Backdoor Deliveries Ch. 02

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Two weeks after delivering to the Patterson home, James got called over by his supervisor, Matt.

“I don’t know what you did, but some rich broad was so impressed by you that when she came in today, she asked for you by name to do the delivery,” Matt told him.

“Maybe its just my natural charm,” James replied. “Where’s the delivery going to?”

“It’s in maplewoods. You know, the fancy neighborhood at the north end of the city. The snooty bitch even made a point if asking me to remind you that all deliveries go to the backdoor.”

By that comment, James knew that it had to be Vicky Patterson who had come in.

“I dont know why you try so hard for such snobs,” Matt said.

“They tip really well,” James said smiling, thinking of his encounter with Vicky, cumming deep in her ass and throat, knowing that his boss would accept that on face value.

“Sometimes. Others they are stingy as fuck. Anyways, it’s your last stop today.”

A few hours later, James pulled his truck up to the Patterson’s gate.

“Deliveries to the backdoor,” said a voice that sounded similar to Vicky’s, but wasnt, when they buzzed the gate open.

“That sucks,” James thought to himself, “If someone else is there, I guess I’m not getting laid.”

He pulled around to the backdoor. When he parked and got out, Vicky had opened the door and was waiting for him, wearing a business suit. Standing with her was a girl of about 18, who, based on her looks, was Vicky’s daughter. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was sort of hovering behind Vicky.

“Hi, James,” Vicky said when he got out of the truck. “I need to run out for a bit, but this is my daughter Stacy. She just turned 18, and its time she learned how to take a delivery. I figured that after the last time you were here, that you would be a good person for her to learn from.”

James was confused. was Vicky really asking him to fuck her 18 year old daughter? That would be crazy, he decided, thinking that after last time she trusts him and wants her daughter to learn life skills.

He hands the first set of papers to Vicky, who shows it to her daughter before signing and handing them back to James.

“Stacy, say hello to James and then show him where the stuff is going,” Vicky told her daughter.

“Hi,” Stacy said softly.

James identified her as the voice from the gate intercom.

She turned back into the house and continued, “The stuff is going this way.”

As James followed her into the house, Vicky whispered to him as he passed, “Don’t forget, deliveries go to the backdoor.”

James couldnt tell if she was referring to herself or Stacy.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” she called out to her daughter as she headed out the door.

Stacy showed him back to the room he had delivered the stuff to previously. She showed him where everything was supposed to go. He got to work bringing things up and putting them together. Stacy hovered for a bit and then seemed to remember something.

“My mother told me I should offer you a drink. You want a coke?”

“That would be great. Thanks.”

She headed görükle escort bayan out and came back a few minutes later, carrying a can of coke and a glass. she seemed to think for a second and then she attempted to make conversation.

“Do you like your job?”

“Some days. I get to meet lots of people and get a decent workout.”


After a few minutes of silence, while he took out the last pieces that had to be attached, James asked, “are you in highschool?”

“Yeah, twelfth grade. I graduate in a couple of months.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s school. I guess its not horrible,” she replied with a shrug.

James finished putting the finishing touches on the last piece and pushed it into place. He pulled out the second set of paperwork for Stacy to sign and started to clean up. She signed the paperwork and set it down next to his tools.

“My mother told me not to forget to tip appropriately, and to remind you that all deliveries go to the backdoor,” Stacy said softly, almost as if she was embarrassed.

James just looked at her for a minute, not saying anything. Stacy, not looking at him, pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her firm, perky tits. She then unbuckled and pulled down her jeans. James noticed that she hadn’t been wearing any underwear. He could see that her pussy had no hair at all. He wondered if this was special for the occasion, or if she either shaved or waxed regularly. She turned around and dropped to her knees. she then bent over, put her head to the ground and reached back to spread her teenage ass cheeks.

“Are you sure that you want this?” James asked. “It’ss ok if you don’t.”

“I do,” she said, sounding more sure of herself now. “Please.”

“Ok, but if you want me to stop at any point, just say so.”

James slowly got undressed and made his way over to where Stacy was. He slowly caressed her ass, enjoying the feeling of touching a naked 18 year-old for the first time in many years. Her ass was firm under his hands, as were her tits as he slid his right hand around to feel them. with his left he gently caressed her smooth pussy, delighted to find that it was wet and to hear Stacy moan in response to his touch.

“Backdoor,” she moaned, “Backdoor.”

“I know the rule. All deliveries to the backdoor. I’m just taking a minute.”

James brought his hand back from her tit and placed a finger at her young asshole. As he had suspected, it was already lubricated and ready to go. He moved his hand away and lined his cock up with her ass.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Mmhhhm,” was all the reply he got.

He slowly pushed his cock head against her rosebud. Slowly her asshole stretched, allowing his cock to invade millimeter by millimeter, before suddenly it passed the rim of the head and it popped in.

“Oohhh,” Stacy moaned as the cock head fully entered her ass.

After giving her a few seconds to adjust, James began slowly working his cock in and out of her tight teen ass, pushing in a bit further each time. Each slow thrust forwards got a groaned response from Stacy. altıparmak eskort When James was finally in as deep as he could go, he stopped to take in the feeling. Here he was, his dick deep inside of a 18 year old’s ass. It was even hotter and tighter than her mother’s had been.

“God,” she moaned, drawing out the word, “This feels even better than mom’s strapon does.”

Before James even had time to process that, let alone comment, he heard Vicky’s voice from behind him.

“I know what you mean,” Vicky said. “It really is an amazing feeling.”

James spun his head around and saw Vicky. She was starting to remove the suit that she had been wearing earlier.

“Hey mom,” said Stacy, with a slight strain in her voice.

“Hey Stacy. Well?” Vicky said, looking at James, “What are you waiting for? Fuck her ass.”

James didnt need to be told twice. He pulled back until just the tip of his cock was still in Stacy’s ass and then slammed forwards, causing Stacy to scream out, “YES!” He began fucking her in ernest, his balls slamming against her pussy, just like they had her mother’s. He looked over at Vicky and saw that she had finished getting undressed and was rummaging through the armoire he had built when he was there last. He turned his attention back to Stacy, who had started having mini orgasms each time he bottomed out. They were getting stronger each time as well.

He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and Vicky said, “Hold on one second.”

“Mooooom!” came the disappointed cry from Stacy when James stopped thrusting into her.

James felt something wet slip between his ass cheeks and push against his asshole. He realized that it was Vicky’s lubricated finger as it penetrated his rectum.

“I have a package for you,” Vicky whispered in his ear. “Can I interest you in a delivery?”

James, with his rock hard cock buried in her 18 year old daughter’s ass, could do nothing but nod and bend over Stacy. Up to the previous time that he had had sex with Vicky, when she slipped a finger up his ass while giving him the blowjob of his life, he had never had anything up his ass. He had enjoyed the finger, but he wasnt so sure about what he assumed was about to be a strapon. It felt huge to James as he felt it between his slightly spread ass cheeks and even more so when he felt the wet, hard dildo push against his anus.

“Ohhh god,” he groaned as it penetrated his ass. It felt like his ass was being invaded by a baseball bat, but was also surprisingly exciting. he could feel his cock jump and get even harder, which was saying something, as it was currently in a young teen’s ass. This caused a sympathetic whimper to come from Stacy. Vicky just kept pushing forwards, which caused a bit of discomfort in James’s ass, but there was a tin of lube and the discomfort was soon replaced by a warm feeling of fullness as Vicky shoved her strapon into his ass as far as it would go and gave him a minute to come to terms with it. She then slowly started to pull out. As Vicky pulled out of his ass, James did the same to Stacy. Stacy mewed nilüfer escort with pleasure at the resumption of motion and then gasped as Vicky stopped pulling out of James’s ass and thrust forwards, causing him to abruptly shove his cock back into Stacy’s tight ass.

They quickly found a rhythm and Stacy quickly hit the plateau that she had been building up to. Her intense orgasm, which caused her ass to tighten and her entire body to shake, combined with having his ass fucked hard, pushed James over the edge. He had thought that when he fucked Vicky that he had cum hard and a lot, but there was no comparison. He felt like he filled her entire teen belly with his cum as each blast shot out with more force than he knew possible. As each blast of the hot cum coated her insides, Stacy moaned even more. Vicky had a smaller, but none the less satisfying, orgasm as well from the base of the dildo rubbing against her clit, aided by watching her daughter get her ass filled with cum.

James collapsed forwards onto Stacy, the only things holding him up and preventing him from rolling to the floor were his dick in her ass and the dildo in his own.

“Stacy,” Vicky said softly, “Don’t forget that a good girl always cleans up after herself.”

“I know, mom. but I’m kinda trapped here,” was Stacy’s reply.

Vicky reached down for James’s arms and helped pull him upright, while simultaneously pushing her hips forwards against his ass, causing him to thrust forwards into Stacy once more. She yelped and then, when she had space to move, slowly slid off of his cock. It left her ass with a PLOP. James could see that her asshole was gaping and his cum was leaking out. She slowly turned around and took his cock, fresh from her teen ass, into her young mouth.

“Good girl,” Vicky said, starting to leisurely fuck m his ass once more as her daughter cleaned his dirty cock with her mouth. She didn’t stop at closing, but rather proceeded to blow him, as her mother had done two weeks before. Her mouth felt as heavenly as her ass had. While it was obvious to James that she lacked the experience her mother had, she made up for it with enthusiasm and by virtue of the fact that she was only 18. Between Stacy on his cock and Vicky in his ass, James didn’t last long at all. He started cumming suddenly, spurting into Stacy’s mouth each time Vicky thrust into his ass, the blasts hitting the back of Stacy’s throat and filling her mouth, as she hadn’t managed to get him down her throat, despite trying. Even trying to swallow as much as she could, some leaked out. Vicky stopped fucking James and reached down around him to wipe it up.

“Delicious,” she said as she licked it off her finger. “I’m going to enjoy licking your ass clean later, Stacy. Speaking of which,” she trailed off as she pulled out of James’s ass.

She dropped onto the floor and started licking James’s newly vacated ass. As her tongue lapped around and inside of his stretched asshole, Stacy let his now limp cock fall from her mouth and moved to take her mother’s strapon into her mouth to clean that as well. James, exaughsted, dropped to the ground when Stacy moved and just let Vicky clean his ass.

Twenty minutes later he was back in his truck. He had left his personal number with both Vicky and Stacy in case they wanted a special delivery at any point. He waved as he pulled out and they waved back, mother and daughter, both naked, leaning against each other.

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