Back In Janie’s Life And… Ch. 02

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“Ding!” The Microwave oven sounded. Janie reached in and took out the creamed corn and walked it over to the table. Her family was all seated and ready for another fantastic meal from Janie’s kitchen. She loved to cook for her family. Nothing pleased her more. Well, almost nothing she thought. Having Seth’s cock back in her mouth would please her more!

Janie was slightly annoyed with herself for thinking about Seth while she was preparing to eat dinner with her family. She shook her head, tossing her think black hair around as she did. She next took a deep breath and went over to place the creamed corn on the table.

Everyone dug in and started to enjoy the meal. The conversation was pleasant and it was so lovely that Janie actually forgot all about Seth for the first time that day. There was a knock at the door and Janie said that she would get it. Her husband nodded and went back to talking with the kids.

Janie opened the door and there was Seth. He was standing there smiling. Janie was thankful that the front door was down a little hall from the living room and out of view from the living room.

Seth found himself violently pushed backwards and nearly fell over. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Janie hissed at him.

“I’m here to collect Janie.” He smirked at her. To Janie, Seth was the sexiest man alive and when he smiled at her she melted. She was like a little school girl with a crush and she was hopeless to do anything about it.

“Please Seth, what if my husband walks out and sees us or hears us?’ Janie objected weakly knowing full well that she just didn’t care. Seth was making her mental and quite unwell!

Seth unzipped his own pants and pulled his cock out leaving it half limp in the cold December air. He was actually impressed that seeing Janie in person was making his cock impervious to the cold. It started to harden and lengthen.

“Shut the door and get started. Please. I need you so bad. You’re the only thing keeping me sane.” He whispered.

Janie yelled in the doorway. “It’s just Donna and she’s having a problem with Kevin again. I won’t be five minutes.”

Janie’s husband yelled back “ok” in acknowledgment. He didn’t trust that Donna. She had a reputation. He recalled that a few of Janie’s old friends were a bit on the wild side like that whore Tawny.

Janie shut the door and started to pull Seth around to the side of the house. “The neighbors will see us.”

Seth stood his ground. “I don’t care anymore Janie. I need you right here and now.”

It looked like everyone was in for the night. It was too cold to be out walking in this weather, let alone blowing an old boyfriend under the porch lights casino oyna in front of your house!

Janie kneeled down in front of Seth and immediately sucked him into her mouth. “Oh god!” Seth groaned.

Janie’s worked her full lips up and down Seth’s shaft while her hands fondled his balls and stroked his cock in time with her mouth. She could taste a tiny drop of pre-cum on the end of his cock. This only got her more aroused. She tightened her lips on his cock and started to suck him with more pressure. God she loved his cock. She was so crazy for Seth that she didn’t care who saw her.

Neither one of the two old flames noticed a dark green BMW stopped just down the lane. Inside, Donna was rubbing herself in time with Janie’s head bobbing. She really was having trouble with her husband Kevin and needed a shoulder to cry on. He was a selfish bastard and told Donna that she was too fat to get him hard anymore. At least that was his excuse not to fuck her anymore. Donna was at her breaking point.

She had parked her car and stared into space before getting out for half an hour. What could Janie do after all to help her? That was when she saw the repair man from the church walking up to Janie’s house. The scene got even more bizarre as she watched Janie come to the door and the two have a heated discussion. Donna’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor of her car when she saw Janie take his cock in her mouth.

The scene was so erotic that Donna started to play with herself. She was also starting to hatch a plan to get laid!

Back down the street. Janie was picking up the pace and drooling around Seth’s cock. Seth grabbed the back of Janie’s hair and pulled her off of his cock. Janie started to open her mouth in protest only to have a rope of cum land in it! The next one landed across her face and eye. She knew Seth had a few more and was not sure how she was going to explain the mess he was going to make of her face.

Three more blasts of semen covered Janie’s face. As soon as he was done shooting he pushed his cock back into Janie’s mouth and she lovingly sucked him dry cleaning his cock off with her lips.

“Oh fuck Seth!” Janie hissed furiously wiping cum off of her face with her sleeve. Seth stepped back and stuffed his semi-hard erection back in his jeans and started to walk down the lane.

“Only one more Janie.” He called back.

Janie didn’t know whether to love or hate the man. He had just gotten the second blow job in as many days and she hadn’t even been pleasured once. Her make up and hair were ruined and she had cum all over both her sleeves! She jumped to her feet and ran into the house and straight up the stairs hoping that she could canlı casino figure away to get this past her husband.

For his part, Seth wasn’t sure what he really wanted either. Did he want to take Janie away from her husband and back into his life? Did he want to keep using her like he had the last two days? He walked down the lane thinking and looking up at the stars when his shin slammed right into an open car door!

“Oh excuse me!” A distressed female voice yelled.

Seth hopped back grabbing his shin. “It’s all my fault I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Seth turned to look at the owner of the green BMW door he had ran into and was surprised to see that he knew the owner! “Well Hi! Donna was it?” He asked her.

“Yes!” She answered. “From the church. I remember you Seth. Was Janie having plumbing problems at her house? Where are your tools?” Quickly glancing down at his crotch and then back up to his eyes.

“Uh…well….I Seth stammered. What was he going to say?

“Please get in the car Seth.” She offered. “I saw everything.”

Seth wasn’t sure what to do or what Donna might want, but he got in the passenger side anyway.

“I saw what Janie did to you. And what you did to her.” Donna said. “Where are you staying?”

“At the golden globes inn right down the road.” He answered. “Why?”

“I’m taking you there and I need to talk to you about what I saw.” She answered.

The short drive over was very quiet. Seth wondered if Donna would try to ruin Janie’s marriage. It was only now starting to dawn on him what he could have done to Janie. He knew that Janie was in a sexual spell of sorts and what he was doing to her was wrong. In spite of the obvious consequences and his seemingly dire situation, Seth couldn’t help but keep staring at Donna’s wonderful chest.

They finally got to the hotel room and Shut the door. Donna started to speak. “Look, I don’t want to hurt Janie and I don’t know what’s going on between you two, well besides the blow job I saw tonight.

“It won’t happen again.” Seth hastily added trying to smooth things over.

“Seth.” Donna said. ” I don’t care what you two do. I have my own problems. I know I’m not tall and beautiful like Janie. I know I’m a little bit older and my age is showing a bit but, I have needs.”

Seth was starting to understand where Donna was talking this. Donna stopped talking and started to look down and the carpet as if she wished it would wrap around her and hide her from the world. She had a tear streaming down her cheek.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have.” Donna started.

Seth walked over and pulled her into his embrace. He thought Donna was very hot and was sure kaçak casino that she could feel his cock coming to life pressed against her. Donna also had the biggest boobs that Seth had ever seen. Janie was well endowed but Donna was just humongous.

Seth pulled Donna’s face up to his and they joined in a passionate kiss. They soon found themselves on the bed in the center of the room. Within minutes Seth himself and Donna completely undressed except for Donna’s bra.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” She asked with a smile and reached around unclasping her bra.

Her boobs spilled out into Seth’s view as Donna pulled their lacy prison. They were amazing! Seth sucked a nipple into his mouth as his hands massaged her breasts. Donna loved to have her breasts played with and was in heaven..

Donna laid back on the bed squeezing her tits together. “Come here and slide that big cock of your’s between these!”

Seth mounted Donna’s chest and started to fuck her boobs. Donna would take his cock head into her mouth every time it slid into view. The feeling was incredible. After a few minutes of this, Seth had to fuck her.

He slid down and pushed his cock all the way in. The fucked like wild animals. Seth had forgotten how great it felt to have his cock thrusting into a woman. Seth lasted fifteen minutes before he was ready to cum again.

“Uh…I’m gonna cum baby!” He yelled.

“Oh god I’m cumming too Seth!” Donna yelled.

Donna squeezed her legs tight around Seth’s waist as she came around his cock. This was the best orgasm that she’d had in years. Seth pumped jet after jet of semen deep into Donna’s pussy.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Even though Donna’s massive boobs were mashed against his side, Seth dreamed only of Janie.

Seth awoke with the sun shining threw the window and onto his eyes. It was a beautiful day. Seth rolled his head over and saw Donna laying next to him on her side looking at him. “Thank you for last night.” She said.

“Oh you’re welcome. You were wonderful.” He replied.

“You’re sweet. I know you mean that but, as wonderful as I am…I’ll never be Janie.” She said. “All night long you tossed and turned and kept calling out her name.’

Seth sat up and looked down. “I’m sorry. I…”

“You don’t have to say anything.” Donna said. “You’ll always love Janie and only Janie and that’s the way that it is. We’re going to get you two back together. I have a plan.”

“Really?” Seth asked.

“Yes.” Donna replied. “Last night was great but you’ll never be happy with me. You need Janie. You have to promise me one thing though.”

Seth smiled. “What’s that?”

You have to give me that amazing cock of your’s again. Even if things work out between you and Janie. Is that a deal?”

“Deal.” Seth answered. “I wasn’t going to let those tits go without a fight either!”

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