Back In The Swing Ch. 03

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The atmosphere in the beachhouse was electric, the four had woken earlier, showered and were once again in “Beachhouse Gear”, on the deck sipping ice cold beers. Earlier Garry, Mia and Justin had suckled Sorrell to relieve her milk heavy breasts, there had been some surreptitious fondling and all were feeling quite frisky, the boys were evidently semi hard as the outline of their cocks was quite visible through their shorts and there seemed to be wet spots in the crotch of Mia and Sorrell’s boy leg panties.

Garry was at the telescope, sweeping the beach looking for the first sign of their dinner guests for the evening. He straightened and took a pull at his beer, admired the semi naked girls and Justins semi hard cock and gave his own hardening cock a squeeze, which bought an immeadiate response from Mia.

” UhUh, naughty, naughty – leave it alone, it will fall off when its ripe, or get worn off” she laughed.

He poked his tongue at her and then returned to his surveillance of the beach. ” Here they come, Oh my God……”

The other three immediately looked at him waiting for him to tell what had prompted this exclamation.

“She’s dressed the same as you girls, so I assume you told her the Beachhouse dress regs Sorrell, but he’s also wearing what look like boy leg panties and stockings as well. He’s walking behind her on a leash yet! And he’s also carrying what look like rods or something” he explained.

They were all crowded around him jostling to have a look through the telescope, ” hey guys, stop pushing, they will be here in a moment and you can perv to your hearts content, now lets put the ‘scope to bed and enjoy our beers, I’ll just flash the barbie up and get it heating for the steaks, salads all ready?.” He asked.

By the time all was ready and the BBQ was heating Jessie was steeping on to the deck with David on his leash which was coupled to a black studded collar a couple of steps behind her.

Sorrell walked over and embraced her kissing her full on the lips, her tongue also in play between Jessie’s lips, their breasts mashing together, Jessie joined in the embrace whole heartedly her hands cupping Sorrells arse cheeks.

They broke from their embrace and surveyed the effect of their impromptu performance. All the boys were rock-hard, their cocks stretching the fabric of their shorts, and David his panties. Sorrell made the introductions and Jessie jerked on Davids leash – he came forward and knelt in front of her.

“As Sorrell said, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this is David my little pet, please treat him as your own, he has a switch for each of you to use on him as you see fit, not too hard but not to gently either of course, and he loves it across his man-boobs his cock and across his tight little arse. Oh and if you care to give my tits, cunt or arse a touch up as well, please feel free” Jessie said once again jerking the leash, David took the leash from her and removed it from his collar, then moved around the group handing them each a switch which they used across his cock or arse as the mood took them.

David was indeed wearing boy leg panties, pale green and very sheer he was wearing several rings on his cock and there appeared to a thick band at the base of his cock and balls and a leather ball-stretcher around his ball-sac. Black stay-up stockings completed his ensemble.

“Drinks all round I think”, called Justin, walking past both Jessie and David and giving them both a stripe across their chests with his switch .

The mood of the evening lightened somewhat, the sex charged atmosphere softening as they enjoyed their drinks and began their meal, the conversation general and they all, by unspoken agreement stayed off sex as a subject. Even after the meal and the cleaning away was completed they were not overly concerned with forcing the issue, they all knew that sooner or later and probably sooner, someone would do or say something that would set them all off. Mind you, both David and Jessie had a few light welts across different parts of their bodies.

Inadvertently, it was Sorrell who set the night on its preordained path, ” Oh fuck, my tits are leaking again,” she cried standing and stripping her halter top from her perfect tits.

“Oh my, I’ve never tasted tit milk Sorrell, my I?” asked Jessie gently pushing Sorrell back onto the lounge as she too stripped away her halter display smaller but just as perfect tits, her nipples erect and pierced with fine gold rings which were connected by a fine gold chain, another chain dropped from between her breasts under the band of her panties and a glint of something metallic indicated another ring piercing some part of her pussy.

Sorrell lay back and proffered her breast to Jessie’s eager lips, as she was suckled she pulled aside the crotch of Jessie’s panties to display the pink splayed lips of Jessie’s cunt, the glint of metal proved to be another gold ring, thicker this güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri time piercing her erect clit, the chain was connect to this third ring. The others watched spell bound as Sorrell pulled on the ring, twisting it, torturing the clit gently, they all saw the sudden flood of juice that flooded from Jessie coating Sorrell’s hand.

Lifting her head from Sorrell’s right breast, Jessie said , ” fuck me with your hand Sorrell, push your hand into my hot dribbly cunt.” She opened her legs wider as she bent her head to Sorrells other breast and started suckling, her left hand gripping the breast forcing milk into her mouth, with her other hand she pushed down Sorrell’s pink panties and began pulling roughly at her clit untiel Sorrell was gasping from the dual ministrations of lips and fingers.

Sorrell was slowly pushing three then four fingers into the wetness that was Jessie’s cunt, folding her hand , thumb in palm she pushed her hand into her until the Jessies’ cunt lips endfolded her hand to the wrist. Sorrell gasped as Jessie bit down on her nipple and then started twisting and pushing on the hand buried in her cunt.

Mia, had Justin’s cock in her mouth his heavy balls slapping against her chin as she sucked him, as Garry lapped at her cunt, her panties a pale blue puddle around her ankle, while David was sucking on his cock and pulling down on and twisting roughly his cum laden balls. He had attached the leash to a fitting attached to his ball stretcher and Mia was pulling hard on it, his huge balls purple, his cock straining against the rings constraining his cock.

Jessie had suckled on Sorrell’s breasts until she was gorged with tit milk, she still sat on Sorrell’s hand, twisting and pushing up and down on the hand that impaled her, one of her hands abusing her left breast and nipple while the other still tormented Sorrell’s clit.

“Look at Mia, she is in seventh heaven”, she said to Sorrell, God you hand feels good inside me, wriggle your finger more.’ She finished.

“This is so fucking hot, Jess your cunts’ on fire, I can feel all of you, I think I could cum from just fisting you like this,’ Sorrell gasped.

“Would you like my hand inside your cunt Sorrell?”

” Can you do it, can you really get your hand inside me, my cunt seems to be flooding, Oh Jesus Christ yes, stick your fucking arm up my hot slutty cunt Jess, PLEASE.” screamed Sorrell.

” My hand is not all that big my sweet, about the same size güvenilir bahis şirketleri as yours, open your legs wider, let me in, let my cunt slippery fingers slide into your hot fuck hole.” Jessie said softly.

Without any finesse or gentleness, she folded her hand and pushed into Sorrell who pushed against the hand trying to invade her gaping pinkness, again they pushed one against the other until on the third push Jessie’s hand slipped into her lovers cunt.

“Oh my, that feels so good, better than cock, your fingers pushing at the walls of my cunt touching secret places oh, it feels so fucking good, oh shit oh fuck oh my fucking god, I’m cumminggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh..uhhuh.: Sorrell slumped back as Jessie also started bucking and pushing against the hand embedded deep in her, she slipped her hand from Sorrell’s gaping cunt lifted it to her moth and bean sucking and cleaning away Sorrell’s juices she was quiet in her orgasm, saying nothing just shuddering the full length of her body.

Temporarily sated, Jess and Sorrell slumped back together on the lounge playing with each others hard nipples, Sorrell’s hard pink teats leaking streams of milk which ran down her body and between the folds of her cunt.

The three boys meanwhile were standing over Mia, slowly jacking their hard meat, David had removed his cock rings and ball stretcher, Mia pulled Garry toward her open mouth and engulfed his cock head as Justin went on his knees and took David’s cock into his mouth, still jacking his own cock with one hand while with his other he took Davids balls and began pulling down on them, twisting them savagely. David bucked and pushed into Justins mouth.

“I’m gunna cum.” he said.

“No!!’cried Mia, ” I want all of it , cum all over me my darling boys, in my cum sucker mouth all over my tits.”

The three stood and began jacking off harder, their cocks aimed at Mia, her open mouth, her quivering tits. Justin erupted first, four long thick ropes of cum splashed across her open mouth, she gobbled greedily, swallowing, as Garry shot his creamy load again in her mouth and across her hard –nippled tits.

But it was David who out done them, he held his cock in one fist, not moving as he put his cockhead close to her open mouth he began, thick ropes and globules of cum, splashed into her mouth faster than she could swallow, he altered his aim, sum still flying out across her body, as he finished she lifted her head to lick away the last dribbles.

They pounced on her cum-covered body all five, as they cleaned her of this viscous fluid each of them vied to get the larger drops, they cleaned her, and then turned to whoever was beside then and licked away any wayward fluids.

“Well,” cried Mia, if that was entrée, I can’t wait for the main course.

They all laughed.

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