Barbara Learns to be Submissive 2

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Barbara Learns to be Submissive 2

Mark intentionally didn’t call Barbara the next day. She got antsy and called him around 8PM. He claimed he was busy and hadn’t gotten the time. She was slightly miffed. Mark begged off and said he’d call tomorrow. Barbara was confused. Was this just a one night stand? He had been so tender and loving. She began to get depressed. Another asshole. Shit.

The next morning Mark called. Barbara’s heart skipped a beat, she was really excited about Mark and seeing him again. “We need to talk.” Mark intoned. Barbara didn’t understand. Had something changed? He had been so tender the other night. Sure they said some crude things, but that was the heat and passion of the moment, right?

Mark invited her to his condo on another floor. Barbara came over, after choosing just the right push up bra and tight cotton shorts. She gave herself a little spritz of perfume and redid her lipstick. Her hair was fine.

Mark opened the door. Barbara smiled up at him. “Hi handsome.” “You need to make a decision.” Mark didn’t let her in. He was blocking the doorway. “You need to decide if you are my slave or not.”

Barbara was stunned. Slave? That was just sex talk. Mark said nothing more. She so wanted to be held in his arms. He radiated strength. He looked great in his pattern shirt and short shorts. Couldn’t he just relax? They could start off exactly where they had left off two nights ago.

“Mark. Stop that. I came over to visit. You are being rude.”

He began to close the door on her. “What are you doing?” Barbara’s voice was quavering. She was losing confidence.

“Make a decision. Are you going to be my slave?” Mark stared sternly at her.

Barbara really wanted to be with him. She wasn’t against letting him have control, but this wasn’t something she had given much thought to.

“You must agree to submit to my authority and do what I command.”

“OK.” Barbara smiled and tried to make it light. “You’re the boss.”

“You agree to be my sex slave?” Mark didnt lighten up at all. Barbara though this was just a sexy beginning to a morning of fucking. It excited her. “I am your slave.” She approached him and attempted to embrace his big chest. Mark took a step back. “Take casino siteleri off your top and bra.” He barked. Again, Barbara was stunned. WTF? Mark?

He reached forward with his index finger and ran it down the front of her top, popping the buttons off. He turned her around and stripped her cute top right off of her. With his left hand he gripped her neck and with his other hand he unclasped her bra and removed it. He threw them out into the hall. “Are you my sex slave?” Barbara reacted by scrunching her shoulders and covering up her firm breasts.

“Yes or no?” Barbara was shocked, again. “Uh, yes. OK.” She stammered.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Barbara got the idea. She kneeled and leaned forward onto her hands, like a quadruped. Mark reached down and grabbed a handfull of the marvelous red mane. He led her into the apartment, closing the door without retrieving her top or bra.

Barbara was scared and excited. All at the same time. She was flushed at the rough treatment, but she also felt the familiar wetness down at the sex.

Mark led her over to the couch and sat down. He removed his shorts and pulled her face to his crotch. “Suck me, slut.” Barbara didn’t hesitate. She took his tool and began to lick and suck it to a raging hardness.

She was excited. This wasn’t something she had ever done. After several minutes of pleasuring him, he grabbed her hair again. He kept her on her hands and knees and led her out on the balcony. “Take off your shorts and panties.”

Barbara was uncomftorable, but she complied. Only a couple balconies could see her, and they were unoccupied. She got naked. Mark instructed her to grasp the railing with both hands. As she did he kicked her feet apart. She felt him insert himself in her drippiing pussy from behind. Her tits were flopping as he drove his cock into her. He rhythmically fucked her with his powerful hands on her shoulders.

Barbara wasn’t enjoying this. Someone could see her! Someone from the building.

Mark continued his assault, but she said nothing. Mark instructed her to talk dirty. She began to repeat phrases from the other night. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Give it to me. Come in me.”

Mark began to slap her tight ass. It began to redden. And hurt.

canlı casino The crazy thing is that the pain added to the thrill. Barbara liked it. “Slap me. Slap my ass.”

Barbara’s cheeks were red as an apple. Mark pulled out of her stretched pussy. “Turn around and suck my cock.”

Barbara kneeled on the rough surface. It hurt, but she said nothing. Mark encased her skull with his big hands and slowly fucked her mouth. It made her even more excited. She tasted the familiar precum. Before he climaxed, Mark said:” Don’t swallow it. Keep it on your tongue. Barbara did as instructed. Mark scooped it up and turned her around and had her hold the railing. He spread her ass cheeks and wiped the come into her crack. Then he pushed his finger into her brownie. She had not had anal before and it shocked her.

He rubbed his fingers around on her back. Then he reached around and had her suck off his fingers. “Thank me slave.” Barbara quietly said “Thank you.” Mark slapped her ass and commanded.”Thank you master. And loud.” She jumped and complied.

“Always address me as master.” Barbara was a quick learner. “Yes master.”

“You are going to learn anal today.”

Mark led Barbara into the second bedroom. The door had been closed and locked. No wonder. It was modified into a type of dungeon. Mark tied her to a rack. She was on her back with her legs up in stirrups. He fastened the leather restraints. She was comfortable, but wary. Mark walked over to her and flopped his cock into her mouth. Barbara knew what to do and fellated him. The missle was red and angry now. Mark began to put coconut oil on a small device that Barbara didn’t recognize. It was a small anal plug. Only three inches long. After lubing it Mark stood by her face and began to slowly fuck her mouth some more. As he did he reached over and rubbed the small end of the device in her brown eye. She jumped slightly as it entered her ass.

Barbara knew not to say any thing. Her ass was smarting from the balcony session. She didn’t want any more of that. The feeling of having her ass invaded was a minor irritation. Barbara figured she could adapt. Then Mark pulled his meat out of her mouth and got a bigger plug. This one was more like his cock. She realized that her sphincter had adapted kaçak casino to the diameter and didn’t close up completely. The big one really hurt at first. But the same thing occurred. After ten minutes more of cocksucking it didnt bother her so much.

Barbara knew what was coming. She was about to be ass fucked. She had been with two husbands and a couple of lovers, but she had managed to resist this for more than twenty years.

Barbara was surprised when Mark released her from the rack and instructed her to get dressed. She wondered if her stuff was still in the hall. Mark just pointed toward the front door. She found it still lying on the hall floor.

As she attempted to remove the butt plug, Mark took her hand. “Leave it in.”

It felt really strange. She pulled her panties back on , and got herself together. After a little tuneup to the makeup and hair, she looked fine. But it sure felt weird. Of course, no one knew her ass was stuffed with the butt plug.

“How about some Mexican food?”

Barbara was thinking that this was getting weirder and weirder. But it wasn’t boring, was it?

They were seated in a back room per Marks instructions. Mark sat next to Barbara and fed her. He wouldn’t allow her to touch anything! He held the Margarita for her to sip. He fed her the cheese enchilada. It was a different experience. Like most of this experience, she found that she was beginning to adapt. Like it, even.

After lunch, they went clothes shopping. Barbara had a sort of yuppie style, but this was different. The dresses were a little tighter and shorter. New stockings. Always thigh highs. No panty hose. In fact no panties at all.

Pumps, of course.

Makeup. Mark knew a girl. Of course. She did make up. Barbara had never worn so much make up. It was like when you were a little girl playing dress up. Except sluttier.

Shadow. Eyeliner.

And lipstick.

Barbara had to admit. She looked hot.

But Mark wanted to add to the look. So he had her suck him off in the bathroom. He came on her face. And left it to dry. It looked kind of shiny. If you knew, you knew. But it could have been something else. It was kind of a kinky little inside joke between them.

Holy shit. Barbara was digging this. Beat the shit out of suburbia.

She held her shoulders back as they left the place. Knockers up! She could feel the wetness down below.

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