Bath Night Revisited Ch. 10

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“So… what do you feel like doing today, Donna?”



“Well… right now I kind of feel like biting you on your cute ass!”

The pretty young blonde girl giggled in response.

“I’m being serious,” she pouted. “I’m bored.”

“Come over here.”


“Just come over here, my gorgeous girl!”

Brooke knew full well that Donna didn’t like it when she had to repeat orders, so the pretty 18-year old rose up off of the couch where she had been lounging and approached her older lover. Donna was sitting at the kitchen table, paying bills, along with other obligatory paperwork, but now she turned her full attention to the slender young blonde girl standing nervously before her.

“These bluejeans,” the older woman said, tugging at Brooke’s belt-loops. “Take ’em off!”

“Right now?”

“Yes, right now,” Donna replied, impatiently unhooking the girl’s belt buckle as she gazed up into the beautiful blonde’s eyes. “And be quick about it… I want to check-out these long legs of yours!”

The girl smiled while unsnapping the button of her jeans and then began tugging them down past her hips.

“Turn around,” Donna ordered. “I want to see your ass!”

Brooke giggled and obeyed, facing away from the older woman as she then bent over and slowly pulled the jeans down past her ankles until they were completely off.

“Nice,” Donna murmured approvingly, her fingertips grazing the girl’s thighs while she licked her lips, her eyes meanwhile devouring her beautiful young girlfriend’s smooth slender legs and gorgeous, curvy, pantie-covered butt. “Very nice.”

Her hands then reached around the blonde girl’s waist and pulled her against her, pressing her face up against the taut, silky-smooth skin of Brooke’s incredibly luscious, curvy derriere. She then planted a series of quick kisses on those yummy butt cheeks.

Her 18-year old girlfriend squealed and squirmed.

“Bend over the table, Brooke,” Donna then ordered, her nails now sinking into the flesh of the girl’s behind as she faced her in that direction.

Brooke arched her back and slightly wiggled her shapely ass for Donna’s benefit as she then leaned down over the kitchen table.

“What are you going to do to me?” she inquired, although she already had a pretty good idea what the answer would be.

“I’m going to start by biting your delicious butt.”

Brooke giggled and further arched her back as Donna then slowly pulled down the pretty blonde’s tiny white panties before then leaning in to sink her teeth into the girl’s firm, perfumed, and silky-smooth round rump.

The 18-year old whimpered aloud as she felt the older woman’s lips lock onto the flesh of her tushie, further lowering her forehead down onto the table as Donna’s mouth & tongue continued their journey along the tender skin of her curvy-ass, complete with nibbles and a lot of warm, wet kisses.

“I love you, Donna,” the pretty girl sighed, seductively wiggling her behind as the older woman’s hands squeezed and fondled her thighs and ass. “I’ll always be your slave… always here for your pleasure and enjoyment!”

“I know, my gorgeous girl,” Donna softly responded, planting another wet kiss on Brooke’s shapely hip. “Let’s get you out of the rest of these clothes, shall we?”

She then stood up behind the still-bent-over girl, easing her gently up so that she could pull-off her tee-shit before then un-hooking Brooke’s bra and tossing it onto the floor along with the rest of the girl’s clothing. All the pretty blonde had on now were her tennis shoes and socks as she looked back over her shoulder at Donna with pleading eyes.

The older woman leaned up against the prone beauty, continuing to gently grind her from behind while kissing her on her quivering lips.

“I now want you to slowly walk to my bed for me,” she whispered in the girl’s ear. “I want to watch this pretty rump of yours sway seductively for me… for my entertainment.”

She was squeezing it as she spoke, but then sharply slapped it to get the girl started. The beautiful nude blonde giggled and slowly sauntered towards the bedroom, with Donna closely behind, her eyes glued to the girl’s beautiful, perfectly-proportioned, swaying butt.

“Oh, yeah,” the older woman murmured approvingly. “Slowly, baby!”

When they at long last reached Donna’s bed, Brooke slowly climbed atop it, delicately perching herself onto her elbows and knees, facing the headboard, her eyes gazing submissively down at the pillow as she prepared herself for what was to come next.

Donna smiled as she then retrieved her strap-on from the dresser drawer, and began putting it on.

“Remove your shoes & socks, Brooke… you know that I prefer you to be completely nude when I fuck you!”

The pretty blonde smiled to herself, quickly stripping off the above-mentioned items while Donna pulled the strap-on up over her spandex-shorts and adjusted it tightly around her abdomen.

She Ataşehir Escort then climbed up onto the bed and slowly mounted her pretty young girlfriend from behind, her hands softly caressing Brooke’s beautiful butt while squeezing the girl’s curvy rump as she slowly positioned herself onto her knees immediately behind the nude blonde 18-year old.

“Arch your back just a little bit more for me,” she ordered, with the girl obeying immediately, presenting herself so that her older lover could more easily penetrate her in the doggy-style position. “That’s my good girl.”

Brooke gasped with pleasure as Donna’s strap-on-dildo eased its way up inside of her, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she began to be rhythmically fucked by her more dominant older lover.

Donna smiled, her hands firmly gripping Brooke by the hips as she proceeded to ride the beautiful blonde back and forth, her fingernails gliding up the younger girl’s smooth back before then reaching around to cup and grip her by her perfectly-formed breasts, after which they returned to rest on Brooke’s curvy tush, which she squeezed affectionately and possessively.

Often she liked to hand-cuff the pretty girl’s wrists to the bedpost while fucking her, and in those instances she always enjoyed slapping the younger blonde’s shapely butt as the girl would feign struggling against her bonds. But today both women were in a more relaxed mood, and so they contented themselves with a more gentle interlude of doggy-style lesbian passion, the preferred position of both.

Brooke’s moaning during sex always turned Donna on, and today was no exception. It always gave the older woman a feeling of ‘ownership’ and domination over someone truly beautiful & desireable. The girl also sincerely enjoyed the act of complete & utter surrender, and being taken from behind like this never failed to send her into ecstasy.

“I love you, Donna,” she cried, as they approached climax. “I want to be your slave… I want you to own me… forever!”

“Yes, my gorgeous-girl,” the older woman laughed. “This luscious body of yours will always be mine… all mine… to play with and enjoy… forever!”

She then sharply slapped Brooke’s curvy butt as the girl screamed in her orgasmic release. Both women immediately thereafter pressing their bodies tightly together as Donna leaned forward and began kissing and licking the back of the gorgeous blonde’s neck and shoulders, her strap-on still deep inside the girl.

“I love this so much,” Brooke shuddered, her face sinking deep into the pillow as Donna continued kissing and mouthing her silky skin.

“My beautiful submissive slave-girl,” Donna murmured. “This luscious body belongs to me,” she added, her hands and lips travelling along the gorgeous girl’s smooth skin, now glistening ever so slightly with sweat.

The older woman continued gently pumping the pretty blonde from behind as she lay atop her, her face now in Brooke’s golden-blonde, hyacinth-scented hair.

After a short while, Donna rose up and ordered her pretty blonde girlfriend to once again get up onto her elbows and knees.

“I want your ass.”

Brooke obeyed without question, and was quickly rewarded with the feel of her older lover’s lips, tongue, and fingernails lightly caressing and gliding across her curvy derriere.

“I love it when you kiss my butt, Donna,” she whispered. “It makes me feel like you really do desire me… and own me… like I belong to you… does that make any sense?”

“It makes perfect sense,” the older woman responded, adding another wet kiss right onto the center of that beautiful rump. “I can never get enough of this luscious butt.”

She then proceeded to plant another dozen or so passionate kisses along the satiny-smooth skin of the girl’s curvy rear-end, adding a nibble or two here and there. Brooke obediently remained head-down and ass-up while Donna relished in this lascivious activity.

“Raise this pretty ass up a little bit more,” she commanded, and when Brooke did so she then felt Donna’s tongue enter her from behind!


Twenty minutes later, both women were enjoying a leisurely soak in Donna’s bathtub, the girl now leaning back into her older lover’s arms while the more dominant woman lazily played with the pretty blonde’s soapy breasts.

“You put in too much bubble bath again,” Donna casually observed, as her fingers lightly pinched Brooke’s right nipple.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” the girl apologized. “I guess I just like my water extra-soapy.”

“I get that,” Donna smiled. “I’m just not a huge fan of tasting soap in my mouth when I’m licking your gorgeous body, is all.”

“I suppose this means you’re probably going to want to spank me now?”

“What do you think?”

Brooke giggled and proceeded to bend over, arching her lovely back to facilitate Donna’s easy access to her gorgeous round rump. Ataşehir Escort Bayan The older woman laughed.


After a quick (but highly enjoyable) sensual spanking and some more passionate kissing, bath time was over. The two women were now getting dressed when the pretty blonde girl received a text message.

“It’s from Kayli,” she noted. “She wants to know if you’ll take us to the beach today, like you promised.”

“And when did I promise to do that?”

“Remember that day last week, after Kayli and I returned from swimsuit shopping, and we were both modelling our brand new, tiny little bikinis for you? And you said…”

“Ah yes, I remember now,” Donna laughed. “I said that we all really needed a trip to the beach!”

“Well… today’s as good a day as any,” Brooke begged. “Please, Donna? Can I text her back and say yes?”

“Sure… let’s do it!”


“Baby, can’t you see… I’m calling… a guy like you… should wear a warning… it’s dangerous… I’m falling…”

A couple of hours later, Donna’s car was now speeding south on highway one. Travelling with her were beautiful Brooke and Brooke’s pretty dark-haired classmate, Kayli Kimberling. Their destination: San Gregorio Beach, a few miles further down the California coastline. The two girls had grown very close while working together at the Red Lips Club, an elite hangout for the wealthy older lesbian women of the bay area.

“There’s no escape… I can’t wait… I need a hit… baby, give me it… you’re dangerous… I’m lovin’ it…”

Brooke Brooke’s blonde hair and gorgeous figure making her a perfect ‘Betty Cooper’ – while Kayli’s jet-black hair, slender body, and seductive eyes made the pretty 19-year old an exact double of ‘Veronica Lodge,’ Betty’s rich, spoiled friend.

“With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride… you’e toxic, I’m slipping under… with a taste of a poison paradise… I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic…”

Right now the two pretty young women were singing along to the music loudly blasting on Kayli’s MP3-player, a classic-oldie by Britney Spears that Donna didn’t care for all that much, but she allowed it as this was a ‘vacation,’ of sorts for her girls. Brooke and Kayli had both been working very hard since the start of summer, and needed a couple of days off to unwind and just relax before returning to school. And San Gregorio beach was the perfect place for exactly that! Sand, sun, and two pretty young hotties in skimpy little bikinis – what could possibly be more fun?

Between songs, the two college girls debated the merits of Demi Lovato vs. Miley Cyrus.

“Which is the one who can’t keep her tongue in her mouth?” Donna asked.

“Miley,” both girls chorused together, laughing.

“Why does she do that?” the older woman asked. “It just makes her look so freaking ugly!”

Again the two girls laughed in response.

As they pulled into the beach parking lot, it became immediately apparent that they weren’t the only ones here today. The hot summer weather had brought out pretty much everybody on this Saturday afternoon. When they finally found a parking spot and then trekked out onto the sand, Donna could immediately see that finding any privacy was going to be an issue. The girls didn’t seem to mind, as they immediately pulled off their cute little terry-cloth outfits that they’d worn over their swimsuits.

You could almost hear the gasps of admiration as they did so, with them revealing a pair of incredibly gorgeous, long-legged bikini-beach bodies for the assembled onlookers to ogle at appreciatvely. It was as if a couple of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models had suddenly arrived for an impromptu photo-shoot!

Donna immediately felt the growing attention of the surrounding onlookers, both male and female alike, focusing in on her two scantily-clad companions.

“Maybe we should walk along the beach a little ways,” the older woman suggested, “if only to find a less crowded spot.”

“I’m not sure there is one, Donna,” Brooke observed, quickly gazing in both directions. “I mean, it’s really crowded… we could be walking for a long time.”

“Yeah,” Kayli piped up. “Where could we possibly go?”

At that point Donna noticed a small four-wheeled beach buggy that had just pulled up not too far away, with a California State Parks logo emblazoned on its front. From out of it emerged a deeply tanned & nicely sculptured twenty-something blonde goddess of a woman in a red lifeguard’s uniform. She had on dark sunglasses, and her gaze had seemingly zeroed-in Donna’s two pretty young hotties in their tiny swimsuits.

After taking a few seconds to evaluate the situation the woman approached and addressed Donna.

“I couldn’t help but notice your arrival just now,” she smiled, nodding to Brooke & Kayli before then turning back Escort Ataşehir to Donna. “If you’d prefer a less-crowded spot I can easily assist you.”

“It’s like you’re reading my mind,” Donna sighed with relief. “You know of somewhere a bit more secluded, perhaps?”

“I do indeed,” the woman replied, motioning to her vehicle. “Hop in… I can take all three of you there right now!”

Donna smiled appreciatively and nodded.

“Climb aboard, girls,” she ordered.

“You two pretty young things can stand together there in the back,” the woman directed, pointing to a spot immediately behind the driver & passenger-seats. “And hold tightly to that roll bar so that you don’t fall off.”

They quickly crowded onto the lifeguard’s beach buggy with their belongings, after which it immediately sped off.

“I’m Camille,” the blonde woman introduced herself, shaking hands with Donna, who now sat beside her as the vehicle picked up speed. “I’m assuming these two are yours?”

“Yeah, they are,” Donna replied. “Why do you ask?”

Camille smiled before answering.

“I’m pretty good at spotting women who share my… shall we say interests?” She glanced quickly back at the legs of two bikini-clad girls standing immediately behind her. “I’d say that you definitely fit that category.”

“Thank you… I think?”

“Let me re-phrase that… I should have said that you look like a woman who enjoys possessing and playing with beautiful things… and you’re far too young to be the mother of these two!”

“Again, thank you… but I could always be their overly-protective aunt, couldn’t I?”

Camille laughed.

“Yeah, perhaps you’re their aunt… except that they both seem way too obedient… most aunts I’ve known don’t generally have such submissive nieces!”

Now it was Donna’s turn to laugh.

“Yeah… maybe not as submissive as I’d like… but yes, the beautiful blonde you hear singing right now is mine… the other one is her friend… she’s just along for the ride.”

“They’re both incredibly lovely!”

“I’d think that a woman in your line of work would see pretty girls in skimpy bikinis every day?”

“Oh, I do,” the woman said, glancing back once more at her two luscious young passengers. “But very few with bodies like these!”

By now, the buggy had left the more crowded areas far behind and was arriving at a beautiful, scenic spot of pristine beach with nary another human being in sight.

“What do you think?”

“Oh yeah… this is perfect,” Donna replied. “And thank you again… what’s you name?”


“Thank you, Camille!”

At this point, the blonde lifeguard slowed her buggy to a halt, got out, and proceeded to assist the two laughing young girls down onto the sand.

“You know, you can both go nude here if you’d like,” she ventured, winking at the two bikini-clad beauties. “It’s perfectly legal in this area.”

“We appreciate everything you’ve done,” Donna remarked, introducing her to Brooke and Kayli. “but how exactly are we supposed to get back to our car when we’re ready to go home?”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that,” Camille laughed. “I’ll be back… checking up on you, fairly regularly, I think!” She surreptitiously winked at Kayli.

They then all thanked her once more before she climbed back into the buggy and sped off to continue her rounds.

“Did you see her body?” Kayli asked, mesmerized. “That woman is fit!”

“Close your mouth, Kayli,” Brooke giggled. “I think you’ve made a pretty good impression on her yourself! I saw the way she patted your butt as she helped you down off of the buggy!”

The dark-haired girl blushed and Donna laughed, as they went about setting-up their beach umbrella and stretched out their towels on the white sand.

“This really is a beautiful spot,” the older woman observed, as she settled down comfortably beneath the shade of the umbrella in her one-piece black swimsuit, watching her two younger bikini-clad companions run frolicking into the surf. After a minute or so of this she pulled out the paperback book she’d brought along to read.

It wasn’t all that long before Camille returned as promised, to check-up on them. She also saved the day by producing a tube of sunscreen, something which Brooke had been told to pack but had forgotten to actually do so.

“Perhaps you could rub some of that on Kayli’s back, Camille, while I apply some to Brooke?” Donna asked. “You and I can’t allow these two pretty bodies to get sunburned, now can we?”

“No we can’t,” the other woman murmured in agreement, staring at the pretty dark-haired girl standing before her. “Why don’t you lie down on your stomach, Kayli?”

Again the dark-haired college girl blushed but did as Camille requested, at which point the blonde lifeguard knelt down alongside of her and immediately began applying lotion to her back as the girl stretched out face-down on her beach towel. Donna began rubbing lotion on Brooke.

“You’ve got a great little butt,” the lifeguard observed, as her hands began oiling up Kayli’s curvy rear. Brooke and Donna both smiled knowingly to one another as Kayli instinctively arched her back, allowing Camille’s hands easier access to fondle and caress the dark-haired girl’s round little behind.

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