Beauty and the Geek Ch. 23

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PART 1 – Contempt


“… pending appeal, we’ll convene on this again two weeks from today; next case?”

Charlie yawned as a court aide read the details for the next case out loud. He wondered when they’d get to Brock’s sentencing. After being charged for the assault and robbery upon Charlie, Brock had pled guilty and was awaiting the final word on what his punishment would be. The judge was scheduled to make his decision that morning; Charlie had come to bear witness.

Miley was seated right next to her man. Her blue jeans had big holes in the knees and she was picking at one of the strings hanging out, “When are they gonna get to Brock?”

The two young lovers were talking quietly, trying not to bother any of the other spectators seated around them.

“I don’t know,” Charlie whispered.

“I can’t wait to see the look on that jerk’s face when the judge tells him how many years he’ll be in jail.”

Charlie grinned. That notion was rather pleasing to him as well. It’s not that he enjoyed wishing ill upon anyone, but Brock had made Charlie’s life miserable since middle school. If anyone deserved to spend some time in prison, Charlie figured it was Brock Edwards.

“This is taking forever,” Miley complained quietly.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay missing class, today? You’ve only been back to school for a week.”

Miley murmured, “Stace is in my Ethics class so I can catch up with her, and Eric is taking notes for me in stats.”

Charlie glanced aside at Miley, “Who’s Eric?”

Miley pushed a curly dark tendril behind her ear, “He’s this guy at school who has a total crush on me.”

Charlie didn’t appear bothered. If he got jealous over every male who showed interest in Miley, he’d have been getting into a fight every five minutes.

“He’s a really nice guy,” Miley described Eric, “but he’s got a nose out to here.”

Charlie smirked as Miley held a hand out two feet from her face.

Both of them perked up when it was announced that Brock’s sentencing was next. Brock was led in by a uniformed guard to stand at the defendant’s table. Miley gave him a suitable glower, but Brock wasn’t paying attention to anyone in attendance and didn’t see Miley or Charlie.

“Mr. Edwards…” the middle-aged judge started, pausing to peer over some paperwork. “It appears that your ‘guilty’ plea is conditional on a partial stay of sentence. Is the prosecution still acceptable to this plea bargain?”

“We are, your honor,” the prosecuting attorney said.

“Does the defense have anything to add?”

“No, your honor,” Brock’s lawyer replied.

“Very well. Given your cooperation in this case and others, I’m willing to go along with this. Mr. Edwards, I hereby sentence you to six months at the county penitentiary with an additional two years stayed pending the satisfactory completion of four years’ probation.”

“What!?” came a shrieking voice from the seats.

The judge squinted towards the voice, reaching for his glasses.

The rest of the court officials turned around to look as well, as did everyone else in the room.

“Miley!?” Charlie hissed. “What are you doing?”

Brock’s eyes went wide when he saw who the voice belonged to, remembering Miley all-too well from high school.

“Are you completely crazy?” Miley aimed her ire right at the judge.

“Excuse me,” the judge fit his glasses on and got a good look at Miley. “But who are you?”

“My name is Miley Andrews.”

The judge sounded curious, “Is there some reason you have interrupted this case to question my sanity?”

Miley set balled fists against her hips, “Brock beat and nearly killed my fiancé. Charlie was in the hospital for a week. And you’re only giving Brock six months? What would you have done if Charlie had died, sent him home without dinner?”

“Oh my god,” Charlie shrunk in his chair and covered his eyes with a palm.

“Miss Andrews,” the Judge tried to keep his cool, “Mr. Edwards has shown remarkable cooperation in helping police make arrests on several other muggings and robberies. It is the tendency of this court to show leniency among those who cooperate so fully.”

“He’s just trying to save his own ass!” Miley barked.

The entire courtroom gasped.

The judge frowned, “I suggest you take your seat, young lady, and remain silent. If you disrupt this courtroom again with such language I’ll have you held in Contempt and levy a significant fine.”

Charlie reached for her arm, “Miley, please. Sit down -“

But Miley batted Charlie’s hand away, “Don’t you ‘young lady’ me. I’m not afraid of you! Six months? That’s a joke! You should be putting him away for five years!”

The judge smacked his gavel down several times, creating a sharp report that echoed through the courtroom. “Bailiff! Take her into custody. Miss Andrews, you are now in Contempt of Court!”

Charlie’s eyes went wide, “What? You can’t –”

Miley leveled an icy gaze at the approaching bailiff, “If you so much as touch me… I swear you’ll regret it.”

The escort şişli bailiff actually paused.

“Enough!” The judge pounded his gavel again, “Bailiff, please! I will have order in this court!”

“You can’t arrest her!” Charlie rose and stood between the bailiff and Miley. He didn’t know how things had taken such a wrong turn so quickly, but hoped a quick apology and an even quicker exit might get him and Miley out of there without the cuffs.

Charlie was wrong.

“Detain him as well,” the judge instructed. “Is there anyone else who would like to disrespect this court?”


Out of breath, Brian leaned over near the curbside and placed palms on his knees so that his lungs could catch up. He had been pushing himself during his morning run, something Brian did whenever he needed to clear his mind. With the status of his love-life the way it was, Brian felt like he had a lot of clearing to do.

After admitting to Sam that he had been sleeping with Haley, Brian wasn’t surprised when she put an end to their developing relationship. Sam couldn’t trust him, she said, and Brian didn’t blame her. At least she was willing to continue managing the publication of Brian and Charlie’s comic book; they needed her industry contacts. But Sam made it perfectly clear their relationship would be strictly professional from that point on. Brian wasn’t sure how he felt about that; he liked Sam but the two of them never had a chance to get overly close.

Brian definitely liked Haley, he knew that much. What straight male wouldn’t enjoy the company of a gorgeous fun-loving blonde like Haley? Not that it mattered, she dumped him too. There was too much drama and baggage in his life, according to her, though Brian had no idea what that meant. He simply assumed Haley broke it off because she didn’t want to deal with an irate Miley again. Either way, Brian went from two women to none in record time.

Hearing a car from behind, Brian turned around to see someone slowing down and pulling over. He recognized Stacy and lifted a wave. It didn’t surprise Brian to see her, as they both lived in the same neighborhood.

“Hey stud,” Stacy called as her passenger window slid down, “looking good.”

It was true, Brian did look good. He was wearing a pair of baggy running shorts, but his tee was tight around the shoulders and biceps. Stacy thought he must have been working out lately.

Brian leaned against the passenger door of Stacy’s car to peer through the window, “Hey beautiful. Are you on your way to school?”

“Yeah, though it was hard getting out of bed this morning and I’m late. It’s only been a week since classes started back up but I already want to start skipping and sleeping in.”

Brian grinned, “I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.”

Stacy rolled her eyes at Brian’s sarcasm, “I can’t believe you and Charlie are taking the whole year off school to work on that comic. You guys are such slackers!”

“You’re just jealous,” Brian winked.

Stacy smiled, “Maybe a little.”

Brian lifted his chin, “So how have you been? I mean, after the abortion and all. I’m sorry I haven’t called, things have been a little crazy.”

Stacy smirked when she recalled the scene at the movie theater, after her and Miley caught Brian with Haley. “It’s okay, I get it. And I’ve been fine. I still get a little depressed sometimes, like maybe I did the wrong thing. But time heals all wounds, right?”

“Charlie told me you’re seeing that kid he works with. What’s his name, Chip?”

Stacy’s cheeks colored a little. Brian was her last boyfriend and talking about their new relationships still felt a little uncomfortable, “We went out a couple of times. He’s nice, but we don’t have any chemistry.”

Brian silently wondered why that news pleased him so much.

“So what about you,” Stacy asked, “are you still seeing Miley’s lesbian kissing partner?”

Brian couldn’t help but laugh helplessly at the drama of it all, “No, I guess it was all too much for her.”

Stacy made a slight wince, “I’m sorry?”

“It’s okay,” Brian made a dismissive wave. “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything long term –”

“Wups,” Stacy said as she heard her phone ringing, “hang on.”

Fishing the phone out of her purse, Stacy glanced at the face and didn’t recognize the number. She answered, “Hello…? Miley? Where are you calling me fro-“

Brian watched Stacy’s expression grow worried.

“What?” Stacy gasped. “No, I don’t have a thousand dollars… wait, Charlie too? Okay, okay, I’m on my way. Brian is here, we’ll scrape it together somehow.”

Brian’s curiosity was growing as he heard only half the conversation.

Stacy huffed, “What? No, we’re not getting back together. I… no, Miley, god. I just passed him on the road! Why are you asking me about this when you’re in jail? Okay, yeah, I’ll see you as soon as we can get there.”

“What was that all about?” Brian asked when Stacy hung up her cell phone. “Miley’s in jail?”

“Get in,” Stacy hurried. “Charlie and Miley both, they besiktas escort need us to bail them out.”

Brian’s eyes widened as he pulled open the car door, “What the hell? They weren’t having sex in public, were they?”


“… this is ridiculous. All I did was question that old crabby judge and now you’re treating me like a common criminal. Do you really have to fingerprint me? Be careful, you’re getting that stuff all over my nails and I just got a manicure! It’s only a fine we have to pay, right? Because my friends are on the way to pay it. I swear, if you put me in a cell with a bunch of hookers or something, I’m gonna…”

Charlie sat near a police officer’s desk as he watched Miley across the room. He sighed, feeling bad for the officer who was getting an earful of Miley’s mind. After being detained by the court Bailiff, Charlie and Miley were taken across the street to the county police station and jailhouse for processing. They were told it would be a five hundred dollar fine each, payable by cash or check only. (Evidently they weren’t interested in daddy’s credit card.) Never once did Miley seem distressed at the situation, though she was certainly giving the police a handful.

Once finished, the officer fingerprinting Miley led her to sit in the chair beside Charlie. “I don’t want to hear any more out of you,” the large man said. “Don’t move from this chair and try to keep your mouth shut.”

Miley glared at the policeman, “Whatever, just because I have the right to remain silent doesn’t mean I have to.”

The officer growled, shook his head, and happily moved to occupy himself elsewhere in the office.

“I didn’t realize the policeman in this city were so rude,” Miley complained.

Charlie couldn’t help his smirk, “You’re unbelievable.”

Miley glanced curiously at Charlie.

“They’re just doing their job. You shouldn’t give everyone such a hard time.”

“I’d like to give that judge a hard time,” Miley said, trying in vain to wipe the ink off her fingers with a tissue. “Can you believe that guy? He basically set Brock free, but he arrests us. Where’s the justice in that?”

“Did you get a hold of Stace?” Charlie asked.

Miley nodded, “She’s on her way. I guess Brian’s with her.”

“Brian?” Charlie sounded surprised.

“I guess so,” Miley replied, looking around the busy room. There were people everywhere, many in police uniforms. “Hopefully they can come up with the money; otherwise I’ll have to call my dad.”

Charlie winced, “The less our parents know about this, the better.”

“I’m sorry I got us into this, baby.” Miley slipped her hand into Charlie’s, “Me and my big mouth, huh?”

“I’m not mad,” Charlie replied honestly. “Your courage is one of the things that made me fall in love with you.”

“My courage?”

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “Confidence. Courage. I don’t know many people who’d have the guts to stand up in the middle of a courtroom and start questioning a judge like that.”

“Most people would call it stupid,” Miley remarked dryly. “But he made me so mad! Brock deserved a lot worse for what he did to you.”

Charlie lifted a shoulder, “I’m cool with it.”

Miley gave him an incredulous look, “How can you say that?”

“I don’t think Brock meant to hurt me specifically,” Charlie reasoned. “It was just a coincidence that the guy he mugged happened to go to his high school. I’m guessing he fell in with the wrong crowd or got himself in some real trouble. I saw his face in that courtroom, he looked lost. Hopefully he can get some help and get past whatever he’s going through. Six months is a long time to be locked up, when you think about it. Maybe it’s enough.”

“You’re a lot more forgiving than I am,” Miley replied.

Charlie was quiet for a moment, feeling Miley’s fingers rub against his. His mind swirled around memories of Brock, high school, and the mugging.

“What do you think Brian and Stacy were doing?” Miley suddenly asked.

“Huh?” Charlie glanced aside.

“Brian and Stacy,” Miley repeated. “They’ve hardly spoken since their break-up. What do you suppose they were doing together at ten o’clock in the morning?”

“We’re being detained and fined for Contempt of Court, and you’re sitting here thinking about Brian and Stacy?”

“Well, don’t you think that’s a little strange?”

Charlie thought about it, “I guess so. Why? You don’t think they’re getting back together, do you?”

“I don’t know,” Miley shrugged. “It wouldn’t surprise me. Neither one of them seems to have a clue when it comes to romance.”

“I don’t think they’re supposed to,” Charlie said.

“What do you mean?”

“Brian is only twenty years old, and Stace is still nineteen. They’ve both got plenty of time.” Charlie leaned aside and kissed Miley’s temple, “You and I lucked out and found each other early.”

“You’re probably right,” Miley agreed.

Miley was going to say more about how lucky she was to have Charlie when a young police officer approached, “Your friends have posted escort taksim the fine and you’re free to go.”

Several others in the office seemed pleased to be rid of Miley, letting out sighs of relief.


“I always knew that temper of yours would get you arrested one day,” Brian teased as the four friends walked out of the county offices.

Stacy grinned at Brian’s humor, “Yeah, but who knew it would cost us a thousand bucks? You guys are lucky Brian’s cash-card doesn’t have a daily limit.”

“I’ll pay you back tomorrow,” Miley promised. “Thank you so much for coming down here and bailing us out.”

“Yeah,” Charlie agreed. “We owe you one.”

Stacy smiled fondly at Charlie, “You’re welcome.”

“Which one would you have picked if we only had half the money?” Brian asked.

“Definitely Charlie,” Stacy laughed.

“What?” Miley squealed.

“You should have seen the poor cops in there,” Charlie described. “If you hadn’t have bailed Miley out I think they would have let her go, regardless. She was giving them all holy hell.”

Miley forced a pout at all the teasing, “I was not.”

PART 2 – Hot & Bothered


Charlie’s thumbs danced across the control pad in his hands. The living room was filled with sounds of gunfire and explosions from the game he was playing. Miley sat next to him on the couch, completely unbothered by all the noise. She was carefully applying moisturizing lotion to her legs and feet, wearing nothing but one of Charlie’s tee shirts. Her hair was pulled back into a lazy pony tail. Charlie was dressed for bed as well; a pair of boxers his only garment.

“Charlie,” Miley suddenly warned. “Look out, baby.”


Miley pointed frantically at the television, “On the roof, can’t you see? Sniper!”

“Shit,” Charlie cursed, followed quickly by the sound of his virtual gunfire.

Miley beamed when she saw the sniper fall, “Nice shot.”

“Do you want to play?” Charlie offered.

“Not tonight,” Miley answered, smoothing creamy palms along her slender calves. “I’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

Charlie was having trouble concentrating on the TV and kept glancing at Miley’s sexy legs. He paused his game and placed controller on the coffee table, “Do you want to go to bed?”

“No I’m good for a while,” Miley said as she put the cap back on her bottle of lotion. “You can keep playing?”

“It’s hard to concentrate on taking out terrorists when you’re sitting next to me rubbing your legs.”

Miley giggled, “Am I turning you on?”

“A little,” Charlie admitted playfully.

Pivoting sideways, Miley laid her bare legs across Charlie’s lap. Her skin felt smooth and warm against his thighs, “You can touch them too, if you want.”

Charlie placed his hands on Miley’s legs and began smoothing his palms against them, feeling the contours of her calves and the underside of her thighs.

“Mmm,” Miley watched. “That feels nice.”

“You have the sexiest legs,” Charlie said. “Like, ever.”

Miley smiled, “Really?”

“Yeah. I love how tan they are, too.”

“I thought my butt was your favorite?”

“You have an amazing ass,” Charlie confirmed. “But your legs are so sexy.”

Miley was still smiling at the flattery. She lifted and bent one of her legs, teasing the top of her painted toes against Charlie’s chin.

Cupping the bottom of her foot in his hand, Charlie began pressing light kisses against the tops of Miley’s toes.

“That feels sexy,” Miley encouraged with a murmur.

Charlie kept pressing kisses upon her, moving his lips to that spot where the foot meets the ankle.

Miley bit her lip and tugged on the tee shirt she had on, pulling its hem up her tummy to reveal her shaved pussy while letting Charlie have his way with her leg. He kissed and licked his way up her thigh while she started lightly rubbing a finger near her clitoris.

“You ready for bed, now?” Charlie asked again.

“I think so,” Miley replied with a seductive glance.

Charlie grinned and rose from the couch. Before Miley could do the same he hoisted her up into his grasp, one arm under her knees with the other under her shoulders.

Miley squealed with delight, “Charlie!” and threw her arms around his neck.

Charlie carried her easily, Miley’s ankles dangling over his forearm, and started towards the bedroom.

“Will you do me missionary?” Miley asked sweetly.

“Sure,” Charlie agreed. “But why missionary?”

Miley actually blushed.

Charlie grinned as he rounded the hallway corner and into the bedroom, “What?”

“I like it when you’re on top of me,” Miley described, “driving your cock into me. I can feel your weight press against me. It makes me feel like my body is only there to provide you with pleasure. Like I belong to you.” She bit her lip shyly, “Do you think that’s weird?”

Charlie lowered Miley to the bed, “Of course not. You’ve always gotten off imagining yourself as my little slut.”

“Yeah,” Miley looked up to him. “I like being your woman, Charlie. I like it when I stink of your sex and I have your essence inside me.”

Charlie quickly pushed his boxers down his legs.

Miley’s eyes lit up when she saw how erect Charlie already was, “God damn, baby.”

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