Becoming a Sex Slave – The Cortez Brothers

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Becoming a Sex Slave – Part 1

By Alice J.

I am writing this story per request by my Master’s, the Brothers, Gino and Carlos Cortez. They have requested that their first successful domination of a sex slave be recorded. And released to the world for their own personal gratification.

My name is Alice. I live in a small town in northern California. I am 28 years old, divorced with no children. I am 5’8″, reddish/blonde, I am a little overweight, but by only about 15-20 pounds. Most people describe me as being “big boned”. My ass is well rounded, and very firm. I have been told by many people that I have a really cute face. My physical feature that get the most compliments however, are my breasts. They are large and firm. And no matter what I wear, they are my predominate feature. I wear a 36D bra. But that’s just to keep my boobs from bouncing too much. I can easily fill out a 38D. I am also very athletic. I hike, mountain bike, Nordic, and walk. I tend to stay away from physical activities, like jogging, that make my boobs bounce a lot.
At 19 years old I met my first and only husband when I was a Sophomore in College. Things started out great with him. As most relationships do. We married when I was 21 and we were happy. At least for a while. He was only my 3rd lover and I expected him to be my last. The first year or so was a growing experience. We shared so many new things with each other. But something changed with him and he became abusive. I gave him a chance to change. But he choose not to. I am a very strong willed person, so I didn’t stick around long. I got out of that situation, divorced him. And moved away from both him and the East Coast out to California. I stayed in college and finished my degree in Journalism. I now work for a medium sized newspaper as a Reporter.
After my marriage with “John” I kinda fell into a rut. I kept to myself, keeping my social life to a minimum.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how to enjoy myself and have a good time. I even managed to have sex once and a while with some guy that was able to break through my “wall” enough to bed me. Of course nothing ever seemed worked out, nothing ever lasted more than a few months or so. I just couldn’t bring myself to let go. Well that’s the way I was until six months ago.
It was a girls night out that everything had changed. I had my 28th birthday that week. I got the usual cake and cards at work, but otherwise it was an event that went mostly unnoticed. Granted, it wasn’t the big 30 or anything like that but, it really hit me for some reason. I knew that something in my life had to change.
I met two other women from work at a new local dance club. One of them was doing a review of the place, so we were treated to a good seat, and plenty of extras. We had been there for about two hours casually talking and critiquing the atmosphere when this guy came up behind me. He introduced himself as “Gino”. And asked if I would like to dance with him. My first reaction, was to tell him to go away. I am not into bar scenes, I’ve heard all the pick-up lines before.
But when I turned around and looked at him, something strange immediately happened to me. I fell into a trance. He was over six feet tall, dark hair, and deep dark eyes. But it was his warm embracing, even slightly innocent smile that grabbed me. Really without knowing what I was doing I said yes.
We walked out to the floor and started to dance. One thing that was different about this place, as to other dance joints. They had the usual good dancing music, but it wasn’t the pounding bass rhythm so loud that you can’t even think to yourself. Couples could actually dance and talk at the same time.
Gino moved so smoothly, he danced like he was made of silk. He kept up a good conversation too. He wasn’t prying, he just asked simple everyday questions. His observations about normal things had a humorous side that kept me giggling. I felt really conformable with him. So comfortable that I ended up dancing three more songs until the DJ took a break. By that time I was in Gino’s world. I knew that he had me. He never “came onto me”. He just danced and talked with me. But I knew that I was going to spend the rest of the night with him.
Gino offered to get me a drink. So while he went to the bar, I returned to the table. I told my friends that they were on their own. They wished me luck, told me to be careful. And then they left.
When Gino came to the table with our drinks I told him my friends had abandoned me. But that I wasn’t ready to go home yet. He smiled and said “Good, lets get to know each other a little more.”
We talked getting to know each other while listening to the music and poking fun at some of the couples dancing on the floor. Gino told me that he worked as a Bank Loan Manager for a branch here in town and he also part-time bartended a few nights a week. The time just flew by and before we knew it, it was almost midnight.
Gino suggested that we leave and go some place a little more relaxing. I told him I would like that. We got up and went out the door. I had taken a taxi to the club, so Gino directed me towards his car. The night was warm with a light cool breeze. Everything was perfect. When we got into Gino’s car he asked me if I had any particular place in mind to go. I replied no. So he suggested we go to his place for some wine and music.
I don’t know who was playing who. But it seemed to be working out for both of us.
We drove to his house. On the drive he explained that he lived at his parents old house. The same house he had grown up in. His parents had moved out years ago to live closer to his sisters and their families in Sacramento. And he had bought it from them.
We arrived at his house and went inside. It was obvious that it was a guys place. Yet you could tell that Gino had very nice taste. It was neat and slightly elegant. Manly, but not overly testosterone. He had a knack for photography. Several of his photographs where modestly hung on the walls.
I excused myself to use the bathroom, while Gino opened a bottle of wine. Even his bathroom was neat and clean. When I came out he had two classes poured, he asked me to pick out some music while he went to the bathroom. His selection of music was very rich. I choose an old rhythm and blue selection and let the music flow through me. When I turned around Gino was sitting on the couch smiling at me.

He said he had enjoyed watching me move to the music. I felt a little embarrassed knowing that he had been watching me from behind. But I took his compliment in stride and continued to let the music flow through me. I swayed in front of him as he casually watched my body move. It wasn’t long before he had joined poker oyna me and was rubbing his body against mine. I was in a mood I hadn’t been in for quite some time, if ever. I was more than just horny for him. I needed him! I felt as though this stranger was someone I had been with a hundred times before.
We both knew that we were going to have sex, and it wasn’t long before we were rubbing our hands seductively all over each other. When the music stopped between a song I excused myself to the bathroom.
In the bathroom I removed my blouse to take my bra off. Then I took my skirt off and remove my stockings and panties. I had sweated a bit while dancing. So since I was naked I proceeded to wash up. I like myself to be as fresh as possible for sex. I went back out wearing only my blouse and skirt. I had seductively left an extra button undone on the blouse. With my heavy boobs, even a virgin school boy can tell when I am not wearing a bra. I looked around, but Gino was no where to be seen. I called out to him. He answered from the top of the stairs and said he would be right down. So I looked for another CD to put on. I found a familiar selection that I knew lasted a long time.
A few minutes later he came down. He had changed into a pair of silk house pants and light cotton shirt. He justified his change by saying that he had been wearing the same clothes since work, so he grabbed a quick shower and changed into his usual household attire. I of course didn’t buy that particular rouse. But he looked so sexy. Besides, at this point we both knew what was going to be happening. So the fewer obstacles the better as far as I was concerned.
He asked if I would like to dance some more to the music. I told him no, that I would like to just sit on the couch and relax with him. His warm smile immediately told me that we were definitely on the same page.
We cuddled on the couch looking at basically nothing. He asked if I would enjoy watching a movie. I said “Sure, what have you got in mind?”
As hot as things already were, he had decided to turn up the burner a bit and asked if I enjoyed watching sex movies.
I am by no means a virgin to such perversion. I had watched quite a few porno movies with my ex-husband, hoping that it would provide a rekindled spark in our sex life. At first, I was turned off by them. But he enjoyed them and sex was good for awhile again. But as time went by, still finding myself alone on far too many occasions. I had turned to the videos for relief from my frustrations. I spent many a nights masturbating myself while he was out drinking, intently watching the videos that he had brought home. I had become quite accustomed to watching women getting fucked in the most nastiest ways by men. I even fantasized about being some of those women while laying in bed alone at night.
Although I felt vulnerable about exposing a dark side of myself to a total stranger. I decided to go for it. I told Gino to show me what he had in mind. He looked through a small selection in a cabinet next to the TV and pulled one out. He slipped it into the VCR and returned to cuddle next to me on the couch.
When the video started, it was immediately clear what was about to take place. This silicon blonde dressed in a short silk robe was leaning on a kitchen counter watching the plumber “fixing the sink”. The plumber rose and said to the woman that the faucet wasn’t dripping. She replied that something was definitely dripping and that maybe he would like to continue looking. With that he moved towards her, put his hand under her robe and they started to kiss. Within a minute her robe was on the floor exposing her naked body and she was on her knees doing her best to swallow a very large and hard cock.
It was only seconds after that, that Gino was kissing my neck and rubbing my ample breast. It didn’t take me long to find an opening in his pants and slip a hand down to his crotch. His cock was hard as steel. And it felt very large, nice and thick. But I couldn’t believe how long it was. The porno star’s pussy wasn’t the only thing that was dripping now.
Just as I was about to take the lead, and make my move to go down on him. He pulled away and told me to suck his cock.
I didn’t hesitate even a little. I got down in front of him on my knees and pulled his cock out. It was even more beautiful than I thought it would be. Looking at it so close, it seemed like a monster. The head was very big. But it was so much longer than anything I had ever seen before, at least ten inches. Well except for maybe in a movie or two. But this one was mine. At least for now, so I wasn’t about to waste any more time.
I took his big meaty cock in both hands and slipped it into my warm wet mouth. I did the best I could to get as much of it in as possible. But it was just too large. I wanted so bad to fit it all into my mouth. I don’t know what had come over me. I had always enjoyed sucking on a cock. But never had I wanted one so deep in my throat. The only thing I had going for me, beside my desire to feel pubic hair tickling my nose. Was the fact that I have a wide mouth. So I knew all he was feeling were lips, wet tongue and flesh. Gino was definitely enjoying my talents. He was moaning softly while tugging on my hair and stroking my cheeks. It wasn’t long before he started to tell me how great it felt. And that he enjoyed fucking my mouth. His words of encouragement kept me even more determined to give him the best blow job he had ever had! As I had anticipated he started groaning the usual, “I’m about to cum” line. But he did ask if it was okay for him to cum in my mouth. I answered with a grunting yes. The next thing I knew he had wads of my hair in both hands and had taking over my stroking and was moving my head to his own pleasure. With a final grunt or two he called out “here it comes” then I felt the first shot of hot slimy cum hitting the back of my throat. Then the next, the next, the next, and the next. His cock was jerking so hard in my mouth. I had never felt such a violent organism before. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but I couldn’t keep up. I let the rest build up in my mouth while he kept cumming. I kept swallowing a bit at a time. But my mouth was just too full. I had no choice but to let the overflow dribble out onto his cock. With each jerk of his cock more cum dribbled out beyond my lips. Finally he stopped cumming and let go of my hair. His hands fell to his sides and his body relaxed. I continued to swallow the cum in my mouth. I released his cock from my mouth to come up for air. Out of all the suck jobs I have given, none has ever been as forceful with such a large volume of cum.
I raised my face to look at Gino, his eyes were shut tight. I looked canlı poker oyna down at his cock. It was still quite hard and covered with his cum. It had dripped down into his pubic hair and onto his balls. I took it upon myself to clean up this mess by licking everything in front of me. By the time I was finished my face was a mess. I could feel the cum already starting to harden on me. I told Gino that I was going to the bathroom to wash my face. He graciously told me that there was some mouth wash to use if I cared for it.
When I came out of the bathroom, once again I didn’t see him anywhere. I sat down on the couch and waited for him to return. The video was still running. Only now the woman had two men fucking her. One cock in her pussy and the other in her ass. They were giving it to her hard. Spanking her ass as well as grabbing and pulling at her big boobs. Her ass was beat red with hand prints. She was taking it all like a real pro. I massaged my pussy watching the scene. Then a third guy came into the room. He apparently was her husband. At first he was throwing his arms up in the air screaming at them. She turned to look at him and said “If you can’t do something constructive for a change. Get the fuck out.” With that he said “Ok, if it’s a gangbang you want, it’s a gangbang you’re going to get.” The next thing you knew he was naked and shoving a large cock down her throat. I was really getting into video, hoping that Gino wasn’t done with me yet. I needed that thick, long, hard cock of his bad! Just as I was about to cum from rubbing my hard clit. Gino called out to me and told me to join him upstairs in his bedroom.
His room was big and cozy. He was just finishing lighting a couple of candles. He had removed his shirt revealing his large muscular chest, arms and shoulders. He sat down on the bed and told me to come closer to him. I walked towards him and stopped just before him. He then instructed to take my clothes off. I stripped slowly and seductively to the music that was drifting up from the stereo downstairs. He asked me if I enjoyed touching myself. I replied yes. He then instructed me to start rubbing my body for him.
I started with my boobs. Squeezing them together. Pinching, pulling and twisting my large nipples. I was being really rough with them. I then moved a hand down towards my pussy.
I kept my other hand on my boobs just to show him that I enjoyed having the attention on them. My hand slipped between my slightly spread legs and found my warm and wet pussy lips. Gino then told me to turn around so that he could see my big ass. He said he enjoyed a large ass on a woman. And that mine was perfect for him. I turned around slowly keeping eye contact with him until I could no more. I started rubbing my ass cheeks for him, spreading them ever so slightly. He told me that he wanted a better look. So I bent over a little for him. Pulling my huge cheeks even wider. It wasn’t enough. He told me to spread my legs wider, and bend over until I could grab my ankles.
I did as he wished. My large heavy boobs hung down to my face. I could see him through my legs massaging his cock through his pants. He was looking directly at everything I had to offer, spread wide open in front of him.
I had thought at the time that he was most interested in my asshole. Thinking that he really enjoyed anal sex.
I had anal sex before with this one guy that I dated awhile. I didn’t like it at first. It just hurt too much. But he had insisted that he needed to fuck me in the ass in order to be able to cum. What can I say, I was 24, he was my first lover in over a year, so I let him have his way. After repeated ass fuckings I really got off on it. I learned to masturbate while he was fucking my ass. He even introduced me to my first experience with a dildo. I used the dildo in my pussy, while he was using my ass. I learned how to experience a very strong orgasm this way. It had been years since I had my ass fucked. Gino’s cock was thicker and much longer than my first.
After having a good look at me from behind. Gino told me to lay down on the bed. As I did, he told me that he wanted me masturbate for him. He said it turned him on to watch a woman that knew how to enjoy her own body. I laid down on the bed, spread my legs and started to touch myself. Gino pulled his pants off revealing his beautiful naked body to me. He was gorgeous. Everything on him was hard muscle. Though his cock wasn’t real hard at this point, it was still large. He kneeled down on the bed between my legs watching me stroking my pussy. He instructed me to play with my boobs with one hand while I played with my pussy with the other.
Of course I did as he told me to do. He just sat there between my spread legs watching me play with my body while I was looking at his gorgeous body. He asked if I was wet for him. I simply replied yes. He told me to stick two fingers as deep into my pussy as I could and get them really wet. I shoved my fingers deep up to my last knuckles spreading my opening wide. He then instructed me to pull them out and stick them in my mouth to lick them clean.
That was okay with me. It wasn’t the first time I had tasted my own pussy. John had often gotten off in my mouth after fucking my pussy. So I slowly withdrew my fingers and brought them up to my mouth. As instructed I sucked them deep and licked them clean.
I then asked if he wanted me to continue to masturbate myself. He firmly told me yes! So I put my hand back to my pussy and continued to play with myself in front of him.
Everything Gino was telling me to do was something that I would have gladly done anyway. Given the right opportunity. But being ordered, by this gorgeous stranger, to do it. Added an erotic sensation that I absolutely loved.
He was now stroking his rock hard cock while I rubbed my clit and finger fucked myself. He scooted up closer between my legs. He told me to start playing with my boobs with both hands. As I did he started rubbing the thick hard head of his cock up and down my puffy and wet pussy lips. Just as I could take no more of this teasing he asked if I was ready to get fucked. I loudly moaned yes.
With that he plunged his cock deep into me and fell onto my body. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him even deeper. His cock filled me like I have never been filled before. It felt so good. He kept up a strong hard and deep pumping rhythm. He was plunging his cock in and out ever so gracefully for my receptive pussy. I had been so close to cumming already. So it didn’t take long for me to build up to a tremendous orgasm and finally release it. I screamed and bucked against him. While nibbling on my neck he verbally encouraged me on to another and yet another orgasm. internet casino His steady pumping allowed me keep up my own rhythm. I just couldn’t stop. Just when I thought I had had my last. Anther wave of pleasure would wash over me.
Finally he lifted his body off me and slowed his pumping to a stop. Leaving his cock buried deep inside my drenched pussy. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my deep and hard breathing heaved my boobs up and out. He bent down over me and started to suck on my nipples. Squeezing my boobs hard and sucking and biting on them even harder. Once again I could feel another orgasm building as he man handled my boobs. I was begging him not to stop, and kept telling him that I loved having my boobs getting a rough work over. I could feel his rock hard cock still buried deep in my pussy. Soon I was lost in yet another hard and forceful orgasm. He pulled himself off my boobs and asked if I wanted to suck his cum out of his cock. What else could I say but yes.
He started to pump his cock in my pussy again, then with one swift movement he was out of my pussy and was fucking his cock between my boobs. Aimed right at my open mouth. I stuck my tongue out and closed my eyes. He rubbed himself between my deep cleavage a few times then lunged his cock at my open mouth and let it fly. What he decided not to leave in my mouth he shot all over my face and chest. I had cum all over me. Even up into my hair. Just like on the couch he kept shooting gobs of cum. By the time he was finished. My face and boobs were covered with cum. He leaned up further and stuck his cock back in my mouth. I eagerly cleaned up what cum he still had left in him.
He got up off of me, leaving me lying there in a messed up heap. My boobs were red, sore and soaked from his cum and saliva. My face was drenched with cum. I could feel that my own cum had left a track down the crack of my ass and had pooled up into a wet spot under me. He looked down upon my fucked body. Telling me how much he loves fucking a woman that really knows how to enjoy it. He made comments about how I was made for fucking. And that I could expect much more if I wanted it to happen. Boy did I ever!
Once I regained some composure, I told him that I needed to use the bathroom. He told me to use the one downstairs, as the upstairs one was kind of a mess. As I walked out the door he said to bring up a CD or two and the wine.
When I returned with the CD’s and wine. He said he didn’t want anymore wine, but he encouraged me to drink as much as I wanted. He even suggested that the more I had the better my sex would be tonight.
Now, I don’t need to be drunk to enjoy sex. But the way he said it, it sounded as though I was going to need it. So I killed one glass while he queued up a CD. And then poured another.
He laid himself out relaxed on the bed as I sat there looking at him. He was so beautiful and sexy. I realized that I was still in the same trance by him from earlier in the evening. I had already had more orgasms tonight then I have had in the last couple of years. And probably enough to last me for another couple of years. But, I just couldn’t help but feel that I needed more. I knew that Gino was going to provide me with them. I killed my second glass of wine. And crawled up next to him. I positioned myself with my boobs at his face and reached down to stroke his cock. He greedily started to grab and suck on them.
As sore as they already were, it felt great to have him groping them again. He reached down and grabbed my ass, pulling me on top of him. Looking me straight in the eye, he told me to fuck myself.
Reaching down between my legs I grabbed his cock and positioned it at my waiting pussy. Just as I started to sit down on it. I realized that I was a bit sore. After all, it had been awhile since I had sex. I asked if he had any lube to use. He rolled over, opened up the draw on his night stand and pulled out a bottle. It was some kind of liquid lube that I didn’t even know existed. Obviously Gino was a pro at fucking women. I took the bottle and poured a generous amount out onto his cock. This liquid stuff felt silky and smooth. I then poured some in my hand and used it on my pussy. Making sure to cover every fold of my large pussy lips. This stuff was great. I even reached around and stuck a finger into my asshole getting it lubed a little. I didn’t want to stop rubbing it on myself. But of course I did.
Grabbing his cock again, I slowly sat myself down onto him. Impaling myself deeper and deeper with his long hard cock. I had just been fucked to perfection by it, but feeling this huge monster filling me up again was delightful.
I started moving up and down on it. Taking it just to the point that its huge head was spreading my lips apart, then down again to feel his pubic hair and bone crush up against my clit. He told me to continue fucking myself while I played with my tits for him. If it was a show he wanted, it was a show he was going to get. With both hands I started massaging my boobs. Just as I was fucking his cock deep and slow. I was squeezing my tits hard and slow. He reached behind me and started to slap my ass in rhythm to my pumping his cock. Every time I sat down impaling his cock deep inside me he would smack my ass. First one cheek then the other. I thought of the woman in the video, I kept seeing the vision of her red and welded ass, imagining how mine must look. Before long I was lost in another wave of orgasms. I couldn’t help but to start fucking his cock harder and faster. All the while squeezing my boobs harder and deeper. He kept up with my rhythm slapping my ass harder and faster.
He started talking dirty to me again. Telling me that I deserved to be fucked to the max. That I was made for fucking and that I could take more than I ever thought I could take.
He then started asking if I enjoyed watching the woman in the video getting fucked by more than one cock at the same time. I did, so of course I said yes. He asked if I had ever had more than one man before. I told him no. He asked if I ever fanaticized about being fucked by more than one cock at a time. Honestly, I said yes. He then asked if I felt I could really take more than one cock at a time. Once again I replied yes. All through his questioning, I had continued to fuck his cock and play with my boobs while he slapped and grabbed hard on my ass.
Then I felt him stick a finger into my asshole. I had figured sooner or later he would get around to fucking my asshole and that he was starting to get me ready for it.
Then suddenly I realized that Gino’s hands were firmly planted on my ass spreading my cheeks wide. It couldn’t be, and it wasn’t his finger sneaking its way deeper into my ass.
Startled I sat up and looked around. Behind me stood a gorgeous naked man stroking his thick cock with one hand while finger fucking my asshole with his other.

End part one


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