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…Dinner, drinks, more flowing, amazing conversation. The sexual tension has been building for weeks and the fact we are both drinking wine makes it clear we know what is in store tonight. The rest of the restaurant is a blur, just extras filling in the white space around our table. Your gorgeous smile, tons of laughter and flirting, it seems like an eternity before our waiter finally brings the check. Out in the parking lot, smiling at each other and giggling like high school kids we rush to your car. It’s just a short drive to your apartment, but I can’t resist putting my hand on your leg, caressing you as we both smile at each other, quiet and excited about what we want to happen. You drop your keys, us both reaching down to pick them up, staring into each other’s eyes as we share a passionate kiss before finally you open the door. Locking it behind you, it takes only seconds before we are on each other. Your mouth feels so amazing on mine, and my hands can’t help roaming down your back to your sexy waist, pulling your body tight against mine.

Pulling back, I start undoing your shirt button by button. You just stare up at me with that sexy smile, eyes burning into mine as I slide the shirt off and to the floor. Back in to kiss you, I moan as my hands caress the skin of your back. Your hands on my ass, we are both getting so hot as we make out, me undoing your bra without taking my mouth off of yours. Sliding it off, I pull back again but don’t look down. I know how sexy your breasts will look, and just stare you in the eyes as I pull off my shirt. This time when we move in to kiss each other, we both moan as your hard nipples burn into my firm chest. I love how you touch my back and shoulders, but my desire for you is so strong I can barely take another second without wanting more.

I kiss my way down your neck, you gasping as I suckle the skin behind your ear. Lower, until my mouth is on your breasts. Your hands are in my hair as I find one of your nipples with my mouth. We both moan, me loving the taste of your nipple and you with the sensations as my tongue twirls around it. I cup your other breast in my hand, your hard nipple against my palm before switching, suckling canlı bahis your other breast as I stare up at your gorgeous face. My hands move lower, undoing your jeans, sliding them along with your panties to the floor. You step out of them, and then I stand up to take you in my arms, your naked body so warm and sexy up against mine. I run my hands along your whole body, sliding down to your ass, caressing your thighs before sliding my own jeans and boxers down to the floor. Naked, my hard cock pushes against your waist as we kiss again, and I moan into your mouth as you grab my cock with one hand, stroking it, running your fingers along the head, finding the ridge below it, making your way to my balls and then back up to stroke me some more.

You pull away from my mouth and with that evil smile on your face and your hand still on my cock, lead me to your bedroom. You lay back, me climbing in next to you, loving how hot your body feels against mine. We kiss, my hands roaming down, pausing at your breasts, then lower. As my hand finds your inner thighs, you spread your legs for me even more, my hand cupping your hot pussy causing you to moan loudly into my mouth. I’m amazed at how wet you are, and slowly explore with one finger at first. You gasp as my finger brushes your clit, kissing me urgently as your body moves against my hand, trying to take more of my finger inside. But I don’t give in, rubbing your sweet, wet pussy and clit but teasing at your tight opening. Pulling my hand up, I rub my finger over one of your nipples, getting it wet with your juices. This time, my hand back on your lips and my mouth on your nipples, I moan as I taste your sweetness and lick them clean. I’m so turned on, and with 2 fingers start making my way inside your tight pussy. I love how you gasp and shake as I slide them inside you. Slowly, in and out, getting them nice and wet while my thumb is brushing your clit. Then higher, pushing against your pussy until I’m rewarded with a loud moan as I hit your g-spot. In and out, faster and faster I keep on increasing pressure on it, my fingers moving in and out of you, my hand brushing your clit with each stroke.

I hold you tight, your nipples against my chest, bahis siteleri you kissing my face and neck and shoulders as you moan “yes….yes……” I keep up the pressure, loving how good your pussy feels around my fingers and how sexy you look all turned on and moving back and forth. Then you grab my head, your hands in my hair as you kiss me so passionately, your tongue all over my lips and face as your first orgasm start. I can barely keep my fingers inside you, between your body shaking and how tight your lips get, but I keep up the pressure, slowing down the pace ever so slightly as your orgasm finishes. You push me onto my back, straddling me, my cock up against my stomach and your swollen, wet pussy dripping juices on the shaft. Leaning down, you kiss me, then slide lower, me moaning as I feel your wet lower lips caress my cock, leaving a trail of juices as you make your way down my body. My nipples, you biting gently, me staring down at your sexy face. Lower, kissing my stomach, then between my legs, my cock inches from your mouth.

There’s that smile again as you kiss around it, my hard cock against your cheek as you kiss my thigh, then my balls before finally you start kissing your way up the shaft. I tell you how sexy you look and you just smile, kissing and licking my cock until without warning, you take the head into your mouth, grabbing onto the base. I moan so loudly, watching you suck the head, grabbing your hair as you make your way lower. It’s so hot watching you take me in your mouth, staring up at me with those sexy eyes as you pleasure me. I just can moan, pulling tightly on your hair, and then forcing your head down lower on my cock. All the way down, I move my waist up against your mouth and love the way you just keep on going. Holding on tight to your hair, I fuck your face, you letting me take what I want from your hot mouth. Then I thrust too hard and you come up for air, gagging and spitting up saliva all over my cock and balls, but you are so good and go right back down for more.

Your mouth feels too good on me, and I want to return the favor, so I pull you up off my cock, telling you to move your body higher. All the way up, until you are straddling my face, bahis firmaları leaning against the headboard. I grab onto your sexy thighs, pulling your sweet pussy to me, I can’t wait to finally taste you. We both moan as my mouth finally gets to touch your dripping wet pussy. You taste so good as I lap at you from bottom to top.

Staring up at your breasts and face, you looking down at me with lust as I explore your folds with my tongue. “Yes….” you moan, grinding your pussy against my mouth, my tongue finding its way inside you. I fuck you with my tongue for a bit, the sound of you moaning over and over turning me on, then pull it out to focus on your clit. I can feel my chin and mouth covered in your juices, dripping down onto my neck and chest and that just drives me nuts. First I dance around your clit, teasing it, you moving your body trying to place it on my tongue. Then it’s enough of the teasing, I want you to cum all over my face and I place my tongue firmly on your clit. You gasp, and then moan as I start a rhythm with my tongue. From bottom to top, from side to side, I grab onto your ass for leverage as I enjoy playing with your clit. “I could lick you all day long you taste so fucking good” I gasp up to you, then increase the speed with my tongue.

After a few minutes, I’m rewarded. I can barely lap up all the juices pouring out of you as you cum again, your pussy grinding against my face as my tongue still flicks around your clit. Then I slow it down, your body shaking, you panting as you catch your breath. You slide down my body again, kissing me, the taste of your juices all over my face so sexy and you lick my mouth as you try to clean it up for me. Then back lower still, that dirty smile as you take my cock in your mouth all the way.

“Your turn…….” you say, and then start sucking me urgently. My hands in your hair again, I am so turned on at this point as I watch you suck my cock. Faster, faster, you stroke my cock while you flick the tongue around the head, and finally I tell you I’m close… pull me out of your mouth, stroking my cock with your hand, staring up at my face. “I’m cumming….” I moan, you feeling my cock get even harder in your hand as I start to orgasm, shooting my hot load all over your hand and my stomach. You continue to stroke me, and then lean in to suck the head one more time, me gasping with the pleasure as you smile up at me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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