Bar Meeting

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I saw him come in the door of the bar. Tall, dark hair, the bluest piercing eyes I have ever seen. Ordering a drink, Bailey’s Liqueur, sipping as I watched from under my lashes, his mouth on the glass. His eyes scanned the room assessing, dismissing until they rested on me. Fleeting glances around the room only to return every few seconds to assess and decide. As our eyes met, I saw interest in those blue eyes looking more intently.

I wriggled on my chair, uncomfortable, unconsciously licking my dry lips and adjusting my bra. While smoothing the material of my dress, not knowing where to look next, I glanced down at my drink, an interest in the bottles on the shelf behind the bar. My eyes darted back trying not to be obvious, failing completely as I saw a small smile on his lips. I was sipping my drink in the tall iced glass looking at and swirling the straw around and around.

A hand on my shoulder made me jerk with a start, feeling like an electrical current had run through my body from head to toe. So engrossed I was with my jumbled thoughts and the background music, I was unaware of his approach. “Hello, is this seat taken? Seems to be the only vacant one in here,” he said, looking into my brown eyes. I saw his eyes twinkling with amusement at my awkward embarrassment and saw his lips turn into a wolfish grin.

A small shrug of my shoulders, trying to seem uncaring whilst on the inside I was raging, churning with the words I wanted to say on the tip of my tongue. I was unable to express them, unable to speak my mind. He sits on the bar stool and maneuvers it closer to mine. I can smell his aftershave wafting into my nose. To calm my nerves, I inhale a long breath, escort bayan mecidiyeköy taking that manly scent into my senses, causing me to close my eyes for a moment, savoring the smell, the close proximity of him.

He had his hand on the table, the other on his knee. I saw a scar on his little finger; drawing my attention, my mind wondering how it got there. He moved his leg, bumping onto mine from thigh to knee. I was concentrating on the hand on the bar trying to breathe normally and failing again. My throat went dry and my heart started pounding as his other hand moved up and down on his knee and thigh, caressing me at the same time.

I give an involuntary shudder from the intimate touch. I was sipping my drink; I shook slightly with his touch, causing my drink to drip from my lips and run down my chin, spilling a little onto the front of my dress and between my breasts. He grabbed a napkin as I turned towards him with a gasp of surprise. He presses it onto my cleavage trying to collect the spillage before it escaped down my bra.

I was mesmerized as I watched his hand with the scar, fascinated as he wiped with the napkin very gently, sensually.

I quickly glanced up into those blue eyes that seemed to look at you and know everything you are feeling. His eyes traveled quickly to my neck and back to my eyes. He had seen the silver collar. I quickly flick my eyes to his mouth; he was grinning, almost laughing. I wanted to put my hands on that face and passionately kiss those lips.

“Are you ready to go now? “he said gently in his sexiest voice.

“Do you have the key to the hotel room with you?”

As I grabbed my handbag fındıkzade escort and fished out the key to my room -19M. We sauntered out into the night, hand in hand, to what laid ahead …

As we approach the hotel, room 19M, I start shaking with the anticipation of not knowing what he has in store for me. The total mind and body domination, being told what to do, to comply with his sexual demands; they are my desires as well as I have described them in detail. I want this; I have asked for this in the many communications we have share these past few months. In truth I am excited and a little frightened as he ties my hands up loosely to the headboard, not hurting, very gently as he looks with his intense blue eyes into mine as I feel the building of sexual tension. The trust that I need to feel is there. I see in his eyes; he knows how to proceed very carefully to build the anticipation.

I am dressed how he instructed with a sheer black dress hugging my curves and silk stockings held up with suspenders. Complete with the lacy French push up bra with my barely concealed breasts being pushed out. My nipples in plain sight aroused already, gone hard from my sexual feelings. They are round brown orbs throbbing for the attention of his mouth and teeth. Imagining them sucking and caressing my swelling breasts. The final addition, my silky g- string completing the look and high heel red pumps with my lips covered in the red gloss that makes him lick his lips with desire.

I shake when he starts talking; telling me in that voice I have come to know so well, what he is going to do with and to me and what he expects in return.

“You are my cum slut fatih escort whore and I will give you the pleasure you have never had before. I will make you beg as I refuse to fuck you with my throbbing cock, resisting the urge repeatedly until you cannot orgasm unless I allow you. Then I will take you at my leisure and have you orgasm repeatedly onto my throbbing member, in my mouth and on my fingers” “And then you will suck my cock as I instruct. Make sure you do it right or you will have to repeat it over and over.”

My mind is absorbing this as his hands start to fondle my breasts and nipples. I am moaning as he keeps talking about the things he will do and I will do to him in return. He takes my head and turns my face to the side, showing me the items he has placed on the bedside table — ready for his use. Watching with great pleasure, my face, my reaction as my mind absorbs the items there.

Oh, god, Oh god I think to myself. Oils, vibrators of different sizes, butt plugs and other things I do not want to think about, but a thrill goes through me never the less, causing my body to betray me I see by the grin on his face. My mind screaming and my body jerking trying to get my hands free; to take hold of him and start my own pleasure of feeling his body and skin on my hands, his taste on mouth and tongue.

I still feel his hands on my breasts and nipples as they move down my throbbing body, as I cannot stop shaking from the aroused state I am in. He lowers his head and takes my nipple into his mouth as I am arching my back loving the feeling; I take a breath into my nose smelling that aftershave Au Savage, “Aah” As my body continues to react to him and his voice fucking my mind completely.

One item of many takes my interest, something I can use on him later when I hope he finally unties me. My switch has been flicked and I smile at the thought of the item I will get to place on his cock and balls for my own pleasure and satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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