Backyard Exposure

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“Hi Hon. How was your day?” Connie says to her husband, Jeff, who walks through their front door.

Jeff moves to his wife who is in the kitchen and playfully pinches her nipple through her blouse, “Went well, Mrs. Fletcher. Nothing new. We did get a new account. It should be a good one. Did you get some sun again today?”

She gives a smile but dips her breast to thwart his attempt at her other nipple, “Yes. Another couple days I will have the tan I want,” then she rubs one hand up her forearm. Connie is a 42 year-old woman who is about 5’8” at 165 lbs. and short wavy black hair. She has wide hips and her 36 C breasts.

Jeff enters the living room and takes his newspaper off the seat of the recliner and sits. In a minute he raises his eyes above the paper and inquires, “Say, Connie, when I mowed the lawn Saturday I noted there is a slat in the fence with a big crack in it. Did you see that? When you pay as much as we did for this property you would have thought the former owners would fix a little thing like that. Sunbathing in the nude makes us a little vulnerable in this stuffy neighborhood.”

Connie walks in to the room and sits on the sofa opposite him, “Well, Jeff, now that you mention it I think I have some fans already.”

“What! We just moved in and someone is spying on us already?”

“Well, I think it is just a couple of boys. Maybe you could just nail a board over that crack. Just be sure it matches so it won’t be so noticeable.”

Jeff asks, “You mean a couple of teen-age boys are ogling you when you sunbathe? What do they see?”

“What do you expect? The whole enchilada. There is some wood in the garage to cover that crack.”

“Are you kidding, baby! That is a highlight in a boy’s adolescence to see a mature woman nude. I would have given anything to see a body like yours when I was a kid. Give the boys a free show. Make’m happy. The world will be a better place for it.”

Connie says, “I must admit it, dear, when they watch I have been fingering myself a little. It feels a little adventuresome to have someone turned on – even if they are boys. It does get me more in the mood for you when you get home.”

For the next two weeks of the warm summer, like clock-work at 1 PM, Connie strolls to her reclining deck chair, removes her bathrobe, exposes a mature woman’s body and lies back in the chair. She pushes out her tanned breasts, tweaks her nipples for a little color and admires herself. She takes a sip of her Margarita and then proceeds to oil her body. When she finishes she folds a white washcloth and places it over her eyes and slides down to relax just to the point of falling asleep. It does not take long before she can hear a little rustle behind the fence. She separates her knees, lets her hands fall and plays with her labia. Eventually her fingers find her clitoris. A pleasant routine has developed between the voyeurs and herself.

In the next two evenings when her husband arrives home, he asks for a report on the afternoon of exhibiting herself to “their boys.” Each day she reports they got an eyeful.

When the weekend arrives, Jeff noted their neighbor woman had left so Jeff goes out and around the fence and examines the crack in the fence. Sure enough there are thin stains of cum outlined on the fence.

Jeff returns to the house, “Connie, those kids have creamed the other side of the fence. I am surprised that old maid Miss Finch has not kicked them out.”

Connie replies, “She just does not want anyone to get near her rhubarb and peonies, the old bitch. I am sure she enjoys watching the kids jacking off. Now that you mention it, why the hell should that old maid have more fun than me? ”

Later on thinking how intriguing the titillation she gets from her boys, Connie gets an idea. The next day she writes a note and pushes it into the crack in the fence but not so far Miss Finch can şişli escort see it. It reads: “Boys, I need to talk to you. I know what you are doing. I am not going to report this to your parents but we need to talk. The back gate is open today.”

Connie has a smile on her face and looks forward to the next day of sunbathing. She considers letting her husband in on her plan but then decides to hold off and see how it pans out.

The following day she gets out a little earlier than usual to the pool to be sure she is ready for her visitors. She has prepared for the day by avoiding sex with her husband last night and had not masturbated for a couple of days. Her hormones were primed. She is surprised how horny she could get over a couple of boys. She rotates her chair so she faces the crack in the fence better. She opens her white terry cloth robe and lets her breasts fall to the side. She sips her Margarita. She then removes her robe and sets it aside. She starts oiling her calves, inner thighs and breasts. She remembers to pinch her nipples to enjoy their redness. She then rubs some oil over her shaved mound. She massages her mound and then rubs each of her large labia. She spreads them so a little red might show just in case her little spectators show for the day. She lays back and applies oil to her arms and legs to make her body glisten. .

A little rustle is heard near the fence, and her attention becomes acute. With this sound she feels a let-down reflex with some of her juices flowing between her legs. She then spreads her knees even wider and slowly applies more oil to her smooth tanned skin. She works her way down to the labia and plays with the flaps –flaps of a married woman that have had a lot use from men – men besides her husband. She then removes her sunglasses then puts the folded washcloth over her eyes and reclines.

After a few minutes, two boys in shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes come through her squeaky gate. One has Spiderman picture on his shirt and the other a soccer ball design. With one hand, Mrs. Fletcher feebly attempts to cover herself with the bathrobe and puts on her dark sunglasses with her other hand.

As they approach her she notes they each are only about 5’5” with one being thin and the other on the chubby side. They are looking away trying to avoid the mature woman’s exposed skin and her eyes.

She sits up and lowers the sunglasses on her nose. “Gentlemen you have found my note – over here please, in front of me,” she commands. They shuffle over. “What have you to say for yourselves? I am trying to relax in my own private backyard and you two have been spying on me – a married woman on her own property? I don’t want to tell your parents but I want an explanation now!”

The thin one says in a shaky voice, “We- we are sorry, Mrs. Fletcher. We had not seen a naked woman’s body before and you are so beautiful.”

“What is your name please?”

The thin boy says, “I’m Bobby – Bobby Driscoll and this is my friend Scott Harris.”

“How do you boys know my name?”

“We checked your mail box, sorry.”

“Of course. How old are you boys?”

Bobby answers, “We are both 16 – right Scott?”

Scott agrees, “Yes, 16.”

Connie thinks, “These little fuckers can’t be 16 but I am not going to tell them to ask their parents to bring me their birth certificates.”

“Boys come into the house – let’s get out of this sun.” As Mrs. Fletcher gets up she reaches for her drink, and lets the boys trail her. She holds the robe to the side so they can get a nice view of one of her smooth tanned bare buttocks. The boys look at each other then follow her in. Bobby attempts to push down the tent in his shorts.

The home has a large stone fireplace as the central fixture with a ceramic tiled floor in a sunken living room.

“Come into the kitchen.” They follow her and take chairs around the white-legged kitchen table. Mrs. Fletcher goes to the refrigerator and pours them some lemonade. She turns around and her tits are only partially covered. The boys are shaking slightly.

“T-Thanks, Mrs. Fletcher. This tastes good.”

You’re welcome, Bobby.”

“Now, boys, what were you doing outside the fence while watching me sunbathe?”

Bobby replies, “I am sorry we can’t say, Mrs. Fletcher.”

“Well, I can guess- you were jerking off weren’t you? Come on, speak up I am mature woman and I know boys as well as men.”

The chubby Scott confirms, “Yeah, sorry. We will stop, Mrs. Fletcher, please don’t tell our parents!”

“Did you masturbate already today, boys?”


“Yes, playing with your penises, boys.”

“No, Mrs. Fletcher we saw your note so we just came in,” Scott replies.

“Boys, you know I am a married woman?”

Scott says, “Yes, we see your husband in the yard too without his clothes on but he is not pretty like you are Mrs. Fletcher.”

“Thank you Scott – it is Scott isn’t it? Now fellows, my husband said he remembers what it was like at your age and having so much tension between his legs. I assume you have the same problem?”

They look at each other and nod.

“Well, let’s get to the point gentlemen. I have a question for you – do you feel a punishment is in order for your actions – violating a grown woman’s privacy and creaming our fence?

The teens look at each other again and then bow dejectedly, “Yes, Mrs. Fletcher,” they say in unison.

“What do you think would be a fair punishment? Come on boys, here is your chance to speak up.”

Scott offers, “Make us clean the fence and pay for fixing it?”

Mrs. Fletcher responds, “Not bad, but I have another idea. Please stand up.”

The boys jump up.

“This is what my dad did to me when I misbehaved. Now drop your shorts and your briefs. ”

“But Mrs. Fletcher ….” Bobby starts to protest.

“Now! Please.” The woman insists.

The boys remove their belts. They then thumb the inside of their shorts and briefs and slide them off.

Two cocks pop out at the same time. Scott has a long cock –more like an adult male- and Bobby’s is shorter and fatter. Both are circumcised. Bobby’s penis protrudes from a black bush while Scott’s is surrounded with only a few long fine blonde hairs.

The mature woman’s eyes widen and she smiles at the sight.

Grabbing Scott she forces him down, “Okay, you first over my knee. Sorry boys.” She does not grasp her robe as it falls open.

Mrs. Fletcher’s feels an urge in her lower half when she admires the small tight- muscled bare ass that is across her knees. The toes of his tennis shoes barely touch the floor. She spreads his legs to get a better bead on his asshole- which is tan and tight. She then leans the side to see his ball pouch. They are normal size with one hanging lower than the other.

“Now just to be sure you don’t move I will hold on to this,” she demands. With her left hand she reaches under the young man and grabs his penis and his balls. His balls feel like two hard boiled eggs. The boy squeezes his legs together.

“Unh. B-b-but Mrs. Fletcher!” Scott protests.

The woman ignores the complaint. She brings back her open right hand and then “swat!” A slight red mark remains across the middle of the boy’s buttocks. Then she raises her hand again and then another “swat” which is just as hard and loud as the first. Another parallel redder stripe marks the white flesh. She relaxes her grip on his genitals.

The young culprit squirms. His penis stiffens and flips out beyond her cupping. She tightens her grip on his testicles. With the top of her cupping left hand she presses his penis to his stomach.

Bobby looks on in alarm at his friend twists under the woman but the hardness between his own legs overrides his concern for his own safety.

“Okay young man, here is your last reward.” “Whack!” The room reverberates with the sound. The woman’s hand releases his scrotum.

As Scott slides off the woman’s knee, he reaches back to feel his buttocks which makes his hard- on stick straight out. His buddy bobby sees a bewildered look on Scott’s face. It seems the activity is going so fast for them that they can’t process what is happening. They feel embarrassment but also an arising a sense of arousal.

Bobby leaves his reverie as he finds himself all of a sudden over the woman’s knee. He looks to his side and sees the married woman’s pronounced shaved mound. His penis jumps and then he feels the woman’s hand finding it then groping it and his testicles.

The pressure is intensely painful yet feels so sensual. He lifts his head and looks over his shoulder and sees the woman’s full tits that are hanging down. Just then “whack!” His buttocks sting. Then again, “Whack!”

“Young man, that is for spying on a married woman.” The woman begins to pant.

Then a final, “Whack!” and then the words, “Okay, now get up.” She is breathing hard and has some sweat on the top of her breasts.

Bobby gets up and his cock sticks out and up. He moves over to stand next to Scott. Both boys’ hands try to cover their genitals.

Connie sits back and regains her wind. Her voice returns to normal after the excitement. She looks at the kitchen tile and sees where cum has dripped. “Boys you have made a mess! But you are lucky that is the one liquid I don’t mind in my house – at least on my ceramic tiles.”

“All right fellows, you have paid your penalty. You can put those things (pointing at their cocks) in your pants now. I will say you were well behaved in taking your punishment. “

“We are sorry,” Mrs. Fletcher, Scott says looking down and away from her hanging bulbous tits.

“I know kids that I may have been a little rough on you. If you want to see a nude woman that is normal – especially for boys your age but you need permission when it is in the privacy of the woman’s home. In fact, if you want to sunbathe nude in our back yard, please feel free to do so. We are not prudes like other families.”

She adds, “I hope I was not too terrible with you. It was not all bad though was it – I mean right here? (She steps forward and places a hand on each boy’s shiny cock.) I do have a figure that males have always appreciated and you are getting to that age where you too can appreciate a female’s body. In fact, you will be feeling some tension, if you have not already here (she reaches under their cocks and cups their scrotums), and I could relieve you of that. My husband helped me appreciate your young needs. If you come over, just ring the front door bell, you don’t need to go through the neighbor’s yard. The only time I don’t want you to ring the bell is if there is a plant in this window- that means we have company. Otherwise you can ring the bell on any afternoon except on weekends or holidays when my husband will be home. Do you understand that guys?”

“Yes. Okay, we will Mrs. Fletcher, won’t we Scott?” Bobby struggles to say.

“Yes, ma’am,” Bobby confirms.

“Any questions, guys?”

“Is tomorrow okay, ma’am?” Scott asks.

Connie smiles, “That would be lovely. Sure, tomorrow would be fine. Just come during the afternoon when my husband is working. How about a little goodbye kiss?” The woman leans forward just holding part of her towel over just one breast. Bobby steps over and kisses her on the forehead.

“I mean here,’ she drops the towel and sticks out her full smooth breasts.

Bobby bends forward and kisses a globe. Scott follows and puts his lips around a nipple and sucks.

“Oh, oh – boys – just a little peck. Let’s save something for tomorrow!”

Mrs. Fletcher helps the boys dress and then bids them adieu out the front door.

The end.

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