaming now and was sobbing in the doorway, I managed to push Emma off me but as I swivelled and sat up, Holly landed in my lap, my cock nuzzling into her slick twat.
Luckily, Holly had the sense to stand before a misjudged move made my cock slam into her nine year old snatch.

There we were. Holly and Emma stood side by side, bodies dripping with sweat and juices, hands by their sides. I stayed sat on the couch, my head in my hands, my slowly shrinking cock still glistening from my sister’s saliva.

My mum was shaking, still on her knees but she had stopped sobbing enough to speak.
“Girls, go to my room please.”

The two naked children were slow to react.

“Now!” my mum yelled, this time angrier.

The girls leapt across the living room floor and slammed the bedroom door shut behind them.

Slowly she turned towards me, her normally peaceful green eyes glaring with rage.
“What, did you do?” she asked, a layer of anger and hate floating just below her barely controlled voice.
I stuttered, too stunned to reply.

Suddenly she was stood next to me. Her hand grabbed my hair and tugged me upwards. Dragging me across the floor she threw me into our bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

“DID YOU PENETRATE HER!!” my mum yelled, her fury flooding into her voice.
“WHAT DID YOU DO!?” she yelled again, as if one sentence wasn’t long enough to release her pent up fury.

“We . . . Um . . .I . .What?” I stammered, confused.

“DID YOU PENETRATE HER, FUCK HER, SHAG HER!!” She yelled, closing the gap between our faces to a few scarce inches.
“Eeew! No! No way!” I managed to say in between her tirade.

“Oh God . . .” she moaned, her voice lowered.

“Ryan, there’s a few things you need to know.” I groaned inwardly, expecting the dreaded ‘Sex Talk’.

“Ryan . . . What do you know of gods?” she asked, stunning me utterly.
“What . . . like Zeus, and Thor and stuff?” I asked, to be honest was expecting some kind of violent spanking our at least being grounded for life, or something. Not a mythology quiz.

“Yeah, like that,” she said it as if she didn’t want to talk about it.

She moved beside me and sat next to me. I realised I was still naked and quickly covered my bits with my hands.

“Well, son. You see, the truth is,” the mumblings were killing me, casino oyna I just wished she’d say whatever and go, for god sake I was still naked!

“They’re real.”

I choked.

I stopped choking, cleared my throat, then choked again.

“Wh . . . What?” I managed between chokes.
“Well, the Gods are real,” she said the word Gods in a way that suggested it was important enough to be capitalized.

“Everything you know. Zeus, Athena, Poseidon. They’re all real.”
I choked again, and again.

“Ryan, I’m a god too,”

This time I really choked. I felt my throat tighten, it felt like it was being repeatedly being run over.
“Ryan, I’m Aphrodite.”

She said the words so softly they were barely audible, I just about managed to make them out as I felt a warm glow radiate from her.

Suddenly I wasn’t sat next to my mum, but in her place was a swan. It honked at me then I felt the warm glow again, golden light rippled outwards and suddenly there was a dove on my shoulder.

The warm glow and golden light faded, leaving my mum sat quietly on the end of the bed
“I’m a god Ryan.” She said with a sigh, “Which means you are part god too.”

Again with the choking, I really needed I drink now.

“So you’re saying I’m a demi-god?” I asked, remembering one of my history lessons.

“Yes! Exactly.” She smiled at me and suddenly my earlier dread seeped out of me.

I found some old boxers on the floor and pulled them up and sat next to my mum again.

“So . . . If I’m part god . . . do I get powers?” I asked, feeling a little foolish.

My mum, Aphrodite, let out a sigh.

“Yes, that’s why I was so angry earlier,” she paused for a breath then continued.

“You see Ryan, when an offspring of any god is born, it can only unlock its powers by completing some kind of ritual or worship to their parent.” Another breath,

“Ryan, if you’d have penetrated your sister you would have never unlocked your powers, to unlock them you need to lose your virginity to a priestess of Cyprus, my birthplace.”

I sat there, amazed at how close I had cum, to never having the powers of a god.
“So, do we have to go to Cyprus?” I asked.

“Yes, hold my hand,” she said.

I grabbed a hold of her outstretched arms and I blinked.

Suddenly we weren’t in my room any more, or even in the same country, I honestly doubted we were in the same year.

“Down there,” my mum said, pointing to a small temple-like building nestled into a hill below me.

“Go on,” she urged, “I’ll wait here,”

I head off towards the temple, watching as a small cart rumbled past the worn road below.

I reached the temple and found the doors unlocked, I stepped inside and my jaw hit the floor. All around me were around twenty girls, the oldest being, maybe seventeen. And all of them were completely naked, sitting slot oyna on beds in their open chamber. Some of them had fingers slowly circling their shaved twats.

Some of them had others in the room with them. I saw one girl who couldn’t have been much older than Emma, being ruthlessly pounded in the arse by a rough, middle aged man.

She was lying on her front on the bed of the chamber, she looked up towards me and I saw tears running down her cheeks, something stopped me from crying out in disgust and made me carry on watching.
He grunted as he came and the girl screamed as a stranger’s cum flooded into her arse-crack.

He stepped out of the chamber, and a servant, also naked, scurried across to meet him. Falling to her knees she licked all of the sticky residue of his rapidly deflating cock and finished by rubbing it dry with a towel and handing him a robe.

He passed me on his way out of the temple and grinned.

Another servant, different the one who had cleaned the man hurried towards me.

“I’m sorry young man,” she started and I thought I was going to be kicked out, “You will have to remove your undergarments to enter our temple.”

I moaned quietly and as I removed my boxers my cock began to awaken, the head crawling from its hood.
I blushed as the servant, who was probably as I old I was looked down,

“Ah yes,” she said knowingly, “You are eager to get started, no?” I nodded silently and followed the girl through to a separate room.

“These are virgins, ready to complete their worship to our goddess, you may choose any you wish.”
With that the girl left and I gazed at her smooth rounded bum as it left the room, my eyes switched to her small, erect tits as she turned to close the door behind her.

Looking around I saw five girls all sat in chambers like the room before, but unlike the others, none of them were over fourteen and they all sat quietly, waiting.

Remembering what the servant had said, I walked over to the first chamber, and a saw a small eight year-old girl lying spread-eagled on the bed, her shaven pussy glistening in the candle light.
I continued past to the second chamber.

I here was a fourteen year old girl, sat watching me with what could only be described as lust in her eyes.
I stepped past the tiled border and gazed at her lovingly, her golden hair was tied in a ponytail behind her. Her boobs were small, probably about a handful, and hung off her chest, the erect pink tits begging to be kissed.

Her pussy was obscured by her knees, but from what I could see, it too was shaven and its lips were leaking her juices onto the sheets around her.

“Do you want to help me finish my worship?” she asked quietly,

Despite being two years older than me, her small frame could easily have been that of a twelve year old, and her voice sounded like that of a young child’s.

“Err canlı casino siteleri . . yes, I suppose so,” I answered, my eyes firmly attached to her pointed to her erect tits.
She patted a space beside her, I sat down and she whispered in my ear,

“Do you want to lead, or follow?” she asked, I didn’t know what she meant, and having only the vaguest idea how to have sex, I told her I’d follow, but to go slow.

She nodded, smiling sweetly then crawled to the bottom of the bed, her rounded butt-cheeks glowing as they waved at me.

I lifted my legs onto the bed and she leaned forward.

My God. If I thought Emma’s blowjob was good I was stunned by the feelings flooding through me now.
Her tongue wrapped around my cock, the tip squeezing into the eye as it ran over my head. She looked at my all the time, even as she slid down my shaft and her tongue squeezed out between cheek and shaft, and managed to trace around my balls.

Every movement sent shudders of pleasure up my body, and as her lips parted I nearly begged her not to stop.

At least I would have if she hadn’t rolled me over and found myself on top of her, staring at those round, fleshy orbs, and those tits that were begging to be kissed.

At this point in time I was very happy to oblige.

I leant forward and nibbled her right tit, my mouth opening wide to swallow as much of her breast as possible. My tongue flickered over her tits and I heard a muffled groan of pleasure emit from the girl.
I moved to the other tit and started to rub and twist the one I’d just left.

I don’t know what made me do that. I just felt it should be done. As soon as she’d started licking my cock I had felt the warm glow that I had felt when my mother had changed into the animals in my room.

Back the task at hand I left her breasts and moved up her neck. I kissed her chin and finally planted my lips on hers.

Without hesitation our lips parted and our tongues chased each other round our mouths.
Even while we engaged in a game of tonsil tennis, she rolled as back over and I found myself looking up towards her.

I felt my cock nudge her opening which was just above my waist.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes

“You ready?” she asked, I nodded.

She manoeuvred her wet cunt over my saluting cock and suddenly, without warning, she fell onto my cock, she screamed as her cherry popped and some blood leaked out with her juices.

As I gazed at her blood/juice as she continued to bounce on my cock.

I watched in amazement as the blood slowly turned gold. Golden veins suddenly writhed across my body as she climaxed, letting out another scream.

The veins of gold turned a blinding white as I came, my seed squirted out as she rose, its creamy whiteness flowing through the snaking lines across my body.

Suddenly the lines turned white hot and I screamed, screamed until I ran out of breath, then carried on screaming until there was not air left. Then I blacked out.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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