Bang Baby Redux

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A few years ago, syd_v63, another author on this site, wrote a very good series called BANG BABY BANG. I found part 3 of the story to be the most exciting, but was disappointed that the ending stopped abruptly before getting to the action. Imagine my disappointment when part 4 picked the story up several days after part 3! So I forgot about it until I came across it today, and I thought, I bet I’m not the only person who wants to know what happened between Rachel, her son, and her husband in that kitchen. I have written it so that you can follow it easily without reading anything earlier, but if you would like more context to this story, read Part 3 of BANG BABY BANG by syd_v63 first. As a matter of fact, I recommend the whole series. But this is how I imagined that entire erotic encounter in the kitchen playing out.

As always, I am looking for sexy married women who are interested in chatting or exchanging stories with a younger guy. If anything in this story interests you, ladies, you know how you can get in touch.

This story picks up a moment after the ending of BANG BABY BANG PART 3, and takes place prior to PART 4


There Rachel, his gorgeous mother, stood in the kitchen, holding her son Michael’s cock in her hand, jerking it slowly, softly, as she taunted and teased her husband on the cell phone she held in her other hand. He had always fantasized about her fucking another, younger man, and lately they had enjoyed a variety of roleplaying scenarios. And at this moment, her husband believed this was just another fiction, his beautiful wife pretending to be with another man and acting out the rendezvous over the phone so that he could pleasure himself to her sexy banter. What her husband didn’t know was that the scenario she was describing was all too real, and that her husband’s own son was listening as his parents dickered and dealt over just how he would get to fuck her.

Rachel’s hand was slick with Michael’s precum, and she continued stroking him slowly, maddeningly, her eyes never leaving his, a wicked smile on her face. She looked like an absolute goddess, her dark curls wild about her shoulders, wearing one of her son’s sports jerseys, which hugged every gorgeous, shapely part of her body. “What about it, loverboy. My husband wants to know if you’ll pull your big cock out of me when you cum. Is that something you want to do?”

Michael smiled and shook his head.

Rachel laughed, then feigned a pouty voice. “Oh, I’m sorry baby. My lover says that xnxx he wants to cum inside me.” She paused, and Michael could hear his father, but couldn’t understand him. “What do I want? Oh baby, I think you know.” She said “I want this stud to slide his cock as deep in my pussy as he can get it, which is very, very deep, and flood my womb with his hot cum. I want him to plant his seed in me, and I want to feel it flood my insides.”

Rachel’s husband was nearly hyperventilating now. “I know I could get pregnant.” Rachel said as she winked at Michael. “And I have to admit, darling, it excites me more than I can say.”

Rachel slipped off the counter, standing between it and Michael, and sunk down to her knees, looking up at his giant cock, cradling it in one hand and holding the phone against her ear with the other. Her husband was talking, saying he just wasn’t sure, as she slipped Michaels cock into her mouth and moaned. She sucked it deep once, twice, three times, making sure to heavily coat it with saliva. The she slipped it from her mouth and said, “Oh, I’m sorry baby. I was just sucking this stud’s cock to get him ready. Not that he needs much more lubrications, as wet as my pussy is and as much precum is flowing out of his cock.” She stood. “Did I taste his precum? Yes I did. And it was sweet. I may have to drink more of the real thing later, but for right now…” Rachel turned to the counter, tossed her curly dark hair over her shoulder, and looked back at Michael. “I have a better place for him to deposit all that hot, thick cum.”

Michael sidled up behind her, lifting the jersey over her full, round ass and positioning his cock at the entrance of her weeping little flower. She bent to give him access and said, “I’m bending over the kitchen counter right now, darling, and he’s slipping the head of his big cock back and forth along the lips of my pussy. I want him inside me so much. But not until you say you want to hear it. Do you want to baby? Do you want to listen as he takes me right here in the kitchen where I make your breakfast? Do you want him to fuck me?” Her smile was a blaze of lust across her face. She had never looked more like a wanton goddess of fertility, of love, of sex, than she did right now. “DO you want me to let him…” She paused for dramatic effect. “Cum deep inside me?”

Then she giggled. “Hmm. Good, honey. Because at this point I want going to let him whether you approved or not.” She looked up at Michael again. “Go ahead, loverboy. Take brazzers me.”

With that, Michael slipped first the head, and then the full length, of his cock inside his mother from behind.

Rachel shuddered and set the phone down on the counter, pressing the speaker button and gripping the clean white tile. “OOOOOOOOHHH honey. He just slipped his cock inside me. Oh he’s so big. UUUUUNNNGGGHH!”

Michael’s hands found the meaty curves of Rachel’s smooth hips and held them tight as he began to pump his cock into her, slowly, but with ever increasing speed. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, but as hot to trot as his mother was, he doubted he would have to.

And then he heard his father asking in a breathy voice. “What is he doing now, Rach?”

Rachel bent further at the hips, easing her mouth closer to the phone. “He’s riding me like I was his own little bitch. Taking me… fucking me… right here… in your kitchen… Oh god!”

Michael began to speed up his tempo. The slapping sound of their flesh was getting louder. Couldn’t his dad hear that? Wouldn’t he know that this was all real? He didn’t care. The sexiest woman alive was letting him have her, completely and totally. And he was going to.

“UUUUUUUUNNNGGGGGGHH do it honey! Fuck mommy deep! DEEP AND HARD!” Rachel cried, seemingly more interested now in Michael’s big cock than in what his father had to say.

“Yeah!” growled Rachel’s husband. “Fuck her! Fuck her and cum in her!”

Rachel laughed and groaned, “What was that, dear? I don’t think this stud heard you over the sound of his hips slapping my ass while he plunges… that cock in me.”

“I said fuck her and cum in her!” Her husband shouted, his voice cracking and jumping. It sounded to Michael like his dad was enjoying himself on the other end of the line.

“Ooooh honey, I love that you want him to,” Rachel said. “I want him to fill me up and plant all that seed in me, baby. I want him to get me pregnant. Would you like that? Would you like to see me walking around your house with another man’s baby in my belly?”

“Ooooh Rachel,” her husband husked. “honey you’re gonna make me cum all over my desk!”

Michael’s mother stood up a bit, and looked over her shoulder at him. “Good, baby. I want you to. I want all three of us to cum together. And I know I’m ready to explode. I’m willing to bet our studly sperm donor is to, am I right, stud?” She asked Michael, looking straight into his eyes. He nodded.

“Good, sikiş izle loverboy. Then do it! Fuck me! Mate with me! Let Daddy hear what it sounds like when a real man fucks his woman and fills her belly with cum!”

Michael lost all sense of himself then, and he became something like an animal. She wanted him to mate with her? Fine. He would. He gripped his mother’s hair, and pulled it back, forcing her to arch her back as he pistoned in and out of her. No rhythm, no style was in the way he fucked her now. He took her with complete abandon, her firm, thick ass rippling with every stroke of his big thick cock. His balls were boiling, and he could feel the first tingles of his own orgasm, which was sure to be monumental. His ears were filled with a soft hum, and somewhere in the distance he could hear his father on the phone announcing that he was cumming, sitting behind his office desk, jerking, many miles away. But the torrent of verbal filth coming from the goddess he was plowing his cock into is what made his cock fire it first salvo. Rachel came, and Michael came with her.


Forgetting for a moment that he was to play a quiet part, Michael let out a roar as the first electric hot jolt of semen flowed up the length of his cock and fired deep into his mother’s hot, tight lovepocket. But my the second time he felt his cock lurch inside her and fire another jolt of seed, he pulled her up by her hair and bit her shoulder. She only seemed to relish the act, as she cried out and slammed her ass back against him, determined to milk every drop from his nutsack. And the whole time, she narrated for her husband. “Oh honey, he’s cumming inside me. Still cumming. I can feel his cock jerking and bucking. God it’s so hot inside me. How much did you cum, loverboy… oooooooh honey.”

She turned her head back and kissed Michael as the last of his seed spent itself in her. She slowly grinded against him, and they could hear his father breathing hard on the phone as Michael’s cock slipped from her and a torrent of hot, white, flowing semen gushed from her pussy and ran down the inside of her perfect, tight thighs. “Oh honey, you should see all the cum running down my legs now.” Rachel giggled.

“Oh wow, Oh Rachel,” Michael’s father said. “Honey that was amazing. I came as I hard as I ever have. You were fantastic, honey. With the sounds you were making, and all the banter. Damn! It was like you were really getting the fuck of a lifetime!”

Rachel swiveled around, kissed her son, and said with a wicked smile, “Yes. It really, really was like that, wasn’t it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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