Back Home for the Summer

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Note to the reader: English is not my first language so it may sometimes read as if you are listening to somebody from a foreign country. Thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it much more readable!

As always, all persons have reached the age of 19 years or more since they were born.


These girls in their summer dresses…

1. Marc’s story ******

Her voice sounded really anxious. Even through the closed bathroom door, I could hear the need for an immediate answer.

“Ok, come on in,” I shouted above the noise of the rain-shower that I was standing under.

“Thanks, dad!” was the rushed answer she gave me while she pretty much ran to the toilet and not a moment too soon as her bladder started emptying itself before she sat down.

“Shit! I guess I didn’t make it. My panty is all wet,” she murmured while continuing to pee into the toilet.

“Dad, are you almost done? Can I use the shower and get myself clean? I’m sorry, this is embarrassing but I was too late!”

“Ok, ok. Let me finish getting all the soap off of me. Can you get me a towel?”

I stepped out of the shower and she handed me a towel before sneaking past me into the corner of the shower. All her clothes laid in the middle of the bathroom, including her very wet cotton panty and an oversized T-shirt which also had some marks of her lost race against her bladder.

Our bathroom had never been a private area therefore it doesn’t have a lock on it. The rule had always been to knock when the door was closed. We never thought of using the bathroom, the toilet in it or the shower, as a private moment. If one had to pee and someone else was showering or brushing his or her teeth, no problem. We only have one bathroom and everybody was free to use it whenever it was needed. This had always been this way, from when our three kids were very small throughout their adolescence. Now that they have left home to live at their university campuses, it remains this way, even when they come home for vacation and bring friends along. This week being a good example.

“Stella, are you ok?”

Suddenly, Tess, Stella’s friend, burst into the bathroom and stopped dead in her tracks after seeing me naked whilst drying myself with the, not so big, towel Stella had given me.

“Oh, shit! I’m so sorry!” Tess mumbled while she started blushing heavily and retreated as quickly as she had entered.

“Mr., eh, Marc, I’ve really got to pee, too,” she said from the other side of the now closed door.

“Ok, one second and I’ll be decent,” I told her.

“Ok, come on in. I’ll get out so the two of you can have it for all you have to do but give me a call when you’re done because I still have to shave.”

“Thank you so much!” she said while stepping into the bathroom and passing me.

She grabbed my elbow while stepping past me and she gave me a thankful, yet mischievous, smile. Being dressed only in a tiny blue panty and white cotton bra, she hesitated to pull her panty down and looked up at me once again. It’s strange to find yourself in such a close, personal situation with your daughter’s roommate so I turned around and stepped outside of the bathroom.

“Don’t forget to call. I’ll be downstairs,” I said as a reminder.

2. Stella’s story

After Tess was done on the toilet, she poked her head around the glass between the shower, where I was still enjoying the warm water, and the rest of the bathroom.

“Did you see what I saw? Did I see this right? Does your father have a big, fat one or was he getting a hard-on?” Tess giggled loudly while opening her bright blue eyes very wide.

“And you? Are you wet already? You’re so easy to arouse…don’t I know!” I answered with a grin on my face.

“Shut up, you,” Tess answered while reaching behind her back to unsnap and take off her bra.

“But tell me, Stella, am I right? Did he have something like a semi hard-on? Or is it always that big…jeez!”

“No, I think he was playing with himself when I ran into the bathroom. He didn’t step right out of the shower when I asked him, pretending to have to wash away the soap. So, I saw the state he was in and it’s not his ‘normal’ state, so to speak. I know what it usually looks like and I know the ‘other’ part, too,” I said.

“You’re kidding me! Are you trying to tell me you’ve been in the bathroom with your father while he was fully hard? No way!” Tess hissed with excitement while also stepping into the shower corner and pushing me aside.

“No, not like that of course. But yes, a few times I ran into the bathroom, when he was having a shower, and he had a hard-on…like this time. But then, I just stepped out, called sorry and ran upstairs to my bedroom.”

“Ha! I’ll bet that got you excited, too, you hypocrite!” Tess said as she blew a mouthful of water over me as having her revenge with that remark.

“And, with your twisted mind, don’t tell me you didn’t picture that big, gorgeous dick while you were upstairs. And don’t try to tell me you Ataşehir Escort didn’t wet your panty and grope your pussy with your greedy little hands you little ‘I-am-so-open-minded’ daughter of your ‘so-open-minded’ parents.”

“Of course not! Really! I didn’t wear any panties at the time, you little mama’s girl!”

And with that I pinched one nipple quite hard while she was standing with her eyes closed and face turned upwards to the water stream.

“Ow!” You….!”

But she was too late. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to wrap myself in.

“You see, you’re visibly excited. Now, just close your eyes again and imagine what you saw. Imagine what you want,” I teased Tess.

She closed her eyes and the expression on her face betrayed her plan of putting on a show just for me. She squirted some douche gel onto her hands and started rubbing it all over her body and over her perky, puffy nipples on her not-so-big but roundly shaped breasts. They always stood out a little when they got the right attention. They started to grow like little volcanoes rising from the landscape of older mountains.

She continued to stroke both of her hands to her buttocks, kneading them, spreading them apart, pushing them together again and pushing them backwards. Still, with a smile and her eyes closed, her hands moved to the front. She planted her feet shoulder width apart and started to stroke the insides of her legs while squeezing her breasts together at the same time.

Two hands glided towards her pubic mound where her outer labia protruded a bit through her blond, tufted hair to show the way inwards. Hers was not a Barbie crotch but it showed hills and valleys, smooth areas next to thin, frizzy hair and folds of flesh-like flowers. Even her little knob, her little pink clit, had already made its presence clear from the standpoint I was watching.

Although I knew she was teasing, it had its effect on me. The wetness of the shower made way for another kind of wetness and I saw the effect it had on her. Her breasts and nipples stood out like rockets! The expression on her face had turned from funny to serious while her right hand was rubbing her pussy in earnest.

I dropped my towel and took hold of both of my breasts in earnest. Breasts that were a bit on the large size for my little frame, even though I’m not so small, but hey, who was I to complain? I looked at them, areolas that matched the size of my breasts and the shape of my breasts turned them upwards and bigger, darker than their surroundings with dark nipples which would easily stand out when stimulated. And I started to do so, kneading them and pinching them.

“Tess? Stella? Are you still there?” My father’s voice preceded his knocking on the door.

We both gave each other a silent scream and a silent laughter before turning off the shower and starting to get towelled off.

“Yes, dad! Give us a minute and we’ll be out of here,” I yelled.

“Ok, but hurry up after that. Mom has breakfast ready downstairs, ok?”

“Ok, but we don’t have to dress up, do we? We’re not going anywhere.”

“Ok, whatever, but be down in fifteen minutes, ok? I’ll have to finish shaving and I’ll be right with you,” my father replied.

3. Marc’s story

After being kicked out of the bathroom, earlier, by the girls, I had gone downstairs to the kitchen to see what Marianne, or Mari for short, was up to. She was standing behind the sink, washing some vegetables. It looked like she was getting all sorts of food ready for breakfast. She turned her head around and smiled at the too small of a towel that was wrapped around my waist. The front side of one leg showed and my still flaccid dick made a noticeable tent in the fabric of the towel.

“So, you’re going to give us a stud show for breakfast?” she quipped.

“Ha, no!”

I stepped up behind her, wrapped both arms around her waist, told her what happened and why I retreated out of the bathroom. She was wearing her morning dress, a cotton tank-top-like dress with spaghetti-straps that reached down to her mid-thighs. No bra, yet, to hold up her large, somewhat sagging breasts and no sign of a panty underneath. For her forty-six years, she was a good-looking woman with a confidence that makes somebody attractive and totally at ease with her own body and she aged well.

“How did Tess react on seeing you naked?” she asked.

“Hmmm, I guess ok. She smiled, I think. But I guess she saw a bit more than just naked.”

“Aha! Oh, ok,” she answered, knowing my habit of playing with myself in the shower.

“I hope she wasn’t offended.”

“No, certainly not. Her smile betrayed her a bit, if I might say so.”

“And Stella, was she comfortable with the whole situation?”

“With me, yeah! She knows me in different situations and with Tess, I can only guess they have something to gossip and laugh about.”

“Hmm, I guess you’re right. That’s what I would’ve done!” Mari laughed.

All the washing of the vegetables made her body move and made Bostancı Escort me move as well. Eventually, my dick rose up against her buttocks and I pushed her body against the sink.

“What do you prefer?” I asked while taking a big carrot she was washing and holding it against her mouth.

“This little friend or the real thing?” I asked softly in her ear?


She licked at it, placed her hand over mine and put her other hand around the top of the carrot.

“This is what I can do with both!”

And with that, she snapped the big carrot in two, turned around and put half of it into my mouth.

“So, be gentle with mine and I’ll be gentle with yours!” she said, smiling.

With that, she took the carrot out of my mouth and gave me a long, sweet kiss. Then she dropped to a squatting position, took the towel away from my waist and gave my growing member a soft kiss.

“Of course, I can have both,” she said.

Her hand stroked my dick which was still a bit flaccid but standing out already. Her other hand cupped my balls and she took me in.

“Ok, that’s it for now,” she smiled while standing up and I gave her a quick kiss.

“In a moment, breakfast will be ready so get the girls and finish your shaving, please,” she told me as I grabbed the towel, held it around my waist and ran upstairs.

4. Tess’s story ******

When we arrived in Stella’s bedroom, we threw off our towels, looked at each other and started laughing. Excitement was still in our eyes and the heat was still in our bodies. I grabbed my right tit and planted a kiss on it, softly sucked my nipple and looked at Stella, smiling.

“Tess, stop it! We’ll have to have breakfast downstairs so don’t get too carried away,” Stella hissed at me.

“Ok, so what do we have to wear? Or can we go like this?” I asked as I waved both of my arms up in the air.

“Be cool. We’ll just put on whatever feels comfortable and, please, don’t drip all over the floor,” Stella laughed out loud because I had started to put on a dress that buttoned all the way up the front but still did not have any undies on.

“Shit! I’ve left it in the bathroom. Mm, I can get it, can’t I?” I said and smiled a wicked smile at Stella.

“Tess! You’re so…you left it there on purpose, didn’t you? Tell me!”

I only smiled and nodded. I knew that, maybe, I’d get a chance to meet up with Marc, in the buff, and have a good look at his wonderful piece, again! So, I sneaked softly down the stairs and lay my ear against the bathroom door. I heard him turn on the water so I guessed he was standing at the washstand. I opened the door with a quick movement and immediately stepped into the bathroom. He was standing, bent over the sink, the water running, and, with two hands, he was washing his face to get rid of the shaving soap. He must have been shaving in the nude, as I had hoped he would, as the small towel he got from Stella was behind him, on the floor. His eyes were still closed and, even with him standing bent over the washstand, I could see his bulky organ dangling between his legs.

“Is that you, Stella?” he asked, keeping his eyes closed against the water splashing on his face.

“Oh my, god! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. I just keep running into this! Really, I’m so sorry!” I stumbled with apology after apology.

“I left my panty here, somewhere. Did you see it? Can I have it?” I hurriedly asked Marc, who was stunned by my so abrupt and close presence.

Standing behind him and getting into the bathroom, the front of my dress was still open and he became aware of the little spectacle he was presented by the mirror. His eyes wandered around my front, up, down, left, right. His eyes stopped in the middle, right between my breasts showing off their own excitement.

“Hmm, sorry, did you see my panty anywhere? I know it must be in here somewhere.”

I was trying to sound very casual but the nervousness crept through my voice.

“No, sorry, Tess. I haven’t seen it anywhere but I haven’t looked, either,” he said.

“It must be somewhere on the floor, I guess,” I said and with that I dropped to my knees, put my head close to the floor and searched it with my eyes.

“Ah, there!” I said and crept towards the hanging washstand near where Marc was standing.

With my head bent to the side of the washstand, I tried to get to where I had kicked my panty. My head was leaning against the lower side of the washstand, at knee height of Marc. I was looking directly in the direction of his crotch as he stepped backwards against the wall to give me more room. Before I got my panty, I played it out a little longer than needed as if I had to search blind-folded for the lost item.

“Got it!” I said and crawled a bit backwards to make some room to stand up.

Blushing, I made a funny face to Marc as if to show him what a mess I had made. Facing Marc, I continued to sort out my panty and put it on, pushing my shirt to the sides in the process and feeling his eyes on me while adjusting Kadıköy Escort my panty. I slipped between Marc and the sink, my dress wide open and facing him with my eyes turned towards the floor.

“Sorry, again, and thank you,” I said. With that I gave him a short, soft kiss on his cheek.

“Marc, are you finished and ready? Let’s have breakfast and bring the kids along!” Stella’s mother, Marianne, called from below.

5. Mari’s story

Jeez, what’s taking them all so long? I grabbed the handle of the big sliding door and opened it all the way to the side, letting in the morning air. By the air temperature, you could feel it was already quite late in the morning. Looking at the clock, it showed it was almost eleven.

Ok, it’s the weekend and the beginning of the summer vacation. That’s why Tess came home with Stella, to spend a couple of days together before she went on to her own family, back to her home after living a year on her own, that is, as a co-ed with Stella. A few days relaxing before a summer job, a few days going to the beach nearby or doing the lazy stuff girls around twenty do with nothing to do.

I pulled the front of my dress up a bit, its sheer cotton made it a nice piece to sleep in but its age made it a bit baggy and the front was barely covering my ‘rack’, so to speak, even though the sag of my breasts helped in keeping them covered.

I stepped outside on the terrace for a moment, thinking that we better have breakfast out there instead of inside. The sun was shining, the table had a place in the shade of a tree and an unobstructed view. This was almost the reason we bought the house in the first place, a garden facing south with the sun from early morning until almost sunset. The kitchen is on the east side with the morning sun streaming in and no neighbours obstructing our views, or more importantly, no neighbours obstructing our privacy whilst we are in our garden. Only from the deepest part of the garden, could one see the roof and first floor of our neighbours whom we got along with anyway by being neighbours of over twenty years and raising our families together.

Stella is our youngest with two older sisters, Layla and Zoe, with a three-year interval between them. Zoe, the middle one, lived up north, when she was in the country, anyway. She managed to pick up all the foreign scholarships or study projects and had to be away for the best part of the year. Layla, on the other hand, lived around the corner, so to speak, landing a job working for some organization which preserved the natural dunes and the coastline. Sounded very old school, at first, but it turned out to be a young team dedicated to the sea-and-shore life with all its flora and fauna. While it was special that Stella was home for the holidays, Layla, not having regular working hours but working shifts most of the time, could possibly drop in at any time of the day, especially during the summer.

“Hi mom,” Stella hugged me from behind.

Lost in the thoughts about our kids, I was startled at first but took her arms and kept them tight against me.

“Good morning, love,” I said and turned around to give her a little kiss.

“Did you both sleep well? Freshly showered and clean after your long trip yesterday?”

“Mm, yes. It was great to sleep for so long but it was too long because I had to run to the toilet, otherwise I would have wet my bed. And yes, fresh and clean as a baby, right now. But you’re still in ‘sleepy’ state, I see.”

“Yes, and thank you! Somebody had to get all the stuff ready for breakfast and it wasn’t going to be you or your dad with the time he needs for the bathroom in the morning. I guess I’ll have my shower after breakfast because we’re going to eat something, now,” I said.

“Good morning Ms. Sorry, good morning, Mari,” Tess said as she came up to me and gave me a quick hug.

“Good morning, Tess. How’re you feeling? Had a good rest? No regrets you didn’t choose the guest room and your own bed?”

They had chosen to sleep together in Stella’s room, even though this meant having to share the same bed which was more of a one-and-a-half bed than a double bed.

“No, it was not a problem. Having shared a room with Stella for the past year, it would have been strange to have a separate room next to hers and we were so tired, nothing could have kept me awake!”

“What a nice little dress you’re wearing, Tess! So suitable for the warm weather we’re having. Where did you find it? It looks so ‘sixties’, more like something from my generation,” I laughed when referring to our age difference and her being dressed like a younger me.

The word ‘little’ was meant quite literally! The sleeveless dress barely covered her bum, it ended not more than a hand’s width below it. It was more of an oversized shirt, something better suited to wear with pants, which she obviously chose not to do. The linen cloth showed some faded Indian patterns and, besides that, it showed the minimal outlines of her panty and the small circular patterns of her breasts.

“I found it in a little shop next to the campus. They sell a lot of second hand stuff. As you pointed out, you can find a lot of Indian, sixties and hippie stuff there. Stella also got some shirts from there and the best buys?! We each bought a knitted bikini, like real vintage stuff!”

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