Back to a Dark Time

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The wind blew up from the ruins of the abandoned planet and Ashley looked at her oxygen levels. She had at least two more hours to explore and with any luck at all the ancient city would be the fabled Nephilite colony. It had been rumored to be in the space systems of the region and to have gone extinct thousands of years after the home planet went extinct. Ashley could just see it now if she discovered the ancient colony. A large building was just ahead of her and the dusty brown earth was blowing against the space walk suit.

Inside the building odd symbols were on the computers and Ashley sat down at the computer to take a closer look. The colony had been destroyed by a catastrophic plague and some of the original members of the colony were apparently frozen in stasis pods. Nobody knew what exactly the Nephilites looked like and there were no records of recordings of them. Ashley excitedly went through the computer program looking for how to reanimate the frozen Nephilites.

The computer showed that one of the Nephilites had promising vital signs even after having been frozen for God knows how long. Carefully Ashley initiated the program to return the male Nephilite to being unfrozen. As soon as the pod reached a point where the program was beyond stopping the process Ashley loaded the stasis pod into her spaceship.

The spaceship was a class B mini falcon and although small consisting of an engine room, living area, hold and cockpit was sufficient for archaeological exploration. The pod took up the entire hold and Ashley left it in the hold and sealed the doors while she went to go take a shower. The awakening process would take a good two hours and she wanted to be fresh when she began study of the alien in her hold.

The warm water streamed over her lithe soft body and down her D cup breasts over her curves and Ashley sudsed up with a lavender smelling soap. Closing her eyes she enjoyed how the water felt hitting her body. After finishing up Ashley wrapped herself in a towel and fell asleep having put on a new outfit.

The Nephilite in the pod meanwhile woke up and carefully had his pod analyse the air outside the pod finding it barely within his range for breathing. Carefully he exited his pod and scanned the area for life. One primitive life form that scanned as from a genetic experiment on a technologically retarded planet. Surek thought for a moment about his circumstances. Subset 796 E had been successfully introduced and his group had returned to the Zeska colony only to have a horrible plague afflict the entire planet ten months later. Surek had pale grey skin, black oval eyes, and was bipedal. He stood at 5’7” and was intimidating with his ability to move items telekinetically.

Obviously an experimental species running amok on a spaceship would never do and Surek thought about his options carefully. Taking charge of the spaceship was the only option and the experiment would need to be contained but yet Surek thought to himself that species did better with a mating group or paired.

Ashley walked to the hold seeing that her guest was awake and out of his pod. Carefully she opened the door holding her taser just in case.

Looking at the alien in her hold she asked it to identify his species.

“Nephilite of the colony Zeska and you are identified as genetically engineered Subseet 796 E and primito-religious with frontal lobe development and fully functional reproductive capacity aged 25 and female. You should not be in charge of this ship and will hence forth surrender it to me.”

“No way” Ashley answered and tried to fire the taser at the Nephilite.

Surek raised one hand and the taser flew to his hand and he fired it at Ashley stunning her and she fell onto the floor of her ship.

Waking up later she found herself stuck in casino oyna the Nephilites pod as he carefully put the stasis lock on. Looking down at her through the window of the pod and Ashley hit the top of the pod with her hands trying to get out. The Nephilite had undressed her and she lay on the hard bunk of the pod naked.

Surek meanwhile put the ship to hyperdrive and went to a moon orbiting a large gas giant where a small Nephilite colony existed. The colony had boasted a gorgeous zoo of the genetically engineered creatures the Nephilite created and was a major center of learning and scientific study. Carefully landing on the planet Surek took the pod to the time stream center and opened the coordinates to a time during the height of the Nephilite habitation of the moon. The moon had been carefully bioengineered to be a tropical paradise and in the current time it was deserted. Taking the pod with the captured Subset 796 E Surek entered the time stream. Reemerging Surek stood on the platform and requested immediate assistance.

Several other Nephilites came and he gave them time coordinates from whence he’d come and described his unfortunate circumstances. The pod was immediately taken to the Nephteni zoo as that was what they all agreed would be best.

Ashley was taken first to the examination room at the Nephteni zoo and there in front of her stood three Nephilites.

“what are you doing?” she demanded brushing her soft brown hair out of her blue grey eyes to glare at the Nephilites.

“Welcome subset 796 E we are adding you to our rare species genetically engineered zoological garden. You will be added to group 28 B and as such will be the only female in the group of three. We realize your mating practices generally require three males and one female but we will enhance the male’s hormones to optimal levels. We hope that you produce enough children for participation in our neighboring zoo program. Your fertility will be enhanced so that you produce an optimum amount of children and we will assist you beyond the normal 20 years of reproduction you would normally have to help our zoo be the success we would all like it to be.”

With that the Nephilite injected Ashley with a black substance and she lost consciousness only to wake up in an enclosure that included trees and a very primitive looking hut. Unable to move two men were looking at her and poking her with a stick. The brown haired male stood with a six pack and muscled body and cold black eyes. The second male had black hair and grey eyes and was thin and wiry. Hauling Ashley up both carried her into the hut and placed her on a soft hairy surface laying on her back.

The black eyed male got a smooth stone stick in the shape of a phallus and incredibly thick and long. Touching Ashley between her legs he noticed her dry vaginal lips and large nipples. The two males placed the stone carefully between her legs splaying her legs open and carefully pushing it into her. Ashley still paralyzed could not move as the stone was shoved straight into her all the way to her cervix. The point of the phallic stone contained a cruel point that was carefully dipped in the medicine the Nephilites provided to open her cervix. Gently the black eyed male laid down on top of Ashley and pressed against her pushing his tongue into her mouth and holding her to him. The second male laid down and both maneuvered Ashley so that her virginal anus was aligned with his penis. Carefully the first male held her on her side and Ashley felt the not gentle pressure of her anus being filled with cock as he pressed into her sphincture. Tears filled her eyes and the male that kissed her gently then began pressing against the lips of her pussy. Firmly he rubbed around the stone phallus and pulled her vaginal lips back enough to insert his cock by slipping canlı casino his fingers in and rubbing her. Slowly forcing his thick hard length all the way in Ashley felt tears running down her cheeks.

Being tightly held between the two men and having the terrible stone phallus in her pussy Ashley felt like her body was stuffed to bursting. Not able to move and being limp like a doll she had barely adjusted to being utterly full when both men began moving inside her. They both spent what seemed like hours using her body like a whore.

When they finished Ashley introduced herself and asked their names and the black eyed one said he was Turnak and the grey eyed one said he was Ekrath. Both had been born in the zoo program and had been excitedly waiting until a female was added.

“Can you remove the stone you put in me?” Ashley said hopefully.

“No it is supposed to stay in until you are pregnant.” Turnak said.

“About that I prefer not to have sex and not be pregnant.” Ashley said as she flipped her hair and thought maybe that would set things straight.

“you may find that if we do not the Nephilites will punish us.” Ekrath said as he worriedly looked at Ashley.

“well I don’t care and I’m taking this out right now.” Ashley said as she pulled the offensive stone out of her pussy.

“What Ekrath said was true though and the Nephilites are known for getting people to cooperate it is better to do what they say then be punished.” Turnak said as he looked straight at Ashley’s breasts.

“We were instructed to have sex with you and leave our seed six times a day and to leave the opening stone in you until you were pregnant. The punishment would be manual seed extraction and nobody ever wants that.” Ekrath said nervously.

“I really don’t care.” Ashley said and with that she got up and walked out of the hut to sit by the pond feature.

Within the hour a Nephilite man was in the enclosure and walked straight up to Ashley herding her to a clearing where both males waited.

“Explain why the mating is not proceeding.” The Nephilite demanded pointing the gun at both men.

“She is not cooperating and refused us and removed the opening stone.” Turnak explained.

Ekrath then confirmed what Turnak said and both men then sat down with their hands in the air. The Nephilite turned to Ashley and without blinking shot her. The pain rippled through her as her body fell to the ground. Both men took her between them and carried her to a large clearing where a stone slab lay. Placing her on the stone Ekrath tied her wrists and legs so that her body was open to the air. The Nephilite then took out a sharp looking tool and pierced Ashley so that her nipples and clitoris could have the jewels he carried in plastic bags in them.

“Now female you will do as directed and keep the opening stone in you and permit any and all kinds of mating from your assigned mates. The jewels will stimulate your nipples and clitoris by moving constantly when activated and giving electrical shocks until you submit. The jewels are activated by touch and will help sensitize your body, by injecting hormones, so you are more receptive to mating. At a certain point the hormonal changes will be permanent if the jewels unload the full amount of a hormones into you so I suggest you initiate mating as soon as possible so you get small low doses. The hormones will be at a consistent level of release after the first 24 hours so if you don’t submit within a day you will get the maximum amount of hormone enhancement daily indicated when the red jewels empty and turn white” The Nephilite then gently cupped Ashley’s breasts rubbing his fingers over her painfully pierced nipples and the jewels began vibrating. Taking a larger than before opening stone he carefully inserted the stone phallus kaçak casino and handed Turnak a leather whip.

Turnak was then instructed to give Ashley five lashes for failure to submit. Carefully Turnak aimed and hit Ashley on her soft delicate mound and the sides of her breasts. Then returned the whip to the Nephilite who then left.

Ashley sobbed from the pain in her nipples and breasts and how her mound ached and worse yet the stone phallus and how wet her pussy was becoming. Ekrath and Turnak left her laying there and returned hours later. Ekrath laid on top of her and pushed his tongue in her while stroking her jeweled clitoris. Both men touched her on the jewels piercing her body but would not fuck her no matter how she begged.

“Why are you doing this?” Ashley begged as her body burned for hot passionate sex.

“You would have allowed the Nephilites to put thick tubes in our bodies for our seed and have it suctioned out and my penis destroyed by them so that I am no longer male but eunuch. We decided you would be better as one that begs than one that leaves us to that.”Ekrath answered as he stroked Ashley’s clitoris stone until it rubbed her constantly.

Laying on the hard stone Ashley felt a heat come over her and she desperately wanted something to rub inside of her but couldn’t cum. The thick stone phallus lay inert inside her and she rubbed against it but couldn’t cum on it because it didn’t stimulate her enough. Both Ekrath and Turnak kept returning and touching and rubbing the jewels but not penetrating or fucking her. It had been hours and the darkness rose and still she lay on the hard stone with no relief in sight.

Turnak appeared and stroked her breasts until she was begging and panting for sex and pleading with him.

“Please Turnak I need relief I can’t stand this. ” Ashley begged as she tried to move her hips over the opening stone.

“You will suffer for what you would have left us to but after today you will have sex as often as desired and will rub on the opening stone when we are tired. It is best that you be permanently changed to constantly need and crave between your legs.”Turnak said as he rubbed a finger around Ashley’s starving vaginal lips.

The next day Ekrath and Turnak took Ashley to their hut and did not initially have sex with her but touched her bejeweled breasts the entire time it took to walk back.

Ashley felt like a fire had been lit between her legs and like if she did not have one of the men fuck her she would die from want. Twice she tried to drop down on the ground to hump the opening stone but both men held her up and touched the stone jewels piercing her breasts and clitoris. The liquid between her legs flowed freely on her thighs and when they finally got her home both men watched as she frantically rubbed on her opening stone on the floor.

Unable to cum she begged for them to fuck her, sobbing with need and finally both men put her on their bed and fucked her in her anus while the other stroked and touched her avoiding her pussy until the jewels glowed white indicating that a maximum hormonal dose would be released daily. Despite both men fucking her for hours when they finished Ashley still wanted sex and so Turnak allowed her to rub on her opening stone until she was exhausted.

The Nephilites noted Ashley’s appetite and procured a third male after two months. The announcement in their journals of Ashley being pregnant with four babies was quite spectacular and all the Nephilites were thrilled by the unparalleled success. Ashley produced multiple babies and despite breeding preferences the Nephilites had no qualms of letting other zoos use her as she was widely known for readily accepting any male as a mate and needing a size 9 inch opening stone to rub on when not pregnant or mating. The assigned mates didn’t mind as they were permitted to watch any mating involving Ashley. The Nephilites never ceased to marvel at the strange mating behaviors exhibited by males and females of the primitive races they assisted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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