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Big Tits

I weaseled my way into Wanda’s house under the pretense of helping her connect the stereo she had impulsively bought. I had been eyeing her and her sexy daughter, Debbie from the moment they moved into my apartment building.

I had been biding my time. White women are automatically suspicious of black men, so I laid low. When I saw her I spoke and passed quickly looking in another direction, but when I saw her daughter I winked, but didn’t speak at all. In return, Wanda spoke to me and her daughter, Debbie would shoot me a flirtatious glance and sometimes blew me a kiss. I would smile and continue on my way.

After a couple of months, I helped Wanda carry in a television. I left out of her apartment right away. I didn’t want to give her the impression that I wanted to checkout her place.

I was still able to get some really good looks at her and her daughter; from panty shots to exposed nipples. I was finally feeling really good about helping out with the stereo. I heard Wanda playing some Hip-hop music, so I guessed she at least tried move her elegant body.

Just my luck, Debbie came and sat cross legged on the love-seat to watch what was going on. I looked at her and she winked her eye at me, so I slowly lowered my eyes to her crotch and then back up into her blue eyes. She giggled causing my cock to stir in my jeans.

Wanda offered me a beer, which I accepted seeing that she had already had a couple. I was taking every opportunity I got to get a close-up look at Wanda’s butt and crotch from either end.

Wanda was really well built. I excused the part about her being a bleech blonde because she had such well shaped legs that looked awesome in heels. Her ass was something else. Her hips, thighs, and the gap between her legs made her ass look perfectly round. Her loose shorts gave me a target.

It didn’t take long before I was able to get a perfect shot of the crotch of Wanda’s panties under the shorts. A few strains of pubic hair sprouted from the sides. Her pussy stretched the thin material and caused my cock to jerk. I looked up and saw that Debbie was holding her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

Caught, I tried to turn the situation around. I stuck out my tongue in the direction of Wanda’s crotch; flicking back and forth. I pulled it back before Wanda could see what I was doing, and then made a face at Debbie. It was clear that I was amusing to Debbie, so I thought it would do no harm in playing alone.

I did back off, so not to appear like the pervert that I am in front of the women. I explained to Wanda all the different pieces she had been sold. I pilfered a few glances at her cleavage, which she dismissed with an acknowledging smile.

I was feeling really comfortable, as I felt they were feeling comfortable with me. I made a few jokes, which they found funny as I programmed the local radio stations. I showed Wanda that I had a vast knowledge of music. Debbie got her music to test out the speakers.

The music began to play and Debbie began to move her butt. I questioned where she had learned her moves. She was trying to do the booty dance, but it looked more like the routine of a desperate stripper. Either way, I loved the way she moved her butt-cheeks.

I travesti porno got up and started to dance with her. My jeans were already showing off my proud manhood, but when it touched the crack of Debbie’s soft ass, it went down the leg of my pants. I grind it hard pushing it up to her crotch as she bent over.

Wanda started moving her hips and I backed off Debbie. Debbie started giving her mother some pointers, and I added my two cents in. Debbie bluntly told her mother that it was dry humping or screwing with your clothes on.

I started feeling luckier than I had been so far. Debbie started drinking with us, and Wanda’s eyes were already glazed over. Wanda giggled feeling my hard cock against her butt-cheeks as I began to dance with her. Debbie assured her mother that it was okay, and demonstrating offering up her ass for me to grind against. I reached around covering Debbie’s crotch and tits with my hand; not grabbing them, just barely touching them.

I moved over to dance with Wanda holding on to her hips and grinding against her soft ass. I took a chance and reached around covering Wanda’s crotch. I started rubbing her crotch with the rhythm of our movements. I backed off, not wanting to scare Wanda into stopping.

Debbie was a much more active dancer, and afforded me the opportunity to do what I had so often thought about. I rubbed her crotch through her thin shorts and massaged her tits. I eased up when I felt that Wanda might start getting board. I turned to Wanda, but pulled Debbie in behind me.

I found out what Debbie had on her mind when she reached around and squeezed my hard-on. My mind started swirling for a way to fuck both of these women. I started whooping it up as we dance. Debbie was raising the roof with her chants and Wanda joined along with us.

I slipped my hand into the front of Wanda’s shorts, and was not stopped. I continued into her panties, over her thinly haired mound to her moist slit. I immediately started rubbing Wanda’s clit and she leaned back against me.

Debbie was still up against my back, so I took a chance and reached for her crotch. I fumbled around for a second and she caught my wrist and guided my fingers to her crotch. I worked my fingers under the leg of her short and was surprised to find no panties. I didn’t know how I had missed that, especially with the way she had been sitting.

I wanted to fuck them both, but I had a feeling that I needed to go after Wanda first, because Debbie seemed to be more willing. I worked my fingers into Wanda’s cunt and to me she was as good as fucked.

I pulled Debbie around to our sides, so I could make a play for her tits while I got her mother’s shorts down. I just had to get my dick into Wanda. I could always fuck her nice and easy some other time, but right then I had to seize the moment.

We were still dancing, so I bent Wanda over in front of the sofa. She reached out and grabbed the sofa for leverage. I pulled my hand around and pushed Wanda’s shorts down to her ankles. I was so excited; I think my pants came down by themselves.

Wanda moaned and complained a bit about me being too big, but I worked my cock all the way into he pussy and began fucking alt yazılı porno her hard, while I rubbed Debbie’s clit and kissed at her cleavage. I wished had video taped scene.

Wanda started fucking back and I started slamming into her harder. She cried out her pleasure, and Debbie took careful notes. I pulled slowly out after hearing Wanda’s cry of passion.

I moved right over to Debbie bending her back over the arm of the chair. I didn’t even have to remove her shorts. She sounded just like her mother when she moaned. My dick felt hard as steel.

Wanda sat in only her top watching as I pound her daughter with all my strength. I tried different rhythms until I found one that set Debbie off. Debbie trembled when she came. I wanted to jump for joy, but I hadn’t got mine yet.

I moved over to Wanda, and she laid out on the sofa. I laid on top of her and slid my dick into her. I long dicked her until I shot my load. Debbie still looked fuckable, so I pulled out and stuck my dick in Debbie. I pumped my dick back hard again.

Wanda commented on how long I could have sex. I told her that I could last long enough to make her cum again. She giggled and continued watching me fuck her daughter sore.

Wanda insisted that we get naked. I ended up on Wanda’s bed naked with both of them. I laid on my back while Wanda road my cock. Debbie covered my mouth with her wet pussy facing her mother. I hadn’t eaten out many girls, but I was licking and sucking trying to give Debbie as much pleasure I could.

My face was soaked even before Debbie and Wanda switched places. Fluids rolled over my cheeks and down my neck as Wanda grinded her cunt on my face. I felt like I had a permanent hard-on, and Debbie’s pussy seemed to be sucking on my cock as she rocked and rolled her hips on top of me.

I thought I was in heaven when they teamed up to give me a blowjob. It dawned on me that maybe this wasn’t the first time that they had shared a man. Wanda slid her lips up one side of my cock and Debbie slid her mouth down the other side. Both of their fingers massaged my balls and didn’t get in each other’s way.

While I was contemplating this, I saw the unthinkable. Their lips locked together with my cock in between them. The way they were moving, I couldn’t tell who’s throat my cock had entered. They could had been taking turns, that’s what I assumed.

When they came up off my rigid member, Wanda told me that she really liked my cock and Debbie agreed. All I could do was pump my cock in their hands and smile.

Wanda straddled my hips with her back to me and Debbie guided my cock into Wanda’s spread cunt. I figured that this was a show for me to see, and it really was. The head of my dick was just inside of the pussy. Wanda held her butt-cheeks pulled apart, and then Debbie pushed the tip of her finger into her mother’s asshole. Wanda moved up and down slowly, so I could see my cock going in and out of her pussy.

Debbie got a bottle of lubricant and began fingering the oil into her mother’s asshole. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Wanda got in position and Debbie took hold of my cock and held it to her mother’s little pucker as I thrust the üvey baba porno length of my cock into the tight yielding canal.

It seemed like I didn’t have control over my own body. I slammed into Wanda’s asshole repeatedly, grunting with each thrust. Debbie sat in front of her mother consoling and brushing her hair back. I didn’t realize it at first, but Wanda was actually eating Debbie out. That excited me even more.

The sound of me slapping against Wanda’s butt-cheeks echoed in the bedroom. Both of the women were moaning in ways that would have made a porn star envious. I was relentless in Wanda’s ass, until she begged me to stop.

Debbie must have pulled the damp rag out of her ass, because I didn’t see where she got it. She whipped off my cock and coated it with the lubricant. Wanda seemed truly amazed that I was still hard. She said that she had never seen a man who’s cock lasted so long. It didn’t amaze me at all, I wanted to stick my dick back into one of their holes.

Debbie asked if I wanted to be the first guy to go up her butt-hole. That was a no brainer to me. She cautioned me to take it easy because she was a little frighten due to the size of my dick and this being the first time with a real cock.

I took that to mean that Debbie had something stuck up her ass before. Her ass was much tighter than her mother’s but I was still able to slide my entire length into her canal. She started with a slow motion and I matched it. I let her control the pace, but I made sure that my cock sunk all the way back in with each stroke.

Wanda looked really happy with my performance, and that signaled that I could have another shot at the pair. I thank my lucky stars that my cock stayed hard.

Debbie said that she had enough, and Wanda took my cock out and cleaned it with the rag and some germ fighting lotion. I recognized the brand, because I used it on my job.

Wanda and Debbie boasted that they had never cum so many times with a guy before, and asked me was I ever going to get soft. As sexy as they were, I didn’t see how my dick would ever go down. Wanda said that I could sleep with her the night if I wanted. I didn’t see how that was going to calm me down, but I didn’t refuse the offer.

They got ready for bed and I got in the bed with Wanda in her bed room. We got comfortable under the covers and my cock deeply embedded in Wanda’s hot pussy. I slow stroked her until I fell asleep.

I woke to breakfast in bed. Wanda and Debbie were fully dressed with makeup and everything. I heard none of this going on. Wanda said that it was about five in the morning when I finally flooded her with my cum. She said that it would take her about a week to get over the soreness of being fucked so much. Debbie agreed. They suggested that we get together once a week and fuck our brains out. I was down for that, and it showed.

Wanda and Debbie giggled seeing the tent my cock was making of the covers. They decided to give me a blowjob while I finished the breakfast they made for me. They sucked me together and I blew my load. It was a treat watching them lick my cum from each other’s mouths and from my cock.

Wanda and Debbie teased me the entire week as I tried to carry on with my normal routine, and hoping that the end of the week would hurry and get here. When the day finally arrived, we went at it like wild animals. I strained every muscle fucking them, and we made every second count. That night I slept with Debbie, which was no sleep at all. I don’t know when we fell asleep, but I went out like a light.

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