Bachelorette Party Ch. 02

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She stared at this throbbing bobbing cock just inches from her face. Licking her fingers clean of the cum that had been on her cheek.

He was so unsteady from blowing his huge load of spunk, he staggered back a step releasing her head from his grasp. Breathing heavily her eyes never leaving the sight of that cum dripping cock, she needed contact with that big cock.

She slipped to her knees in front of him flipping the chair back with a loud thud. She opened her mouth looking to devour that still hard meat bobbing just an inch from her face.

He recovered enough to grab her before she could close her mouth on it. He picked her up by under the arms, pulling her to her feet. A thin strand of his spunk had been between her lips and his cockhead that snapped back quickly.

She loves to be manhandled, held down tightly. Letting out a very loud groan, and went limp. That forced him to grip her tighter as she started to slump down some.

“Baby likes it a little rough .. don’t you?” as he pulled her up and spinned her around so she faced away from him.

He held her arms below the shoulders so tight you could she her wince in a bit of pain.

“Yessss …” she groaned. Her ass pushing back for desperate contact with that still rock hard big cock.

She whimpered as he pushed her down to the bed she was now facing. Still holding her tightly, but now gripping feriköy escort her wrists behind her lower back.

She whimpered wiggling down towards the bed to grind down her mound, she loves that hard pressure, that grinding motion gets her off hard.

Then her grabbed both her wrists with one hand, gripping her hip with the over hand he pulled he up to her knees.

Her legs spread as her ass lifted high in the air. His grip on her wrists was tight as her leaned forward pulling the dress up over her ass exposing her dripping panties.

“Oh my god .. ” she breathed out softly. The side of her face pressed firmly into the mattress.

“Your gonna fuck me ..!” she smiled as her ass pushed up trying to make contact with his big cock.

His other hand had reached around underneath to her pussy, she bucked forward when he touched her.

Then I watched as his hand tore her soaked panties clean off her with a loud ripping sound.

You could see his big cock poised to sink in that dripping pussy, still with a slight drop of cum on the huge cockhead.

“Ohh please fuck me hard ..” as she thrust her ass back again her wet pussy making slight contact with his cock.

“My god you need to fuck me so hard … please please please .. ” she begged.

He pulled her wrists up, and her head lifted up. Then he buried gülbağ escort half that huge cock inside her wet cunt.

“Yes .. yes .. yes … give it all to me .. please give it all to me .. oh please .. ” he pushed her back down and filled her pussy with the rest of that cock.

She was cumming then, creaming all over that monster dick. I could see the intense pleasure in her face, as she ground back to meet his thrusts.

She just kept whimpering, “Please .. please .. fuck me deep .. fuck me deep ..!”

Over and over she was pleading as he pounded her with deep thrusts. Pushing her down into the bed with each stroke, she backed up to meet every long thrust.

Her juices squished loudly with the hard pounding she was taking. It looked like she was constantly cumming all over his cock, her ass bucking back to meet every hard thrust.

“Yes .. yes … hard … I love it hard ..” she whimpered.

“Make me take it .. yes .. make me take it .. so deep .. I need it deep!!”, as she backed up faster and harder on his big cock.

“Damn bitch .. you love that cock don’t you .. don’t you ..” he leaned forward pulling her up by the wrists to meet him.

His other hand reached around to her heaving breast, circled in on her hard nipple and squeezed hard on it.

“Yes .. yes .. yes .. ” she yelped. “You can do anything kağıthane escort with me .. anything for that cock .. anything ..” she moaned.

“Shit .. you got me so hot baby .. I’m gonna fill you up ..” he pushed her back down hard.

Before he could even finish saying it she started pleading, “Yes .. yes .. fill me .. fill me .. fill me with your thick cum ..!!”

“Please .. I need to feel it .. oh please ..” she grind-ed back on him.

“Aw Fuck!!” he ground down burying his huge cock as deep as he could. He held himself there as she grinding her pussy on him.

“I feel it .. I feel you shooting in me .. that’s it fill me .. shoot it all deep in me .. please ..” she was lost in a huge orgasm.

He steadied himself by gripping her hip, still squeezing her wrists tight against her back.

She was panting, breathing heavily out, “Your big cock feels so good in me .. so good cumming in me .. don’t stop cumming in me ..!!”

He fell back, letting her wrists go as his cock withdrew from her soaked cum filled pussy.

Coming out of her orgasmic trance she flipped over, as she must have felt the cum running from her pussy. Reaching down to cup it from her open dripping pussy, she brought there juices to her mouth with one hand.

Sucking up the mixture of there cum, his thickness and her sweetness.

She grinned up at him, “Thank you .. thank you for cumming in me .. I love being cum in .. love being cum in deep ..”

Laying back she pumped her fingers into her pussy, she was cumming again.

Both hands worked her own pussy as she mumbled, “Yes .. yes .. yes .. yes .. cum I love cum ..!!”

Then the video faded out .. simply amazing!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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