Bank Secretary Ch. 11-14

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Chapter Eleven—After the fire

Nothing much was mentioned about the fire after the doctors returned. Tessa had managed to salvage enough of the holy Sisters of the Sacred Secret’s order to ascertain their address and write them a discrete letter asking that they reorder, which they did.

Mary Beth behaved herself, and the twins made themselves scarce, filling orders and cleaning up the debris from the small fire.

Tessa longed to tell Dr. Doctor what had transpired but feared doing so. She now knew what he meant by “they may be watching”. She longed to talk to him, period, about anything almost more than she longed to touch him and have him touch and enter her.

Dr. Doctor, however, had been very standoffish since his return with the other doctors from the sperm bank conference. He was polite and courteous, as usual, but there was something missing, something wrong here. Tessa knew it. She worried herself day in and out about it, to the point where she didn’t even hear Simon’s constant rambling complaints at home. One night she even let Simon enter her, only later realizing she’d been fantasizing about Dr. Doctor for the whole six minute duration of Simon’s entry and exit.

“No. I can’t take much more of this,” she thought. “I’ve got to say something, anything to him.”


The truth of the matter was that since the sperm bank conference all the doctors at FNS had been busy and preoccupied about new federal regulations that were soon to come into effect regarding sperm banks. So preoccupied, in fact, that Dr. Smith had forgotten all about leaving the video tape on during their absence and therefore had not played it back yet. And, aside from the biweekly elevator excursions with Dr. Johnson, Drs. Smith and Williams had hardly called upon Tess at all. Tess worried that they were far behind in their specimen donations. What worried her almanbahisbahis most of all, though, was that she had not been with Dr. Doctor at all since his return two weeks ago.

What was preoccupying Dr. Doctor so much these days since his return was Tessa. He feared he was falling in love with her and didn’t know what to do about it. Oddly enough, her nymphomania did not appear to Dr. Doctor as an obstacle to their relationship. His major concern was that he knew his father, a Black naval officer, and his mother, a Puerto Rican teacher, would never forgive him for marrying a white woman. They had told him so, many times.

Chapter Twelve—The Home Front

“No! Don’t change the channel.”


:That’s James Earl Jones.”


“I just want to see him.”

“Ah, he’s merely another big, fat, black, space-toothed mother.”

“He’s wonderful.” Really he is.

“I think you’re crazy.”

“I love him.” Tess confessed.

“By God, now I know you’re crazy,” Simon grabbed his leather jacket and stormed out of the apartment.

It didn’t take much for Simon to storm out of their apartment these days. And Tessa, curling up on the couch with her personal Ever-Growing Penis, Clit Clip, and the Dr. Doctor look-alike movie star’s movie, was certainly glad about that.

Chapter Thirteen—The Elevator

One morning Tessa waited around the corner from the FNS Bank building’s first floor elevators hoping to get on the same elevator with Dr. Doctor. She’d hid behind a pillar when Dr. Johnson entered the elevator. Fortunately, Dr. Doctor didn’t arrive in time for that one. But he did arrive a few moments later. Tess scooted in behind him, going toward the rear of the elevator.

After a few floors of nervous trepidation, Tess reached out and pressed the 18th floor herself. When the elevator stopped on 18 with only almanbahis giriş Tess and Dr. Doctor still on board, she thought from his surprised look that he knew nothing of the infamous 18th floor ride.

“It won’t move until we’ve pressed 19. The doors won’t open either.”

“Oh, I see.” Dr. Doctor seemed amused, wondered momentarily which of his cohorts had introduced Tessa to the 18th floor.

“Dr. Doctor,” Tess began.


“Dr. David,” for the first time Tess felt nervous in her favorite Doctor’s presence.

“I’m in love with you, too, dear dear Tess.”

You are? Is what Tess had meant to say, but what came out instead was, “Then why have you been so cold and distant since the conference?”

“Precisely because I believe I am in love with you and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.”

Tessa moved closer to her Doctor and touched him, ever so gently. The subsequent erection nearly broke the good Doctor’s zipper and did split his trouser seams.

“Tess, I…”

“What? Did someone tell you what happened while you were gone, or what?”

“No. Why? What happened, Tess?”


“Tessa, you can tell me,” Dr. Doctor assured her.

“Nothing noteworthy. Mary Beth’s a bitch. That’s all”

“Did she hurt you…” the question trailed off as Tess attempted unsuccessfully to put Dr. Doctor’s erection in her mouth.

Dr. Doctor lifted Tess up and planted her wetness upon it instead. Tess wrapped her long legs around the Doctor and finally finally finally their lips met.

They kissed for a full five minutes as Tessa’s ooze dripped a little onto the Doctor’s shoe.

Then their movement began in earnest and unison, and no silver vials were filled. Only Tessa.

Meanwhile, Dr. Smith remembered the video he’d left running while they were at the sperm bank conference and was almanbahis yeni giriş now viewing it and enjoying himself immensely. He’d decided in the middle of the gymnasium scene that the tape was too good to share with anyone.

Drs. Johnson and Williams, however, were viewing Dr. Smith’s viewing from their perch in the FNS Viewing Room.

Chapter Fourteen—Too Good to Share

Tess and Dr. Doctor were relieved that Mary Beth the bitch was no where to be seen as their elevator opened on the 19th floor forty five minutes after it had stopped on the 18th floor.

Being without any Sani-Lubes, Tess had been kind enough to mop up Dr. Doctor’s fine Italian shoes with her soft cotton crotchless underpants. She always carried an extra pair of panties in her purse anyway.

“See you later,” she whispered to Dr. Doctor.

“Soon, I hope,” he whispered back, tracing his middle finger down her palm. Even such an act as that made Tess wet all over again.

“Oh, God,” she wondered, “is there any hope for me?” Then seeing Dr. Doctor’s stride down the hall toward his office she’d forgotten to care whether there was any hope for her our not.

Tess went into her office and thought nothing whatsoever about her Secretary’s Best Friend. She thought about leaving FNS Bank. She thought about marrying Dr. Doctor.

Dr. Doctor sunk heavily into his comfortable office chair and, sighing, wondered what to do with his love. His Tessa.

It was late in the afternoon of a unproductive day, specimen donation-wise. None of the doctors had called upon Tessa, although she had typed up and processed several hundred orders for Dr. Williams new Clit Clip. It was this late time in the afternoon when Tessa realized she still wasn’t wearing any panties. She headed for the FNS Bank’s ladies’ room, purse in hand. Once in the privacy of one of the stalls, she allowed herself to remember and try to relive the elevator excursion with her Dr. Doctor.

No Clit Clip, Ever-Growing Penis, Best Man, Secretary’s Best Friend, or Titilizer were needed to do so. Tess merely touched herself ever so slightly, and all the ecstasy was revisited upon her.

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