Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 05

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First and foremost I need to send out a huge thank you to BGMISFUN for his help with editing. The time and effort is really appreciated. Hetup


Chapter 05: Two mature women at your beck and call

I used the next couple of days completing my seduction of Karen. Carmen had given me her blessings, so I could concentrate on Karen. Carmen was into getting her old girlfriend under my spell, so she often volunteered taking care of the kids, while Karen and I used this to our advances. The weather was really good and the first couple of days we spent the time around the pool area. Often I was thankful for the fact that the two smaller pools were placed so there wasn’t a clear sight to the main pool area.

After the first night together Carmen and Karen had made a shopping trip, while I took care of the kids at home. Carmen had taken Karen to some of her favorite shops and they came home with new bikinis and high-heels slippers for Karen. Now my women were dressed alike and often I felt a throbbing in my groin, when I looked at them walking around.

Shannon, Steven and I were playing in the main pool, when Karen came out of the house. The kids didn’t mind their mother, but I took in the sight as this mature hot housewife walked towards me. Karen was wearing a bikini that looked magnificent on her slender body. It had a top which had strings between the triangles of fabric that covered her nipples and half of her ample breasts. The bottom was tied at the sides and the position of the material was so low, that you almost could see the top of her groin. It was black with white dots and it looked great on her. I was in awe of how hot she looked, the luscious breasts, the toned stomach, the slightly wide hips and slender legs.

Karen noticed my staring and smiled, and began walking slowly towards me. It seemed as if she accepted our relationship, as she made sure her tits were bouncing and her hips were swinging with every step. My cock started to harden and I told myself to cool it a bit, as Shannon and Steven were playing in the pool.

Karen got into the pool and we played for some time with the kids. I started to caress Karen, when her kids were preoccupied with the games we played. First I touched her ass under the water. Karen smiled at me but moved away from me. As we continued playing with the children I started to be much bolder. For some time we were horsing around in the pool. I would throw Shannon and Steven in the air and let them splash into the water. They laughed and screamed at this, clearly enjoying the game. They tried to push and dunk me, but had great troubles. They screamed for their mother to help them and ganged up on me. I let them dunk me and we continued horsing around. We were mostly in the shallow end of the pool, but sometimes I moved into the deep end. We also splashed water at each other. One time Karen hit me in the face and laughed.

“Did you laugh at me?” I grinned and continued, “I’ll pay you back big times.”

I started to give chase and Karen laughed moving away from me and into the deep end. I grinned as I followed her into the deep end. I could hear the kids laughing behind me and soon I closed in on their mother. I grabbed her wrists and stopped her forward motion. Laughing, Karen tried to break free and I turned her around, so her back was against my front. My large body made it impossible for the kids to see their mother. I let my hands brush against her full breasts. I put my hands on her slender waist and pulled her ass up against my semi-hard cock. Karen shrieked and squirmed trying to get free, but I didn’t let her. I grabbed her tits and started to caress them, while moving my groin against her ass.

“You make me so hot. I want you all the time,” I whispered into Karen’s right ear.

Karen stopped moving and emitted a throaty moan.

I pulled at her nipples and licked her ear.

“Mind the kids. Please let me go,” Karen stuttered and tried to move away.

I gave her nipples a light pull and whispered, “All right, but I want you so much.”

I let her go and once again I was horsing around with her kids. But now I also grabbed Karen with the intentions of throwing her like I did with the kids. Both Shannon and Steven laughed and clearly relished the fact that I did the same to their mother as I did to them. There was one huge difference. At first I just grabbed the hot mature blond around her slender waist and lifted her up above my head and walking towards the deep end of the pool to bring her splashing down. I did this several times with all three of them. I lifted them up in the air and then threw them into the water. I took care it wasn’t too rough on either of them.

Whenever I had my hands on Karen, I took some liberties and caressed her body. Apparently all the movements loosened the strings holding on Karen’s bikini top. When I pulled her up facing me with her back to the children, her full round breasts were exposed. I quickly moved my head and my mouth leeched on her left nipple. Karen shrieked and I kept on sucking as I walked poker oyna backwards into the deep end of the pool. The children couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so I took my time. Karen’s hands were caressing my hair and she was moaning. After some time I let go of the nipple and threw Karen down into the water. The kids laughed and I smiled at Karen as she surfaced facing me with her luscious tits bare. Karen wiped her eyes with one hand and tried to pull the top over her breasts with the other. I moved forward and caressed her face, before I moved towards the kids.

The next half an hour we played around in the pool, and Karen also started to tease me. When the kids were preoccupied, Karen and I would seek each other. Often I would have my hands on Karen’s breasts and sometimes her hand would touch my semi-hard cock. Soon I was also touching her crotch and tight ass.

“I’ll want you so much. I can’t wait anymore,” I whispered to Karen.

“Oh, Ryan. I want you too,” Karen moaned as I slipped a finger into her pussy.

For some time Carmen had been sitting under a parasol with Eva and observed our horsing around in the pool. She was aware of what had transpired between Karen and me, and had noticed how our caressing had escalated. With a smile she got up and said, “Shannon and Steven, why don’t you get out of the pool? You can both help me find some ice cream.”

Both kids were up from the water in no time, and walked with Carmen and Eva towards the house.

Karen started walking towards the shallow end, as if she would follow her kids. I quickly got up behind her and pulled at the string holding her bikini top tied. Surprised, Karen turned around. I took her hand and pulled her back in the water. I put an arm under Karen’s back and the other under her legs and walked towards the grotto. I walked through the waterfall and now we were in the grotto. You couldn’t see in from the outside, but we could see out.

I leaned in and began to kiss my blond lover. Karen closed her eyes and lifted her hands to caress my face. I let my fingers trace lightly over her tits and soon my hands were cupping her full round breasts and my fingers began to tweak her nipples. Karen’s body was responding to my touch and she was clearly aroused.

I got rid of my bathing trunks and Karen moved a hand down and began to stroke my hard pole. I untied the strings on the bottom and moved my hand to her pussy and started sliding two fingers around her clit. Neither of us said a word, but soon the grotto was filled with lustful moans.

I moved Karen around, so she had her back against my front. Then I sat down and pulled her back, so my legs got in between her legs. I wrapped my arms around her, placing her down on my legs. My hard cock was pressing against her ass cheeks and Karen wiggled against it. I lifted her up and she grabbed hold of my long thick shaft and rubbed it up and down her wet opening. Slowly I pulled her down and groaned as my cock slid into her warm, tight pleasure hole. Karen let out a moan and wrapped her arms around my head, turning her head around seeking my lips.

For some time we sat kissing in the grotto, with this hot mother impaled on my throbbing ten-inch cock. Karen was breathing heavy and moaning against my mouth.

After some time we broke the kiss and Karen turned her head around. Now we both were looking out of the grotto through the waterfall. I began caressing her breasts and soon I started pinching and twisting her nipples, while she moved up and down my cock. Karen was squirming around on my large shaft as she began lifting her body up and then let it fall down onto my pole.

“Arrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhh, Ryan it feels so good. Fuck me deep and hard,” Karen moaned.

I slowly started thrusting up, when Karen moved down. Now the grotto was filled with the sounds of our flesh hitting each other. Karen and I were in sync and the teasing in the water had made us hot for each other. Soon I felt her pussy clamp even tighter as she squealed out, “Oh, my. I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming.”

Now her pussy muscles began squeezing and milking my cock and I felt a sexual frenzy. But before I could start to fuck her really hard I saw that Carmen and the kids were back at the pool.

Karen was still moaning out loud, so quickly I turned her head around and sealed her mouth with mine capturing the sound.

After a minute or so I sensed she was coming down from her climax and I broke the kiss and whispered, “Sshhh darling, Shannon and Steven are both playing out in the pool.”

Karen gasped, was shocked and turned her head around looking at her children. She tried to get up from my cock, but with my hands I didn’t let her move.

“Please let me go,” Karen said and looked back at me with fear in her eyes.

“No way, darling. I’m not done. We’ll just have to keep the noise down.”


“No buts.” I interrupted my blond milf and continued, “They can’t see us through the waterfall, and you’ve made me so horny I’ve got to cum right now.”

Karen looked back over canlı poker oyna her shoulder and she still had a questioning look on her face. I kissed her softly before I started to move her up and down my rigid shaft. Once again our fucking started slow, Karen was slowly lowering herself until completely impaled, and then slowly pulling up. We both looked towards her kids playing in the pool and my hands were cupping her full tits.

We could hear the kids asking Carmen about our whereabouts and she just told them that we surely would be back soon. Carmen and I had often made love in the grotto, so she definitely had an idea about our whereabouts.

After some time I started to move my loins up again, ramming my thick cock in Karen. She moaned but tried to keep the noise down.

As I slowly fucked up into her, I whispered into her ear, “You know, you’re being a very naughty mother, don’t you?”

Karen’s breathing was already getting shallow, “My God, what are you doing to me, Ryan? Yes…I’m very naughty.”

Aroused by the fact I was fucking a hot milf in front of her kids, my excitement was through the roof. Trying to prolong the feeling, I asked, “How does it feel, to have a young man’s cock inside your married pussy? How does it feel having another man’s cock thrusting into you, seeking to make you pregnant? Do you want that?”

Karen pussy contracted around my cock and she moaned, “I love your huge cock. You make me feel things I’ve never felt before.”

“I know, it’s clear to me that your husband can’t satisfy you,” I hissed thrusting upwards.

“Please don’t mention George right now,” Karen moaned as she moved down onto my cock.

“He’s a fool, not giving you a proper romp. Tell me, how could you be satisfied for years with his tiny penis and insignificant stamina?”

Karen gasped at this and started to tremble. She was fully impaled by my shaft as she turned her head around and looked into my eyes.

“Don’t…”Karen began.

“Don’t tell me that you’re not faking orgasms when he makes love to you. I’ve shown you what a completely satisfied woman looks and feels like. And you’ve told Carmen that you’ve not once been satisfied in the past ten years.”

I could tell that Karen was shocked by my knowledge of her marriage. She started to say, “I love George…”

Once again I interrupted, “No, you like George. I’m sure he’s your best friend, but you don’t love him. If you did, you wouldn’t be fucking me right now in the close proximity of your children. I understand your situation, but you’ll have to accept that I’m your man for the time being. Aren’t you curious, Karen? Now you know, what a man twice as long and wide as your husband feels like inside you. Aren’t you curious about your own sexuality?”

“Yes,” the hot blond mother croaked out.

Deciding to make a point I lifted her up, so my cock slipped out of her warm pussy. I pulled her back against me and settled her down on my lap with my cock pressing up her moist lip and against her tight stomach. I groaned, “Fuck, Karen,… look how deep my cock is inside of you, when you are fully impaled by it.”

Karen looked down her full breasts, and took hold of my thick shaft as the mammoth head reached her navel.

“Oh my God. Now I understand why it feels like my pussy is on fire, when you fuck me hard. You’re almost in my womb,” Karen hissed.

Satisfied with my domination of this hot housewife, I once again lifted Karen up and slipped my cock into her wet cunt.

“Look at your beloved kids, while I give you what you crave. Maybe right now we’re making a new sibling for them,” I whispered as I began to thrust up into her pleasure hole, while my left hand stimulated her clit. The huge mushroom head of my cock was now firmly ramming into Karen’s cervix.

Before long Karen started to grunt, shake, and shriek as her pussy clenched and unclenched around my hard shaft as she experienced another climax.

I began to thrust up harder and faster. I grabbed Karen’s waist and pulled her down as I speared my long thick pole into her. I tried to keep the noise down, so her kids wouldn’t notice, but I could definitely hear a wet, slurping sound of my cock banging into Karen’s sopping wet hole. The sound of two bodies slapping together echoing in the grotto, as my hands were holding her hips as I fucked her. I felt how I got closer and closer to cumming. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, and I knew I would cum in a matter of seconds.

I hissed, “I’m cumming, Karen.”

Karen looked back over her shoulder directly into my eyes and whimpered, “Cum inside me, baby. I want to feel your seed in me. Let’s make a sister or brother for Shannon and Steven.”

Hearing this I had to let go. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock as I let a hot load of cum erupt from my cock. I thrust up into her a few more times, each thrust pumping more cum inside of my married lover until I was finally spent. Still inside of her I pulled her against me as I caught my breath.

She turned her head internet casino towards mine and we kissed for some time. My cock shrank a little and I pulled out of my mature lover. I noticed the kids were out of the pool and Carmen was putting lotion on them. They didn’t indicate that they had heard anything, but Carmen clearly had. She looked towards the grotto and just smiled.

I put my arm around Karen and she leaned her head on my shoulder as I said, “That was amazing, Karen. You’re a passionate woman.”

Karen leaned in and kissed me before saying, “That was truly amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“Let’s get dressed and slip out of here. We’ll tell the kids I had to show you something.”

Quickly we put on our suits and Karen giggled,” Lucky we have to walk through water, because you’re already leaking out from me. Maybe the kids wouldn’t notice.”

As we slipped out of the grotto, Carmen made sure the kids didn’t see us, before we were walking up from the pool.

“Where have you been?” Steven asked.

“I had to show your mother something. As we came back we slipped into the pool, trying to surprise you, but you saw us.”

Both kids giggled at this and walked over to their mother hugging her.

I walked over to Carmen and hugged and kissed her, while I whispered “Thank you.”

Holding Carmen in my arms I turned around and felt a throb in my groin as my blond married lover hugged her children, while she was soiled with my seeds. It was a turn on, knowing how she was my plaything now.

The rest of the day we spent tanning at the pool. Shannon and Steven were busy with some sort of project in the sands around the smaller pools, so my two mature women and I had plenty of time to enjoy each other. We lay on the sun loungers and kissed and touched each other. Both Carmen and Karen kept their bikinis on, but often I would lean in and suck a nipple into my mouth.

When Carmen went to put Eva down for a nap, I moved up to Karen’s lounger and started to kiss down her tight stomach toward her moist pussy. I moved the small cloth covering her vulva and her little clit stood out like a tiny pebble. I sucked on her clit, drawing it in between my lips, allowing my tongue to swipe over the sensitive bud and she was breathing hard and panting and moaning. Karen placed her hands on my head and pressed it down against her clit, while hissing. I inserted two fingers inside her dripping wet cunt and began moving them in and out. Karen began to wiggle her ass and I could feel pulsation in her clit and then her whole body was shaking as she came violently. Her cunt muscles began grasping at my fingers and I stopped moving them in and out. I kept them inside of her and began flexing them.

Karen gasped as I came in contact with her g-spot up inside the roof at her pussy. I kept on stimulating the g-spot, while sucking on her clit.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. You’re killing me. Please stop, remember the childreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen,” Karen hissed as she experienced countless orgasms.

My fingers never slowed down their work on her g-spot and I kept on sucking and licking her clit. But after some time I pulled away and looked up at her. I saw that her eyes were closed and her hard breathing made her full, round breasts rise and fall in a mesmerizing rhythm.

After a while she opened her eyes and she smiled at me. She leaned forward and gave me a smoldering kiss. When she broke off the kiss she looked at me.

“Do you want me to return the favor?” She said and moved her hand down to my hard cock.

“No, I’m going to find Carmen. Then you can take some time being with your kids,” I said and got up and walked towards the house. At the door I looked back over my shoulder and saw Karen with a dazed expression on her face. I chuckled and went to find Carmen. I found her in the bedroom and soon I had her on her back and fucked furiously into her. I pressed my feet into the mattress so I could pound her real hard.

“Oh Goooooooooooooooooooodd,” Carmen moaned as I put her legs over my shoulders and rotated my hips, grinding my thick cock against her clit and g-spot. Carmen screamed as waves of pleasure flew through her petite body.

“Is this what you want, baby?”

“Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me hard! It made me so hot, knowing you were fucking Karen in the grotto,” Carmen wailed, her back arching and her hands clutching at the sheets.

Now I was savagely hammering my huge cock into my petite lover, seeking my own release. Carmen was climaxing, and soon after my balls contracted and I shoot wave after wave of my seed into her womb. I collapsed on top of Carmen and rolled us around, where we lay motionless for a few minutes.

After some time I got out of bed, saying, “Come on, let’s join the others at the pool.”

It sure was a blessing having two mature women at your beck and call. After five days in the hot Florida sun Karen had lost nearly all her inhibitions. She was way past the objection phase and was willingly participating in all kinds of sexual activities. I would often give her a quick fuck in the morning, while Carmen took care of the children. During the day we would sneak away and give into our sexual attractions.

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