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This story is not based on true events – it is the actual event to the best of my memory. The only thing “untrue” are the names!

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to a bachelorette party hosted by my best friend, Jenna. Her co-worker, Mandy, was getting married, and Jenna was in charge of the bachelorette party which was to occur 1 week before the wedding. Mandy’s fiance, Ted, was having his bachelor party on the same night, so Jenna knew it was time to have some fun. I must admit that I am a little bit embarassed by what happened at Mandy’s party, but I will tell you exactly what happened that has made me a feel a little guilty the last few days.

Jenna was having the party at her house. Her husband, Troy, was invited to Ted’s bachelor party, and her kids were at grandma’s for the night. Jenna has a magnificent house! It is over 4,000 sqare feet and has a giant family room in the basement. Jenna had moved all the furniture against the walls for the evening, and the large space that was left is where she said the fun would take place. I had no idea at the time the kind of fun she was talking about….

By eight-thirty everyone was at Jenna’s having a great time. The stereo was blasting music from the eighties, and the group was really fun. Besides myself, Jenna and Mandy there were four other girls at the party: our friends Suzie, Tia, Emmie and Tara. All of us except for Mandy (of course!) and Tara were married with kids. Anyway, Jenna announced suddenly that everyone needed to sit down along the outside of the room to enjoy a “little treat” she had prepared for all of us. None of us, even me, knew what she was talking about, but we excitedly took our places in anticipation. Jenna changed the cd from the eighties greatest hits to a funky, techno selection that made me start to get a little suspicious….

Jenna turned the music up really loud and left the room. I could tell by the mixed expressions that some of the other girls had figured it out while others were still a bit bewildered. I know Jenna and her wild side well enough to know what was going to happen next. Sure enough, about a minute later, Jenna popped through the swinging doors on one end of the room with a huge grin on her face and took a seat next to me on a leather loveseat. A few seconds later, this pair of drop-dead gorgeous guys burst through the swinging doors dancing sexily around the room. We all went absolutely crazy!! The 2 guys looked a lot alike – both were about six foot, very tanned and very fit. Each of them had boxers on and nothing else. On the butt of the boxers the guys had their names sewn onto the silky fabric in big red letters. Their names were Kit and Dex, and they could not have been better looking! Kit had beautiful green eyes and Dex had a jaw line to die for. As they continued to dance and gyrate around the room, we girls got rowdier and louder. We clapped and cheered as each of the guys shook his butt in our faces and ran their fingers teasingly through our hair. I was getting turned on more by the minute as the guys became lightly coated in a thin layer of perspiration. Their musular bodies shimmered as I felt a strange yearning moving throughout my body….

Kit was the first to start disrobing. Dex moved to the side as Kit playfully tugged at the waist band of his boxers. Kit obviously wanted some help and motioned to Jenna to get him a chair. Jenna was ready with a folding chair, which Kit placed in the casino oyna middle of the room. He then danced over to Mandy, the bride-to-be and held out his hand to her. She was very hesitant at first, but the rest of us literally screamed at her to go ahead. Finally she consented by grabbing Kit’s hand and followed him to the middle of the room. Kit held the chair for her as she sat down in front of him, and she quickly crossed her legs and put her hands over her eyes. Kit seemed to enjoy her bashfulness, and he knew exactly what to do. He danced his way in front of Mandy and gently ran his long fingers through her hair. She eventually uncovered her eyes and squeezed them shut. As Kit continued his routine, he massaged her temples with his fingertips until she uncrossed her legs and relaxed in her seat. A moment later, Mandy opened her eyes as Kit placed her hands on his slender waist. She knew what he wanted! She began to visibly enjoy herself as she coyly pulled the waist band of his boxers a few times causing us girls to howl with approval. The music continued to beat rhythmically as Kit started shaking his hips causing Mandy’s grip to tighten on his boxers. Sensuously she ever so slowly worked the silk boxers down until a dark blue thong was visible. Kit quickly kicked the boxers aside and turned facing away from Mandy. Mandy was by now completely on fire! Her face was flushed and her skirt was riding higher up her tanned legs. Throwing modesty to the wind, she lovingly massaged Kit’s exposed ass as he continued his dance. Now it was Dex’s turn….

Dex approached Mandy and a similar routine followed. This time, however, Mandy removed Dex’s boxers much more quickly and seductively. Dex’s thong was dark green, but his ass was just as delicious. Now Mandy had two almost-naked men dancing in front of her. Dex moved behind Mandy’s chair as Kit began to get closer and closer to Mandy – eventually his thong was eye level and only inches from Mandy’s pouty red lips. I took the initiative at this point and yelled for Mandy to get Kit naked. She must have liked my suggestion, because she suddenly latched onto the front of Kit’s thong with her teeth. A second later she was on her knees, her teeth still clenching the top of Kit’s thong as she grabbed onto his muscular thighs with her small hands. Kit stood stock still as Mandy began to work his thong down with just her mouth. Kit’s back was to me, and I froze with excitement and terror as I witnessed the thong disappearing down over those delicious buns. I boldly got off the loveseat and took Jenna by the arm dragging her to the other side of the room for a better look at what was going on. Jenna willingly followed, and we sat down on a sofa with Tara and Suzie. I could now see the thong give way to a tiny patch of dark pubic hair as Mandy kept going south. Kit clearly was getting turned on by Mandy’s closeness. The front of his thong was now bulging obscenely making Mandy’s efforts nearly impossible. Mandy sensed the futility of her efforts and carefully reached into the front of Kit’s thong with her right hand. At this point her eyes got very big as she gripped the contents of the stretched thong. Using her left hand she carefully pulled the thong towards her releasing Kit’s manhood from its prison. Her eyes got even bigger as she whipped the thong all the way down and released Kit’s penis from her fist. Just inches from her face hung at least nine solid inches of massive perfection – a beautifully tanned monstrosity canlı casino of a cock like I have NEVER seen in my life! The whooping and hollering quickly tailed off as all of us girls were awed to near silence. Mandy seemed the most surprised – she just stared at Kit’s incredible endowment as it ceremoniously grew to even more mammoth proportions. As we all recovered from our initial shock, the screaming and giggling picked up as before. Several girls were yelling at Mandy to “Jack him off! Jack him off!” By now Kit was at full mast and the large, mushroom-shaped head of his penis was just centimeters from Mandy’s open mouth.

I must admit that I have often been highly sceptical of “true” erotic stories about strippers with unbelievably large physical attributes. After all, every naked man I have ever seen was about exactly the same size, somewhere around 5 or 6 inches. Even in pornos, I have never seen a guy who honestly looked bigger than about 7 or 8 inches. But OH MY LORD! As God is my witness, Kit was easily, easily 9 or 10 inches fully erect. His pulsing manhood was something a girl could only dream about. And if this was a dream, I told myself, then I never ever wanted to wake up!

As Mandy knelt in front of this gorgeous creature, Kit went to work hypnotically bouncing his enormity until the fat, sticky head lightly brushed Mandy’s cheek. We continued to call out to her, but she was like a statue kneeling before her Adonis. Finally our instructions seemed to reach Mandy’s subconscious – she slowly wrapped both hands around Kit’s throbbing penis and with slow deliberation began to lovingly tickle the underside of the head with her outstretched tongue. To our great disappointment, Dex (who was still in his thong) threw a beach towel to Kit, who wrapped the towel around him and Mandy to offer her some privacy (and to drive us crazy!) As Kit and Mandy enjoyed their little private sexscapade, we turned our attention to the hunky Dex….

Dex had a different style than his partner. He made the rounds teasing and taunting the rest of us mercilessly. He would lean in to seemingly kiss one of us, and then he would take off for the next girl, gyrating his package dangerously close to our outstretched hands. I noticed that Dex was really getting off on our enthusiasm – his pouch was busting at the seams! Tara was the next to show her boldness – she grabbed Dex by his thong and spun him towards her. She, being unattached, could afford to be aggressive, and she was certainly bent on having fun! As she pulled Dex close to her, she hooked her thumbs under his thong and dropped to her knees. Dex’s thong vanished at his feet and his rigid sex sprang free.

We gasped as the second stripper became truly “stripped”. Dex took a step back allowing me to see his penis which looked as thick as Kit’s but a couple of inches shorter. Dex’s distinguishing feature were his plump, low-hanging balls. His sac hung very low as his erection pulsed for all to see. Tara stayed on the offensive and brazenly gripped Dex by the scrotum and pulled him to her. His cock was now pressed firmly against Tara’s full lips as she automatically stretched her mouth open wide and engulfed Dex until her nose was buried in his sparse black pubic hair. Tara slid Dex in and out of her mouth several times before releasing him altogether. She continued her grip on his ample balls, however, and she took all of his sac into her mouth. Dex had his head thrown back and was kaçak casino moaning loudly. Jenna, Suzie, Tia, Emmie and I huddled around our friend as she sucked those lovely nuts for all she was worth. To my great delight, Jenna reached in and took Dex in her right hand and lazily stroked his rock hard organ until several sticky drops of clear fluid oozed from the head.

While this was happening before me, I glanced up to check on Kit and Mandy. Kit had given up on concealing Mandy with the towel, and I watched as Mandy continued to run the tip of her tongue the length of Kit’s long shaft stopping tantalizingly at the head before moving to the base once again. Her hands now gripped Kit’s well toned ass, and his eyes were glazed over in ecstacy. I left my little group and instictively knelt beside Mandy, who winked at me seductively. I cannot believe what I did next – I extended my tongue and joined Mandy’s tongue job on the other side of Kit’s dick! Here we were, a married mother of two and a soon-to-be-married woman giving head to some really well-hung stranger! I put all of this quickly out of my mind as I concentrated on tasting Kit’s fantastic penis. A few times Mandy and I unintentionally made contact with our tongues, but we gave everything we had to pleasing Kit. Mandy was the first to kiss the swollen head and slide Kit between her lips and a few inches into her mouth. While she expertly blew Kit, I took a cue from Tara and nibbled on Kit’s balls. Their smooth, sweaty texture turned me on even more.

Eventually Mandy and I pulled off Kit and switched places – now it was my turn to take him onto my hot mouth. I had to open much wider than I was accustomed to just to fit the meaty knob between my teeth. I definitely had never had a moughful like the one I was then experiencing. I found it surprsingly difficult to really give Kit my best blow job since his massive girth wouldn’t allow me to get more than half of him in my mouth. I did my very best, though, and I could tell Mandy was enjoying sucking his sac. I noticed that she was even running a moistened finger behind his balls, possibly into his ass. Mandy’s skill and my passionate sucking eventually overwhelmed our young friend. I felt his hands grip the sides of my head and I knew what this meant. I rushed to release him from my mouth as his body tightened jerkily. Mandy and I selfishly flicked our tongues against Kit’s cockhead as a giant spurt of hot come shot onto our ready tongues. We both swallowed and prepared for the next spasm. This one landed on my upper lip and I was stunned to find Mandy’s lips greedily sucking my open mouth to taste more of Kit’s wonderful sperm. The next couple of spurts dripped from the head into our waiting mouths, and once again Mandy and I licked the spunk from each others’ face. Kit staggered backwards as we finished smacking our lips together.

By now, Dex had also come all over our friends. They tool turns cleaning his softening manhood with their wet mouths. Tia was even licking her fingers as some of Dex’s come coated the back of her hand. All of us girls collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter and disbelief. We watched as our male sex objects hurriedly gathered their gear and slipped out the swinging door into the night. We stayed up very late that evening going over our escapades again and again. Mandy was quieter than the rest of us – she was feeling guilty as was I. I pulled her aside before we left and told her that no one would dare breathe a word of our evening to anyone ever. This made her feel good, and it made me feel good, too. I may not ever tell anyone about our experience, but I will always remember every detail of that very sexy evening!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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