Bayonetta’s Abuse – Chapter 05 – Date With A Witch

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The sunlight poured into Bayonetta’s studio apartment, brightening every corner of the typically drab dungeon-like dwelling. It was an early summer day and all the windows had been opened, the humid air rolling in on a light afternoon breeze. Jim Morrison’s electric voice filled the room as The Doors blared on the living room stereo. Bayonetta face fucked James on the leather sofa, her screams of pleasure piercing through the music. They were both sweating profusely, she in her skin tight leather and James in his latex bondage. The entire room reeked of perspiration, cum and marijuana smoke.

“Yeah… cmon! More tongue! Take me there, slut!” she yelled as she crammed her fully erect cock into his open mouth. James’ head hung off the front side of the sticky couch, his legs leaning up against the back of the seat. Bayonetta held him by the throat, increasing and decreasing the gag factor at her leisure as she speared all 16 inches of her slimy horse dick down his gullet. The blood had long ago gone to James’ head and all he could see was the jerky, upside down motion of her frenzied fucking as her massive sweaty orbs smacked into his eyes and nose repeatedly.

“Like the view, bitch? Is it hot enough for you? Maybe if you did a better job sucking my cock you wouldn’t have to suffer like this for twenty minutes at a time.” She fucked his throat deeply and powerfully, withdrawing only half of her fleshy rod before burying it back in his sloppy mouth. James’ arms stuck to the cum splattered cushions like glue, her recent emissions and the intense heat creating a powerful adhesive as she continued thrusting him into the sticky leather mess. Moans and sucking noises escaped from his lips as the brutal throat fucking went on.

“Ohhhhhhh! OHHHHHHHHHFUCK!!!!”

Bayonetta jammed her enormous penis in to the hilt, holding his head in a death grip against her crotch. With his face mashed firmly into her scrotum James could feel the fat, fleshy bag twitch as shot after shot of thick jizzum fired down her cock and hosed into his throat and stomach. “Yeah! Drink it! DRINK IT!!!”

Halfway through her climax, Bayonetta released his head and pulled out of his mouth with a wet slurp. Sludge-like semen spilled out as he cleared his throat and gasped for air. Rising to her full height she began stroking her cock rapidly, milking out several more webs of cum which rained down on James’ latex suit with soft splats.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…. yeah…” she purred contentedly, her hand eventually slowing and releasing her spent cock. She turned around and sat on James’ midsection, lounging back with a smile on her face. Her weight crushed him even further into the cum slick couch as she adjusted her body so that her balls hung just above his well fucked mouth. “As soon as you catch your breath, be a dear and clean those off for me.”

He immediately began licking and sucking her bloated nutsack, vacuuming the sweat and semen off her smooth, warm flesh. Bayonetta reached over to the end table and picked up her custom quellazaire, lifting it to her lips and taking a drag of the potent ganga. The inhalation magnified the pleasure she received from her slaves’ tongue and she gazed down at him lovingly. “Mmmmmm… very good slut. Let’s see, I fed you breakfast a couple hours ago, and that was lunch. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get dinner straight from the tap as well!” She chortled and took another puff from the opera-length tube before setting it down. Her smile faded into a look of contemplation as she leaned her head back against his legs and stared at the ceiling.

His task complete, James couldn’t help but notice that Bayonetta seemed lost in thought. It wasn’t like her at all to mentally drift off in the middle of one of their sessions. “Mistress, is everything alright?”

“Hmmm? Oh… yes, I’m fine” she stated, suddenly standing up and walking across the room to turn the music down. As she did, James righted himself on the couch, the latex of his suit making an audible sucking noise as it separated from the warm leather. He rolled his head around his neck in circles, stretching his sore muscles and allowing the blood flow to return to normal. Bayonetta turned from the stereo crossing her arms below her plentiful breasts. “It’s just, I’m turning a CERTAIN age very soon and I find it a little unsettling. I know it’s just a number and I shouldn’t care, but…”

“And what age would that be?”

She cocked her head in his direction, glaring coldly. “You should know better than to ever ask a woman THAT question.”

“Sorry Mistress, just curious” he grinned sheepishly.

“Curiosity killed the cat. You would do well to remember that, Cheshire.”


”Yes, that’s my new nickname for you. ‘Slut’, ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’ are perfectly suitable names for a cock sucking, ass worshipping slave, but even when you’re committing the most depraved acts, you’re really quite cute. ‘Cheshire’ is a much better name for an adorable pet, don’t you think?”

“I can’t argue with that” he replied, blushing mildly.

Bayonetta suddenly unfolded her arms, pointing at James with her index finger as she realized something. “Come to think of it… I never did learn when your birthday was. I forgot to check your ID before I put your wallet in storage. When IS your special day?”

“As a matter of fact, my birthday was just a week and a half ago.”

“What? And you didn’t say anything?”

”…you didn’t ask, Mistress.”

“Well this simply won’t do!” she exclaimed, a coy smile spreading across her face as she crossed the room and grabbed him by the chin. “Even naughty slaves deserve a treat on their birthday, and you… you’ve been so very good.”

She released his chin and placed her hands on her hips, thinking for a moment. “Yes, I know just how to resolve this. I will grant you one wish. One wish, as long as it’s a reasonable request and within my power. So, Cheshire, tell me… what does your heart desire?” She grasped her flaccid cock with her leather gloved hands, winking at him and giving it a gentle tug. “Other than this, of course.”

James knew exactly what he wanted, but he wasn’t about to let her know that he’d been waiting for this chance for months. “Anything I want eh? Hmmm…”

“Just, no heads on plates” Bayonetta responded dryly “And you cannot wish to be freed, but that’s a given.”

“Anything…” He put on a convincing act of mulling it over, dragging it out just long enough to belie any suspicion that his idea was not a sudden one. “Alright, I’ve got the perfect wish. I want a date.”


”You heard me. A date.”

”What kind of date?”

”A normal one. Dinner, maybe a movie; you and me out on the town for a night! Not Mistress and slave, just James and Bayonetta.”

Bayonetta’s eyes sunk, her posture betraying her sudden annoyance and incredulity. “Of all the things you could have…”

”And that’s not the best part! No fetish gear allowed! We both wear formal evening attire.”

She collapsed into the nearest chair, groaning and closing her eyes. “I take it back. You are a very, very naughty slave.”

James chuckled at her reaction, leaning back into the leather sofa poker oyna and placing his arms behind his head. “It’s not an unreasonable request Mistress, and it’s certainly within your power.”

They sat in silence for a few moments before her eyes peeked open. “I suppose you’re right. Still, wouldn’t you rather have a…”


Bayonetta sighed, rising from the chair. “Fine, a dinner date tomorrow night then. I’ll do some shopping for you this evening. I already have your measurements from when I ordered the bondage suit. My opera gown hasn’t been cleaned yet, but… I’m sure I have another dress or two, somewhere.”

“I can’t wait to see it.”

She grabbed her cock once again, stroking it lewdly up and down. “I’ll bet you can’t. Now get on your stomach, Cheshire. I want your ass hanging off the side of that couch. It’s time for you to pay for your curiosity.”

He assumed the position, a smug grin on his face as he prepared for what was sure to be a fearsome pounding. “Yes mistress.”

* * * * *

It was a little over 24 hours later when James found himself standing near the front door, inspecting himself in the hallway mirror. Bayonetta had picked out a sleek, yet traditional combination of black jacket and dress pants to complement his white, button down shirt. The small, black bow tie completed the image, his transformation from filthy sex slave to gentlemen dinner companion complete. He adjusted his tie and fastened his jacket smoothly around his midsection as he waited for Bayonetta to finish getting ready. He put his right hand in his pocket and posed like a playboy, putting on his most dashing smile. It wasn’t long before he heard the bathroom door open and he stepped back into the living room to meet his similarly transformed mistress.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked cheerfully, turning on her heels and spinning around slowly to provide him with a full view of her eveningwear. Her hair was up, as always, but in a much more elaborate shape than usual. Her eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss were applied perfectly, giving her a sultry look without overdoing it. A long, thick clip of her dark tresses tumbled over the left side of her face, giving her an incredible feminine allure. She wore pearls on her ears and a thin silky top over her shoulders that barely concealed her snow white skin. The top ended at the halfway point of her bosom where the stunning dark blue dress took over. It somehow managed to contain her massive breasts while elegantly hugging the rest of her curves. The amazing sapphire garment sparkled just slightly, ending at her lower legs where it terminated in a curve, exposing a little more of her left leg than her right.

James was dumbfounded at first, but managed to untie his tongue in short order. ”You look….. amazing.”

Bayonetta blushed a little despite her best efforts. She hastily shook off the warm, flushed feeling and inspected her well dressed pet. “Mmmmm, you clean up pretty good yourself.” She crossed the room slowly, her hips swaying from side to side. She set her handbag down and grasped his bow tie, tugging it at both ends. “Not the suit I prefer to see you in, but I suppose it’s a nice change of pace.”

James smirked, closing his eyes and bowing slightly as he extended his arm in the direction of the hallway. “Shall we depart, my lady?”

The drive that followed was brief and uneventful, Bayonetta having chosen a favorite establishment of hers just within the city limits. After handing her keys to a valet she and James walked into a brightly lit, white stone building simply titled “Lasserre.” As they entered the ornate restaurant they were greeted by the maitre d’ and it became clear that Bayonetta was a regular here.

”Hello Marucs” she said, smiling and extending her hand “It’s good to see you again.”

The head waiter immediately took her hand and planted a gentle kiss across the top. “Madame Lepetka, it’s been far too long. Although your reservation was sudden, we’ve managed to secure your usual table. Jacob will be your waiter this evening, but if there is anything to your dissatisfaction, ask for me and it will be remedied swiftly.”

The well dressed, middle aged man bowed to Bayonetta and gave James a respectful nod before handing them off to the much younger waiter. As they followed him further into the elaborate eatery, James gave Bayonetta a quizzical look. “Lepetka?”

“Oh, just a name I borrow from time to time” she answered with a wink.

They entered the main dining room which, realistically, seemed more like a ball room. The tall windows on either side of the hall were adorned with velvet drapes. Sparkling chandeliers hung from a myriad of points in the tall ceiling and candles flickered on each well groomed table. On the way to their seats, they passed another young man playing a large concert piano. Bayonetta waved to him and the musician smiled and nodded back as his hands flowed over the keys. Finally they arrived at their seats and the two of them were alone once again as Jacob left to fetch warm bread and a pitcher of fresh spring water.

“This place is something else…” James remarked, looking around the giant room and drinking in the lush atmosphere.

”The service is good, the food is excellent, and the wine list is to die for!” Bayonetta replied, already perusing the list of vintage beverages. James picked up one of the menus and began thumbing through it. The frustration was evident on his face as he suddenly regretted taking Spanish in high school instead of French. She noticed his reaction and couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement. “Don’t worry, I’ll order for both of us.”

James shifted in his chair uncomfortably, straightening his jacket and trying to maintain his cool demeanor. His charm offensive wasn’t exactly going according to plan, but the night was still young. As he eyed the enormous bar on the other side of the hall, he noted that at the very least, access to alcohol was not going to be a problem.

Jacob soon returned, setting the refreshments on the table and preparing to take their order. Bayonetta chose an expensive wine and ordered several menu items that James couldn’t even pronounce, let alone identify. Once the wine was poured and the waiter was gone, he settled down, confident that his patience was about to pay off.

“So, are you enjoying my birthday wish so far?”

”I think that’s a question I should be asking you” she retorted, placing her elbows on the table and her head in the bridge of her folded hands. “Considering what you could have had, are you sure this wasn’t a giant waste?”

“Positive” he replied, admiring her elegance in the dim candlelight. It was so odd seeing her dressed as a debutante after the endless and unfathomable debauchery they’d engaged in, but the strangeness of it did not make her dark beauty any less compelling. He took a sip from his wine glass before speaking again. “I suppose it wouldn’t be a date without the usual, awkward questions. So, Miss Lepetka, I’m curious… what exactly is it that you do for a living?”

Bayonetta lifted her head and leaned back in her chair, looking bored as she took a large sip from her glass. “If canlı poker oyna you must know, I’m a consultant for a large, corporate marketing firm. We do analysis and research of certain trends within…”


“….excuse me?”

“I said bullshit” he set his glass down on the table calmly. “Would you like me to say it again?”

She raised an eyebrow, the intrigue written clearly on her face. ”I have a boring day life. Why is that so unbelievable?”

“Several observable reasons. Your schedule is too irregular to accommodate that kind of job. With the amount of time you spend in your dungeon, a full time job wouldn’t allow you to go to a gym regularly and maintain that hot body of yours. Most of all, after spending several months with you I can say without a doubt that any kind of office or research position would drive you absolutely insane.”

Eyes wide open now, her pupils dilated as the interrogation clearly took her by surprise. “You’re too clever by half, Cheshire.” She took another sip of her drink, looking off into the distance and debating how she should respond to this challenge. After a few moments she set the glass back down and locked her gaze squarely on James. “Very well… THE TRUTH, then.” She grinned wildly, as if she were about to tell the biggest whopper of them all. “I’m a spy, an assassin, a saboteur, and most of all…. a witch.”

James didn’t blink. “Now that, I believe.”

He took another drink as Bayonetta’s grin collapsed into flummoxed seriousness. “Just like that?”

”Just like that.”

Now it was Bayonetta’s turn to pivot restlessly in her chair, her inner voice groaning at the prospect that her life had just become significantly more complicated. “And it doesn’t bother you that I’ve just admitted to participating in murder and terrorism?”

James paused for a moment, considering his answer carefully. “I don’t know who you’re targeting or what your reasons are, so I’m not about to pass judgment. Besides, I’d be a hypocrite to enjoy this meal if I really thought your money was that dirty. In the end it comes down to trust, and I trust you.”

Bayonetta’s mouth opened slightly as confusion and surprise spread across her face. She was not at all prepared to respond to such overwhelming words, and she thanked her lucky stars as Jacob reappeared. ‘Saved by the dinner tray…’

As the opulent meal was presented to them course by course, the wine flowed freely and they began to talk of many topics more openly. Bayonetta taught him a few words and phrases in French and also saved James from a trip to the hospital, realizing at the last minute that one of the dishes she had ordered contained an ingredient he was allergic to. The evening flew by as they ate rich food and enjoyed each others company in the romantic venue.

As they finished the final course, James knew the time had come to up the ante. They were both lightly buzzed from the fine drink, but she wasn’t about to give up her deepest secrets after a few glasses of wine. “What do you say we wrap up this meal with something a little stronger? It’s been forever since I had the opportunity.”

”You mean liquor? I’m really not much of a drinker, but help yourself to anything you’d like.”

“Oh cmon, you can make an exception for my birthday, can’t you? I want to see Bayonetta with her hair down.”

She stared back at him, obstinately. “Thank you, no.”

He leaned back in his seat, swishing wine around his glass as he quickly changed tactics. “Is that apprehension in your voice? Do I detect a fear of cutting loose?”

Her teeth were practically grinding. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

”I’m talking about the big, bad dominatrix who’s scared she might lose control for a few hours.”

*SMACK* Her hand hit the table loud enough for half the restaurant to hear.

“WAITER!” she yelled, the young man scurrying over to check on them in a hurry. “I want a 40 of vodka and two shot glasses. NOW!”

* * * * *

“Youuuurrrre MY bish. You know that, right?!?”

James propped up Bayonetta, her arm around his shoulder as Marcus ran her credit card. They stood near the entrance, Bayonetta swaying and stumbling around as James supported her considerable weight. She turned and looked at Marcus, her eyes glossy and her cheeks completely flushed.

”He’s MY bish…. My bitch! My bish bitch. He’s my bish, and I’m gonna take him home……. and fuck him. IN THE BUTT! HAHAHAHA!”

Marcus clasped his hands nervously, wishing the transaction would hurry up and clear. New guests continued to arrive at the entrance and they were all bearing witness to the show she was putting on. “I’m sure you will, Madame” he said in exasperation before motioning for James to lean in. “Perhaps I should call a cab?”

James nodded, feeling more than a little tipsy himself. “That might be best.”

As he began leading her down the long carpet into the cool night air, she started up again. “Cab? I don’t need a cab… I drize good. I drize even better, when, ooooooh…” She swooned a bit suddenly. After recovering, she ducked her face right in front of his. “On the road oz life… there are passensengers, and drizers…. And passengers. But I’m a drizer!” She laughed at her non-joke, patting him on the chest.

James rolled his eyes as he led her down to the sidewalk. He had not expected her to take their little “competition” so seriously and could only watch in bewilderment as she drank herself to oblivion in record time. His plan had backfired completely, and now he could only hope that she would be able to remember her own address.

The cab arrived a few minutes later and James quickly opened the door, helping Bayonetta in gently. As he climbed in behind her, the old gentleman in the driver’s seat turned around. “Where to?”

“Six sixteen Gehenna street.” Bayonetta managed to sputter out before drooping her head over the back seat cushion. She lay there only for a moment before leaning against James, looking up into his eyes. “Mmmmm, my handsome little slut.” She planted a kiss on his cheek and nestled her head onto his shoulder, half asleep as the car pulled onto the street.

Fifteen minutes later James peered into the darkness as the car progressed slowly through a middle class neighborhood. They were the kind of suburbs that you would find in any nice town. White picket fences, well mowed lawns, two cars in every garage, the usual crap. As they entered the deepest part of the development, however, the formula began to change. These houses were bigger and not as close together, each containing a fair amount of property as a buffer. This was clearly the upper-middles class section, and the cab didn’t stop until they reached the very end.

“616 Gehenna. That’ll be $42.50.”

James looked out the window, only able to make out vague details in the dark. “Are you sure this is the right place?”

”My GPS don’t lie, boss.”

The sudden conversation had awoken Bayonetta and she fished around in her hand bag briefly before handing him a hundred dollar bill. “Keep it” she said as she opened the door and slowly got out.

”Heyyyyy, thanks! Call again any time!”

James internet casino shut the the door behind him and the cab sped off into the night. The stylishly dressed couple were left standing in the road, their eyes adjusting to the darkness as a symphony of crickets assaulted their ears. He could see the dwelling in the distance more clearly now, a long cobblestone driveway leading up to the sizeable two story house. It was isolated from the rest of the community, completely surrounded by thick forest on three sides. Bayonetta didn’t appear to be wealthy on the level of Jeanne, but it was clear she was living comfortably.

She took a step forward suddenly and half stumbled, James quickly grabbing her hips from behind. “Whoa, slow down there.”

”I’m alright” she delcared, her speech slowly returning to normal “But hold on to me, just in case.” They walked slowly up the stone path, the moon’s glow guiding their steps in the absence of any lights. Upon reaching the front porch, Bayonetta took her keys from her bag and dropped them playfully on the ground. “Ooops.”

As James reached down and picked them up, she grabbed his left ass cheek and squeezed firmly, giggling as he opened the door. They walked into the foyer, Bayonetta tossing her bag on the nearby couch and immediately heading up the long staircase to the second floor. James lingered for a few moments, walking into her living room and taking a quick look around, the pale moonlight dimly illuminating the sparsely furnished area. He scanned the first floor carefully, looking for anything that would unravel the puzzle that was his mistress.

“Oh Jaaammmmeeeesssss…. up here!” she called from the top of the stairs.He headed up the staircase, continuing to look around and make mental notes as he ventured further into the shadowy dwelling. ‘This has to be her real home, yet…’ His eyes darted around as he reached the top of the stairs, his gaze scanning for things that should be there, but weren’t. There was an occasional painting or piece of abstract art throughout the house, but nothing else. ‘No pictures. Not a single picture of any living person. No clocks. Not a mounted clock, a grandfather or a digital display of any kind.’ The house was silent, still, and Bayonetta had yet to turn on a single light. He couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a place where time stood still.

He entered her bedroom and found Bayonetta already shedding her clothes, her back to him as she pulled off her radiant dress. The moonlight spilled into her bedroom through large, arched windows, outlining her curves as she slowly disrobed, tossing her bra aside. Her massive breasts free of their lacy bondage; she turned around, grabbing James by the arm and leading him to her bed. She was still half glazed, but it seemed like she had regained her balance for the most part. She helped James out of his jacket before pushing him down on the edge of the bed. “Be right back, boy. Get out of those clothes in the meantime.”

She crossed the floor to the bedroom’s private bath, flicking the light switch on and pulling her panties to the side. She moved to the toilet, grasped her flaccid 12 inches and began unloading a truly staggering volume of hot piss. James could hear her moaning in the background as she cleansed herself of half the nights’ libations. He promptly shed his button down shirt and dress pants, tossing them in the nearest corner.

As Bayonetta plodded back to the bed, she spotted him sitting in nothing but his underwear. “Ugh…” she lamented, eyeing his calvin klein briefs “Remind me to burn those tomorrow.” She took hold of her cock, stroking it firmly but finding it more difficult than usual to achieve full mast. She stepped closer, aiming her hips at his face and holding the fat length up to his lips. “I’m still a little out of it. Put that tongue to work, slut.”

James did better than that, not only sucking the first 6 inches into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the tip, but reaching out with his hands and cupping her smooth, fleshy spheres. He sucked and slurped away on her sensitive head, kneading her massive scrotum in rhythm with his oral ministrations. She moaned and placed her hands on his head, the blood flow to her erogenous zones increasing rapidly. “FUCK! Yes… suck it good baby! Harder on my balls! They can take it.”

It wasn’t long before her hungry tool expanded to its full length and thickness, urging James backward as it inflated in his mouth. Finally, she shoved his head off her cock, quickly grabbing him by the legs and pushing him back onto the bed. She followed immediately, stepping onto the mattress with somewhat wobbly legs, dropping beside him and quickly pulling him into her chest. They lay in the spoons position, Bayonetta roughly grabbing his briefs and pulling them to the side before lining up her colossal penis with his tight pucker. “Nice and smooth slut, here we go…”

He grimaced as her cock slid up his back door, the entry less direct than he was used to. She maneuvered her head right next to his, moaning and licking the side of his face as she jammed more and more of her cock up his ass in short thrusts. James grunted and writhed in her grasp, his anal lips stretching wide as she continued the hurried, lubeless advance. “AHHHH! GUUHHH! Mistress! It’s too tight!!!”

”Feels… just right… to me!” she responded through panted breaths, now fucking him significantly faster. Her cock tingled, radiating pleasure as she buried it balls deep in his stretched out asshole. “Take it bitch! SUCK ME IN! Oh fuck that’s good…” She nibbled on his neck and ear as the pace of her thrusts increased even faster.


Her cock jolted in his packed ass before the first pocket of warm seed splattered into his innards. Bayonetta groaned loudly, groping her hands all over his chest and lower torso as she bucked into him nonstop, quivering with each blast of cum. Her wet thrusting became increasingly loud and sloppy as thick jizz squished out of his asshole, coating her pounding phallus like engine grease.

As the last sticky loads dribbled out of her slick pole, Bayonetta sighed in deep satisfaction. She nudged herself more comfortably into the bed, keeping her arms firmly around James and her rigid cock lodged in his butt. She muttered to herself as the after glow of orgasm and the lingering intoxication lulled her swiftly off to sleep. “Mmmm… Always making momma feel good… Always there for momma… Such a good little slut… I love you slut.”

Within moments, the only sound James could hear was the soft whistle of air passing through her nose. He lay in her embrace, looking around the shadowy bedroom as her ample breasts gently pressed up against his back and then contracted in cadence. Unable to sleep, he replayed the events of the day in his mind, looking for connections and explanations.

‘She called herself… a witch?’

The dark, timeless, impersonal environment stared back at him, begging the question, and Bayonetta’s warm embrace could not prevent the shiver going up his spine.

– – – – – – – – – –

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