Bachelor Party

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It was about two weeks after the day the girls had gone on the boat with the guys and Jim called Lynn to ask her for a favor. One of his brother’s friends was getting married and they were having a bachelor party. The only problem was that they wanted some strippers, but couldn’t make connections. Jim told Lynn that there would be about 15 guys there and all they were expecting was for two or three girls to come in and get naked.

Lynn didn’t have to think about it at all. She was ready to say yes. Jim told her that she had to have at least one other girl. Lynn told him that should not be a problem. She hung up the telephone and called Debbie. When she told Debbie the date, Debbie groaned. She couldn’t make it that night. Lynn talked a bit longer and then hung up. She thought for a bit and then called Liz.

Liz hemmed and hawed and then finally agreed to go with Lynn, but she wanted another girl to go along. Lynn said no problem and called Ashley. Ashley asked who else was going to go and when she heard Liz, she agreed too.

Now the three of them got together and started planning the night. First of all they had to get the proper clothes so they went off to a store called “Fantasy Gifts”. There they looked through the underwear and picked out g-strings and see through bras. As they were walking to pay they noticed a whole wall with dildos and vibrators. Giggling to themselves they went and looked through the selection of fake cocks. Liz and Ashley picked out a huge dildo. Whispering to Lynn they added it to their underwear. Lynn looked around and saw a butt plug and some lubricant. She picked up the two items and added it to her underwear. The girls went to the counter and paid for the stuff they wanted and left.

Jim got together with the three of the them. He told Lynn in no uncertain terms that she was not to do anything with any of the guys there. She sighed and agreed to that. Lynn did tell Jim that she would be playing with Liz and Ashley. He wasn’t terribly happy about that either, but finally agreed not to interfere with her during the party. Jim then told them that his brother would be there. He wanted to make sure that they understood that since his brother knew all three of them. Lynn asked if his brother was included in the guys she couldn’t play with. Jim sighed and said that she could play with him, but no fucking. Lynn happily agreed. She really wanted to see Jim’s brother’s cock for comparison purposes.

The night finally came and Jim brought the three girls to the place where the party was held. He came through the door with Lynn on his arm and Liz and Ashley close behind. The girls mixed with the guys and talked for a bit. Jim’s brother was sort of shocked to see them. He did not expect to see his brother’s girlfriend and gaziantep bayan escort two of her friends there.

Once they had met all of the guys and knew who the groom was, Liz went to the stereo they had brought and put on a CD for them to dance to. Liz went first and quickly stripped down to her bra and panties. She danced over to the groom and let him take off her bra. She rubbed her tits in his face and then turned to face away from him. Liz put his hands on her hips and hooked his thumbs in her g-string. Then she helped him pull them down her legs. When the g-string hit the floor, she stepped out of them and straddled his lap, grinding on his cock.

Lynn and Ashley got up and danced, stripping each other till they both were naked. They started moving around the room letting the guys see them and letting each guy feel their tits. Lynn was getting horny, being naked in room full of guys. Ashley was even worse off than Lynn. She was taking hands and putting them on her pussy, letting the guys fingerfuck her. Liz by now had the groom’s shirt off and his pants undone. She had her hand in his underwear, jacking him off.

Lynn was feeling left out since she had promised she would not play with a guy. She made up her mind and went and got Ashley. She got her down on the floor and started kissing her as she knelt over her. Ashley was really into this and as Lynn moved down her body, kissing her way, Ashley got hotter and hotter. Lynn kissed and sucked on her nipples and then moved down to her pussy. She ate Ashley in front the guys, making her buck her hips and hump at Lynn’s face. Lynn reached for her bag and took out the dildo. She spread Ashley open with one hand and started working the dildo into Ashley’s little pussy. She would push in a ways and then twist the dildo in her. Ashley was going crazy, lifting her ass off the floor, trying to get more of the dildo up her. Finally Lynn had a good 7 inches of fake cock up Ashley and she started fucking her with it. Liz had gotten the groom’s cock out and put a condom on him. She turned so her ass was to the groom and sat down his stiff cock. She didn’t move, as much as she wanted to. She just sat on him with his hardon up her hole.

Lynn fucked Ashley to orgasm. Ashley just collapsed and laid there, panting. When she had recovered enough, she reached down and tugged the dildo out of her pussy and licked it off. Then she got Lynn on her hands and knees. She took the lube and coated Lynn’s ass and pussy. Then she spread the lube up inside her ass and her pussy. Lynn was slippery as hell. Then Ashley shoved the dildo up Lynn’s pussy and let her get accustomed to it’s size. Once Lynn nodded to Ashley she began to get a fucking from the dildo. The only difference was that Ashley reached into the bag and pulled out the butt plug.

The guy’s eyes were wide as they saw it. Ashley then took the plug and slowly but surely slid it up Lynn’s ass. She made sure it was solidly in and then started fucking Lynn up the cunt with the dildo. She made Lynn come off really fast. Maybe the plug had something to do with it. Lynn was jerking back and forth, wailing as she came. Ashley pulled the fake cock out of her and gave it to Lynn to lick clean.

By now, Liz couldn’t help herself and she was riding the groom’s cock, moaning out loud as she did. The groom blasted his come into the condom and Liz lifted herself off him. Then she and Ashley got on their knees and offered blow jobs to all the guys. Jim was first in line for Ashley’s mouth and Lynn motioned for his brother to come to her.

Lynn watched Ashley sucking her boyfriend and undid and pulled his brother’s pants down. When his cock was out, she started sucking on him. She cupped and squeezed his balls, licked up and down his cock and sucked him into her mouth again. Soon she could feel the stiffening of his dick in her mouth. When he shot the first time, Lynn let it spurt into her mouth. Every other spurt of come after that was directed to her face as she jacked him off to make sure she got every drop of come out of him.

Jim blasted a load into Ashley’s mouth and held her head in place so that she took every bit of come into her mouth. As he was doing this he heard a gagging noise and looked at Liz. She had a huge prick stuck in her mouth and the guy had to be coming. Her eyes were buggy and she was sucking and swallowing at the same time. She couldn’t move back because the guy was holding her head. She had to take it all in her mouth.

When Jim leaned back from Ashley, he looked over at Lynn, just in time to see her face splattered with his brother’s come. Then he turned back to look at Liz, watching as she gulped down the come in her mouth. He was pushed from in front of Ashley as another guy waved his cock in Ashley’s face. She grabbed onto it and started sucking. Liz was wiping off her lips and looking at the next cock she was going to suck. Then Lynn got up and walked over to Liz and knelt down by her. She started kissing Liz, smearing come over both of their faces. Liz began licking Lynn’s face, slurping up the come that dripped and ran down her cheeks and chin.

When Lynn’s face was clean, she turned to Jim and looking at his limp cock, grinned at him. She took his cock in her hand and licked the tip as Liz went down on another guy. As she did this she looked around and saw Ashley sucking away on another guy. Lynn was in heaven. She had a cock in her hand, she was naked and 16 guys had already seen her naked body.

She slurped on Jim’s cock, rewarded with a stiffening. As she sucked on Jim, Lynn watched Liz and Ashley. They were sucking too. They had a line of guys behind the one that they were sucking and Lynn noticed that two guys were standing behind Jim, bitching that he had already gotten his head and why did they have to wait for him again. Lynn looked up at him with a questioning look in her eyes. He glared at her and then stepped back, letting the guy behind him move up. Lynn took him in her mouth and started sucking the new guy as Jim sat down to watch her.

She really enjoyed this. Naked with a cock in her mouth, several guys watching while she sucked, and Jim watching her too. She looked over at Ashley and Liz and watched as they were pulled up to their hands and knees. She watched as a guy got behind each of them and worked a thick cock into each pussy. They stopped sucking and groaned as they felt themselves stretch to accommodate the cocks. They both squealed as they felt the cocks going deeper and then went back to sucking as they were being fucked.

Jim sat stroking his cock getting it hard and then got an evil expression on his face. He could see Lynn’s ass with the end of the butt plug still sticking out of it. He stroked harder, rewarded with a firm erection and then he got up and walked behind Lynn. He took her hips and lifted her ass up in the air and then began rotating the butt plug in her ass. Lynn moaned around the cock that just then shot off in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could the spurting come. Just as the guy started to relax, Jim pulled the butt plug out of her ass, making Lynn gasp. Before she had a chance to accustom herself to being empty, he drove his hardon up her ass. Lynn’s eyes opened wide and she groaned loudly, her head jerking up and her mouth open. She started panting as Jim fucked her ass.

He pounded into her and held tightly to her hips keeping her from moving away from him. It didn’t take long before the second guy shoved his cock into her mouth. Lynn began sucking cock and let herself go. Jim slammed away at her and soon shot off up her ass. When he pulled out of Lynn she slumped down on the floor with her ass in the air. The guy she had been sucking stood there and started jacking off. When he came he shot his load all over Lynn’s back, even getting some in her hair.

Lynn lifted herself up to her hands and knees and while trying to catch her breathe from the butt fucking she just experienced, she watched as the two guys fucking Liz and Ashley shot of inside them. There were four more guys waiting and when the two who had fucked Liz and Ashley pulled out the girls were rolled over on their backs. Shortly after their backs touched the floor, they were taking cock up their cunts. Liz and Ashley were fucked twice more each. Lynn knelt up and felt come running down her back. She smiled to herself and waited for Liz and Ashley to finish up so they could leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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