Best Friend’s Stepmom Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Author, except where permitted by law.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.

WARNINGS (Intentionally plural):

The title is not as it seems. If you’re looking for a story of some dude banging his best friend’s stepmom, you’re going to be disappointed with this story. There’s meaning in the title, just not what you think it is.

This is a spinoff of my “Broken” series, but will totally stand on its own.

Any discrepancies between dialogue or narrative in this and the same scene(s) in “Broken” is intentional. I wanted to illustrate that two people can experience the same event but remember details differently, especially when filtered through the emotions of different genders.

This series contains forced/reluctant incestuous brother/sister scenes and allusions to father/daughter sexual situations.


I knew he wasn’t asleep. He was running his fingers slowly along my side, from just below my armpit to the tip of my hip bone.

I felt like I was in a cocoon almost. I had my knees pulled up between this beautiful man’s belly and me, one foot against his thigh, and the other nuzzled up between his legs.

I felt his balls against the top of my foot, and his soft penis was just touching my ankle. I thought he had leaked a few drops of leftover cum on me.

I felt so safe, and hungry.

I had eaten what I usually eat that day. Sex must make me hungry.


“Mmhmm?” he replied above me, then kissed the top of my head.

“I know I ain’t got no right to ask…” I whispered.

His hand left the bare skin of my side and lifted my chin until I was looking up at his face.

“Kelly, you have every right to ask whatever you want to ask.”

He was whispering, too.

“You got anything to eat? I’m mighty hungry for some reason.”

His eyes sparkled and he laughed at me.

“I was just thinking the same exact thing. Let’s go.”

I think he may have hesitated, thinking about picking up his shorts on the way out, but since I was buck naked, he decided against it.

On the way through the front room though, I did stop and picked my dress up from the floor.

“I have a robe, if you’d like to put that on, Kelly.”

I folded my favorite dress and draped it across the arm of the couch before turning to face him.

“Unless you’re tired of me being naked, I was planning on wearing what I gots on. I just didn’t want my favorite dress to be on the floor.”

“I do like that dress. It looks beautiful on you, but I like what you have on now just fine, too,” Jim chuckled.

I did a little spin, just for him, then grinned at him.

“It don’t make me look fat?”

Jim really laughed then.

“Not even a tiny bit, and that may be your favorite dress, but what you have on now is my favorite.”

I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head at him.

“Mr. Steele, if you’re trying to get me in bed, you’re gonna just have to buy me dinner first,” I tried to say seriously, but ended with a giggle.

“This way. The sooner we eat, the sooner we can get you back in bed,” Jim said all prim and proper, kind of.

Now that I wasn’t in a single minded hurry to get his penis inside me, I looked around the front room, kitchen and dining room. It was basically one room. I tried not to gawk, but it was almost impossible.

To me, it looked like a place I’d go just to look at it, not a place to live in.

Jim tried to step around me to go to the refrigerator, but I maneuvered to keep him behind me until I hesitated once I got there.

I had never seen a refrigerator with two doors that opened from the center, and ran from top to bottom.

The one at home had the freezer at the top.

I opened the left door, and the mist that formed in the air told me immediately I had opened the freezer.

“Oops. Wrong side,” I tried to giggle nonchalantly, but felt my face blush.

I hoped he didn’t see my embarrassment and quickly opened the other door.

I stopped moving and stared. It was almost overwhelming.

We never had this much food in the refrigerator at once at home.

“Do you live here alone, Jim?”

It was the first thought that came to my mind, then I realized that I didn’t know much about him, like if he’s married. That should have been something I thought to ask before this.

“All by myself,” he whispered as I felt his istanbul escort arms circle my waist and cross across my belly. His hands felt hot when they cupped my tits, and I was surprised at how gently he fondled them.

Billy had always just grabbed and squeezed, more like a mauling than a fondling, before I pushed his hands away.

I sighed loudly and leaned back against him.

I couldn’t have done anything else even if any parts of me had wanted to.

All my parts were in agreement though.

“I should probably close your refrigerator…” I moaned.

“Leave it open, you look beautiful in this light.”

“Jimmy…” I groaned when his fingers found my puffy nipples, and drew small circles around the hard points in the center of them.

“I thought…dinner…before,” I groaned again, held his hands tight against my breasts and moved backwards, pressing my butt against his thighs.

“We’re not in bed yet…want me to stop?”

I almost wondered what he had in mind, but I felt his erection move away from the small of my back as his hips moved away, and he kissed my ear.

I had never thought about wanting someone to kiss my ear before. I kind of always thought kisses were for lips, but he had already shown me what they feel like on my breasts and pussy, so I wasn’t all that surprised that ears felt good too.

I was a little sad when one hand left a breast and moved down, over my belly, then his arm crossed my body at my hips, and he lifted.

Naturally, I leaned forward and braced myself on a shelf inside the open refrigerator.

I smelled fresh peaches, and something that smelled Italian.

When my feet left the floor, they hooked behind his knees, on their own it seemed, and I felt his hard cock slide between my legs against my already drenched pussy.

“Oh god, Jimmy…in the kitchen?” I moaned, and reached between my legs with one hand, still bracing my upper body against the refrigerator shelf with the other.

He pulled his hips back enough for me to guide him to my entrance. He was so hard, and I was so wet, that there was almost no resistance as he slid inside me and his belly came to rest against my butt.

I was full of him. Fuller than I had been, or had time to recognize the first time he had fucked me. This time felt different. I had been so focused on getting him inside me, and wanting him to cum inside me. Those had been my goals

This time it was the fucking and being fucked I wanted. I figured the orgasms would take care of themselves.

“Your cock…I’m so full…” I moaned when he started gently moving inside me.

My hair was moving forward and backward at the sides of my face. Part of me wanted him to kiss me, but the fingers on my nipples made up for that, I think.

“Kelly, you feel so good wrapped around my cock,” Jim moaned.

“God, Jimmy, stop…please, please, stop.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” he argued, but still put me down and pulled himself out from inside me.

I didn’t want to, but I dropped to my knees. I was already so close to an orgasm that my legs were weak and shaky.


“Get…a…condom…please,” I begged him.

He kissed me on the top of the head, and I heard him hurry toward the bedroom.

I closed the refrigerator and leaned my back against it, squatting on my heels. Dad would have skinned me alive if I had left ours open that long.

His cock had been inside me, bare, his flesh against mine. It felt so good. Maybe that had something to do with it feeling different.

I wondered if the Clinic would give me free birth control pills. I was going to find out, as soon as possible.

I wanted to feel his naked dick inside me again, and his cum fill me up.


I realized I was playing with myself while I waited for his real dick to get back to fuck me.

I’m pretty sure I blushed at getting caught with my hand in my crotch.

“Keeping your spot warm for you,” I giggled, looking up at him standing over me.

He wasn’t hard. I guess running to the bedroom for a condom makes guys soft maybe.

I hoped it wasn’t my fault.

I didn’t even think before bringing my eyes to his, tilted my head back further, and slowly closed my eyes while I opened my mouth and stuck my relaxed tongue out.

I didn’t have to wait to see if I was doing what I needed to. The tip of him slid along my outstretched tongue, into the back of my mouth, and I squeezed my mouth closed around him, leaving my tongue extended along his length.

I could feel his balls brush against the tip of my tongue as I slowly opened my eyes to gaze into his.

This was an entirely new feeling to me. I groaned out my pleasure as I felt him thicken and extend into my throat.

I loved him in my mouth. I also liked when he had fucked me from behind until I stopped him.

I wanted his dick in my pussy again, so I pressed my tongue toward the roof of my mouth and slowly withdrew him from my mouth.

I could feel his knees shake a little the closer he was to leaving my mouth, and I prayed he wouldn’t escort fındıkzade cum until I got him in my waiting pussy.

“Fuck, Kelly…” he moaned as he left my mouth.

“You wanna fuck me?” I groaned, my lips brushing the tip of his rock hard cock as I spoke.

“Only since the second I saw you at The B…”

“You liked looking up my dress?” I asked without looking away from his cock while I rolled the condom on.

“Mm, you’re so beautiful Kelly, I couldn’t stop.”

“You’re so naughty,” I whispered as I stood, and his erection throbbed in my hand.

I turned away from him and opened the refrigerator.

“I’m so hungry…” I moaned, then pulled him forward and pushed the length of his dick against my back.

“I can’t reach what I really want… Can you help?”

I switched hands. The one that had been holding him was now braced on a shelf inside the refrigerator, and the other was between my legs waiting for a boost up.

His hands felt so huge and strong when he gripped each of my hips. My feet left the floor and tucked themselves behind his knees.

My butt rose up the front of his thighs.

“Uhh… mmmhhmmm,” I murmured as his cock slid between my cheeks and across my puckered asshole.

My butt cheeks tightened, trying to grip and hold him there.

“You like that?”Jim growled.

All I could do was nod my head.

“You say I’m naughty…”

I would have been disappointed when he lifted me higher and he slipped below my ass, but I knew where he was going.

A little whine escaped from my throat as my hand searched for him between my legs.

“Ohhh, Jimmy…” I moaned when I finally guided him into me.

“You feel perfect inside me.”

I didn’t need time to adjust to the fullness, and he must have known because he didn’t hesitate, instead he immediately began stroking in and out of my dripping pussy,

I had myself braced against the refrigerator shelf with both hands, but I was struggling a little from the force of Jim’s thrusts into me.

One hand slipped, and knocked over the orange juice and milk. As I was trying to keep from falling and get a hold of the shelf again, something fell out and landed on the floor. It sounded like a cartoon of eggs.

“Pull my hair,”

Jim shifted one arm under me across my belly, then reached up with the other hand and gave my hair a little tug.

“Pull my fucking hair!” I screamed.

My head was snapped back, and waves of orgasmic pleasure flooded through my body.

Jim bellowed my name, and pulled my hair in rhythm with his cock inside me, pounding out his orgasm.

I wished I could let him fuck me without a condom.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something wonderful until that happens.

I tried to lower myself gracefully to the floor. I don’t know how well I did with that, but it didn’t matter. My cheek, then my shoulders and breasts touched the floor, and settled into whatever wet and slimy puddle was there. My eyes were closed, and I didn’t care to open them.

Jim was still inside me, between my splayed legs, holding my hips off the floor and out of the puddle of goo.

He pushed weakly into me once more, another twitch of him inside me, then pulled out and released my hips.

Now I was flat out on the floor. I could feel a pool of liquid under me. My face to my upper thighs was lying in it.

Jim let out a loud sigh behind me, and I opened my eyes.

I could see the container that had held the orange juice on the floor, and the top lying next to it. Beside it, an open egg container, upside down, was soaking up the raw egg and orange juice mixture I was lying in.

A couple broken eggs were visible inside the container, and lots more were cracked and broken on the floor.

I sat up, slipping and sliding in the gooey mess on the floor. I could feel liquid dripping out of my hair and onto my shoulders and down my chest.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, Jim,” I moaned. Now, sitting up, I saw some plastic containers, some still closed, others open and the contents mixed in with the orange juice and eggs.

It was a lot of food ruined.

Jim laughed, a little chuckle at first, but it quickly grew to a full laugh.

“I’m not, Kelly. I’ve heard of people getting egg on their face, but I’ve never seen it happen for real.”

I could only imagine what I looked like. I could feel it, in my hair, on my cheek and chin, almost in one eye.

I wasn’t so amused though. I could eat for a week with what was spilled on the floor, probably longer.

“All that food, wasted. I’m so so sorry.”

Jim squatted down next to me, but still outside the puddle I occupied.

“Kelly, it’s just a little food. It’s as much my fault as yours, and it’s nothing to worry about.”

He was smiling and his eyes twinkled at me.

“We should put you in the shower though.”

I smiled at him, and nodded, trying to pretend I wasn’t surprised at the shower suggestion, and excited at the prospect.

“I’m still hungry though, and we’re already here,” I suggested, escort bayan rus hoping he’d still let me eat something in spite of the ruined food I was sitting in.

“Do you want me to cook you something?” he asked as he surveyed what was left in the still open refrigerator.

“You don’t need to, and I think I’m starting to get crusty, so maybe something I can just eat without too much trouble?”

“We’ve got some lunch meat. Want a…”

“Perfect,” I interrupted.

Jim opened a drawer in the refrigerator and looked inside.

“There’s turkey…”

“Perfect,” I murmured. I really didn’t much care. I wasn’t a picky eater.

He picked a plastic bag out of the drawer and started to hand it to me, then stopped and pulled it back.

“Don’t tease a starving woman,” I giggled.

“You’ve got raw egg all over your hands. We need to get you a little cleaned up first.”

Jim went to the sink, opened a drawer and started pulling out dish towels, so I tried, but failed, to stand up. The goo in my puddle was really slippery.

He came back and helped me up, then started wiping me off with a towel. He started with my hair and face, worked his way down my shoulders, back, and chest, being extra gentle and probably taking more time than he needed on my tits.

The entire time he was wiping me, he always had a hand on me, somewhere, making sure I wasn’t going to fall.

Finally, I raised a foot for him to wipe the bottom of it, then stepped out of my puddle for him to finish with the bottom of the other foot.

“Now I’m really crusty, but I won’t be dripping egg, orange juice, and whatever else is mixed in.”

I smiled at the man that was treating me so nice that it almost made my heart hurt.

I still wanted him, probably more than before I had gotten to have him twice already.

“Wash your hands while I try to do something with this mess I made.”

I giggled as I went to the sink. He was trying to take credit for my mess.

By the time I finished washing my hands, arms, and face, he had towels spread on the floor, soaking my puddle up, and had carried the bag of lunch meat, a loaf of that fancy bread with different grains in it that you can feel between your teeth, mustard, and mayo to the bar.

“Feel better?” he asked as I sat in the high bar stool next to him.

“A little, but not good enough to skip that shower you promised me.”

He nodded and smiled, then looked away for a second.

“Kelly, can you…um, would it be OK with you if I wait until morning to take you home?”

I opened the bag of turkey meat, pulled several slices out and stuck them in my mouth.

I nodded my head as I chewed.

“I reckon that was already my plan,” I grinned after swallowing and right before I put some more meat in my mouth.

“You gonna eat something?” I asked through my mouthful, and held out the bag to him.

Jim started to reach for my bag of turkey, but stopped and smiled.

He went to the refrigerator and grabbed something before coming back to sit next to me.

The package said “Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese”.

It looked like regular cheese, but sounded exotic.

Jim smiled at me while he carefully pulled a single slice of turkey from the bag, dropped a couple generous pinches of cheese in the center, squirted a shot of mustard on top, then rolled it up and bit off half of it.

“I ain’t anywhere near that patient,” I explained before shoving a couple turkey slices, half a handful of shredded cheese followed by two good squirts of mustard into my open mouth.

I almost laughed at Jim’s expression, before I realized how delicious it was.

Jim was finished eating long before I was. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started eating.

“Where do you put it all?” He asked when I looked inside the empty bag the turkey had been in.


“I mean, um, every… All of you is just perfect… How can you have such a perfect body and eat like that?”

“I’m sorry, Jim…I was so hungry, and it tasted so good. I didn’t mean to eat all your food.”

I knew my face was bright red.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Kelly. If you’re hungry, you can eat as much as you want.

“I’ve just never seen a beautiful woman eat like that without a care about it making her, um, you know…”

Jim whispered one more word.


Now he was blushing.

“I ain’t already fat?” I asked, looking myself up and down.

“Oh, God no, Kelly, you’re perfect.

I smiled and leaned toward him.

“I know.”

My hand wrapped around the back of his neck and I pulled his lips almost to mine.

“I just wanted you to tell me that again.”

Then, I kissed him.

“Now, what about that shower?”

He smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“I’ll show you to the shower.”

He turned and walked away.

I leaned back against the edge of the bar behind me and crossed my legs.

When he turned around, I just opened my arms to him.

“I don’t want you to show me, I want you to carry me. Eighty pounds isn’t too much for a big strong man like you to carry, is it?”

I didn’t even pay attention to where he was taking me. My eyes were half closed, my cheek against his chest, and the fingers of one hand were caressing the other side of his chest.

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