Becca’s Revenge Pt. 03

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Five months have passed since I had the suspicion of being pregnant. And that suspicion turned into reality with two pregnancy tests and the morning sickness.

I found it hard going to school after my gangbang video at Mykeals party wound up online and pictures of me from the bathroom with Jake were put up on social media.

Along with that and the news of me fucking Matt for money and just about every other guy at school, i started staying home and using my morning sickness as an excuse for my mom to call me out. And my grades started to fall because of it.

I received an email stating that if I didn’t turn my grades around I wouldn’t be able to go on the senior trip to camp Moreno. I needed to get some help, and what better way to do it than with my new found talent.

The next day I stopped Miles in the hallway. Miles was your typical nerd big backpack, tucked his shirt, had glasses, obvious virgin. He was also the smartest kid in our grade.

Pushing my chest out in what I like to call my titty top, which was a tank top for a preteen with no titties, “Hey Miles.” Flustered he responded ” H-Hey Becca.” Then immediately locking his eyes to my boobs.

“So my grades suck…” Scratching my head so he could catch a glimpse of underboob. “… and I was wondering if you could help me out with some of my homework and tests and stuff?”

“Uhhhhh…” Still starring at my creamy big tits.

“Oh please Miles, pretty please.” Swaying back and forth causing my tits to slightly jiggle.

“Oh God” he whispered, “Ok I help you.”

“Great! You still live at the same house? I’ll come by after school. Ok?” Walking away before he could say anything, turning back to wave bye I looked at his pants to see the obvious boner he had. I had him right where I wanted him.

As I walked up to miles’ door, there was note saying “don’t ring the bell my mom is sleeping just walk in”. When I entered the room to him on his bed quickly shutting his laptop he said “Hey. Ready for some studying?”

“Of course, but I’m really thirsty Miles. Can you go get me a glass of water please?” I replied flopping on his bed.

“Be right back.” As he scurried away, I found it odd that casino oyna he closed his laptop so fast when I walked in. It was the video of me at Mykeals. It was paused with a dick in my mouth and two other guys fucking my holes.

I was shocked as well as turned on that he was watching me right before I walked in. “Oh god what are you doing?!?!” Miles said as he came back to me looking at my holes being pounded.

“Oh come on miles I know you wish it was your dick pounding my tight little pussy. I see you looking at me everyday. I know you want to take you cock and shove it in me, Admit it.” I teased, with my hand uncontrollably rubbing my slit.

“I wouldn’t say “tight” anymore.” he said quickly rushing to close the laptop. Taking it with him as he sat in his chair.

“I wouldn’t either.” Walking over to straddle him. “Want to find out if we are both right?”

“Ummm I think we should start st-studying.” He said nervously. “Huh… That’s not what your dick is telling me.” I said with a pout, rubbing my hand over his bulge. I could tell from just rubbing him through his pants that his dick was on the smaller size but I was still going to fuck him.

Slowly as I started to unzip his pants, he muttered “Oh god… Becca…”

“Shhhhh” cutting him off as I took his dick in my hand stroking it slowly. I was correct able Miles’ dick that it was smaller than the average, more comparable to Jason so I wouldn’t have a hard time throating his entire dick.

“So miles…” Still slowly and slightly stroking his dick, “remember when I said I needed help studying?…” He nodded, not able to say anything.

Keeping my hand on his little prick, I moved to my knees. “I actually don’t have time for studying, not with all the parties and prom and the camping trip coming up. I’m sure there’s something we can come up with…” Stopping to give a kiss to the head of his dick, “… Right?”

Breathing heavily, he replied, “Whatever you want Becca.”

“Great!” I said immediately taking all of what I believe to be barely 5 inches down my throat like it was nothing. I bobbed and swirled and twirled my tongue. Pulling my tiny top up big soft creamy tits popped out. My lips wrapped around his canlı casino little Cock, he watched as I sucked faster and harder.

My mouth only getting hotter and wetter with each movement, I took off my right hand, took his hand, and then placed it on the back of my head to allow him to set the pace. Miles’ moans made sopping wet, regardless of how small he way I needed something in me.

Feeling him start to throb sensing he was close, I slowly took my mouth off his dick. He watched as I stood up, and turned around slowly pulling my jeans off bending at the hip. Arching my back so plump ass was in the air, teasing him, waving myself front of his face.

I slowly pulled down my soaked panties, a string of juices connecting my pussy and panties together was right in his face, while giving Miles the most amazing sight of the big round ass I was blessed with.

Still bent over, I looked at him from in between my legs. Slowly lowering my hips hovering over him, until his throbbing hard wet dick was rubbing against my asshole.

Swaying back and forth with his cock sliding in between my ass cheeks, i heard him grunt and moan every time I moved my hips down. I thought he was going to cum right there. “Hey Miles?”

“Huh?” Is all he could say as I continued stroking him with my butt. “Do you want to fuck me Miles? Do you want to fuck my little whore pussy?”

“God, yes.”

“What are you going to do for me Miles?” Stuttering, he said “A-all your h-homework and tests.”

Grabbing the base of his dick and guiding tip to my slit I said, “Good boy, Miles.”

I aimed and planted down and sunk my hips deep till I can feel the lips of my pussy wrapped around the base of his cock. “Fuck me Miles.” I said, as he grabbed my tits guiding my bounces.

Starting to ride faster and faster, slamming my hips into him. I hear him moaning, I begin whispering softly into his ear “Fuck me, Miles. Harder, fucking harder! Fuck me, cum for me! ” breathing heavy, I could tell he was going to bust his nut any second.

He starts to moan louder, while grinding against my hips harder.

I felt him gripping my hips harder and harder as he repeatability exclaims, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna kaçak casino cum, I’m gonna cum.” I kept thrusting my hips down on little dick until I feel him start to throb inside me.

Sliding his dick out of me and returning to my knees I took his cock in my mouth having it disappear in my mouth and reappear as I came back up, “Fuck Becca I’m close!” Miles said pulling my head closer and jerk back a bit.

I stopped to think that I could feel his entire cock inside my mouth, which aside from Jason, I hadn’t be able to do with my recent sexual encounters.

It was almost taboo to me that I was able to get more than half of a dick in my mouth. I had grown accustomed to massive fucking dicks that I could feel halfway down my throat and see a stomach bulge while they fucked me.

“Jesus Christ! Oh! Oh goooooood, FUCK! FUCK!” Miles said as he jerked uncontrollably from the fuck and suck of a lifetime.

The sounds and feeling of Miles cumming in my mouth made me come back to reality. I felt the warmth shooting out of his cock and entering my mouth. Not wanting to waste any cum I kept a tight seal around the head of his cock as I stroked him to get all the jizz out of him, which only made him jerk more.

Locking eyes with him I slowly pulled off his dick, stopping at the head of his cock making sure to suck hard, making a pop sound when I finally released him from my mouth.

Closing my eyes, and smiling slightly, I stuck out my tongue to tease him. Showing thick globs of his cum along my tongue. I quickly closed my mouth and swallowed loudly.

I put my clothes on and walked back over to Miles where he was still sitting naked trying to figure out what just happened.

“Thanks for helping me study Miles…” Slapping his chest with my algebra homework. “Uh huh.” he responded still breathing heavily.

“… I’ll pick it up from you in the morning.” Giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking out.

I reflected on what I had just done on my way to my car and although I didn’t cum, I locked down my grades and I was certain I was going to be able to go on the camping griping to camp Moreno.

That’s all I cared about, and making Jason’s life shit. So I sent out a post saying “Wow even miles has a bigger dick than Jason #nerddickovertinydick”. Although not entirely true.

Within minutes of me tweeting it I got a text from Jason…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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