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I didn’t get out much after the accident that killed my wife. It was a stupid thing to happen. I’d taken the kids down to the playpark to let them run wild for a couple of hours. While I was gone Georgia decided to wash the bedroom curtains. She washed and dried them with no problems but when it came time to hang them up again she couldn’t be bothered using the little stepladder we have for things like that. She just grabbed the nearest chair. Apparently the chair tilted when she leaned too far to the side and she fell off. Normal result you’d get up bruised and swearing. An abnormal result is when you land wrong and break your neck and that’s what happened to Georgia.

With two small children and no wife I didn’t even try to get back into the dating game. There had been sufficient insurance to cover child caring while I worked but I saw no reason why I couldn’t personally look after my own children the rest of the time. We got along just fine. The few times I did go out I arranged a sitter through the local baby-sitting club. It had all worked out quite well.

One Friday night I had to attend a committee meeting of the local football club. I had arranged a sitter through the club and a nice young lady by the name of Fiona turned up to look after the kids and I headed out.

I turned up at the clubhouse for the meeting and found the rest of the committee milling around outside the locked doors. Apparently there’d been some break-ins and the caretaker had arranged for new locks to be fitted. What he hadn’t arranged for was new keys for any of the committee members and we were locked out. The caretaker? He’d gone to the pub his wife informed us when we rang. She didn’t know which one and she didn’t know where the new keys were. Probably in his office. Unlikely, in my opinion, as his office was inside the locked hall.

Instead of us wasting our time trying to track down the caretaker we decided to have our committee meeting right where we were. It turned out to be quite a short meeting. Members who could normally be counted on to debate every little item became remarkably agreeable in the cold night air. I have never attended a more friendly meeting.

Meeting over I was heading home, a good hour or so before I was expected. Didn’t really matter. The kids would already be in bed and asleep and I’d agreed to a fixed amount for the baby-sitter. She’d be getting full pay for a half night’s service and I didn’t expect her to complain about that.

This was the first time I’d ever had Fiona as a sitter. I’d just rung my contact with the baby-sitter club and they’d passed the job on to her. I had had a short talk with her when she arrived but no alarm bells had gone off. She was a personable young lady of about nineteen or twenty and quite attractive, having the sort of figure that showed through the loose clothing she was wearing. They were not quite a track suit but certainly that sort of thing, worn with the intention of wrestling children, not vamping any stray males she came across.

The reason I mention that loose, Sloppy Joe, type clothing is because I was shortly to receive a surprise. I let myself in and strolled down the passage towards my office. The lights were on in the office so I assumed that Fiona was probably using my computer. I had told her that she could do so if she wanted to.

Looking in the office I noticed that she’d replaced my proper office chair with one of the bar-stools. Also she seemed to have lost a certain amount of clothing. The loose outer clothing was neatly folded and sitting on the office chair. It turned out that what was under that clothing was a very lacy Teddy. Only having a partial view I couldn’t see how well it fitted but what I could see suggested that it fit her very well indeed.

As I stood there feeling rather bemused she giggled and reached over to type something. I could see the message popping up on the side of the screen. After a few moments a reply came and she giggled again. Standing up, which showed that the Teddy clung quite lovingly to a very attractive bottom, she proceeded to divest herself of the aforesaid Teddy, holding it to the side and dropping it on top of the rest of her clothes.

Unfortunately, this did not leave her naked. She was still wearing a matched set of lacy undies, obvious partners to the Teddy. I’d moved up quietly behind her and could now see the website she was on. It was one of these cam sites, and she was performing live. Even as I watched a message came through suggesting that she shed her undies. She typed a refusal, giggling all the while.

She got a hell of a shock when she read her next message. ‘Who’s the guy behind you?’ it asked.

Fiona gave a startled squawk and spun around, blushing escort mecidiyeköy fiercely as she recognised me.

“A live cam performance?” I asked, and she gave the smallest possible nod.

“Interesting. Pay well, does it?”

A small shrug greeted that comment. I’m guessing that it paid, but not that well.

“Get many viewers?”

Another small shrug. Maybe she was nervous sitting there in bra and panties.

“Well, I’m sure interest in your little show will pick up soon. Especially as word spreads about how you got spanked live on cam.”

That got a reaction. She jumped to her feet looking highly indignant. She would have been better served reaching over and turning off the computer.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about a fitting penalty for this disgraceful behaviour,” I said piously. “Not the sort of thing I expect from my babysitter. Surely you can see that I have no choice but to exact some sort of penalty. Imagine if my children had woken up and come down and seen you naked on the computer.”

“They’re toddlers. They wouldn’t even notice. And I’m not naked, damn it. I never go naked for these shows.”

“They’re not that young. They talk about everything they see. Anyway, it’s the principle of the thing,” continuing to hold the moral high ground. “This sort of behaviour should be nipped in the bud before open licentiousness is everywhere.”

“My behaviour has nothing to do with you,” Fiona protested.

“It does when you’re in my house. Still, if you absolutely refuse the spanking. . .” I let my voice trail off.

“I do,” she said, sounding much relieved.

“Then I suppose I’ll just have to limit myself to reporting your activities to the Babysitter Club and request that you not sit for me again.”


“Well, you must understand my point of view. Innocent children with a hardened vamp looking after them.” I tried to look shocked. “No telling what they might learn or do. They do like to copy adult behaviour, don’t they?”

“But, but, I’d probably be banned. And my reputation would be ruined. I’d have all sorts of sleaze-balls hitting on me.”

She was practically jumping up and down on the spot in her agitation. It was doing wonderful things to a very nice pair of breasts that were only barely covered by that lazy bra. I’m sure any viewers watching were enjoying the sight of her bouncing bottom which was also only scantily covered.

I shrugged and spread my hands, silently saying what can I do?

“And if I agree to a spanking?” she asked.

“Well, that would show that you are honestly contrite and that it won’t happen again. Not while you’re at someone else’s place, anyway, and so that would be the end of the matter.”

“You wouldn’t report me to the club?”

“Certainly not. Penance performed then all’s square in my books. I have no wish to hound you over a silly little mistake.”

“Just to spank me,” she muttered softly. I heard her anyway and just smiled.

“Alright,” she practically snarled at me. “I assume you won’t mind if I get dressed first.”

“You assume wrongly,” I said happily. “As you are will do nicely. We must remember your paying audience.”

She looked infuriated for a moment but then looked thoughtful. I could almost see her mind working. If she had to get spanked why not include it on camera? It would probably boost her ratings. While she was considering that I was moving the bar-stool away and moving the office chair back into position. It would be a dicey proposition trying to spank a young lady while balanced on a bar-stool. A comfortable office chair was another matter entirely. Before I sat down I adjusted the camera slightly, lowering its aim. While it would pick up Fiona nicely my head would be up out of camera range. I had no intention of turning up on the internet spanking a young lady.

I sat down and steered a reluctant Fiona over my knee, giving her an encouraging pat on the bottom. Satisfied that she was accepting her fate my hand lifted and came down smartly on her posterior, with her giving a squeal of outrage. Apart from that squeal she didn’t protest or resist, just lay there fuming quietly. Two or three more firm spanks and she was resigned to what was happening. She writhed a little but didn’t actively struggle. That’s when I raised the stakes.

I paused for a moment and then lowered her panties. It was a good thing my hand was on her back holding her in place because she certainly tried to stand up at that point.

“Lie still,” I cautioned her. “If you stand up you’ll be showing the world what you’ve got.”

“Why did you pull my panties down,” she hissed at me. “I don’t do naked on cam.”

“Someone istanbul eskort watching suggested that I should,” I explained. “Several someones, actually. Don’t worry, as long as you’re face down and side on no-one can see anything.”

“You can,” she retorted.

“Well, yes,” I admitted. “I can see you here but no-one else can. Anyone watching can only see my hand is resting on your bottom.”

I thoughtfully rubbed some interesting curves to demonstrate what I could see that no-one else could. Fiona expressed the opinion that she was unhappy with this.

“Well, I don’t mind,” I said happily. “Pleasing one person out of two is a pass mark. However, to keep you happy I’ll go back to the spanking.”

It amazed me that a spanking was preferable to a little gentle stroking, but if that’s what she wanted. . . .

Now I would like to be clear about one thing. I wasn’t trying to hurt Fiona. Just make her bottom smart a little to teach her a little decorum when baby-sitting. Cam shows are not really the way to go when at someone else’s place.

So there I was, laying down some stinging little slaps on a very pretty little bottom, and it occurred to me that as I could see slightly more than her bottom there was nothing to prevent me dropping a few of those little slaps in places other than on her bottom. It wasn’t as though any of our audience could actually see where the spanks landed.

The thought was father to the deed and the next little spank landed very neatly on a fat and blushing pudenda. I wasn’t sure why it was blushing as it hadn’t been when I first saw it.

“What the hell?” came the shriek from Fiona and she pushed up, trying to get off my lap. Fortunately my other hand was holding her firmly in place.

“Relax. It’s just a little mix and match,” I told her. “You’ll get used to it. The spanking’s nearly over anyway.”

She relaxed again, muttering something I’m sure I wouldn’t want to hear, and I took unconscionable advantage of her momentary relaxation. I flicked the catch to her bra open. She squealed and very quickly clasped the bra to her breasts, very aware of the camera still running and the audience still watching. This time I heard what she muttered under her breath and I was right. I didn’t want to hear it.

“Language,” I chided her, giving a little extra to one of her spanks.

Now that her hands were occupied ensuring her decency I finished off the spanking. Somehow or other a few of those last spanks landed on her pussy, agitating her somewhat. Well, OK, most of them might have landed there, but her lips were flushed and swollen and seemed to be begging for a bit of attention. What else could I do?

Not wanting to embarrass her unduly I reached out with one foot and pressed my toe against the computer power button, sending it into rapid shutdown. Not the ideal way to disconnect but certainly the fastest.

With the computer shut down I swung her back onto her feet, facing me. There was a look of consternation on her face. Facing me, I could see everything. Turning away from me would show her charms to the camera, which she didn’t want to do. She didn’t know what to do.

“Relax,” I told her again. “I switched the computer off before having you stand. You’re no longer on camera.”

With that relieving news she settled down a little, her hands going behind her to hover over her bottom, wanting to hold it but afraid that doing so might aggravate the smarting. What she forgot was her bra, which promptly slipped down off her breasts, showing all. Flustered she made a grab for it.

I sighed. The poor girl seemed to have lost the ability to think rationally. It was obvious I had to help her. Standing up I took hold of her bra and drew it down her arms and tossed it aside. Catching her wrists I pinned them behind her back, ignoring her spluttering. Sitting back down on the office chair I brought her with me, seating her on my lap.

“Just calm down a little,” I told her. “This may help a little.”

Leaning forward I buried my face in her bosom, taking my time, kissing and tasting. A little gentle suction against each nipple and they were standing forth, begging for more of the same. I lifted my head, my free hand travelling up to capture a breast, holding it while my thumb rolled her nipple about.

“Stop it. What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, but I ignored the comment. She should be able to work out what was going on without me explaining. I released her wrists, my arm going around her waist to hold her steady. My other hand dropped from her breast to her knees, pressing lightly between them. She help her knees together for a few moments and then slowly relaxed, letting my taksim escort hand move between them, sliding along the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh.

My hand was now rubbing against her mound. As I’d guessed from its swollen and flushed look it was also heated and moisture was seeping from between her lips. All my rubbing was doing was building on an arousal that was pretty much primed and ready.

I stood up, picking her up as I did so. Turning, I laid her down on the carpet, easing her legs apart as I did so, kneeling between them. She watched, saying nothing, as I undid my belt and zip and lowered my trousers. It was blatantly obvious what my next step was going to be.

I stroked my cock along her slit, dragging the head against her lips. Her lips were already pursed and inviting and I slowed the stroking until I was poised, ready to thrust home. I was watching her face, looking for any sign of a refusal, a rejection of what was happening. She, on the other hand, had her eyes glued to my erection, barely breathing as she waited for me to proceed.

I didn’t go ahead and thrust home. I just sort of leaned onto her, my cock pressing against her, making her lips yield as it slipped between them. I kept up that slow steady leaning, going deeper with each passing moment. By the time I was half way home she was making a groaning sound and pushing up to meet me, resulting in my sliding home that second half in a lot less time. With me now firmly engaged she seemed to give a relieved sigh and relaxed, breathing deeply.

She didn’t stay relaxed for long. I pulled back for my first hard thrust and she was right there with me, pushing hard against me as I drove in. I had intended to take it nice and slow, bringing her along gradually to the point where I could finally let loose. Her immediate reactions tossed that plan out the window. She wanted it and she wanted it right now.

I was quite happy to start thrusting away and not having to nurse her along. Almost before I hit my stride her legs had come up and wrapped around me, helping to pull me in as she surged up to meet me. My only problem was going to be in making sure I lasted long enough to satisfy her.

It turned out that wasn’t going to be any sort of a problem at all. I was going nicely, banging away and feeling her bouncing under me. Then she suddenly released me, legs flying high, as she gave a soft scream and climaxed. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I mean, really, we’d barely started.

Still, not one to be unsettled by such surprise events, I buckled down and kept going. I’ll admit I paused for a moment while she climaxed but as soon as she started coming down from it I started building up the pace again. There was now a slight difference to her behaviour. She no longer had the same urgency and seemed quite happy to accept a slightly slower pace. Seeing she was no longer in a big hurry I was quite willing to settle down for a longer haul. Why not? It’s fun.

We kept going for a while, and I was really relishing the feel of her hot wet passage wrapped around my cock, entertaining me. All too soon she started gasping and I suspected that she was ready to climax again. I was just contemplating speeding up for my end run when it was too late. She gave another little scream and away she went, climaxing again, leaving me still hanging on.

Well, good luck to her, but what about me? This time when she settled down from her climax I really went to town. I banged her hot and hard, seeing how long I could go before my balls burst. She was with me for every stroke, clinging to me and riding me like an expert jockey (Apart from the fact that a jockey is normally on top of the horse, not under it.).

The next time I heard her start to gasp I was ready and I gave my all. I flooded her with my seed, hearing her scream as she climaxed yet again. (That’s really quite unfair, you know. I do all the hard work and she gets all those climaxes.)

We lay next to each other, recovering our breath.

“That,” Fiona finally said, “was not how I envisaged this evening’s session going.”

“Do tell,” I growled. “You think I did? What on earth made you do a cam show at someone else’s place? If the kids had come down and caught you they’d have told everyone without even realising what they were telling.”

“I’d already booked as being available before the baby-sitting came up. I didn’t want to disappoint either the viewers or the sitter club, seeing I was rostered on for tonight. I figured I could do both. I did do both. Just with a slightly different ending.”

I laughed and she started scrambling back into her clothes. In effect, her sense of responsibility had back-fired on her.

“Any time you want to repeat the ending feel free to come around,” I told her.

She gave me a speaking look but didn’t deign to reply. Still, I couldn’t help wondering. I suspected that she’d rather enjoyed the spanking. She’d certainly been aroused by it. I could only wait and see what developed.

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