Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 23

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Different visits have different rhythms and different interactions, and this visit seemed to be straddling an unusual line.

Sometimes, there is a strange aloofness in the air, with nothing much sparking even as the baths get increasingly crowded. Generally, avoiding getting caught in such periods is avoidable, but it does happen.

The start of the visit had been promising enough, though possibly also providing a foretaste of much that followed.

Entering the porn area, a man was jacking off along the top row on the opposite wall. Going up to the same level, I spread my towel and dealt with condoms and poppers. The porn was not that interesting, but watching a man stroke his turned on cock were the way that I achieved my first orgasms shared with another person, and being able to enjoy the experience again while looking and touching a variety of cocks at the bathhouse remains a pleasant surprise.

Enjoyable though it was, the lack of returned contact most the time was notable. No question we were watching each other, and that our hands were moving at a rate that blurred vision, but after a while of pleasuring him without any contact in response, I left. Over the decades following those first shared orgasms, my standards have changed. Touching needs to be mutual at some point, at a minimum.

Yet there are times at the bathhouse where other men are simply not interested or engaged, even when hard. After that initial porn room experience, I spread out in the darkroom. A man entered and soon, my hand had found his stiffening cock. He got hard when being stroked, yet with zero response. This is always a bit bizarre to me, as playing together is always so satisfying, yet it does happen that your partner might as well not be there.

I let him enjoy himself for a good while, until it was obvious that he was completely self-absorbed.

The next period was spent wandering, including bit more time in the darkroom, enjoying a fleeting few minutes of gloryhole fun. Getting another man hard turned into a repeat of the first experience, something I decided to consider amusedly, recognizing how sometimes bahis şirketleri sequences just turn against you.

My first visit downstairs to the whirlpool and steambath became equally frustrating, in essence. As was returning upstairs and not really making any contact, though flickers of pleasure certainly tempted me to remain. It has been a long time since having a visit where those flickers were the only thing that happened, even after staying an hour longer than planned.

Finally deciding today to go back to the steamroom, and leave if nothing happened. The cubbyholes held a couple of towels, as the strange rhythms of the bathhouse continued to swirl – today was a full day, but the actual visitors were hard to find.

Entering the steambath with a pair of condoms and poppers, the heat was warmly pleasant, not excessive. In part because in the rest of the bathhouse, the heating had not kept up with the changing season. Here, the temperature was ideal, steamy but not hot. A couple of men were in the somewhat better lit front area, but in general, the back is the area that fun is found reliably.

Unsurprisingly, it happened that a stranger temptingly reached out for my cock when passing the end of the curved front entrance corridor, now at least somewhat in shadow. The touch was entrancing, making me pause and moan, followed by reaching out to find his horny cock, starting to jack it off as he did the same to me, both of us easily getting hard.

Turning towards each other, stroking and playing with nipples, both of us obviously experienced in enjoying male sex. This is one of the hidden realities of the baths, something a first time visitor cannot be truly unaware of. Most men at the baths have years or decades of experience pleasuring other men, something that is magically overwhelming for a new visitor – and which almost always turns them into regular visitors after becoming aware of just how hot letting a skilled partner bring you to into heaven is.

As my new partner started to do by bending over and starting to suck my thoroughly willing cock. Starting to helplessly moan about how fucking good bahis firmaları it felt to have sex with a man, soon pumping his wet mouth, almost cumming before reaching down to pull his face up to mine, kissing him passionately. As we kissed, decadently and enthrallingly cock to cock, a third man came up behind him.

Shifting to start sucking me again, it was obvious that he was cruising to be fucked, and that the new third man was likely offering what he desired. This is how things work at the baths, after all, men getting off with each other, just giving in to the addictive pleasures of male sex.

After a while, the third man left, and as we started kissing again, he played with my nipples in way that was fantastic. As I continued to let his tongue roam past my lips and into my yielding mouth, it became clear that his fingers had been coated in lube before he began to caress my sensitive nipples.

This was something delightfully new, and feeling him play with lubed nipples as we kissed and rubbed cock was incredible, in the way so much of the sex discovered at a bathhouse is. Along with leading to kinky thoughts about how his slippery ass would feel, leading to me fondling his ass cheeks before exploring his crack. Which was slippery and horny as my finger began to slide past his pulsing anal ring, feeling the reaction in how he was going down on me, both of turning into pure sluts.

At some point, he stood and turned around, hand on my slippery cock. Giving in to temptation, I allowed him to start placing my cockhead at his soft entrance. This is becoming ever more common, though the basic boundary is still respected. Nonetheless, the combination of lube, saliva, and sluttiness was wonderful, letting myself submerge in the sensations of my cock touching a stranger’s inviting hole.

This continued for a while, and after regaining a certain degree of control, I did a hit from the brown bottle, cock head moving over and around his ass. Even before breathing out, the sensations shifted until it felt like fucking him in essence, even if no penetration was occurring. Yet I knew that by giving into the temptation kaçak bahis siteleri to have my horny cock against a willing lubed ass, that it would be more difficult to resist in the future – and also knowing that part of me just wanted to do it, without restraint.

This was a similar process to how I gave up all resistance to being sucked without a condom, except to a major extent, I was the one conditioning myself, It simply feels so good, different from a pussy or mouth, and the thrill of doing something on the edge just adds to the attraction. The fact that he wanted it just increased the pleasure, especially when he started to go down on a man standing in front of us.

Finally, the heat grew too much to take, so I left to take a shower, cock half hard. Cooling down in the less than warm whirlpool, I decided to return to the steamroom a last time, and if nothing was happening, to leave.

And soon got lucky in a way that made up for the first part of the visit. I encountered another slut, one who went down on me as I jacked his hard shaft. We soon began kissing cock to cock, and the sensations just kept growing, becoming phenomenal at a fundamental level. Our kissing was mutually greedy, irresistible, drawing us both into a shared state that only men who kiss other men enjoy, somehow different than kissing a woman.

In part because men are simply stronger, and able to use that fact to shared advantage. As time went on, we both became incapable of using words, while recognizing in each other the same heavenly state from kissing a man while so turned on. To be honest, kissing another man is thoroughly addictive, which certainly has been true for me since the first time I experienced it. And now, I was losing myself in his mouth, unable to stop even as the heat built up again.

Yet again in the steamy dimness, a man approached my current partner from behind, and when he started to suck me again, it seemed as if the new man was taking advantage of the situation, especially in how the sucking became so lazily slutty. I pulled his face to mine again, both of us completely turned on, kissing so intimately, in paradise.

Yet again, the heat grew too much, and when leaving, seeing that almost a half hour had passed, an incredible interval of exquisite satisfaction, both of us clearly unable to resist the spell of male kissing.

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