Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 06

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Warning: This is the sixth chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a “Quick Read”, but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


“Thank you.” I said to Patty, reaching out to gently run my hand up and down her arm, stroking her lovingly. She was still leaning against the car as we stood outside Fred and Wilma’s store.

“For what?” She answered, as she stood up to move into an embrace with me.

“Well, for everything,” I replied, reaching out to hold her hands in mine, “but mostly for proving to me I had a set of balls.”

Patty looked at me weird. “Huh?” She said.

“For years,” I began, “I’ve been deathly afraid to face the reality of my desires….. everything from wearing panties to exposing myself. I was so guarded; so unwilling to think there was someone who could accept these things about me. Patty, just meeting you and being with you — I want you to know I feel much stronger now, more confident and incredibly happy. You’re the reason I feel this way and I’ll never forget that.”

Patty slid her hands up my chest and I curled my arms around her and we embraced for a few minutes. There was no one around us — the parking lot was completely empty and the only sounds we could hear were coming from the few cars on the street as they went by. The desolate surroundings made the beating of my heart seem loud and as Patty laid her head against my chest, I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed holding her.

“I can feel your heart beating.” Patty said as she snuggled closer into me.

“I don’t know when I’ve ever felt this content.” I said. “Does that scare you?”

“No,” Patty answered, “I feel it too, Paul. The scary part for me is that I don’t want it to end.”

I knew exactly what she meant. I didn’t need to ask her to explain it or clarify it. I knew. I stood there holding her and it was like we were one being — one entity – sharing a common consciousness. After another couple of minutes, I felt her move in my arms and I released my hug and leaned back to give her some room. Looking up at me, my A-Cup angel gave me the sweetest smile and asked, “Would you like to take my shirt off me?”

“Really?” I asked. “Right here?”

“Uh huh,” Patty answered, nodding her head up and down, “Right here and right now.”

So in one smooth motion, I reached down and pulled her shirt over her head and watched as she shook her hair free.

“I know you’ve been waiting patiently all day long to see my flat chest. I’ve been such a tease, too, haven’t I?” Patty confessed. “Here you go,” she said striking a pose, “Flatty Patty in the flesh. The no-tit girl!”

She was so beautiful standing there without her shirt on. She stood proudly, with her little boobs finally out for me to see in all their glory. They were perfect and matched my life long dream of a woman’s chest. It was as if someone carefully took my order and then engineered her chest especially for me. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s like they implanted golf balls in the skin underneath her nipples and sewed her back up. I looked at her for a long time, and during that time, I realized that Patty was my once-in-a-lifetime girl — truly my A-Cup angel .

I stepped forward, reaching out to grasp her hands again. When our fingertips touched, I felt a surge deep inside my chest — a ‘thump-thump’ emanating from my heart that seemed to take control of me. Still holding her hands, I lifted them around my neck and Patty automatically laced her fingers together while our lips moved closer and closer until they were barely touching.

Patty closed her eyes and parted her yielding lips waiting for me to kiss her, and I didn’t disappoint my angel. Softly, I pressed my lips to hers and at the same time raised my hands to her breasts. Perfectly, just like some force of magnetism guided them, my hands arrived at the little tips of her brestlings. Carefully, as not to startle her, I held each of her breasts between my thumbs and first fingers and then as gently as I could, I explored her breasts, lightly squeezing and releasing around the small masses of breast tissue on her chest – trying to feel the extent of her boobs and where they stopped and started.

When our kiss ended, we separated enough for me to look down into Patty’s sparkling eyes. She closed them and moaned, “Hmm, I love the way you’re touching me.”

Then, without opening her eyes, Patty said, “You know what you said before about how you thought no one would be able to accept you for the way you were, and how şişli bayan escort you felt confident and happy now because you’d met me?”

“I remember,” I replied, “it’s true.”

“When you were saying that….. I mean, when you were speaking those words,” she went on, “I was feeling the exact same thing about you.”

“Oh, Patty…” I moaned.

She pulled me down to her and as we hugged, I turned my lips so I could kiss her neck. “Before tonight,” she whispered as I cuddled into her, “I would have been ashamed to let a man see me with my shirt completely off. But, it’s exactly like you said…. I feel like you want me just the way I am and that makes me feel confident and pretty, and Paul, I feel happy, too.”

In response, I moved my fingers to her nipples and pinched them gently while I nibbled at her ear lobe. “It probably won’t make sense to you,” Patty continued, “but, letting someone look down my shirt is a lot different than letting someone see me bare-chested. I want you to look at my breasts, Paul, and I love the fact that you’re so turned on by them. I’ve waited forever to feel this way.” Patty moaned. “Daddy promised it would eventually happen.”

There it was again…. another curious reference to her father. If I recalled correctly, she’d made a comment about her Dad keeping track of her panties, seeing her naked, and now, intimate things about her breasts. I wasn’t troubled by any of it, especially because Patty reminded me earlier that my Mom had seen me naked, sucked me off, dressed me up and given me panties. I just thought it was curious, that’s all, but I knew there was something more between her and her father. Maybe even a lot more.

I could wait no longer to kiss and suck her lovely breasts. Slowly, I bent my head down and sucked one of her breastbuds into my mouth and I made love to it with my tongue, slobbering all over her chest. After a few minutes, I switched over to her other breast and did the same thing. Remembering what Patty said about being able to cum with just nipple stimulation, I brought my hands back up to her tiny nipples and took them between my fingertips. Applying gradual and even pressure, I started to pinch, and then release her nips as I kissed all around her chest, up to her neck and then back down to each breast.

Not even thinking about what I was doing, I rose up and kissed Patty’s lips as my fingers rolled her nipples between my fingertips. “Oooohhhh,” Patty moaned, “that’s really nice….. when you do it just like that.”

Breaking the kiss, I nuzzled her neck and started to place little kisses behind her ear and all around her cheek. All the while, my fingers kept rolling her nipples very gently. For a second, I blew softly around her ear and traced it with my tongue. I could feel her melting into my arms and it felt so good to see her respond like this.

“Oh, God, Paul…..” She moaned. “I’m almost there…. so close……. keep doing that.”

Returning to her neck, I blew warm air down the back of her neck and I could feel goose bumps rising on her skin as I did. “Oh, oh, oh, oh…….” Patty groaned. “Baby, I’m gonna cum now.”

It was true, she could orgasm with just nipple stimulation and I was extremely proud of myself that I’d been able to make her cum that way. I reflected back to a girlfriend I once had that could never orgasm — at all — no matter what I did. I could lick her pussy for hours — until I got lock jaw from doing it, and she’d never cum. But I just made Patty cum by simply touching her breasts and kissing her neck. Talk about an ego booster.

It was getting late, and I’d promised Patty’s father I would get her home at a decent hour, so I suggested we better get going. “Is it still okay if I come over tomorrow morning?” Patty asked.

“I’m looking forward to it.” I answered, as I opened the car door for her. I handed her the shirt and she took it from me and tossed it in the back seat of the car.

“Hey, want to take my skirt off me, too?” Patty asked.

“What?” I replied, taking another quick look around to see if there was anyone watching us, or any cars around.

“I was just thinking it might be fun to let you drive me home naked.” Patty answered.

“Completely naked?” I asked.

“Unless there’s another kind of naked.” Patty laughed. “You DO want to see me naked, don’t you, Paul?”

“That would be incredible.” I answered, stepping up to her and putting my hands on her skirt. Patty turned slightly so I could easily reach the button and zipper on her jean skirt, and in just another second, I had her skirt undone and slid it down her legs.

Stepping out of her skirt, Patty stood before me in only her panties — the same exact panties I was wearing. “I know you must have been frustrated in the store when I took my panties down and you weren’t able to see anything, and then when I sneaked them back on, and you still hadn’t been able to see, I could see the disappointment in your eyes. It was so sweet, Paul. But, I did all that şişli escort because I wanted you to undress me the first time you saw me naked. That turns me on so much, Baby — to be undressed by someone else…. I wanted you to do it.”

So right there, standing next to my car in the parking lot of the store where Patty had just made me naked and let me live out my exhibitionist fantasy, I kneeled in front of her and put my hands on her hips. When I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, she started to speak. “Maybe it’s a sign,” Patty said, “the first time I fully exposed myself to someone else, it was in that store right there — with Fred and Wilma helping me. And now, almost five years later, it’s the same place where I exposed you for the first time, and now you going to expose me again, right here in the same place where it began for me.”

“You’ve got to tell me that story, sometime.” I replied as I started to pull her panties down. “I want to hear everything about that, and all about Fred and Wilma and that Angie woman, too.”

“I see!” Patty said excitedly as she stopped me from pulling her panties down. “You’re interested in Angie, are you? She’s a Domme, you know, Naughty Boy. “

“A dominatrix? Like in that S&M stuff?” I asked.

“Well, almost.” Patty answered. “She actually specializes in cross-dressing, feminization, sissification, and punishment.”

“Specializes?” I replied. “Isn’t all that stuff pretty much the same?”

“She’s been doing it for a long time.” Patty said, giggling. “She’s quite well known and respected…… and, no, those are all different, I can assure you. Even Fred’s gone to her for training a few times. Maybe we should take her up on her offer and go out to her place sometime and look around. That is, if you’re interested.”

“Right now,” I said, “the only thing I’m interested in is getting you out of these panties.”

When I started to tug on her panties again, Patty smiled and said, “I’ve been out to Angie’s place before, and it’s very unusual. I think you’d like it.”

As I pulled her panties down, I got to the point where there should be pubic hair, and there wasn’t any. Not only that, but there wasn’t even a hair follicle, nub or any trace of stubble at all. I figured she must shave or have herself waxed, but as I continued to pull her panties down, I also noticed there were no tan lines, either. I kept pulling and didn’t see any flaws or imperfections at all. Not one thing except perfect, creamy skin.

I kept pulling, knowing any second now I was going to start to see the top of her vagina, but I didn’t see that, either. Finally, as I was about to wonder where her pussy was, I saw the beginning of her slit and then pulled her panties away from her body and looked down inside them. What I saw was the most amazing thing — she had the tiniest pussy lips I’ve ever seen.

I pulled her panties down to the top of her thighs and looked at her closely. “I’m pretty small down there, too, Paul. I’m small all over.” Patty said, as I looked between her legs. “See?”

Patty spread her legs as much as she could with her panties at her thighs. I bent down lower and looked up between her legs to see her better. The light from the store wasn’t that good, but I could make out her labia and she was right, she was small alright, the smallest I’d ever seen.

“I look like a little girl down there,” Patty said, “except for one thing.”

Patty asked me to pull her panties down and off, so I did. Then spreading her feet wider, she bent her knees a little and reached down with her hands to pull her pussy lips apart. There, at the top of her pussy, was the largest clitoris I’d ever seen. Okay, I’ve seen some pretty huge clits on the internet, but, with all the girls I’d dated, and all the clits I’d seen with my own eyes, none of them came close to the size of Patty’s.

It poked out triumphantly with her lips pulled apart like they were. I couldn’t see up past her inner lips because I couldn’t wrench my head down that far, but I could see her clit remarkably well. It was easily as thick as my little finger and had to be at least a half inch long.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” I said to her as I looked up her body into her eyes, “I’d love to just have you lay back and…..”

Just then, we saw car lights shining around the side of the store, coming our way. “Shit!” Patty exclaimed as she jumped in the car and closed the door. With her skirt and panties in my hand, I ran over to my side of the car, opened the door and jumped in, myself. Just as I got the car started and was pulling out, a security guard vehicle came around the corner on patrol, driving through the parking lot.

Laughing our heads off, I drove out to the main road and looked over at Patty. We were both laughing and I thought she might be uncomfortable in the car naked, but when I asked if she wanted me to reach into the back seat to get her shirt, she answered, “No, I don’t mind riding around naked if you don’t.”

And mecidiyeköy escort I didn’t.

As we drove, I stole looks at her when it was safe to do so, and when Patty saw that I was trying to see her pussy better, she twisted in her seat as best she could to let me see. “Do you shave down there?” I asked.

“No way!” Patty replied. “I had these special permanent hair removal treatments. That new kind…. with the lasers,” she explained, “I’ll never have hair down there again as long as I live.”

“Damn!” I answered, “I love a hairless pussy.”

“So, I’m batting a thousand so far?” Patty asked, laughing.

I told her that in all seriousness, there was nothing I didn’t love about her. “Better be careful with the ‘Love’ word, Paul.” Patty warned me. “Don’t forget, I’m a girl and I pay attention to that kind of talk.”

When we got about six blocks from her house, I asked if she wanted to start getting dressed. “I don’t want to pull up in front of your house with you naked in the car on our first date.” I said. “Your Dad will have my ass for that.”

Reaching into the back seat, I handed Patty her shirt and skirt. Holding her panties up, I asked, “Can I keep these?”

“I’d love to let you have them,” Patty replied, “but, if I come in without panties on, and Daddy finds out, I’ll be in big, big trouble.”

“But,” she added, “I’ll bring them to you tomorrow morning. I promise.”

Finally, I pulled into her driveway and slowed down as I approached the huge gate. Patty reached into her purse and pulled out a clicker, pointed it at the gate, pushed a button and the gate slowly opened for me. Driving toward the house, I asked her what time she wanted to come over in the morning.

“Early.” She replied, grinning. “As early as possible.”

I asked her why, and with a straight face she said she wanted to catch me with my morning erection. “What makes you think I’ll have a morning erection after the workout I’ve had today?” I asked.

“All guys get morning wood, Paul.” Patty answered. “How about 9:00 AM?”

“Does that mean you’ll take care of me if I’m hard?” I inquired.

“Well, duh!” Patty said. “What I’d really like is to wake you up and give you my special Sunday Morning Rise-And-Shine treatment.”

“I could go for that.” I said. “Hey, I’ll give you the house key and you can let yourself in and surprise me. What do you think?”

As I pulled up in front of her house, I shut the car off and took the keys out of the ignition. “I can use the garage opener to get in through my kitchen tonight,” I said, “you can have my front door key and let yourself in. I’ll turn off the alarm and no one will know you’re there until you jump on my bed.”

“I don’t know….” Patty replied, hesitantly. “It sounds like you’re trying to get me on your turf so you can make me do things. You are a very Naughty Boy.”

“No way,” I laughed, “I’m a good boy….. you’ll see. And, Patty, I’d never pressure you into anything. I hope you know that.”

“I do, Paul.” Patty said. “But, if I’m coming over there to see you, will you make me three promises tonight and swear to me you’ll keep those promises? And I mean that seriously. Don’t tell me you’ll promise unless you mean it, Paul.”

“What is it you want me to promise you?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you as soon as you promise.” Patty replied.

“You mean I have to promise before you’ll tell me what I’m promising?” I answered. The look on her face was very mischievous. “Don’t worry. I you can handle it.” Patty said.

About then, she asked me to hit the trunk release and when I did, Patty got out of the car. Surprised she’d done that, I got out, too, and joined her as she leaned over into my trunk to get all the bags from our shopping trip. I bent in to help her gather them up, making sure I took the bag that had the panties she masturbated herself in, and then gave me as a present when we were in the coffee shop.

“First,” Patty said as she pulled the bag containing her panties from my hand, “no cuming, no orgasms, wet dreams or any other type of ejaculation. That’s starts right now and lasts until I make you cum tomorrow.”

“What?” I asked. “Come on!” I complained.

“Second,” she continued, “I want you to sleep in the bra and panties you have on right now. No changing clothes.”

“Hmm.” I replied.

“Third,” she added, “I want you to be in your bed ready to go to sleep within ten minutes of the time you shut your car off.”

I started to complain, but she pressed her fingers to my lips and simply said, “Give me your word you will do as I’ve asked.”

I started to make excuses and tell her there was no way I could be in bed in ten minutes, but, she held up her hand and asked, “Please give me your word.”

“Alright,” I succumbed, “but does that include time to find and throw out all the panties I have from other girls? I asked.

“How about this,” Patty answered, “you can keep anything that’s yours and any piece of clothing that was your sister’s or your mother’s. That’s all!” She looked at me sternly and continued, “I’ll be hurt if I find another girl’s panties in my guy’s house, Paul.”

“Walk me to the door, now,” Patty added, “I’m sure Daddy’s watching.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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