Barry’s Sluts Ch. 03: Imani

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Welcome new and old readers. This is the GRAND FINALE of my ‘Barry’s Sluts’ series.

I’ve been working on this story, whether plotting or writing, for the better part of two months, ever since I completed the last chapter. I apologize for those who’ve waited so long, but I wanted to make it as perfect as I possibly could. I wanted to end the series with a bang (no pun intended) and give you the best story I possibly could. I’m very pleased with the results.

Be warned that this chapter is LOOOOOONG. Much longer than any story I’ve thus posted on Literotica, but I hope it’s for good reason. I wanted to treat my loyal readers to an epic conclusion, and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!

Final Disclaimer: This story possesses a few strong racial epithets and racist undertones. They do not reflect the views of the author, but are used simply for the purposes of the story.


Suzanna Garrett reached her hands out gingerly, each palm taking hold of the other woman’s exceptionally round and perky breasts. With a ponderous gaze, she squeezed them . . . gently at first, but then more firmly and deliberately. The young, beautiful redhead in her late teens reacted to her touch, swallowing deeply at having her bare and ample bosom so willfully controlled by the experienced domme. Suzanna did not fail to notice this, and she smirked wryly upon noticing the girl’s reaction. Rather than ease up, she took this as an opportunity to press further, mashing her fingers into each tit so firmly that they sank into the pillowy flesh with deep imprints. The young woman gasped and sighed, and as Suzanna’s hands began to massage the round curvature of her breasts, it became apparent to all that her nipples had hardened significantly.

Her breathing was shallow, quick and excited, her lips quivered from even the slightest touch, and her hands twitched at her side, no doubt eager to slip a single finger deep into her pussy. Suzanna, or ‘Madame Zanna’ as she liked to known in the presence of submissives, knew how to stimulate the flesh, regardless of the gender it belonged to. In mere seconds, she’d turned this girl into pure putty in her hands. If Suzanna had asked her to, she would fall to her knees and lick the mistress’s pussy right that second. If Suzanna had told her to pee on the floor in front of the other Madame and submissives, the girl would do it.

Watching an experienced domme in action was a thing of beauty, especially when it wasn’t even her own slave she was controlling.

“I like this one,” she purred. “She responds extremely well. She seems to be quite easy to submit, to say nothing of her willingness.”

Suzanna leaned her head lower and playfully flicked the young nipple with her tongue. “Mmm. Very nice.”

The Mistress tapped her foot on the floor, showing no signs of pleasure or displeasure with the actions of her submissive. “Have you made a decision, then?”

Suzanna leaned back and studied the other eleven women in earnest. All equally nude, collared, and standing at attention beside each other, the girls offered a variety of sensual flavors. Different races, heights, physical builds, ages, nationalities, and temperaments. Piercings and no piercings. Body art and clean skin. Smokers and nons. There was something there for almost anyone to like. Which was exactly what the Mistress prided herself in.

“God, they’re all so yummy,” Suzanna squealed with a childish shiver. “I honestly wish I could afford each of them, Mistress Aria.”

Ariadne Garrett, now known to her submissives as ‘Mistress Aria’, couldn’t help but smile at that. She wished the same. Each one of her whores fetched a high price, and purchasing all of them for a single night would meet a quota that was unprecedented in all her three and a half years of running the ‘Service’. Aria would like nothing more than send each and every one of her prized submissives off to be fucked by a customer, but she knew that such a thing was not likely to happen.

Especially not since the woman who planned to buy them happened to live in the same household that she did.

Suzanna walked across the line of whores, once again taking each one into account. She carefully considered their every feature, their every curve. Once or twice, she stopped behind one and there was an exceptionally loud smack that could only distinctly originate from a hand firmly striking across a supple ass cheek.

“Papa does love meaty asses,” she said, referring to the nickname she referred to her husband by. “And I want this to go absolutely perfectly for him. Do you think he would like this one?”

Mistress Aria tapped a finger against her chin. “At the least, I certainly don’t think he’d be disappointed, Zanna. However, if you’re asking for my honest opinion . . .”

“I am.”

“. . . I would suggest that you go with his regular.”

She lifted her flogger to point porno 64 at the girl standing at the very end. The unnatural blonde with the black roots, tattoos littering her upper arms and torso, and piercings covering every naughty part, from her tits to her pussy.

Suzanna stepped in front of the girl, considering her. Carefully, she took the chain that connected her pierced nipples together and tugged it slightly, causing the young woman to moan.

“This is new,” Suzanna noted.

“I had her install them less than a month ago,” Mistress Aria nodded. “For . . . my own pleasure.”

Suzanna smirked. “Showing such blatant favoritism to your first whore, Aria? For shame.”

Mistress Aria tilted her head smugly. “The rest of my whores are well aware that I have a bit of a soft spot for my Emily. She was the first one to willingly submit to me. However, they’re also aware that I’m still fiercely devoted to each of them like my own children and in turn expect nothing short of complete obedience. Isn’t that right, girls?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Each confirmed in unison.

Suzanna chuckled, showing clear signs of being impressed.

“Well, Aria . . . I’m lost. I honestly don’t think I can decide anymore, so I’ll ask again. Which one do you think Barry would prefer?”

Mistress Aria smiled again. “Like I said before. I would simply choose his regular. She’s learned to serve his needs quite well.”

Suzanna contemplated once again and turned back to the pierced whore with the unnatural blond color.

“Fuck it, then. I’ll take her.”

“Very good,” Mistress Aria uncrossed her legs and stood from her chair. “Follow me, and we’ll work out the details in private.”

Suzanna followed the Mistress to her office and the two women locked the door behind them. Almost as soon as the door was closed, however, Suzanna spun to find a ravenously horny Mistress Aria thrusting their lips together and inserting a writhing, juicy tongue between the younger woman’s lips.

Their kiss continued several minutes, until both women were finally sated with each other. The Mistress then stepped away, licking her lips with a very satisfied gleam in her eye.

“God, you have no idea how horny that made me,” she confessed.

Suzanna grinned wickedly. “You’re breaking character, Ariadne, my dear.”

“Sorry, Teacher, but I don’t care,” Ariadne replied. “Besides, I was never ‘in character’ in the first place. All of that was how I always behave in front of my whores.”

Suzanna nodded. “Then you’ve become a fine Mistress, my pet. And you don’t have to call me ‘Teacher’ anymore. Here, you and I are equals.”

“I’ll try to remember that . . . Teacher,” Ariadne said humbly. Finally collecting herself, she walked behind her desk and sat. “So, everything’s set for the weekend?”

“Absolutely, darling,” Suzanna answered sharply. “With this last detail taken care of, everything ready to go. Hubby’s going to receive one hell of a pleasant surprise come Saturday.”

Ariadne nodded. “That’s wonderful. I can’t wait for the weekend to get here!”


Saturday indeed came quicker than anyone could expect, and by evening, the Garrett residence in Beverly Hills, California was completely set for Master Barry’s surprise. When the door opened, and the handsome patriarch of the Garrett family walked inside, he was immediately greeted by five pairs of feminine hands. One taking his laptop case from his hands, another eagerly beginning to remove the jacket of his suit, yet another undoing the laces of his brilliantly polished shoes, a fourth quickly unfastening the belt that held his slacks, and the final pair of hands caressing his face while a soft and loving set of lips pressed themselves to his.

“Happy Birthday, Master! Welcome home!” All five women said as one.

Barry’s eyes conveyed surprise, but not shock. While he certainly hadn’t expected this, his dominant nature allowed him to quickly adjust and wait patiently as his five eager slaves did their jobs. He was quite proud so far—it was a slave’s duty to know every possible way to please their master, and the ability to pleasantly surprise him was tantamount to excellent training.

He glanced at all five of the women servicing him—Emily, Trena, Chandra, Ariadne . . .

. . . and a new face he hadn’t seen before.

As the young, dark-haired girl quickly but diligently unbuttoned his shirt, Barry took a moment to consider her. “Hey, little one. Who might you be?”

Her sparkly green eyes glanced up to meet him. “I’m . . . I’m Kitten, sir.”

He chuckled lightly. “Where are you from, Kitten?”

“Wyoming,” she squeaked timidly.

“Don’t stop,” he ordered, noting that her hands had stopped unbuttoning his shirt. She immediately got back to task.

“Why are you here, Kitten?”

“To serve you, Master.”

“No, that tells me what you are doing. Not why you are doing it.”

She paused for a moment, seemingly unsure porno izle how to answer. She seemed frightened, scared of being rejected. “M-Miss Burrell said t-that you would like me.”

Barry turned to Chandra, the redhead who was slowly and gently massaging his feet. “Cum Bucket?”

“Yes, Master,” she said, answering her name dutifully. When in her master’s domain, the initials in her name did not stand for ‘Chandra Burrell’, but ‘Cum Bucket’.

“Kitten was born on a Native American reservation of the Shoshone people, but her parents are abusive. They conceived and raised her for the sole purpose of selling her to pay off gambling debts.”

Chandra assisted Trena as the two of them pulled Barry’s underwear down and he stepped out of them. “Then one day, she saw your appearance on my show. She heard what you said and she told me that your words moved her.”

Kitten smiled. “‘I devote my entire professional—and personal—life toward the examination, advancement, and . . . naturally . . . enjoyment of all things sexual. Sex is one of the most amazing values we humans possess, and it factors, in some way, into everything we do . . . from religion to science to interpersonal relationships. My task . . . my purpose in life . . . is to explore that value and, hopefully, further define what it means to be a sexually free human being.’

“‘Life is really about squeezing every ounce of fun that you can get out of it. Everything can breed excitement—love, professionalism, leisure—all you need to do is never settle for anything. Always know what you want and what makes you happy, and then never settle for anything less than that.'”

Kitten parroted everything Barry had said during that interview, word for word, meeting the same inflections and emphases that he himself once had. She had memorized everything about it. His words, his meaning, his posture . . . everything.

“What you said changed me,” she said as she finally removed his shirt. “I realized that I wasn’t ‘free’. I was my parents’ slave and soon to be another man’s slave, but it wasn’t my choice. I wanted to learn how to be free, so I wrote to your column at several times. But back then, I used my real name, Gediki’, which means ‘kitten’ in Shoshone.”

He remembered Gediki’! Three years ago, she’d been a teen who wanted to know what to do about her parents’ abuse. Barry had written back and forth with her through his column, and he had made it a personal mission to try and help the young girl. He had thought they were making progress, but then after a few months, she never wrote back. Barry had always wondered what happened to her, if he had failed her somehow.

“Gediki’!” he exclaimed happily. “I had always worried that something had happened to you . . .”

“I ran away from home, Master. But I owed you my life and I wanted to thank you. I didn’t know how to find you. A short time ago, I visited Ms. Burrell and she told me that you and she were close.”

‘Close’ was an understatement. Ever since their brief sexual encounter after the show, Chandra and Barry had enjoyed many other sexual liaisons over the past three years. In fact, he had collared Chandra three years ago, and she had even willingly become impregnated with a son. Barry often visited them . . . both to see his beautiful little boy, and to occasionally fuck his slave.

“She also told me that you need someone that can serve you. Someone who can look after your home when you and your slaves are absent, or to watch your children when you are all . . . ‘playing’. A maid, a nanny, and a slut all in one. I want to do that for you, Master. If you’ll let me.”

Barry cupped a finger under the beautiful young girl’s chin, causing her delicate, nude body to rise in front of him. She was gorgeously petite, with impressive b-cup tits and wonderfully flat tummy. Her extremely dark hair brought out the pink in her skin wonderfully, and her green eyes shimmered as they gazed into his. His cock had already risen to full attention, and taking in all of her lovely features was keeping it throbbing and ready.

“Gediki’,” he said, “I can never have too many submissives as far as I’m concerned, but are you sure that’s what you want? You ran away from home to avoid being enslaved. Are you sure you want to go right back to that?”

She shook her head. “Master, I call myself ‘Kitten’ now for a reason. I am your pet. The difference between then and now is that I choose to do this. I will be a slave, but I will also be ‘sexually free’. I wish to serve you, Master, in any way that I possibly can. I will do whatever you wish of me, whenever you wish it, without question. And I choose this because . . . I love you.”

Barry smiled and he looked at Ariadne, Trena, Chandra, and Emily. “What about the rest of you? Do you accept her?”

Each woman nodded. “We do, Master,” Ariadne spoke for them all.

No longer needing to be convinced, Barry reached down and scooped his arms behind Kitten’s sex izle knees. With skillful precision, he sank the young woman on his stiff erection as she gasped in passionate lust. Pressing their lips and tongues together, Barry carried his new submissive with him into his bedroom, which each of his four other submissives following in tow.

Barry slammed Kitten on the bed roughly, spreading her legs wider for him. He leaned forward, his mouth falling upon her stiffened nipples, even as her pussy stretched wider to accept more of his manhood. The other women took various positions around them, each one knowing precisely what to do.

Trena immediately dropped the floor, crawling underneath Barry’s widened legs to bring her lips to his naked sack. As her hands deftly explored his defined thigh muscles, her tongue was eagerly lapping his testicles, doing her best to bring him further joy, even as he slowly fucked Kitten’s moist and accepting pussy.

In the meantime, Chandra had positioned her pussy directly above Kitten’s mouth, and the young girl’s tongue explored the older woman’s clit eagerly. It became obvious to Barry that the two of them had done this before—in fact, Chandra had probably taken it upon herself to train the eighteen-year-old in anticipation of being presented as a birthday gift.

Emily moved behind Barry, laying her body atop Trena’s, and the two women began lightly grinding their pussies together. But that wasn’t all—Emily then leaned forward, pressing her tits against Barry’s lower back as she slowly inserted a finger into the Master’s tight asshole. Slowly, she pumped her finger in and out of his rear cavity, bringing him even further to the brink of ecstasy.

And finally, Ariadne—Barry’s own mother—placed herself in front of her son, riding atop Kitten’s belly. She then eagerly fed both of her round, immense breasts to her son’s face, squeezing them hard until she finally lactated and produced an impressive amount of milk.

“Happy Birthday, Master,” Ariadne cooed as she held her son’s mouth to her breasts, something which had become birthday tradition in the Garrett home. A son suckling at his mother’s teat on the day he was born. It seemed rather appropriate.

The group fucking continued for nearly a half hour until Barry finally came deep inside of Kitten’s pussy. She hollered through an immense orgasm while Chandra and Ariadne played with her clit, and she lay back, exhausted as she watched Barry pull out of her and leave her opening leaking his milky seed.

Without any hesitation, Barry presented his cock to Trena, who eagerly lived up to her slave name, ‘Cock Guzzler’, as she inhaled his cum-soaked meat. Trena gave the most enthusiastic head that Barry had ever experienced, and after four years of being both his slave and a devout porn star, her technique was absolutely flawless. Barry was hard again in seconds, ready to get back to work. He continued fucking her mouth for some time afterward, until he finally came and she lewdly swallowed every drop of it.

Somehow, Barry remained hard even after, and when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, Trena whined like a puppy. Chandra, however, wasn’t waiting any longer and spun on her knees and arched her hips, presenting her lovely anus to the cock Trena had worked hard to revive.

Barry didn’t keep her waiting, and began pounding into her immediately, leaving Chandra a quaking, hollering mess. Once more, the other slaves—minus the still-recovering Kitten—descended upon the new slut being fucked, and took new positions.

This cycle continued an impossible length of time, with Barry fucking one girl for at least half an hour before dumping his load inside of her and waiting to become stiff again, then pushing deep into another girl and repeating the same process. After three hours, each of the women had been fucked once, but by then, some of them had gone long enough without cock that they pleaded with their master for seconds.

Barry grinned and accepted the challenge.

Eight straight hours of fucking, and by the end of it, there wasn’t a single person who had the strength to continue. Barry himself was amazed that he’d been able to last long enough in every hole, but that was more of a testament to his slave stable’s abilities than his own unnatural stamina.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

But still, a part of Barry felt that something had been missing. Although he certainly hadn’t expected to be serviced by all four of his dearest submissives—and one completely new slave—there was still someone absent.

By early morning, everyone had collapsed on his bed around Barry, drifting to sleep while covering him head to toe with their soft, naked bodies. Barry himself drifted to sleep but woke up a few hours later with the amazing sensation of warm, supple titflesh touching virtually every part of his body. Not wanting to wake his adoring submissives, he gently reached for the phone at his bedside and dialed.

“Hewwo?” an adorable voice said on the other line.

“Hi, Shep. . . is that you?”

“Yea Daddy. Hi Daddy. Howa you?”

Barry’s chest swelled at hearing the voice of his three-year-old son, Shepard. “I’m fine, Shep. How are you, buddy?”

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