Banging in the New Year

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Now, if you’ve been into swinging for years, hang out in orgies all the time, participate in one gang-bang after another, well, this may be a bit too lame for you. All I can say was that it was pretty exciting for us. Here’s how it happened.

Jerry and Amanda have been friends of ours since college days. Amanda and I went to high school together, even dated a bit. Yes, a few fucks back then. Don’t worry, both spouses know. But, while our sex was good (still is, that’s later on), we didn’t think we’d be the right people for each other long-term. Probably still true.

So, I met up with Sharon and Amanda ended up with Jerry. We’ve stayed in the same area so we’ve become friends in the last three years after college and marriage.

None of us have kids but we all four have pretty active and busy careers. Jerry and I both travel more than our wives and that does take away from our sex lives because all four of us would probably like sex in one lovely form or another just about every day. That’s pretty much the way it is when we’re home and not traveling. Each of us likes sex and likes it different ways.

A few things started earlier in November after a particularly wine-laden dinner at our house where the table talk was mostly about sex including swinging and trading partners.

“Well, Jerry and I’ve talked about it and, well, if it was someone we knew and trusted, yeah, we think we might try something,” Amanda said.

Sharon came right back with, “Well, you know us and, well, I guess trust us and you two have already fucked in college. Not that I’m suggesting it or anything. I’m just saying.”

“Kinda sounds like you are, hon,” I told my wife, Sharon.

“Well I didn’t mean it that way, it was just that we know you and Amanda did the naughty back in college. That’s all.”

“True, so what you’re saying is we already know what sex is like for the two of us and the only two of us who don’t are you and Jerry?”

“I’m not trying to say anything, though that is true. We’ve all had sex together except for me and Jerry.”

“Well, why don’t you and Jerry have sex and we’ll watch,” Amanda said.

“Now, this discussion’s getting interesting,” Jerry added.

“So, you want to do my wife, Jerry? Well, look after all, I did yours. Even though it was before you even knew her,” I put in.

“Sure I’d want to do Sharon, what guy wouldn’t?”

Well, the truth is, we had finished three bottles of wine for the four of us and that probably had a little to do with it.

“I think you two should do what we did in college, have some fun,” I said.

“Yeah, Paul and I had some fun, it’s about time you two did, too. Be great fun to watch,” Amanda agreed.

“Well, Sharon, I’m up for it if you are,” Jerry told my wife.

“Lemme see just how up for it you are, Jerry,” my sweet, hot wife shot back.

“Oh, Sharon wants to see your equipment, Jerry, sounds like she’s interested,” Amanda said.

Jerry stood up and unbuckled his belt.

“Ready for a showing, Sharon?” he asked my wife.

“Get it out, Jerry, let’s see what you’re hiding in there. I may want to take it for a test-drive.”

Down Casibom came the zipper, then his pants, then his briefs. Out fell a long, thick, pinkish-brown cock with a large head. It was pointing straight at my wife who was grinning.

He walked it over to her, it wobbling back and forth as he went. As he stood there in front of her, my wife reached out and wrapped her fingers around it and squeezed.

“Mmm, really hard. Well, Amanda, this must keep you pretty happy, huh?”

“Oh, it does, it does. I can recommend it highly.”

“So, think I should try it?” she asked.

“I do,” I told her.

Amanda added, “Oh, I do too. Paul and I can watch and cheer you on.”

“Well, Jerry, what do you say?” Sharon asked.

“All I have to do is take my shirt off,” which he said as he took his shirt off.

Well, well, it looked like some hot action was going to happen, when Amanda popped-up with, “If we’re watching, we’re sure not gonna watch you two fucking while we still have our clothes on.”

So, Sharon stood up, took Jerry by the cock and said, “Follow me, Jerry,” and pulled him down the hall to our bedroom. Once inside, she was quickly out of her clothes and into his arms as they kissed while their hands roamed the other’s skin.

I looked at Amanda and she was almost out of her clothes so I started trying to catch up. We have a nice upholstered wing-backed chair in our room and I sat down and Amanda carefully sat in my lap making sure my cock was up between her legs with the tip up showing as she circled her thumb around in the precum seeping out the slit.

Jerry and Sharon were soon up on the bed as she spread open for his tongue to prepare her for the fun ahead. He was licking and sucking on her as his hands also rubbed along her thighs and labia.

“Mmm, oh, good, mmm, right there, Jerry, mmm, right there.”

My hands are on Amanda’s lovely breasts, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her nipples as she put her fingertips in a circle and began twisting back and forth over the head of my cock like it was a twist-off cap. Mmm, that felt nice.

He licked her a few more minutes as Amanda opened her legs so she could rub up and down my shaft as we watched.

Jerry raised up, gripped his cock and moved close to begin rubbing the tip up and down, then, a shove and she reached down and helped pull him up inside.

“Mmm, oh, yeah,” she moaned as Jerry began going back and forth. I had dipped my hand down now and was rubbing Amanda’s pussy which, not surprisingly, was quite wet.

She bent forward, reaching under to hold my cock, then sat back down wiggling my cock up into her as she pressed down. I was now back inside her pussy for the first time since high school. Such memories it brought back as she moved slowly back and forth on me.

“Mmm, this is better than just watching,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, I’d forgotten how nice your cock is,” she whispered back as she twisted on me.

I slid my legs straight out to get my dick aimed up as well as I could while Amanda rocked up and back with her delicious pussy. We almost forgot about our Casibom Giriş spouses fucking over on the bed, almost.

Sharon had rolled over and was up on her hands and knees, her favorite position, the one that gets her off over and over as Jerry was taking long strokes forward and back.

She was rotating her butt in that wonderful way she does, it just sucks the cum out of me when she does that, I’m sure Jerry is affected the same way. Then, she dropped her head down and began to tremble as she moaned, “Uhhn, uhhn, mmm, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh,” and I knew she was cumming as I watched. I was close myself as Amanda began twisting as she moved up and down, mmm, just so good.

Jerry was up over her taking the long, slow, deliberate strokes that I know Sharon just loves when he arched back and pushed her to the mattress.

Right after that Amanda and I also got off and were soon joining them in bed, a naked foursome of hands feeling each other.

So, that’s how it all started.

Our next get-together was an intimate, oh, very, intimate New Year’s Eve party for the four of us at Jerry and Amanda’s.

As soon as the chime rang, Jerry pulled back the door, gave me a quick hug, then Sharon a much longer hug and kiss and grope as he swung the door closed.

He was wearing a short kimono robe as he greeted us, “Hi, guys, big night tonight, I’ve been warming Amanda up for this all day,” and he led us into their great room. Their tree was still up along with ribbons and wreaths and such.

I looked over and there was Amanda, naked on the sofa, spread apart and tied by her arms and legs, her pussy filled with a large purple dildo.

“I’ve been warming her up for about an hour and a half, guys, now you can have a turn with her, either or both.”

“He’s right, I’ve already got a load of his cum in me and he’s been spreading it around with my big dildo,” she told us as Jerry untied the obi on his kimono, allowing his cock to stand out.

Sharon and I began getting undressed for the night’s festivities as he went back to Amanda and began fucking her with the dildo.

Now, naked, my cock hard and ready, I went over and took the dildo from Jerry and began stroking his wife with it while he began embracing Sharon. I knelt between her legs and fucked her with the dildo as I leaned over to suck a nipple.

I decided to go ahead and fuck Amanda and pulled out the dildo and put it in her mouth to suck off her juices as I looked back to see my wife down on her knees sucking Jerry. Lucky him, I know how good she is.

I put my cock right up along her pussy lips and, with my fingers, pressed the shaft down on her labia and begin stroking it back and forth along her wet pussy lips without entering her. I rocked back and forth on the pussy lips for several minutes, then pulled back a bit more and, when I pushed forward, my cock went right up into her all the way.

I kept it pushed in deeply as I wiped some of the juices off her pussy and rubbed my index finger around her clit as I took small pushes into her, less that an inch each time. I kept these very short strokes up for a good while as I circled her clit.

“Mmm, oh, push, Paul, push, oh, yeah, hard, ummm, MMM, UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I started taking longer strokes. I learned with the first woman I had sex with, she lived next door when I was growing up, that if I kept my dick deep inside her taking short strokes, pressing hard each time, I could get her off several times before I ever ejaculated. She taught me well.

So, I again pushed in deep just using short little pushes and, yes, once again, Amanda cummed once again. Then, I really wanted my own pleasure so I started taking long, deliberate strokes and soon was adding my cum to Jerry’s.

Jerry had Sharon bent over a chair and was pumping in and out of her as I looked over the variety of toys on the coffee table, picking up a double-pronged vibrator and put it into Amanda and turned it on, pressing the clit finger down on her and letting it rip.

As I was toying Amanda’s snatch, Jerry was cumming Sharon full and they were now kissing and hugging afterward.

Then Paul crawled up on the sofa over his wife and put his cock in her mouth while Sharon got down between Amanda’s legs and began feasting on her friend. Seeing my wife’s pussy empty, I wriggled up behind her and began on her.

Sharon soon got her friend off and shortly after, I emptied myself into Sharon’s pussy as above us Paul was sucked by his wife. After that was all over, Paul untied his wife, then put on some music so he and I could dance with the other’s wife, all nice and naked, my favorite form of dance.

We danced for a while and it was getting toward midnight, so we went into their bedroom and got up on their big bed, Jerry turned on the television and we all got down in a circle to orally ring in the New Year.

My head was between Amanda’s legs, she was sucking Jerry, Jerry was eating my wife, Sharon who was nursing on my cock. Amanda was on her side, my head laying on her leg as my tongue wiped back and forth across her wet slit.

Then, I heard her moan a bit and she turned to put her thighs on the side of my head and push down, rubbing her pussy all over my face as I struggled to keep my tongue inside her.

Sharon was taking these wonderful long sucks up and down on me which felt so good. Then, I heard the television announce that the one minute countdown had started. We all knew what we had to do now.

So our oral lovemaking became timed and deliberate, aiming for the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year with four simultaneous orgasms. We knew that we might not hit it perfectly but it was for no lack of trying.

We sucked and licked and tongued down through the count and right before the two second mark, Amanda began quivering and started her orgasm. I think she was sucking so hard on Jerry that he went right after she started, then my cock started filling my wife’s mouth and right at the beginning of the first chorus of Auld Lang Syne, the one that is about ‘taking a cup of kindness, yet,’ that was when Sharon began humping my face as she moaned and groaned. What a perfect way to start the year, four wonderful orgasms.

Our champagne was finished and we all snuggled together in bed, sleeping and fucking throughout the night and long into the next day.

Happy New Year, everyone. May you cum often and well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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