Becoming (officially) Bi

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I was probably about 13 when I was watching MTV, saw Joan Jett singing “Do you wanna touch me?” and throwing open her black trench coat to reveal her bikini that I first realized I thought girls were sexy and had sexual stirrings for females. The expected and usual concerns and worries bothered me for the next few years as I struggled with adolescence, my sexuality and my teen years like we all do.

I knew I was attracted to boys, but couldn’t deny that I had sexual thoughts about girls too. I also knew there was NO WAY in a town as small as the one I grew up in and all the school yard talk about “dykes and lezzies” that I could ever explore those feelings at that time.

Like so many, it was the liberation of leaving home and going to college that allowed me to begin to become comfortable with the idea and (gasp, maybe even?) the possibility of acting on those thoughts.

I was 20, living off campus and working at big hall that catered to large parties and groups as a server when I met Nicole. She worked there though a temp agency when we had a particularly big event and needed extra help. She was 18 but definitely a big city girl. Not sure of her whole story, but pretty sure she had been on her own for a few years and had a pretty tough way about her despite being so young. She was a little shorter than me and a tad on the big side, big in the hips and ass, but a stunningly pretty face. She had dirty blonde hair, almost bronze and the prettiest bright blue eyes and smile.

I liked her, we both took zero shit from co-workers (male or female) and we hit it off. It was probably her 5th time working for us at a big party that we ended up really “getting to know each other.” 😉

The event had a bar, and as we were cleaning up afterward, the manager asked if anyone wanted a few bottles. The client had paid for a set amount of liquor, hadn’t drank all of it and told the manager they couldn’t take it with them after the party. The facility didn’t offer refunds for unconsumed food or liquor, so the manager offered it up as a bonus to the workers. I was only 20, but I raised my hand for a bottle or two!

The manager knew I wasn’t 21, but gave me a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka anyway. We were all leaving and Nicole was bummed the manager wouldn’t give her any liquor. I told Nicole she could come to my place and we could work on the bottles if she wanted. At this point I honestly didn’t have any ulterior motives other than getting drunk! Nicole may have had plans the whole time, however!

Nicole followed me to my apartment and we walked up to the door together. The door led right into the kitchen and we went inside and promptly sat down and started to get twisted. I grabbed a couple glasses and we worked on the vodka and pretty soon we were both more than buzzed. We were laughing and talking about everything, where we grew up, movies, music, just drinking and laughing and having fun.

About halfway through the bottle, I said I had to get comfy and went to get into some sweats and an old BF’s t-shirt I slept in. It was a studio apartment and I didn’t have a bedroom, just a bed güvenilir bahis and a dresser basically right next to the “living room” which was around a corner from the kitchen. Not a straight shot, but really no barrier in between them. A front door and a bathroom door and no others. I was slipping off my bra and grabbing the t-shirt when I had that “someone’s watching me” feeling and looked back and saw Nicole looking at me around the corner from the kitchen. She quickly ducked back into the kitchen when I noticed her, and I was a little…I don’t know, not offended or turned on or anything honestly, just surprised I guess? I really didn’t think she was peeking or spying, just figured she hadn’t realized how open the apartment was. Not like I gave her a tour or anything.

I walked back in the kitchen in my sweats and t-shirt and Nicole was smiling a pretty big devilish smile. She was obviously drunk and had plenty of liquid courage. She looked at me as I sat down and said “You’ve got really nice tits Margie.” Now I was shocked! I tried to laugh it off and just said thanks, but I have to admit I wasn’t sure how to react. Nicole then asked if I minded if she got comfortable too and took off her buttoned up work shirt and sat back down in just her bra and jeans. I laughed again but was still trying to get my buzzing head around where she was going. (Amazing how obvious some things are when you look back at them after a few years, huh? LOL)

I poured some more Vodka into the Tupperware glasses we had and I noticed Nicole was just staring at me and I that’s when I realized I was nipping out through the t-shirt. Nicole smiled again when she saw my realization and asked if I was cold. “I guess so” was all I could answer.

As she smiled at me again I started to realize through my buzz I was getting turned on at Nicole leering at me! My pussy was getting wet and I was freaking out a bit. I had enjoyed sexual thoughts about other girls, but never had I been in such a sexually charged situation face to face with another girl. She was drunk and brave and I was in uncharted territory for me. You certainly would have thought I was the 18 year old and she was the older girl seducing me. The alcohol and sexual tension definitely had me flustered!

Nicole, however, was more confident and brash than any boy I had ever met up to that point in my young life! She leaned back in her chair and took a big drink of her vodka and just point blank asked me if I had ever tasted pussy! I literally started choking and sputtering on my booze and coughed like crazy as Nicole just laughed her ass off.

Once I could breathe again Nicole quit laughing long enough to say “Well, have you?”

“Um, no” I said, “I haven’t.”

“Not even your own? Never once been curious and licked your fingers after getting yourself off?” I could feel my face turning beet red as I realized I had indeed tasted pussy, hadn’t I? Nicole took my blush as the admission it was and pressed me further. “Yeah, you have….did you like it?”

The heat in my face from blushing and the heat I was feeling elsewhere as well were overwhelming. I türkçe bahis tried to regain some of my composure and said “It was….different.”

“You liked it” she said. “Do you masturbate often Margie?”

I was back on my heels and didn’t know what to do. I was stammering and blushing and a complete mess. Nicole stood up and came around the table towards me and leaned over the corner and rested her elbows on the table right in front of me.

“How about kissing? Ever kiss another girl?”

“No” I whispered

“Want to?” she asked

My heart was pounding! Her face was maybe an inch from mine, her blue eyes cutting right through me.

I swallowed hard. “OK” I said, scared to death.

Nicole leaned in and pressed her lips to mine, her eyes closed. Mine were wide open until Nicole’s kiss started to make me melt. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and met mine and I was done for. When I say she made me melt, I am not exaggerating. I felt absolutely liquid and my pussy was soaking my sweats.

Nicole just ran with it. Without taking her mouth from mine she stood me up and had her hands up my shirt and her soft delicate hands on my nipples was just amazing! Not the awkward fumbling I had experienced more often than not with BFs, no heavy handed pawing, but soft delicate squeezing and just the right amount of pressure on my nipples.

She moved with quickness but not rushed. Before I knew it she had a hand down my sweats and was cupping my ass. She moved her mouth down to my neck and somehow I became even wetter! At some point she had undone the tie to my sweats and was pushing my sweats down over my ass. As I felt the air hit my bare ass, she had me sitting back down in the same chair I was in before; my ass placed on the edge and my sweats off and on the kitchen floor before I could blink.

Nicole didn’t ask permission, or check to see if I was “ok” with what she was doing. She just moved with a purpose and was focused on getting what she wanted. I wouldn’t have stopped her if she had asked, LOL!

Nicole spread my legs and looked up at me as she leaned in to be the first female to put her tongue to my twat. Those blue eyes! I still remember those sexy blue eyes looking right into mine as her tongue entered me. Soooo sexy and exciting!

The sensation of her tongue in my soaking wet pussy was wonderful. Once she got her tongue in me, she went to work! I closed my eyes and Nicole ate me with vigor. Her hands moved up my thighs and she slid them up my t-shirt and played with my nipples as she made me cum. The sound of my orgasm kind of shocked me back into reality as it cut through the silence in my apartment.

Nicole was back up on her feet and kissing me again. (Damn she moved fast!) My own pussy tasted very good on her lips! She had her bra off and brought her breast to my lips. I opened my mouth and she slipped her nipple into my mouth. Nervously, I began to suck on her breast. It felt new and strange and I was so scared that I was not doing it “right” when Nicole moaned. I was so turned on at her moan, the thought that I was giving her pleasure, that I have been güvenilir bahis siteleri a certified bi-sexual woman ever since that moment! I love dick and the pleasure of men way too much to ever consider going full time gay, but damn I love the touch, taste, smell and sounds of women!

I let Nicole’s tit slip from my mouth long enough to say the first words I’d uttered since giving Nicole an “Ok” for a kiss what seemed like a forever ago. “Let’s move to my bed” was all I said and Nicole smiled wide and followed me to my bed around the corner.

We got to my bed and Nicole was slipping off her jeans. I pulled off my t-shirt and Nicole came up and pressed herself against me. Her B cups against my DDs were thrilling and we began kissing again. I was feeling braver now and slipped my finger in the waistband of Nicole’s panties. Nicole helped me slide her panties down and guided my hand to her pussy. She had a nicely trimmed bush and feeling her pubes against my hand was such a rush and she quickly had her hand against my mound as well. I followed her lead and basically tried to do what she was doing as she slipped her finger in me. My knees were shaking as she slipped her finger into me and played with my lips. Pretty soon we were standing up next to my bed and were furiously rubbing each other’s pussies and clits. Nicole was resting on me and biting my shoulder lightly when she said breathlessly “Eat my pussy Margie.”

Her words alone almost made me cum. “I’ll try, but I’ve never done it.” I said. She dropped onto my bed and lifted her legs in the air. I got on my knees next to my little bed and was face to pussy for the first time in my life. The thing I will never forget is her scent. My god, she was soo turned on and her musk filled my nostrils and I wanted nothing more than to please her and make her cum.

I leaned in slowly and extended my tongue. Her taste was as intoxicating as her scent. Awkwardly, I began to try and lick her. Nicole offered some guidance here and there.

“Slip your tongue in me”

“Suck the clit”

“Slip a finger in me”

I knew I was starting to do ok when her breath sped up and moans started to replace instructions. Soon I found a groove (so to speak) and was going from tongue fucking her to sucking on her clit.

In a move that reminded me of the first time I gave a blowjob, she reached down and grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy hard. I almost freaked, thinking I might suffocate she was pulling so hard. She came and although I was a bit put off by the unexpected head grab, I was filled with pride and turned on with the knowledge I had made her cum my very first time eating pussy.

We spent the entire night together, fingering and eating each other multiple times. It was a very sexy and exciting time.

The next morning, however, shit got weird. I was feeling a little ashamed, I have to admit, some post coital guilt. Nicole was ready to move in! She started talking like we were in a relationship and I had to stop her and clear things up. She freaked out and I was actually thinking she might get violent. It really was a shame that such a wonderful first experience had to end so poorly. It definitely made me hesitant about fooling around with a woman again, but the next time (about a year or so later) at least ended a lot better. But that’s a different story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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