Bedroom Business Ch. 01

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After years of being a housewife and part-time nurse, my wife Julie got a job with a medical sales company and enjoyed a new lease of life!

In her job she visits various businesses and uses her ‘charms’ to generate sales and her ‘charms’ certainly do help – only 37, a pretty face, sexy size 10, long dark hair, fantastic legs and naturally flirtatious, especially after years of no opportunities and just the kids. She travels all over the Midlands and sometimes stays over to avoid too much driving the following day.

One day she was to visit a new company to see what could be achieved and was introduced to Tom the director who was in his fifties, fairly ordinary looking, medium build and about 6ft, nothing for her to get excited about really, not really her type. Tom sat her down and allowed her to show her stuff, not only her medical supplies, but also lots of leg (a tactic she usually uses, two piece suit with a short skirt that shows off lots of leg when she’s sitting with her long legs crossed).

After 15 minutes and some flirting, Tom explained that he was about to sign a deal tomorrow with another company and it wasn’t just for this location but 50 others throughout the country making it worth more than every other deal Julie had put together; and he was sorry for wasting her time but remarked that he finds it hard to turn down an attractive lady, and when he saw her arrive he told his secretary he’d see her just to get a closer look at her sexy legs and that he certainly wasn’t disappointed.

This made Julie blush, but she also enjoyed the compliment and decided not to give in and set off again with her sales pitch, but Tom interrupted her and said he had to go and would love to talk more but unfortunately as he said he’s signing the deal tomorrow so she’d missed her chance. As she got up to go he then casually remarked that he was staying at a local hotel tonight and as he liked her so much perhaps she could join him for dinner and that’d give her another chance to convince him she had something better to offer than the other rep. and jokingly added that it’d give him another chance to admire those legs.

Julie immediately said yes that would be lovely and arranged to meet later realizing that he was more interested in her than what she had to sell, but was happy to get another chance and didn’t mind a bit of flirting to butter him up and perhaps swing the deal, escort bayan ataköy what harm could that do? Anyway she met him later and they talked business in between some flirting and all was going well when he surprisingly announced that she had won him over and he was prepared to sign a deal with her now. Julie was made up and really pleased with herself and the commission she could look forward to and said she would drop the papers off at his office tomorrow, but he said that would be too late as he was going to the other companies office tomorrow to sign, so if she wanted the deal the papers would have to be signed now.

Julie said the papers were in her room and that she’d have to go and get them, to which Tom replied fine, but to bring them to his room and he’d sign them there! Julie wasn’t happy about that but wanted the deal so agreed and went to get the papers knowing that he might try something on but confident that she could handle it without offending as he really wasn’t her type. Five minutes later she went to his room and asked him to sign, but he said there was no hurry and poured her a drink. She sat down on the room chair and they chatted some more with him again remarking on her fantastic legs and sitting down on the bed directly opposite her, now within touching distance and as his eyes roamed her body undressing her in his mind, he asked her how much this deal meant to her and just what we she do to get it.

Julie was now starting to feel uncomfortable but strangely enough confesses to being slightly turned on a bit now, more at the situation than whom she was with and she really did want that deal. She tried to avoid the question and got up to get the papers for him to sign and walked over to hand them to him and sat back down on the chair. He smiled and he took them off her but simply placed them with a pen on the bedside cabinet.

“You’re so close, but not quite there.” He said to her

He then took her by surprise and told her to cross her legs again but this time to let her short skirt move higher. Confused and surprised but as I said a bit turned on she did as she was asked, letting her skirt ride up showing more leg to him than anyone had ever seen except me. He could now see her stocking tops which he slowly admired and then told her to come and stand in front of him which she nervously did surprising herself, but now even more turned bayrampasa escort on at his commands. He let her stand there for a few seconds before gently placing his hand on her leg about knee height and told her to lift her skirt up slowly and as she did his hand slowly followed up her skirt up towards her pussy.

He touched her bare flesh between her stockings and knickers and watched as she trembled. Stopping and then arrogantly telling her to take her knickers off. Watching as she let her knickers fall to the floor he was now totally in command and told her to lift her skirt up again before lifting his hand again this time all the way to her pussy and cupping his hand on her hot pussy which was now very wet. Watching her tremble some more and start to breathe that bit heavier. He then arrogantly remarked on how wet she was and how he loved it.

He told her to move her legs wider apart and then slipped two fingers in her hole and gently fingered her, she was now really turned on as she did as she was told and began to writhe in time with his finger movement, he told her to take off the top of her two piece suit and watched as she unbuttoned and then told her to take her bra off all the

while he was finger fucking her. He then leaned forward to lick her erect nipples, she was ready to cum when he suddenly stopped and told her to get on her knees. He told her to unzip his trousers, take out his cock and put it in her mouth. She obeyed without question and there she was now, far from home, knickerless, soaking wet and on her knees with a strange mans cock in her mouth who she’d only met today and didn’t find particularly attractive but was more turned on than she’d ever been in her life!

She proceeded to lick and suck his cock as he ran his hands through her hair and groaned with pleasure. While this was happening he was talking dirty to her saying that he knew she would be a slut the moment he saw her and he was going to fuck her pussy so hard soon. By now she was so turned on she now wanted him so badly, her pussy was aching to be fucked and she kissed her way up his body. She almost tore his shirt off working her way up to his mouth so she could position herself with his cock between her legs and said she’ll never forget the feeling as she lowered herself onto his cock and came immediately upon his penetration, cumming buckets loads on his cock escort bayan avcılar and kissing him deeply and passionately as he pulled her hard down on to him.

She then lay him back on the bed and proceeded to ride him cumming again quickly as he ran his hands all over her body and sucked on her tits until he could hold back no more and he came deep in her pussy and she could feel his hot sticky cum deep inside her and she collapsed in a heap on top of him, shaking violently with pleasure.

“That was a good start bitch now show me what you like.” He said after a few minutes.

He told her he wanted to watch her play with herself as he sat on the chair.

“Make it good.” He told her.

She was so turned on now as she had never really ‘put on a show before’ and she started to run her hands and fingers over her body touching all the places she likes and fingered herself with one hand while playing with her nipples with the other and as she watched him watching her she surprised herself and came again on her own fingers. By this time he was hard again and told her he was going to fuck her mouth now.

He then told her to take off her skirt but to leave on her stockings and high heels on and to move over to the mirror so he could get a good view and kneel down. He followed her over and presented his cock at her mouth which she started to lick and suck again, now enjoying teasing him with her tongue and licking his full length while cupping his balls and then taking it deep her mouth and deep throating him. As he ran his fingers through her hair he started to talk dirty again telling her how he was going to cum buckets all over her face and she was to take the first couple of spurts in her mouth, but hold him a few inches away so he could see the spunk fly in and then wank him off onto her face and tits and lick it all off and swallow the lot.

She didn’t usually do that for me, but she did as she was told and as he came she took the lot as all the time he was talking to her telling her what a dirty slut she was and how much she wanted it. Shortly after he finished coming he told her to get dressed and leave, making her feel cheap but still turning her on. He signed the papers and told her she had the deal, but that it was a 3 month rolling contract and she would have to please him again if she wanted the next one. He also said just as she was leaving that he had a business partner who’d be looking to be convinced as well and next time she’d have to please both of them.

She only told me about all this yesterday so I was pleased at how turned on it made me feel. She’s really wet now as the 3 months is up and she’s due back there next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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