Basilica Ch. 03

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The day had come. The day of mourning. It was banned in Jakaria, but in Id, Prince Ingfred mourned for the day that Azina and everyone in her family had been killed. Him and Prince Akino, once great and beloved friends had become dire rivals.

While Prince Akino was not directly responsible for the ousting of the Jakarian royal Family, which resulted in the murder of Azina and her entire family, he did not warn them of his fathers plans.

There was no honor to the country in his heart, only honor to the new King, his father. Ingfred clenched his hands, breath quickening and then stilling as he remembered the words of his mother. Before she left, she had loved him so. Teaching him many things, that unlike the old ways, it was alright for a man to cry. To let out his emotions.

With a deep sigh, he turned in for a spell. Sitting down in his lavish chambers. Incensed vapors filled the room, purifying the air and aiding in relaxation. Fit for a King with many worries he supposed.

King? The word felt word felt wrong in his mind, it felt, treasonous. Yes it was inevitable, but it was uncouth to think about such things yet. His father is in his prime.

“So was Azina’s”

The voice struck him, he turned around in a huff. Gathering his princely robes in abject horror. He had spoken all of this aloud? Horror turned to rage, How dare, how could someone even utter her name to him in such a way? On this day nonetheless?

His clear eyes flicked up, seeing Clement standing there. A look of fear in his eyes, and he realized how beastly he must seem. With his untamed expression, unkempt hair and red eyes.

“Have you been crying?”

“Enough!” The prince stood up, rage returning to his face, Then slowly softening with guilt as Clement looked at him in fear.

He stepped away from him, giving him the space he needed to see that he would not hurt him. not now, not ever. “Clement, my dear. I am so sorry.” He said, breath hitching.

Prince Infred’s eyes held Clement’s for a few seconds, becoming warm and wholesome before the young man. As a soft sigh blew past Clement’s lips, the sound caused a stirring in the Prince’s cock.

“I am just, I am used to treatment in Remus.” And with that, the Prince looked into Clements eyes, sensed his vulnerability, and outstretched his arms. Not goading him, asking nothing of him.

“Have me if you wish, and if not, there is no punishm-” Before the Prince could finish Clement was upon him. Ingfred’s words transformed into hums against the other’s mouth.

Clement had already hiked a leg around the prince. Ingfred hungrily grabbed at the slender thigh, his strength overtaking the smaller man’s. As he ground against Clement he could feel the erection straining against the sheer mesh of his outfit.

Clement moaned in soft mewls, the tip of his cock dripping with need. Ingfred took in a ragged breath, and kneeled before the younger man. Eyes glazed over with lust as he began to twirl the tip of his tongue around his thick pink head.

This elicited a grunt from the other man, the sound softened as he took his throbbing cock deeper into his mouth. Gingerly, Clement placed a hand atop the other man’s head. This earned a noise of satisfaction from Ingfred.

“Oh,” Clement loosely covered his mouth, “My prince, I’m at my wits end.” He harshly whispered, barely able to get the words out of his mouth.

This only spurred on the prince, who began to suck with even more fervor, taking Clement impossibly deep into his hungry mouth. Clement’s mouth opened in a silent scream as he felt his orgasm hit him, piercing through him with the quickness of an arrow.

Load moans erupted from his throat as his cock twitched, entirely contained in the Prince’s hot mouth. Ingfred hungrily kept sucking as Clement released his first spurt of semen down his throat. Softly moaning as he took more and more of it, until it eventually filled his mouth all the way. Some of it had begun to drip down onto the expensive fabrics. The prince kept sucking until Clement went flaccid in is mouth.

Quickly, the Prince detached himself from him, with a look of shock on his face. Never had he taken such a submissive role, and not that he would make a habit of it, but it was nice to see Clement squirm.

With a sad sigh he lay down beside his companion, holding back the tears that had seemingly come from nowhere. “It’s okay,” Clement smiled, wrapping his arms around the big and warm man. “You have me now.”

This greatly angered Ingfred. To hear such a thing left a pit in his stomach. “It will never be okay.” The prince turned his back to Clement, thoughts of Azina filling his head.

Her languid movements, her smile, her radiating kindness. That dark poof of hair atop her head and the way she took everything so seriously. Oh how he missed her. Never had he even gotten that chance to tell her how he’s felt about her all of these years.

Clements dismissal of that felt wrong, it felt intrusive. LIke he was trying to push her out. Whether that was his intention anal escort did not matter, at least not to Ingfred. The words still stung.

Clement looked in confusion. Over his time here, he had felt himself growing closer to Ingfred, but once they reached a certain level of intimacy Ingfred seemed to pull away from him. There were whispers around the palace of some woman named Azina. Initially he assumed her to be some long-standing concubine.

He had asked around, and everyone sort of brushed him off. Either too sad to talk about it or being too busy to explain. Having grown up in another country, he did not understand yet all of the rules and customs of Id.

That is until finally someone, a woman who had been languishing by the fountain spoke up. “Azina was the Princess of Jakaria.” She idly said as he washed her long dark hair.

“Was?” Clement questioned.

“A few years ago she and everyone in her family was murdered by her father’s advisor, the new King. The Prince has never been the same.”

“Were they friends?” Clement asked.

The woman smiled coyly, “You could say that.”

Clement did not understand, and the woman had things to attend to. He graciously thanked her for the information, before she sped off to some corner of the castle.

Now seeing how badly this had affected him, Clement had finally understood. Realizing that Ingfred was still mourning her. What could he be for the Prince right now? Deep down, he knew that there was one thing that would make him happy right now, and he was not it.

Ingfred, as he expected, kindly asked him to leave. That he ought not to see a Prince in this state. Regretfully Clement did, watching as the man he was growing close to broke down right before he closed the door behind him.

He left, not wanting to hear the sounds of his agony through the door.


Little did they know, that years ago, a young woman lay adrift at sea. Dark curly hair floating aimlessly in the current. The woman was Azina, the true Azina.

Not a phantom, or a dream.

She lie there, wondering why the man she considered an uncle to her, would do such a thing. Little did it matter, because with the last of her strength she summoned Dahlia for guidance.

Dahlia did arrive, in the form of the moon appearing at day. As she came down from the heavens and touched Azina with her heavenly glow did she begin to feel so much better.

In fact she felt herself being pulled gently out of the waters and laid on her back on something warm and soft. She smiled, her shivering body slowly becoming still as warmth spread through her.

Slowly she opened her eyes, her dark skin bathed in a moonlit glow. For what was before her eluded Azina’s comprehension, if only for a few moments.

In her countless studies and defeat of the many great and evil conquerors, she finally did get bested and by the friend of her father at that. At least along the way she had acquired much arcane knowledge. To the point where her mind was able to withstand the presence of those ascended to godhood. Such as Dahlia, or as the Idish called them, Iseria.

Regardless, the moon entity transformed into a lovely woman. With dark and even skin. Her features were soft and rounded, with empathy sprawled first and foremost on them.

Her hair was short, like before the way of Dahlia, in which her followers now have uncut hair. It was also a cool and even white. Having been born sick, her hair had never developed pigment all her life. And her unmistakably purple eyes. That having been a feature she was not born with.

Dahlia beckoned her forward, a gentle smile on her face. Big wide eyes crinkling lightly at the corners because of it. As Azina approached Dahlia slowly untied the two straps sewn into her robes.

Without shame Dahlia let the silken blue robes fall to the floor. Revealing her truly ravishing form. Her skin was the tone of rich clay. It sparkled with what appeared to be diamond crushed up into a powder.

Her lips were narrow but thick, giving off a pouty appearance. She winked at her, making a shushing sound at Azina, before slowly reaching down to dip her fingers into her own dripping hot and wet sex.

Azina watched in surprise, her previously tired body now feeling rejuvenated in Dahlia’s presence. Instinctively she rubbed her thighs together, the skin feeling slick from the wetness between her legs.

Dahlia spoke up, her voice light and almost airy. Embodying freedom like the wind. Her eyes were half lidded and lustful, with her great and thick curves creating a beautiful silhouette against the blue of the night. “I offer my body onto you. For its touch is healing.”

Azina did not have to mull it over. Dahlia had brought her to some strange place. It was at the shore, and beneath their feet was soft and grassy plants. What Azina had been laid upon was some kind of quilted hammock.

Slowly she took a step, walking closer and closer bayan escort istanbul to the woman, who still had that gentle glow about her. Dahlia’s smile widened, her thick lips making Azina’s mind go wild. Once she was by her side, slowly and gently she leaned in, capturing the goddess’ lips in hers.

Dahlia leaned in, her hair was of a looser curl, akin to tight ringlets. The short curls brushed gently against Azina’s face, smelling of the ocean. As she breathed the scent in it felt like an aphrodisiac, of which was not needed. Azina had never felt a need like this before.

It was as if her temptation was a cloud of mist all around her, and every time she breathed in her clit throbbed harder.

After what felt like an eternity their lips connected. Azina sighed against the other woman, reveling in the softness of it all. She reached over, boldly grabbing the goddess’s breast in her hand. Gently running her thumb over the nipple, causing Dahlia to shake in pleasure.

Their tongues made their way to each other, Azina sighing at the softness of it. The heat that had been pooling inside of her only growing warmer with each passing second.

Dahlia smiled, “Fear not.” She bent down before Azina, with her head exactly at the level of her pussy. In no hesitation she began to lap at the folds between Azina’s legs. Adding the wetness of her tongue to her already slippery sex.

A load moan ripped its way out of Azina. Yet Dahlia was relentless. Continuing to suck and lap at her pussy for what felt like hours. Already Azina’s clit had become oversensitive. Dahlia’s tongue felt like heaven, and Azina was unsure if she would be able to hold herself up when her inevitable orgasm hit.

Azina did not have to worry long. After a few moments it crashed through her like ocean waves. She began peaking and then going back down, this happened over and over for what she believed to be an eternity. This is until the great one hit, and Azina felt as though she ascended to the heaven. A rough sigh escaped her lips and Dahlia had to hold her tight to keep her from falling over. .

It wasn’t long before Azina felt her eyelids grow heavy with sleep. Gently Dahlia cradled her in her arms, kissing the tips of her eyelashes and the apex of her forehead.


When Azina finally came to, it was still night. Which was strange. Even stranger was this place seemed to lack stars. Just a blank night sky stared back at her.

She pushed up off of the palms of her hands. When she reached down, she felt soft blades of grass between her fingers. Last night must have been a dream, she reasoned. Azina stood tall and looked around, seeing that this place was quite strange. It seemed to hum with magic, she could feel it. Like how dense the air becomes before a storm.

Azina looked around, seeing that she was one a tall hillside that oversaw a citadel. With one tall spire in the center and modest buildings down below. She wondered what this strange place that bathed in magic was?

She hardly had the time to look around more before her eyes landed upon a novel sight. A man, who’s height greatly surpassed six feet walked past her. Hair white as snow and his skin green with white markings.

Tall he was, as well as lean and fit. Beside his skin there was another strange feature about him. He had long and pointed ears. The edge of his ear was scarred with what looked like knife slashes.

Azina gasped, and the man turned around. Azina realized that his face was actually quite handsome. With a strong jaw, and he had soft puppy dog eyes the color of which were brown. She watched as he turned around and looked her up and down.

Sheepishly, Azina glanced back. Unsure of what to make of the strange situation. In the back of her mind this reminded her of the elven legend of the Union of Aerline and Feran.

Although of course regular humans do not just look at each other and immediately commence to having sex. Curiously the previous encounter with Dahlia did not come to mind as an example of that very scenario happening to her.

Although what did come to mind is now that very tall and handsome man, or could she call him a man? Surely so? The man was walking towards her. She did not know how to act, instead reflexively moving to straighten out her non-existent skirts, realizing that she was wearing nothing.

Suddenly, before she could expect it he was in front of her. He was tall, lean, and his stomach was a lighter green than the rest of him. He would blend in well in the forest.

The tall man raised a brow and looked at her staunchly. “Well, I certainly have never seen a human in this place before. Exiled?”

Azina gasped in shock, before huffing and turning away from him. Then as it dawned on her that she had indeed been exiled, well, she had to reluctantly nod.

“No need to feel any shame. I am Faelor. Are you aware of where you are young woman?”

Azina felt confused, why was Faelor speaking this way, as if he did not look şişli escort around the same age as her? Faelor sighed, “Well, this is the undercarriage of the world. We are below Ethurial.”

“Below?” Azina whimpered. Fear settling in as she realized that she had awashed in this strange place. A place that hummed with magic that like lightning in her veins.

The suddenness of Dahlia making love to her to heal her wounds, and finding this strange man in this place that is supposedly impossibly far from where she needs to be. All of it was too much to bear.

Azina sunk to her knees, tears forming rapidly in her eyes and falling down in a messy stream. Her cheeks nearly rubbed raw by the salt as she cried.

Ashamedly, Faelor thought of how beautiful she looked even in distress. Then, despite being a man of his ilk, he felt shame warm his cheeks. To think of such things in a time like this was reprehensible.

She seemed scared and alone. From the looks of it, she had never even known a place like this existed. Faelor knelt before the crying woman, and as gently as he could he said, “We are underneath the surface world. This is Altyr. Birthplace of the elves.” Faelor, dastardly as he seemed, had a gleam in his eye as he recited this to her.

Azina slowly got her bearings. As the seconds passed, she processed what he had said. “Elves? I have not heard of such creatures except in tales from long ago.”

A dark look seemed to overtake Faelor. His previously charming features sharpening into a scowl. That is before he chuckled, “Oh you’re lucky that I’m not one of the prideful. It’s like there’s a permanent stick up their asses.”

Azina thought back to her father’s lifelong friend, always insisting on doing things that old way. “Oh I know what you mean,” she replied.

Like chimes, yes, that is how Faelor would describe her voice. With such a soft and resonate sound. In the short time they had interacted, he had not known much of what to think, but knew she needed help.

As Azina gazed upon the larger man before her, she realized that despite his initially strange features, he was quite handsome. Hair so white it glowed in the everlasting dusk of Altyr.

Faelor gazed down upon her body, stealing a glance for just a moment. Regrettably he felt his cock start to harden. It felt strange, compared to him this human woman was so small. Could she even fit his fully erect cock inside of her?

Not wanting to dwindle too long, he slowly traced his eyes back up, only for her to meet his gaze and bite her lip. Was? Was this strange woman propositioning him? She did not look like a renowned performer of the Red Light District, although she easily could be.

A small, low whine worked its way from her mouth. What elicited this was two of her long and slender fingers being slowly shoved into her dripping wet sex. She was not sure what had happened. It was as if desire had hit her like a wave.

Faelor was not sure what to do. He did not want to leave her alone in a strange new world by herself. Yet, how was he to take care of her? What could he do for the poor woman? Apt only to be prey in a world like this. Any man could come along and not knowing that human rules are different, see her uncontrolled display as an open invitation.

For even he, as a man of another species could recognize the Blhys, as his people called it. The times at high moon when a woman was filled with the most lust. Especially those connected to the moon, even in his culture, he knew this.

It was that women and the moon were connected, like the harvests. When the moon hung full in the night sky, Blhys began. It came right after menses, when the last trace of blood had gone. The time a woman was most fertile. Wetness between one’s legs became thin, clear and stretchy. Not only that, but plentiful.

Azina brought a slender finger to her plump round lips. Swirling her pink tongue around the tip. Faelor immediately felt his cock harden, but resisted his desires. For she was vulnerable and knew not what she was doing. Even a vandal such as him would not stoop below this moral code.

In one fluid motion he tore off his thin and flimsy shirt. The cotton was rough and spun without much thought or skill. Azina let out a small noise as it rubbed against her now bare skin. Delighting as the rough sensation. Faelor scooped her up into his arms, the corded muscle beneath his skin flexing as her hoisted her into the air.

She was a tall woman, well for a human. For an elf, she was quite short. Yet he had never seen such a skin color before, that of a humans. Curiously, her coloring was rich, deep and dark with no markings.

All of them were some shade of green, from light palm leaf to dark forest hues. None of them were brown, or white or tan for that matter. In Faelor’s adventures, he had seen many illustrations of overworld folk. Most of them including their neighbors, the giants. Who lived in the far away deserts, and had alchemy at their disposal.

Though some, and very few did depict humans. In their culture, the least known of overworld species. What they did know is their magic had grown thin, and they were spread too far. Forgetting what made the likes of Tanwir and Anezira great. For their lives were like blossoms in the spring, wilting just as soon as they had bloomed.

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