Becoming Flyer Ch. 04

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Stacey lovingly washed her friend and noticed she was still half off on some other planet. As witty as she attempted to be she suspected at least minor emotional damage. She just held her for as long as she could under the cleansing hot water ran over them, until it started cooling from the heater depleting. Then she dried her and curled up with her. Candy and another girl joined them, cuddling the bruised and scratched Stacey, while one brushed then braided her pitch black mane. As it got later the two shared soft kisses and whispers of mutual admiration. As well as Vick shooting down Stacey’s multiple begs for a tattoo.

They agreed the situation should take care of itself, with the two stunts balancing out. The coaches violated one of their students, and one of the students pranked them and freed their hostage. Stacey wasn’t overly concerned, because she knew Natasha liked her and valued her on the high school team. Plus Alex owed her. The following day proved they seemed to be correct, as nothing was said and nothing felt too weird. They nailed down a couple impressive stunts, and Coach even complimented Stacey on her “daring moves”, winking at her as if to say “impressive rescue”.

During dinner, Vicky spoke up. “I know what you saw was probably pretty shocking. But would it shock you to hear I actually enjoyed it?”

“Somewhat? They looked to be very rough on you. But I could tell how tough you were the moment I first saw you, you have fierce and steady, unwavering eyes.”

“Yea well, don’t give Nat and Alex all the credit. I’m afraid in the beginning, when I was your age, I was rather manipulative, and an insufferable tease. I’ve actually learned a lot from Coach, and her ‘discipline’ has benefited me in ways, it’s helped me grow up. I hear I’m kind of a big deal in the college cheer world. For whatever it’s worth.”

“I heard you’re considered the best cheerleader in the world.”

“Well, it’s not rocket surgery or anything. Anyways, people that are into BDSM, some of them anyways, have said that the submissive is really the one in control. It makes sense really. It’s a paradox. While being restrained and controlled, you are also free, you don’t even have to think. You can just let go, while the dominator is doing all the work. If you don’t mind the pain, or even enjoy it like I do, being submissive can be very liberating and pleasurable.” She teasingly squeezed Stacey’s hand, incredibly hard, and raised her lips.


“But anyway what you saw was built up to, over years of being her submissive. It’s not like she beat the shit out of me the first time we were alone. I just wanted you to know that, so you weren’t horrified and understood it’s more of a tit for tat thing. She gets off doing what she does, but it also gets me off too, often in a quite tremendous way.”

“I know she’s not evil. She doesn’t scare me anyway. You’re more scary to me than she is. I have no doubts you could knock her out with a single punch.”

“She’s not a bad person. If what you saw was allowed to play out, the ending is a lot of love and coddling and rainbows and unicorns and other bullshit. Not my favorite part. But she doesn’t put a horse away wet and rode hard, she does have a heart.”

“Jeez Victoria, now you’ve got me curious. Do you ever think about dominating someone yourself? I’m not gonna lie to you, the little bit of one-on-one time I had with Natasha, I never felt like that before, I got really hot just from being used like her toy, I think I understand what you mean about being submissive.”

Vick pinched Stacey’s fingertip like her thumb and forefinger were a pair of pliers. She looked her straight in the eyes.

“I do. Quite a bit. Well, to be honest, it only started a few days ago, when I saw you, but the feelings are very very strong.” Stacey just let her finger soak in the minor pain, she realized the pain didn’t even bother her, she may have even enjoyed it.

“Hmm. Well, maybe you should try acting on it sometime. It could bring out a whole new side of yourself you didn’t know you had,” Stacey said, licking her lips and blinking slowly, leaning forward towards her.

“I think we need to go take a shower, how do you feel about that?”

“I think I’m just about ready to do anything you want Victoria, let’s go.”

They walked to the bunk-house at a quick pace, hand in hand for most of it. Both wanted to run but didn’t know the other was thinking the same thing. They were the first ones back and took advantage of this by stripping as fast as they could and prancing into the showers. Vicky pressed Stacey against the wall Ümraniye Escort by her throat, kissing her hard while going straight to her pussy with her free hand.

“God your so fucking pretty, I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you.”

“Me too!” She squeaked, barely, due to Vicky’s tight grip around her neck. Vicky stuck a bar of soap half way into her prey, then replaced it with her fingers, rapidly fucking her for a few moments while choking her.

“Bend over, touch your toes, now.” She spanked her, fast and hard, then got in front of her with her bum facing her head and grabbed her by the hair, lifting it to her ivory colored ass. “Clean me, with your pretty face.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Stacey didn’t hesitate. She ran her tongue all the way from her clitoris to her anus and back down, and back up. She didn’t mind the taste, she was enjoying it, she was again eager to serve. Her tongue felt better than soap to her master and that was all that mattered to Stacey at that moment. Vicky pushed her busy tongue into her ass by pulling her wet hair, leaning against the wall and looking back, taking in the image of the little pretty rookie eating her ass.

Stacey spread Victoria’s cheeks with her hands as she licked and licked, occasionally darting her to tongue into her hole like the coach had done to her. She moved down to her pussy and could taste that Vick was very turned on, as her nose pushed on her wet asshole. Vicky then spun around, never letting go of her hair, and pulled it hard, standing her up, and again pinned her to the wall. She kissed her with ferocity while rubbing soap all over her. She dropped the soap and slapped her left breast, pinched her nipple, then did the same to the right. Stacey moaned.

“You like that, sweet thing?” Stacey nodded and said “uh-huh,” before getting Vicky’s tongue down her throat again. Her pussy received a spank. Vick could tell from the low pitched moan she liked it, so she turned up the volume and spanked it harder, and rapidly repeated, as the young minx actually spread her legs in response.

“Good girl, God you’re fucking awesome.” She alternated between fingering, pinching her little clit, and spanking her pussy, putting Stacey into a state of lust and surrender. One of the other girls came into the shower, and at Vicky’s suggestion, started to also play with the flyer.

“That’s it, you are here for our pleasure. Relax and enjoy it, Stace.”

Soon she was on her back on a bench that a fourth girl had brought in, with hot water spraying on to her torso as three young women clutched and groped her. Stacey was writhing and slithering, feeling tongues, fingers, and lips all over her when she shuddered into a violent orgasm.

“Good girl! Ladies, that is how you clean off a flyer. She gets this treatment every night we have left together.”

“Sounds good to me.” Stacey didn’t even recognize the voice, but it was surely a cheerleader. After drying off, Vicky decided she wasn’t done. She led her to her bed and told her to get on her back. She then dove her stunning face into Stacey’s vulva with reckless abandon, right in front of everyone. She fed on her for so long that most of the girls lost interest in the spectacle, one even threw a blanket over them. Victoria’s skilled mouth found a rhythm and just stuck with it. She made it a challenge to see if she could pleasure the beautiful flyer till the sun came up.

Stacey went someplace else, someplace she had never been before. She wasn’t even in the room anymore after about the first twenty minutes. She could tell this was going to be a marathon by her lover’s rhythmic, deliberate motions. Victoria settled into a slow pattern of sucking and licking that felt like she was performing a ritual on her, and her soul just melted into a puddle that Vicky was drinking. She lost count of climaxes and just gave her young body fully, laying splayed open and fully relaxed, yet also completely enamored and in awe that someone was capable of providing this much pleasure for so long.

She woke up wrapped up in her mentor, holding her tight, and her head being already on her pink nipple prompted her to suckle on her like an infant. It didn’t annoy Vick, she would rather love her friend than sleep she thought, as she lovingly stroked her thick hair, and hugged her tightly. She enjoyed dominating her, sure. But she enjoyed loving her more, being as close as they could be, maximum contact of soft skin against soft skin, attempting to become one body.

“I love you, little flyer.”

“I love you too, world’s best cheerleader.” Ümraniye Escort Bayan It didn’t feel weird to say, like saying it to a boyfriend for the first time would. They knew they loved each other and just wanted to let each other know with words. Their embrace had already said it hours ago.

The following day, the practice established more progress, thanks to Coach Natasha’s expert instruction and the girls’ enthusiasm. The girls were all genuinely happy for the lovebirds, it was such an unlikely yet lovely pairing. The intense white skinned and tall suicide girl, versus the innocent looking, tanned, petite beauty. Their personalities compliment each other and they both seemed to thrive on their love for each other. Even Alex could see it. Coach Natasha could too, and was the only one annoyed by it. She wasn’t a jealous type, it was more of a focus thing for her. She wanted their focus on her and on their cheering, not on each other. She thought it may be time for a one-on-two after dinner tonight.

“So, what are we going to do about this little love affair between my two best girls?” Coach asked, after closing all the shades and sitting in her living room, motioning for the girls to sit.

“Us, Coach Natasha? We’re just having fun with each other, it’s nothing serious,” Vick lies.

“Bullshit. You spend more time looking at each other than anything else. I can only imagine what you two are up to on your free time.” Both girls reluctantly blushed and smiled. “So Stacey, unbeknownst to Alex, I have a hidden camera in her training room. I expect this fact to remain a secret.”

Stacey remained silent, but looked at the floor, and frowned noticeably, both uncharacteristic of her. There was a long silence, and Vicky sensed something was up.

“Coach Natasha, if you think Alex fucking Stacey is something that would bother me, I can assure you…”

Just at that moment there was a knock at the door, and Natasha answered and invited three men in, two of them being the maintenance guys with carnal knowledge of the flyer, and the third being a large muscular black man, probably thirty, that the girls didn’t know. He looked excited, and the other two looked nervous but deviously intrigued.

“There she is guys. Don’t worry she’s already expressed full consent. Isn’t that right Stacey?” Stacey was at a loss. She looked at Vicky, who’s normally steely eyes were worried, then at her coach, who was smiling yet stern. She looked at the three men, all staring at her like she was a piece of steak and they hadn’t eaten in a week. She decided to take the path of least resistance.

“Yes, Coach Natasha.” Vicky jumped to her feet as the men moved toward her girlfriend.

“SIT. NOW!” Natasha commanded and was obeyed, Victoria being conditioned by her at an almost sub-conscious level by now.

“I’m first, you guys already had this shit.” He picked up the flyer like he was lifting a big bag of cotton balls, not straining in the least. He held her in mid-air while the other two ripped her sweats and sneakers off. He put her down and unbuckled his belt and pants, staring at her while the two men helped her out of her remaining clothing. Natasha placed a blindfold over Stacey’s enormous eyes.

“This will help increase the sensitivity of your other senses, fuck doll.” Her last glimpse was of Victoria, whose stoicism had vanished and had been replaced by a black painted tear rolling down her cheek and a hand over her chest and one over her mouth. She felt four strong hands grip her legs and bend them back, opening and holding them there.

Someone spat on her and rubbed it first, encompassing her whole pussy, then spat again and she felt two large fingers penetrating her. One of the men kissed her roughly, and it lasted a few seconds before his lips and tongue turn into more fingers, then the head of a penis. While sucking on it she felt the black man start to press on her pussy with the head of his dick, and it felt huge.

“Fuck, you guys weren’t lying, this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen! She’s tiny and hot as hell!”

“I’m telling you, bro, she loves it too, give it to her good.” The way they talked about her like she wasn’t even in the room, the way they squeezed her legs as they pinned them back unnecessarily hard, started to excite Stacey. The man fucking her mouth took her hair into a ponytail and jerked her head backward, opening her throat to slide his prick all the way in, and started to literally fuck her by the head, exclaiming how pretty she was.

She felt the black man’s phallus Escort Ümraniye stretch her and fill her, slowly at first, but it felt like it just kept pushing in. It must be the size of her forearm. It filled her and retreated. Filled her and retreated, like a piston gathering momentum. As he sunk it in all the way to his hips and his big balls met her ass, she bucked and moaned, getting spit roasted like a freshly slaughtered pig, only the fire was inside her.

“Oh fuck, this girl is grade A shit, I don’t wanna come yet, have a whack at it, cuz.” He pulled out slowly and tasted her, flicking his tongue over her clit like he was trying to flip a light switch.

“Fuck, I never thought I’d be following you into a hole like this. She’s young enough, I hope this pussy tightens right back up while I’m still fucking it.”

Hearing them talk like this was destroying Vicky. Her fists clenched, she wanted to attack. She was smart enough to ignore her heavy emotions and stand down, knowing even both of them couldn’t over-power the four. She saw her coach masturbating and decided that if she pleasured her, she will at least not have given her the satisfaction of letting her see how much pain and despair she was causing her, which was obviously her intent. She could still hear the men fucking her girl, but she didn’t have to watch, as she lowered her head between her coach’s spread thighs.

“Ah-ah-ah, just use your hand, Victoria. Eyes on the prize.” She turned her athlete’s head toward the gangbang.

“Yes, Coach Natasha.” She shut her eyes, as more tears dragged her black makeup down her cheeks.

“Ohhh yeah! It was hard sticking it in the wife after fucking this thing I’ll tell ya!” They all laugh.

“OHH fuck I’m gonna come right in her throat!” The face fucker slammed into her and lets it go right down her throat, squeezing her young tits with both hands as the girl has no choice but to swallow it all.

“You ever tried sucking on a BBC yet, honey?” The African-American moved behind her head and suggested they flip her over, saying he hadn’t seen her ass yet. Getting into the idea that this is some kind of punishment, he slapped her face. “Answer me when I ask you a question, bitch!”

“You hit her again and I swear to god your whole family will die in their sleep.”

“Victoria! That is no way to speak to our gentleman callers. I’m sorry sir, she doesn’t mean that.”

“Yes I do, I will find him and he will die,” she said right thru the pain of Natasha’s nails digging into her neck. The man had never seen a look more intense and sincere as the one this black-haired, tattooed twenty-year-old devil girl was staring into his soul with.

“Well fuck. I’m out guys. I’m sorry miss, ma’am.” He said to Vicky, then Natasha.

“Me too. Have a good night girls.” The third sheepishly followed his buddies silently out the door.

As soon as the door closed, Victoria leaped to her feet, and spun with the strength, speed and outrageous athleticism of her entire body, and connected with an incredibly hard punch, square into Natasha’s jaw. It was so powerful it sent her and the heavy chair she was sitting in flying backward. Her heels flew over her head and she came to rest stunned out of consciousness on the floor.

“FUCK! I think I broke my hand.” Stacey was already half dressed. She taped Natasha’s hands together behind her back with a roll of duct tape nearby that hadn’t had a chance to be put to use yet, thank God. “Are you ok?”

“I’m good, thanks to you. Thank you.” Stacey kissed her. “What do we do now?”

“I need ice, I really did break my fucking hand.” Stacey picked up the golf cart key, smiling.

“Fuck it, why not? Sweet dreams coach.” Vick quipped, as they walked out the door and drove to Alex’s for ice and some medical help. Stacey drove.

“You are amazing Vicky, I can’t even believe you did that.”

“I wasn’t in the mood for more bullshit after that little set-up. She took it waaay the fuck too far. That cunt deserved that.”

“Would you really kill that guy!?”

“Only scum puts their hands on a girl like that. All I would have to do is tell Dad what I saw him do. He’s a Hells Angel. He’s six-foot-five, three-fifty, always armed, and about as evil a man as you ever want to meet. But he would never slap a young girl. He’s not scum.”

Stacey felt a huge amount of admiration well up in her, as they walked into Alex’s. As Alex tended to Vicky’s hand, Stacey scanned the room end to end, finally spotting the tiny lens sticking out of a heating vent in the ceiling. She whispered her find to Alex, telling her not to look. As the two cheerleaders left they told Alex she may want to check on her colleague.

Vicky held an ice pack on her bandaged hand as Stace guided the commandeered cart around campus on a joyride, talking about bikers, what it was like getting fucked by guys, and of course, tattoos.

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