Becoming Joey Ch. 07

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Susan urged Joey to get moving. “Just put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt honey. Nobody is going to see you.”

“Dr. Beaumont will see me,” Joey said, as she stumbled to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup.

“Dr. Beaumont already loves everything about you.”

“I’ll just be a few minutes, Mistress…please?”

“Don’t take too long. We don’t want to keep the Dr. waiting.”

They arrived at the doctor’s office with a few minutes to spare. On the way in, Joey spoke, “Isn’t a little early for the doctor’s office to be open?”

“It is honey, but the doctor wanted to get you in quickly. He is very eager to take you to dinner when you’re healed. You need to be sure to be properly thankful for his help.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Susan knocked on the door, which was quickly opened by Dr. Beaumont. Susan ushered Joey inside. Joey pressed up against the doctor and felt his hard body. This time she tiptoed up and softly kissed his lips. His beard felt soft against her face and she wondered how it would feel elsewhere on her body.

“Thank you for helping me, Doctor,” she whispered.

“It’s my pleasure Joey.”

Joey and Susan followed him through the waiting area and into the first examination room. Joey noticed that it was laid out for surgery, with a metal table with knives and other medical tools on it. She immediately became noticeably nervous.

“Just jump up on the table Joey. There’s nothing to be worried about. You are going to look fantastic.”

Joey climbed on the table and laid down. The doctor immediately started an IV line. “I’m must going to add a little something to calm you down.”

Joey felt it almost immediately. She began floating and couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to be fucked while feeling this way. She heard the doctor and Susan speaking but they seemed far away. “It’s common to go through the nipple, but I believe that it reduces sensitivity and we certainly don’t want to do that.”

“I agree doctor.”

“We’ll make sure the incision is barely noticeable and it will be underneath the implants so she won’t even notice.”

“Are you doing okay there Joey?”

She nodded, or at least thought she did.

“I’m just going to put this mask on you and I want you to take deep breaths and start counting back from 100.”

“100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95…”

Joey woke up, still feeling like she was floating. The doctor was gone and Susan was reading a magazine in the corner of the room. She looked down at her chest and saw the bandages and felt the excess weight. Her excitement ramped up. She couldn’t believe that just a few weeks ago, she had just been a boy. A normal, boring boy. Now here she was-a girl, a sissy, a plaything, a fucktoy…women wanted her and men wanted her and she didn’t think she would ever be bored again.

“Oh, you’re waking up. How are you feeling?”

“I’m a little dizzy, but feel okay. Did everything go well?

“The doctor said everything went perfectly. You should just have about 10 days of recovery and you and especially me and Matt can enjoy his work. And you’ve got a date…a week from Friday, the doctor will pick you up at 6.”

“Ok Mistress.”

“We just have to wait for the doctor to come in to release you and we’ll get you home to bed.”

Just then the door opened and Dr. Beaumont came in. “Ah, I see you’re awake Joey. How are you feeling?”

“I feel okay doctor, just sleepy and a little dizzy.”

“We’re going to keep you pretty sleepy for the next couple of days and you’ll have pain medication for the next 5 days. Everything went great. I think you’re going to be very happy with the results.”

Even in her stupor, Joey couldn’t let this one slide, “I hope that you’ll be very happy with them too Doctor.”

Dr. Beaumont leered down at her. “I assure you, I will be. Let’s help you up into this wheelchair and we can get you home to bed.” Joey allowed herself to be lifted out of the bed. The weight on her chest felt unusual as gravity took control. The doctor wheeled her out and helped her into the car. Once she was settled, the doctor reached for her hand and softly kissed it. “I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you in a more social way in a couple of weeks, Joey.”

The doctor kept Joey’s hand near his lips. “I can’t wait Sir. I’ll make sure I rest and heal and I’ll be ready for you.”

Next Monday

The next several days were a blur. Joey spent all her time in bed, waking only occasionally to allow Susan to feed her. On the seventh day after surgery, Joey had been up and moving about the house for 4 days. Susan came into her room, “It’s time Joey. Dr. Beaumont said we could remove the bandages today.”

Joey jumped from her bed in excitement. “Where should we do it?”

“Let’s go in the bathroom, so I can stand behind you and we can both see at the same time.” Joey followed Susan into the bathroom. Susan gently unfastened the tape that held the bandages together and slowly altyazılı porno began to unwrap her.

“Oh my god, look at them. They’re so beautiful,” Joey gasped as her new C cups came into view. “Their so round, and look how puffy my nipples are.”

Susan gently held them. The breasts looked perfect save for some lingering yellowish bruises. “They’re beautiful Joey. How do they feel?”

“A little sore I guess, but just on the sides. Look at how hard my nipples are!” Joey giggled and pinched her right nipple just a bit, eliciting a soft moan. “They are so sensitive. I can’t wait to have them played with.”

“I want nothing more than to lay you down and lick and suck your nipples right now,” Susan whispered in Joey’s ear, her fingers playing up the sides of Joey’s breasts, just teasing at the edge of her nipples, “but I can’t. I promised Dr. Beaumont. No one gets to touch you Joey. He’s first. And since you have to wait until Friday, I imagine you will be bursting, ready for him to ravage you.”

“Not til Friday,” Joey pouted. “I guess I understand. He made them. He should get to play with them first.”


“Joey, it’s five o’clock, you need to get ready.” Susan yelled as she entered the bathroom. Joey was just out of the shower. A towel was wrapped around her, held up by her new breasts. Her cock dangled just below the hem of the towel. “We need to get you into this, before you see the lingerie I bought you.” Susan held up Joey’s cock cage and knelt down in front of her. She quickly slipped the cage over Joey’s head and was able to clamp it to the ring around her balls just before Joey grew enough to prevent it.

Susan slipped a small lock through the clasp and snapped it shut. She held out 2 chains, each with a key on it. “One key is for me, always. This one, you will wear tonight. The doctor will know what it’s for. Come, let’s get you dressed.”

Joey saw the lingerie laid out on the bed. Black lace panties, garter belt and stockings and a beautiful matching black lace push up bra. Susan helped her put it on. Joey squealed, seeing the cleavage it created and knowing that her nipples were just out of sight. She could feel them rubbing against the bra and felt a little spurt of pre-cum coat the inside of her cage. Susan helped her with the rest of the lingerie and then showed her the red dress she had purchased for the occasion. The neckline plunged, accenting Joey’s cleavage and showing a hint of black lace. A slit up the side showed off her black stockings and if one were lucky, a quick glimpse of the garter belt and bare thigh.

Joey was finishing her makeup when the doorbell rang. She could hear Susan and Matt welcoming Dr. Beaumont into their home. She finished her makeup with a deep red lipstick, that caused her to shiver, thinking of how it would look on Dr. Beaumont’s cock. She checked everything again in the mirror, put her lipstick in her clutch purse and started down the stairs.

Matt and Dr. Beaumont were sitting in the den, each with a glass of whiskey. Susan stood at the bar, sipping a white wine. Joey walked into the room and all conversation stopped. Dr. Beaumont just stared at her. Joey smiled and walked to him, holding out her hand, demurely. “Dr. Beaumont, so good to see you again.”

The doctor took her hand and kissed it. “Please Joey, call me Robert.”

“Yes Robert, you look very handsome tonight.”

“Thank you Joey, you look absolutely ravishing.”

Joey smiled and walked to Susan, who handed her a glass of wine. They chatted, while the men drank their whiskey, but noticed that neither man could take his eyes off of them.

Robert finished his whiskey and stood. “Matt, Susan, thank you for the hospitality, but we have reservations and should go.”

Joey set her wine down and walked to Robert, slipping her hand into the crook of his arm. Susan and Matt both kissed Joey on the cheek. Susan whispered, “I’m so jealous. You’re going to have a wonderful night.”

Robert walked her out to his Mercedes CLS in the driveway. He opened the passenger door for Joey. As she slipped past him, she felt his hard cock in his pants and a shiver of anticipation tore through her. She paused and turned to him. She reached up and ran her fingers through his greying hair and pulled his mouth to hers. Joey slipped her tongue inside his mouth, tasting the whiskey and a hint of cigar. Robert pulled her close. They pressed against each other as his hand slid down her back until it rested on the rise of her ass. She pulled back slightly. “I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’re making my dreams come true.”

Robert eased her down into the passenger seat and walked around to get in the car himself. “We’re going to La Petite Filet. I hope that’s okay with you,” he said as he backed down the driveway.

“I’m happy to be anywhere, as long as I’m with you.” Joey rested her hand on his thigh. Her newly manicured fingernails played at the inside of his amatör porno leg, close but not touching the thick cock that was becoming all too obvious.

They chatted on the way to the restaurant. Their conversation was easy. Joey was amazed that as a shy boy, he couldn’t talk to anyone, but now as this beautiful woman, he knew what to say and people loved to speak with him. At the restaurant, the valet helped her out of the car, catching a glimpse of black garter as she stood.

Robert ushered her inside, enjoying the envious stares of the other men and some women. The meal was delicious. As dessert was served, Joey slid closer, pressing her new breasts against Robert’s arm. “Dinner was delicious, thank you Robert. I hope that this isn’t all you have planned.” She smiled and leaned in to kiss off a bit of crème brulee that was stuck at the corner of his mouth.

“If I’m not being too presumptuous, I’ve booked a room at the Hyatt. I have wine and drinks in the room and I’d love for you to join me.”

“I’d love to join you Robert. Can we go now?” Robert motioned for the waiter, who took his credit card and quickly returned with the bill.

“Please have my car ready.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you for coming in tonight.”

Robert stood and offered his arm to Joey. Joey allowed herself to be escorted out. No one who looked at Robert, could fail to notice the wet spot on his pants and the length of hard cock pushing down his leg.

The drive to the hotel was short and Joey spent it with her head on Dr. Beaumont’s shoulder and her hand teasingly running up the length of his thigh, but stopping frustratingly short of his cock. Each time that she almost touched it, she could feel his body tense and knew that the teasing would make it that much better for him when he did cum.

Robert almost threw the keys to the valet as he pulled into the hotel. He was around the car, helping Joey out, before the valet could step in and help her. She enjoyed the stares of the valets and guests and decided to give them a little bit of a show. She pressed her firm body up against his. The pressure flattened her new breasts against his chest. She tiptoed up and pulled his head down at the same time, searching for his mouth and letting his tongue enter her. She could tell that all activity around her stopped. She kept it up for a moment longer, giving Robert a taste of what was promised upstairs. When she broke away, Robert grabbed her hand and practically pulled her inside the hotel to the elevators.

The suite Robert had booked was on the 12th floor. They got into the empty elevator. Joey backed into Robert, letting her ass caress the length of his cock. She rubbed up and down and delighted to hear his frustrated groan. They made it to the room and Robert, while wanting to completely throw Joey down and fuck her until he came deep inside, forced himself to be a gentleman.

“Would you like a drink darling?” Joey had moved to the wall of windows, providing a commanding view of downtown and the waterfront.

“Yes, please.”

Robert poured her a glass a wine and a bourbon neat for himself. He put on some soft music and watched as Joey slowly swayed to the beat. He walked to her. Took a sip of his bourbon and set it on the table. He approached from behind and wrapped his arms around her, offering her the wine. Joey took the drink and took a small sip. Robert was pressed against her. She could feel his need. He leaned down and brushed her hair away from her neck. He gently kissed up the side of her neck, reaching her earlobe, which he gently nibbled on, whispering, “I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I want you right now.”

Joey turned in his arms and licked at his ear. Her tongue flicked around the edge, then toyed with the inside. She knew that he could feel her breathing. “I’m yours Robert. I’m yours tonight. I’m yours for as long as you want me.”

Robert took the wine glass from her and gathered her in his arms. He effortlessly picked her up and carried her to the next room, placing her gently on the bed. Joey smiled coquettishly, “Do you want to see what you’ve created?”

Robert could only nod. “Turn around…wait, could you unzip me first?” Joey turned and felt Robert’s trembling hands on her back. He slowly unzipped her dress, allowing it to fall from her shoulders. He kissed each shoulder as it came into view.

“Ok, now turn around.” Robert turned and Joey quickly slithered out of her dress, leaving her in her black lace bra, panties, garters, stockings and heels. She reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. “You can turn around now.” Robert turned and drew a sharp breath at the vision in front of him. Joey’s breasts pushed against the cups of her bra, begging for release. “Are you ready?” He nodded again. Joey flicked the clasp and slowly lowered the bra away from her brand her breasts. Robert, although he did this for a living, moaned in anticipation. “They’re yours Robert. Touch them, touch me, taste them, taste anal porno me.”

Robert moved closely and gently pushed Joey back down on the bed. He crawled on top of her, still completely dressed. He kissed his way up her flat stomach, inhaling the fragrance in the valley of her breasts. Up her neck, softly kissing at her lips, her nose, her eyes, then back to her lips. He stayed an inch away from her mouth, breathing in her exhalations and feeding her his. He kissed her, thought for a moment and was about to speak, but kissed her again and moved back down. His weight pressed against her caged clit, which was as hard as it could be in it’s confinement.

Robert licked at the edge of her areola. Joey moaned and held his head to her breast. He took the right nipple into his mouth, gently sucking on it. She gasped and held him harder. He gently bit at her nipple then moved to the left and gave it the same treatment. He held her breasts together and licked both nipples at the same time and then alternated, sucking one into his mouth as his fingertips tease the other erect.

Robert’s hand moved down her body and slipped underneath the elastic band of her panties. Her felt her cage and the wetness at the end of it and her small smooth balls tucked underneath. He kissed his way down until his face was even with her encased clit. He licked the dampness on the fabric and felt his own cock release a surge of precum. Joey watched his face as he slowly eased her panties down her legs. He stopped to remove her heels and she let her stockinged feet search for his cock through his pants.

Then she was back on her back. Robert’s face was pressed between her thighs. His tongue bathed her balls with saliva and he gently drew each one into his mouth. He let his tongue play at the opening of the cage, just able to catch the tip of what was hidden inside. His eyes ran up her body and saw Joey’s head thrown back. He saw the necklace with the small key attached. He reached up to take it off her neck so he could unlock his surprise. Joey’s hand stopped him. She looked down at him with pleading eyes. “Please, let me be your woman tonight. If I cum, let me cum with you inside me, as it should be.”

Robert nodded and licked back down. He easily pushed both of her legs into the air, revealing her small pink rosebud. It seemed impossible to think that he would be buried inside her. He licked around the edge of her hole, feeling it respond, feeling it quiver and open for him. He pressed forward, more insistent. Her ass fought him for a moment, but with a deep breath, she relaxed and he slipped inside. Joey gasped at the intrusion, but held his head to her, feeling that he was treating her how he would a woman, concerned for her pleasure. She had had enough though. She was here for him. To thank him for everything he had done for her.

Joey gently, but insistently pushed him away. He looked confused for a moment, but saw the smile on her face and went with her silent direction. Joey stood and urged him to do the same. She reached up and unfastened his tie. She folded it and set it on the nightstand. She removed his jacket and laid it neatly across a chair, then stood back in front of him. Her hands went the buttons on his shirt. She unclasped one, then another and another, finally giving herself a wide enough opening to see the soft brown hair of his chest. She leaned her face against him, inhaling his scent. She unbuttoned another button, allowing her to spread the shirt wide enough to see his hard nipples. She flicked at one and then the other with her tongue, while her fingers worked on the remaining buttons. She pulled the shirt from his slacks, removed his cufflinks and placed them on the nightstand with his tie. She tugged the shirt off his shoulders and pressed herself against him. Her nipples bore into his chest and she felt his hair tickle her skin. The shirt lay forgotten on the floor behind him. Still pressed against his body, her hands deftly worked at his belt buckle.

As the buckle gave way, she sank to her knees in front of him. Feeling submissive and dominant, all at once. Reveling in the power she had in making this man want her, in making this still confined cock, throb with need, throb with need of her. She unsnapped his pants and drew the zipper down over his hardness. She let the slacks fall and he quickly stepped out of them.

His underwear was soaked. Joey pushed her mouth and nose against the wet spot and inhaled deeply, taking in his essence that she knew would be inside her soon enough. She licked the spot, tasting him, savoring the flavor, then brought both hands to the waistband and pulled out and down, releasing his raging cock from it’s confines. Even though she knew it’s size, she still gasped at the 8 thick inches of cock staring her in the face.

She opened her mouth and drew his head inside. Her tongue played at the slit, eager for more pre-cum to coat her lips and tongue. She pushed a little further. He filled her mouth. Her hands moved up and felt his balls, heavy with need. She rolled them in her hand, ready to fulfill her duty in draining them. She pulled off. Her tongue traced the length of his cock, following the vein down to his balls, which she gently licked and sucked, building more saliva to take his cock again.

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