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Double Penetration

Tay asked her if she wanted to take a bath with him after the Cotton Fest. They had left a little before midnight and decided to head to his place instead since it was closer. Both at university Tay on his second year and her in her first, they had decided not to have sex.

Well, she was a virgin and he had decided not to pressure her.

“Let’s go take a bath, I think we both deserve it after today.”

“Yah, set it up. I’ll join you in a bit,” she said flinging herself on his bed.

They had done this before, showered together. It had resulted in some memorable oral, for her anyway. Her mind drifted to her first blowjob lesson, up till the joy of having him come apart in her arms. Tay was in the university league hockey team, and as fit as they come. Buff but not bulky, with a perfect height difference that still left him significantly taller than her even in 6 inch high heels. She absentmindedly rubbed her boobs as she thought about his impressive dick size. Black men did have ‘a lot’ to drool about.

When she heard the running water stop, she got up and quickly stripped to her underwear. Thank heavens she had worn a matching burgundy set, that was also a nice contrast against her skin.

Grabbing his towel from behind his door, she wrapped it around herself and made her way into the bathroom.

It was candlelit , rose petals in the water were a bath bomb was finishing fizzing out a pinkish color. The whole scene screamed romance ‘and sex’ a little voice inside her head whispered. Ooh, where had that bottle of red wine and glasses come from. She looked at him, looking at her , in nothing but his Calvin Klein boxers. Biting her lips was a reflex, and she swallowed hard when he came and stood right in front of her. He untied the loose towel knot and looked straight into her eyes as it dropped to the floor. She couldn’t look away. He leaned forward as if to kiss her, and she held her breath. But he went for her ear instead, and whispered,

“You ready for your bath ma’am?”

She nodded, and her “mmm” came from her throat when he followed his question with a nip on her earlobe.

What was it with that particular body part she wondered as she felt the liquid heat travel from up her body all the way down to her panties.

He turned and got into the bathtub first, sitting down first before holding his hand out for her. poker oyna She had a moment when she remembered a poll she’d seen about how bathtub moments were more unforgettable than shower ones and wondered if she’d finally experience what all the fuss was about.

She took his proffered hand and clambered in, sitting with her back to his front. The position conveniently gave him access to her neck and he couldn’t resist sucking her exposed neck a bit before smothering the area with kisses. She had to resist the urge to literary purr like a cat.

He handed her her wineglass, took his own and relaxed. She followed suit, taking a sip from her glass, whilst reclining comfortably on his chest.

His hand, the one not holding his wineglass was absently making circles on her inner thigh. Someone Special by Anna of the North could be faintly heard from the speaker playing in the bedroom.

The hand on her thigh is the only thing that kept her from falling asleep. It kept going higher, slowly but surely.

Then he started kissing, licking and sucking her neck again. The combination made her move closer to him as if that were possible.

She was practically sitting on him now, her butt right atop his hard on. Then his hand was on her moud, rubbing her on top of her panties. She sighed loudly and squirmed causing her to grind against him. He groaned right in her ear, and the sexy sound even had her nipples aching. He nipped on her neck a bit, on the right spot it seemed because even she didn’t see her moan coming.

He took this moment to slide his finger underneath her panties. The feel of skin on skin was all heat as he slowly moved his finger in up and down motions.

She unsteadily set her glass down and he did the same. Twisting her head a bit, and using her other hand she coaxed him into a kiss. A soft kiss which became nothing but when he took over and made it as raw and hungry as he could.

His second hand made quick work of her bra in the process and started rubbing her hypersensitive nipples. She was a frenzy of nerves by then, definitely grinding on his dick, her moans echoing all over the bathroom walls.

He found her bundle of nerves with the finger underneath the panties and started rubbing her in circles right there.

She abruptly stopped kissing him, and looked straight into his hungry eyes. Even he recognized the same lusty canlı poker oyna look in her eyes.

“Take me out of here,” she whispered closing her eyes, brushing her lips against his, “baby please,” she opened her eyes and looked right at him.

Lust and desperation in the beautiful gaze made him act fast, standing up quickly and taking her with him.

Carefully getting them both out of the bathtub he grabbed the towel and started drying her, when she grabbed the towel and threw it away.

“Baby, I’m hot and wet,” she whispered again, putting her hands around his neck going on her tip toes. He grabbed her by the hips signaling her to jump onto him, before he was kissing her all the way to his bedroom.

Getting there, he carefully set her on the bed, one thing on his mind. Pleasure her and get the fuck out before he did anything she would regret.

Settling her on the bed close to the edge, he wedged himself between her legs. Lifting one foot up, he looked straight into her eyes, as he licked the padding of her toe, sucked and nipped it. She gave a short scream, she hadn’t known how erogenous that part of her body was. He smiled knowingly, and slowly started making a trail of kisses from her foot up her thighs. Just as he got to the edge of her panties she sighed, only to have him get up and start again on the other leg. Tantalizingly slow, she groaned with frustration and started rubbing her own nipples. It didn’t feel as good as him doing it though.

Finally she felt him push her panties to the side. He blew gently on her exposed pussy lips and she literally felt herself creaming. Her body was on overdrive, hot and bothered.

He parted her lips until he could see her engorged clit peeking from it’s hood. He licked it and sucked which resulted in her bucking on the bed and a loud frustrated moan. She could feel herself getting wetter and she was desperate to come.

And she knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed to push her to that edge.


He first licked the length of her slit from bottom to top, lifted his head, “Yes babygirl,” whilst licking his lips.

Her eyes couldn’t get any bigger, and she hadn’t thought she could get more turned on.

“Fuck me.”

“Baby,” he narrowed his gaze. She could tell he was fighting with himself. Such a sweetheart, except, she wasn’t in the mood for that.

“Look, internet casino either you fuck me right now, or I stand up right now and go ask your neighbor to do it. After all, he has been hitting on me since-“

“Shut the fuck up,” he said getting up and removing his boxers. Freeing his cock that was already dripping with pre cum.

She gulped when she looked at his ‘manhood’ finally dawning on her that all that was supposed to fit into her tiny virgin hole. Okay, so maybe she had spoken too soon.

He crawled ontop of her,

“Open,” he whispered with two fingers against her lips. She obediently did, and like she was on autopilot, she sucked. He took them out and without warning shoved them both into her tight hole. She cried out from the surprise as he pumped in and out of her.

Removing his fingers, he put his cock head at her entrance. She held her breath , but instead of entering her then, he started sliding it up and down her slit, coating himself with her juices that seemed to be continuously flowing out. Wet is an understatement she thought, I’m drenched. She looked at him pleadingly, the teasing was becoming unbearable.

He got the message, holding her hands above her head with one hand, he used the other to guide himself inside her tight wet cunt.

Oh slowly he slid in inch by inch, she felt him filling her, stretching her. Gymnastics had seen to her hymen, but he had managed to get every inch inside her, he gave her time to adjust. Then he started moving, slow and precise timely strokes designed to drive one crazy.

Her first penetration orgasm hit her like a train. So unexpected, yet mind blowing.

It did make Tay switch from his slow lovemaking pace to real hardcore fucking. He had held himself for so long. Taking her legs and putting them on on either side of his shoulders, he held her hips and started thrusting there was no tomorrow.

Damn, she was loud though, the pants , the screams the moans. In the end his thoughts weren’t coherent enough to know who was making what. He could feel her second orgasm fast approaching and when he felt himself coming, he lightly pinched her clit and she came crushing down. His goal of coming together achieved.


They lay in a spoon, naked and cuddled up under his blankets.

“So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how am I?” She asked.

He laughed and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Oh baby, if there really was such a scale, you’d be in the Guiness Book of Records for hitting the nonexistent 20.”

The both laughed as they drifted asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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