Beach Party

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For quite some time Dave and I had been talking about becoming involved as a threesome, with a stranger while on holiday, but the little green eyed god of jealousy had been holding him back. Not so much that he wouldn’t have gone with another woman behind my back, but he was finding it difficult to relate to my having sex with another man and being open and matter of fact about it.

I was just as determined that we should at least try it, sex with the same partner, Dave, had always been good, but I wanted more adventure in our relationship, wanting to try new and probably more exciting things. The idea of him watching me as another man plumbed my depths really excited me, and I wanted to see him get equally excited by the prospect.

I felt that once he had become involved, the eroticism of the moment would sweep him along on a tidal wave of desire. A couple of nights ago we had talked long into the night while sipping wine on the veranda, we were by no means drunk, but he had become much more mellow and agreeable. We saw the sun go down and rise again that night and the outcome was that he had eventually agreed.

Perhaps it was the wine, maybe I had at last worn him down, or maybe he had eventually seen the light, or could it have been that being on holiday he felt much more relaxed about it anyway.

Whatever the reason we agreed to give it a whirl, but he stipulated one proviso, that if either of us were unhappy we would never do it again. At last I felt as though I had gotten somewhere.

It was not as though I had never been with another guy since meeting and becoming Dave’s partner, I had actually had three affairs that he knew nothing about, and although rather risky, had a few one-night-stands as well, on my nights out with the girls. I know what you are thinking, that it’s pretty obvious that I have an overactive pussy, and no real feelings for Dave, but this is not strictly true, I love him to pieces, but I do have these uncontrollable urges.

My Dave wouldn’t be able to walk if I had sex with him every time I wanted it, guess I am one of those nymphomaniacs that you read about. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I have an undeniably high sex drive that I sometimes indulge when the need is upon me.

There are other things too that I won’t go into here, but suffice to say that I am also a fetishist, and that is something he knows nothing about either. Maybe, just maybe, if this little adventure is successful I will start to open his eyes to my needs and see if we can go forward from there.

I already had a good-looking guy marked out for our proposed threesome, he had been giving me the eye ever since we arrived, and he was pretty well stacked too, with his gorgeous abs and bulging pecs, and ooh; that washboard stomach, an obvious fitness buff. I had watched him playing tennis the other day, when Dave had slipped into town, seeing his rippling muscles had worked me into a lather and I had to slip into the sauna to do something about it. Luckily, I had on a multi coloured one piece bathing costume, so the wetness around my crotch was not noticeable unless stared at, and my nipples although erect, were not yet hard like flint.

I had discovered in my shower at home that water pressure applied directly to my pussy could get me off, and now I felt that a swift visit to the whirlpool would serve the same purpose, watching him had got me very horny.

Luckily, there was no one in there when I arrived and turning on the jets, I had slipped slowly into the pool, the warm bubbling water now rising from around my ankles, being carried to my knees and creeping slowly and inexorably up my thighs. Mmmmmm, it had felt so good when it reached my mound, making me to tingling all over. Ever higher it went, past my navel until I had become immersed to a point just below my breasts.

From the depths of the pool, the bubbles continued their journey to the surface, soothing my body like tiny fingers beating everywhere at the same time. A foot passed over one of the jets on the floor and sighing I spread my toes to feel the flow between them. It felt so decadently luxurious, calming and stimulating at the same time, the heated water pulsing all around me as though a living breathing thing.

Initially standing in the centre, the mainstream of the eddy, I sank to my knees feeling the rising bubbles inside my swimsuit, caressing my skin, tickling up past my tummy to stimulate my nipples. I moved toward the bench, passing directly over another jet, feeling its strength pummel my bottom. Reaching the bench, I held onto it, the ever-rising torrent lifting me slightly in its rhythm. I switched on the wave simulator to its lowest point, feeling the swell of the water as it carried me to and fro. Laughing I sat down with a bump pulling my knees up.

The rising stream of hot bubbles beating against my thighs was heavenly; unable to resist any longer; I slipped a little to the right allowing the full force to be directed onto my pussy area. A moan escaped me and I pulled the material Ankara escort of my swimsuit further to the side to feel this massaging pressure on my now naked pussy.

Surreptitiously I glanced around, smiling, seeing no one, I carried on regardless with my preoccupation, parting my pussy lips to allow the blast of the water to pummel my excited clit. Once parted the force of the jets took over, blasting my lips wide open. My breathing quickened and my clit hardened against the continuous assault.

Spreading my legs wide and flattening my thighs against the floor I began to grind my hips slowly, pulling back a little and then pushing forward until my stiff little knob is touching against the nozzle rocking backwards and forwards, kinda like fucking the jet.

Although lost in these wonderful sensations I am aware that should anyone come in now they would immediately know what I am doing from my movements, but past the point of caring now I threw caution aside.

I threw my head back in utter abandonment bucking faster and faster against the place where the stream of bubbles emerged at its fullest force. My nipples were now fully erect and reaching into my top with one hand, I pinched them hard, sending even more messages to my throbbing clit.

The rushing heat urged me on, with my eyes closed and breathing coming in gasps I could feel my climax building, pussy muscles contracting as though there were an imaginary cock inside me. I can think of nothing else but my approaching climax and then it is upon me, my orgasm ripped from me by the torrent of water and bubbles, the pulse of the current focusing on my clit. Clamping my jaws tight shut to stop from screaming, I ride it to its conclusion, shaking in relief. At that moment it became too intense, and I collapsed against the bench, too weak to stand or even sit.

The blessed reward for my diligent efforts, the peace and the calm, I am for the moment satisfied, allowing myself to wander in a no-mans land of erotic thoughts.

I jumped a little as I felt hands circle my waist and a soft but deep voice speaking quietly into my ear. “It would be a real shame to waste this moment, I know you have been watching me.” His deep voice and hot breath on my ear set me to tingling all over. Somehow, I knew it was him, I didn’t move an inch, the water pressure still beating on my wanton pussy. I was still under the influence of my uncontrollable excitement of the moment, I wanted more, and with immense difficulty brought myself under control.

“Have I now, then to know that you must have been watching me also,” I replied quietly, “but now that you are here, just what do you intend doing about it?” Here was I in a whirlpool, having just made myself clima and I was showing such bravado to this man.

I felt self-assured now, in control, that is, until he took my right wrist in his strong hand, dragged it under the bubbling water between us and put my hand straight onto his erection. A delicious thrill went through me as my fingers curled around his hard length. In an effort to learn just how big he was, I moved them up and down, hearing him moan softly into my ear; another delicious shiver went through me.

I felt him push my legs further apart and his manliness move between them to nudge at the opening of my sex, pushing backwards to meet him I felt that lovely beast slip into me with unbelievable ease. I was lost, still horny and close to climaxing for a second time, there was no way that I could have said no, and welcomed his iron rod inside me.

In a split second we were like a couple of rutting animals, with him pounding deeply into me as I pushed back hard to get as much of his meat into me as possible. I found myself approaching orgasm very quickly, crying out to him, “Yes, yess, yesss, don’t stop now, give me all you’ve got.”

Harder and faster he pounded into me until the tell-tale swelling announced his imminent orgasm along with mine, I was ecstatic as the waves of orgasm rolled through me and his thick hot juice shot into me.

Shuddering slightly I went limp and so did he. “That was great,” he mumbled into my ear, “how about we go again sometime?” He pulled away from me, adjusting his shorts and moved to stand with his back against the side of the whirlpool. I too turned around adjusting my costume to cover my pussy and also to keep as much of him inside me as possible; I wanted to taste him when the opportunity arose.

“Funny you should ask me that, how do you feel about a threesome with me and my feller, tomorrow?”

“Works for me, I’m in Room 212, let me know when and where.”

“That’s great, I’ll slip a note under the door, bring a bottle of red. It’s the only chance we will get as we’re leaving on Saturday, holiday over and back to work on Monday.”

“Pity, by the way, I’m Nick.”

“And I’m Julie,” I replied as he heaved himself out of the pool and vanished through the door.

I was pleased with my luck at getting the guy that I wanted, although I would have Ankara escort bayan been happy with any available male, or female for that matter. Turning off the whirlpool, I got out carefully, using the steps. Once in our room I quickly peeled off my costume and thrusting my fingers into my pussy scooped out a mixture of water, my juices and his cream, a quite tasty combination. Knowing my own taste and that of the water I was able to tell that his juices were strong, only a little salty but quite tangy. Mmmmm, I thought, a very pleasant mornings work.

The next morning Dave and I had breakfasted together before he left to do a little duty free shopping in town. Remaining barefoot, I had donned a light summer dress and nothing else, then headed for a secluded bay area about a mile away from the hotel. A place where sharply rising and falling sand dunes led down to a soft sandy beach, popular with folks who wanted a bit of privacy. Sorting out a luncheon basket and a couple of beach towels I threw on my sun hat and headed in the general direction of what I hoped was going to be an afternoon of sensual, sexual pleasure.

The night before I had slipped a note under Nick’s door to let him know that I would be there first and Dave would soon be following as he needed to go into town.

Being the first to arrive I spread out the towels but left the basket closed, saving the food for later. Stretching out I waited for Nick or Dave to arrive. The sun was hot, but not uncomfortable and lying with my eyes shut I could hear all the sounds around me, gulls out to sea, birds calling amongst the dunes and somewhere in the far distance the whistle of a train as it rumbled along. However, I failed to hear footsteps approaching, and jumped when a deep rich baritone voice announced the arrival of Nick. He had brought a bottle of the local red as I had asked, and fishing two glasses from the basket, he poured two generous measures.

We were soon laughing and chatting and enjoying the wine without regard to the time, when I suddenly thought of Dave. Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was nearly 4pm and wondered if he had decided not to come after all.

Turning to Nick I said, “I’m boiling, I’m going down to the sea to cool off a little, Dave isn’t here yet.”

“Okay,” he replied, throwing off his shirt.

As I stood up, I felt a little light headed, probably a combination of the wine, lack of food and the hot Mediterranean sun. Nick and I wandered into the gentle surf until it reached midway up my thighs, cooling and refreshing me. He was a fine figure of a man, and unabashed I had caught up my dress above my thighs, but the spray had still soaked me and now it clung to me like a second skin, my nipples standing out like chapel hat pegs.

I knew that Nick was aware of it, but he made no move towards me, nor I to him, I was pleased about this, as I wanted Dave to be there when the fun started.

“Well Nick, I need to eat something, my tummy is asking me if my throat has been cut, in short I’m starving, having had nothing since breakfast.”

We turned as one, heading back up the deserted beach and into the dunes; it was then that I became aware that Dave was standing atop one of them looking down on us. I waved to him and he waved back, a broad smile creasing his face. When we reached the blanket I hugged him tight making his shirt wet murmuring, “I love you,” into his ear.

I dropped into a cross-legged position on the towels; my dress still gathered up below the waist, bade Nick join us and leaned over to open the basket while Dave opened another bottle. Nick looked over at Dave a little unsure, but Dave nodded and smiled and I knew that everything was going to be okay.

Like something possessed I tore into the contents of the basket almost savagely, I hadn’t realised just how hungry I had become. A combination of not having eaten, the fresh salt air and another hunger that had been gnawing at me all day, had combined to make me ravenous now.

From the corner of my eye I noticed that every time I leaned toward the basket Nick’s eyes became riveted to one spot, as my screwed up dress rode up to reveal my pussy. Dave too was taking sneaky peeks and the thought that two men were surreptitiously looking at the same spot started to get me horny. I smiled in amusement at the thought, we all knew why we were here and it struck me as being kinda funny that these two guys were tip toeing around each other. Time to think about getting the show on the road and this pair of tools upstanding in my honour.

My pussy lips must have been visibly swelling now; I could feel the juices starting to flow. Glancing at Dave’s crotch, I could see by the growing bulge in his shorts that his snake was no longer sleeping, and wondered about Nick’s too. Leaning forward to offer him a morsel of food, I knew that he would be able to see down inside my dress at my fine erect and now swiftly hardening nipples.

A loose sort of smile was flitting about Dave’s face, and Escort Ankara I knew that he was enjoying this wordless and touchless sex play that was going on. Here we were, all three getting turned on, two men with growing rods and me with a pussy that was becoming wetter with every second.

Looking at Dave and Nick alternately I picked up the wine bottle, not quite empty taking a deep a draught of the excellent fruity liquid before running my tongue over my lips to moisten them. I then started licking up and down the neck of the bottle before taking it into my mouth and moving my lips up and down as though it were a living cock.

The reaction in the guys was absolutely wonderful, the bulges in their shorts having now become very prominent and my pussy swelled even more. Turning towards Dave I slid my hand up the inside of his shorts, along the inner thigh, underneath the boxer’s that I knew he would be wearing and curled my fingers around the now engorged spear.

I loved the feel of his cock, the smooth silky skin, the deep purple of its head when he was fully aroused and the throbbing of the vein as it pulsed in my hand. I was soon gently rubbing up and down its length, until rewarded with a drop of pre-cum; I picked it up on my finger, transferring it to my mouth savouring the taste.

Stealing a glance at Nick I could see that he was now tenting his loose fitting shorts and not wearing anything under them. I was being treated to a view of the excellent lance that had invaded my hungry pussy only yesterday. I kissed Dave hard and open mouthed, tasting and probing, our tongues dancing, shuddering slightly as he bit my bottom lip, my free hand crawling over to where Nick’s prominent erection invited me to take hold.

With my breasts now heaving with desire and need, I should not have been at all surprised that both men now cupped them between them, following the soft contours through the dress. As if it were pre-planned, they both took hold of the bottom of the dress lifting it up and over my breasts and head, leaving me fully exposed, with hard nipples like lighthouses on a sea of dark brown aureole now sniffing the air. My pussy, thick and swollen, sweet juices leaking from the bottom of my hot slit to dribble down to my anus.

Momentarily I left Dave now, going onto my hands and knees, presenting to him my smooth round bottom, his for the taking. Putting one hand against Nick’s hairless but well shaped chest I pushed him onto his back pulling his shorts off to expose his tool, this was what I wanted to see, the hard hot piece of meat that only yesterday exploded into my greedy little pussy.

It surprised me somewhat, longer than Dave’s, about eight and a half inches and curved like a banana, but so thin by comparison, my man having about seven to seven and a half inches but thick like a baby’s arm. When Dave was inside me, I knew he was there, I felt every part of it as he pumped me hard and fast.

Kneeling between Nick’s now spread legs, my bottom in the air towards Dave, showing him my swollen and ready pussy, I allowed my breasts to rub against Nick’s thin but so solid erection with light caresses. I had this need to tease him a little, before curling my fingers around this hot banana to slowly stroke up and down its slick length.

His testes were round and heavy, filled with the juice that would soon be mine, a little pre-cum quickly appeared at the tip, warning me to slow down if I didn’t want him to spill all over my hands and breasts.

Dipping my head, I licked the bead of cream from his now over heated and visibly throbbing organ, surprised at the sharp acid taste of him. This was like no other I had ever tasted! Yesterday’s taster had been a cocktail, but this was the real McCoy. Reaching down, I took his heavy sac into my hand, gently caressing and feeling his weight. Nick was ready for me now.

My tongue emerged to start licking the length of his shaft. To feel the vein throbbing against my tongue sent shivers of delight up and down my spine, and a tingling in my clit that connected directly to my nipples. Putting one finger into my equally throbbing slit, I coated it with my own juices that now flowed quite freely, realising at the same time just how open and exposed for Dave it really was.

Removing the welcome digit, I began rubbing Nick’s rear entrance a little before inserting it into his little brown ring; I enjoyed his loud moaning as I did this, my pussy spurting a little in sympatico with the now guttural noises coming from his throat.

Almost physically, I felt Dave’s eyes watching my performance, and willed him to start touching me, as I was hotter than the desert sand at noon. My wish was quickly granted as I sensed him moving toward me, his heavy hand cupping my over-excited mound. So maddeningly slowly, he inserted first one then two fingers into my soaking wet sex, causing me to groan very deeply against Nick’s weapon firmly embedded in my mouth.

For a few seconds he thrust in and out of me, exciting me even further, before withdrawing and inserting both digits, heavily coated with my own lubricant, into my inviting tradesman’s entrance. I took this as a sign to continue and started licking the turgid and purple head of Nick’s throbbing member. I took him in deeply, feeling the tip banging against the back of my throat.

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