Being Jack’s Milk Cow Ch. 02

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After Jack announced that we’d be going on a mystery vacation in a week, I was intensely curious as to the details. When I pressed him, Jack just smiled “I’ll do your packing, just be ready to go on Friday afternoon.”

Since we’d become engaged, I had felt increasingly willing to submit to Jack’s guidance and desires. Although I trusted him completely, going away to who-knows-where for a month of who-knows-what was a very big leap of faith. A couple of days before we were to leave, Jack gave me a few little bits of info–just enough to keep my curiosity aroused. He told we we would be flying and then driving 2 hours to the country, and he chose a dress for me to wear: a yellow sundress with a stretchy top, held up by spaghetti straps. It definitely flattered my shape, and the elastic top pulled down for easy access to my tits. Beyond that, I knew that suitcases had appeared in his apartment, but I didn’t notice any of my clothing being packed. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, I was finishing up several work projects, preparing to go off the grid for a month. I was aroused by the idea of going into the unknown, but naturally a little apprehensive. Jack was also working longer hours than usual to finish up his latest consulting gig, so I was alone more that usual. I spent most of my time doing my legal research at his condo, though I still worked sometimes at my townhouse. We had agreed that we’d have to figure out who would move in with whom, or if we would buy a new, larger place to accomodate both of our households. I liked Jack’s neighborhood, so I hoped we could stay in the area. I was also preoccupied with the possibility of being a surrogate mother for Jack’s sister. Something else to get settled when we returned from our mystery vacation.

In the week leading up to our trip, I continued my nursing/pumping schedule: every four hours, including at night. When Jack was at home, he took care of milking me, but I was also happy to use the double breast pump that had become my favorite substitute for Jack. I guessed that whatever our vacation turned out to be, there would be much sucking and fucking, and as the time drew near,I became more excited. I was really looking forward to…what? I could hardly wait to find out what anadolu yakası escort Jack had planned.

Friday arrived, and Jack decreed that we’d be leaving at noon to get to the airport for our 2 pm flight. Our morning session of sex and milking was particularly passionate; I awakened to Jack pressing against my back, his hard cock between my ass cheeks. His arms around me, he gently stroked my belly and breasts, teasing my nipples. When I awoke enough to murmur good morning and pressed back against him, he whispered in my ear “I can’t wait until your belly is big and full of babies. You’re going to be even more gorgeous than you are now. You’re going to like that too, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes, please,” I answered, arching my back and luxuriating in his caresses. Jack rolled me over, the better to suckle me. My tits were aching for his mouth, and as he latched onto my right nipple, I sighed with pleasure and knew that our vacation was starting off just right. We stayed in bed for two hours; after I had been fully milked and had come twice in the process, Jack positioned me on my side, and penetrated me from behind, holding me tight against him as he pushed into my pussy. He took his time, and I squeezed his big cock with my pussy in rhythm with his thrusts. I knew that he was trying to make me come again before he was done, and soon I was lost in another orgasm, with Jack not far behind. Both spent, we spooned together in our afterglow and Jack continued to stroke my belly, whispering in my ear how big and beautiful I’d be when I got knocked up.

Eventually we arose and showered together, and Jack paid special attention to lathering my ass, using the opportunity to slip a finger into my asshole. I loved the sensation, and reached for his cock (hard again!)to lather it up. “Forget the finger–why don’t you use this?” I said, squeezing him. The shower still running, Jack bent me over against the shower bench and complied with my request. Holding my hips, he pounded into me, faster and harder than usual, and I pressed back against him. This one was for him, and I tingled with pleasure when he finally exploded inside my ass. Good thing we were still in the shower!

Our flight was uneventful; it turned avrupa yakası escort out that we were flying to Charleston, West Virginia. Once on the ground, we retrieved our baggage and headed to the rental cars. By this time, I was due for another milking: my breasts felt quite full and were beginning to ache. Much longer, and I would begin to leak. As we claimed the rental car, I ‘mooed’ under my breath to Jack, and as he handed me into the car, he smiled at me: “Hold on, Elsie, we’ll get you taken care of in a few minutes.” His eyes drifted to the bodice of my sundress, and he smiled. “I love how full your tits look in that dress–you look like you’ve gotten even bigger than last week when we measured you!”

In fact, I was pretty sure that I had gotten bigger since Jack had weighed and measured me the previous Sunday afternoon; my breasts felt heavier, and my nursing bras (44DDD) were definitely a bit tighter than they’d been even a week ago. My belly also felt a bit fuller, and the sundress I was wearing was gathered below the stretchy bodice to emphasize the swell of my belly. I smiled back at Jack: “Moooo” I replied.

Ten minutes later, we pulled up to a motel. Nothing special, but I knew that Jack had chosen it so that he could take care of my urgent need to be milked before we completed our trip. I waited in the car while Jack checked us in, and then we drove to our unit. Jack handed me out of the car, and escorted me through the motel room door. His hand touched the small of my back, and strayed down to my ass, cupping my cheeks. “Time for your milking, Elsie,” he said, moving me toward the bed. Jack sat on the edge of the bed, and I stood before him. He slid down the straps of my sundress and peeled down the top, revealing my heavy milk-swollen tits. My nipples were already long and hard, anticipating Jack’s hands and mouth. He pulled me toward him until I was straddled on his lap, and he lowered his mouth to my right breast, fingering the left one at the same time. I could feel my milk let down as Jack pressed my breasts together so he could suckle both nipples at once. I was in heaven.

After I was fully drained, I wanted to luxuriate in the sensations of being a very contented cow. I’d eryaman escort come twice during Jack’s attentions to my breasts. I tried to encourage Jack to open his jeans and plunge his hard cock into my wet pussy, but he pulled back. “We still have a drive to make; I want to be there before it gets dark. We’ll have plenty of time once we arrive,” he smiled mysteriously.

Back on the road, Jack began to tell me a little more about the mystery vacation. We were headed to a lodge that belonged to an old friend; the friend and his wife would be there, along with a third couple that Jack hadn’t met. Apparently we were invited because we all had “common interests”, Jack said, smiling slyly and looking over at me suggestively.

“So they’re all Scrabble players? Or are they all great cooks?” I teased.

“Actually, all of the above. I think you’ll enjoy your time at Alex’s place. He inherited an old dairy farm 10 years ago, and has turned the old barn into a really comfortable lodge–spacious, and he’s installed all the modern luxuries, including some very cool special stuff,” Jack grinned again. “Just wait till you see it!”

“A dairy farm? How do you know this guy?” I quizzed Jack. “Have you spent time there before?”

“Actually, yeah, I was there three years ago when he was just finishing the renovations and additions. I helped install some of the electronics. Robin, his wife, was 7 months pregnant with their first kid, and we tried out some of the equipment on her. She loved it, and really got into the idea of sharing the farm with friends with similar interests. Robin’s going to love you–you’re both funny and smart, and you’ve both got amazing tits!”

“Are we there yet?”

“30 more miles–we’re just going up the road a bit and into a little valley. Very secluded, private and perfect for a hideaway.”

Over the mountain we went, and wound down into a lovely green narrow valley. We passed some fenced pastureland with picturesque brown cows grazing contentedly. Soon we turned down a tree lined gravel lane. Another half mile and we has arrived. Jack pulled up in the circle in front of the red house that had clearly once been a barn. As we stopped the car, the door opened and our hosts emerged, waving. Alex was a tall guy, with sandy blond hair and a great smile. Robin was no more than 5 feet tall and I would have called her tiny except for the enormous belly attached to her small frame. “Wow!” Jack murmured to me as he opened the car door. “Alex has been busy!”

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