Beth goes to the dogs – Chapter 01

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It felt weird going to work after quite some time not having a job. No gym in the morning. No flirting with Toni. Sadly, no Randy as well. However my new job was training dogs to mate with humans. I had watched those videos. You know the ones. The dogs run around not knowing what is going on. Videos where some guy has to physically push the dog onto a woman. Of course there were those where the woman is moaning and dog hasn’t even entered her. Fake, all of it fake. I was determined to make sure that any dog I trained was the real deal. I wanted it and I suspected Cindy, the boss, expected it.

She had bought two new dogs, both black Labradors. They had never been trained before so I was starting from scratch. Cindy had given them names. One was Roger and the Brad. I laughed when she told me they were the names of two past boyfriends. “I hope the dogs fuck better than those two guys” she said. Having seen the crap passed off as bestiality in videos I decided that the first job was to make them comfortable with me. From day 1 I fed them by hand to get used to me. Then I spread pet food on my hand and got them to lick it off. They enjoyed that and after three days they would come up to me wagging their tails and looked excited.

After work I would meet up with Toni at the end of her day. We would work out together and then head home to have dinner and engage in passionate love making. She always made me feel so good. Back at work, and with the dogs eager to lick my hand, I slipped off my knickers and spread the pet food on my pussy. Roger was particularly eager and actually pushed me to the ground. I was hoping he would go further but he just licked of the pet food and wandered off. Brad, on the other hand, lapped up the pet food but kept on licking. I guess by then I was getting very wet and my scent was stronger. “Oh Brad my lovely boy” I moaned “we Kayaşehir Escort are going to have so much fun”.

By Friday I had both dogs licking my pussy without the pet food. I reported this to Cindy and she got very excited. “I have another dog coming tomorrow” she said “he has been partly trained but is a bit of a hand full. He is a Great Dane called Oscar. Do you think you can handle him as well as the Labs?” I nodded enthusiastically. I had seen a video of a woman with a Great Dane. As well as being a big dog he was very energetic and his doggy cock was huge. My pussy tingled just thinking about it. “Now Beth you mentioned you would like to buy a dog” Cindy continued “are you still interested?” “Yes” I said “very much so. Both I and Toni are very keen”. “Ok” replied Cindy “let’s talk next Monday honey. I am sure we can come to some arrangement”. I had no idea what she had in mind but whatever it took I would do to get a dog of my own.

Saturday morning Toni suggested we go shopping. A good idea as we needed groceries. We had a work out first and then hit the shops. We got the necessary items and Toni suggested we have a cup of coffee. We sat down and she seemed uneasy. I was wondering what was up. “Remember you told me about Becky and that giant strap-on?” she said “it sounded so exciting”. Her eyes were sparkling and her face was turning red. By heavens she was turned on by it. “I was wondering, umm, you know” she began. I smiled. “You want to be fucked by a big dildo don’t you” I whispered. She went ever redder and nodded. “Ok” I said “I don’t know where you would buy such a thing but I will check around”. Of course I knew. The same place I had bought my vibrator. But I thought I would tease her a bit before I magically found what she obviously wanted.

Toni had bought her vibrator on-line but I had bought mine from a toy Escort Bayan shop. A REAL toy shop that had a secret. While selling toys and games in the front of store the owner had put in a false wall at the back in that section he sold sex toys, etc. He thought it was funny that he had kid’s toys in the front and adult toys in the back. I told Cindy I had something to do at lunch time and needed an extra half an hour. She said ok so as soon as 12pm arrived I hurried off. Fortunately there was no-one in the shop and the owner, Derek, knew I wasn’t there to buy a jigsaw puzzle. Unlocking the door he let me into the back room. I knew what I was looking for and grabbed a 10” dildo with harness. I took off the tags and put the “items” in a bag. I came out, handed the tags to him and paid for my purchase. He smiled “enjoy honey. Come again” he said.

The afternoon I spent working on the two Labs. Brad continued to show interest and Roger was slowly starting to also show signs. I started to think about Toni’s reaction to my new toy. I could feel my pussy twitching in anticipation. “I need a cock” I said to myself. I called Brad over and began to rub the sheath until his cock began to show. “Come boy. Let me show you a secret” I whispered. I had already removed my knickers. I decided missionary position would be best as I could take control. I pulled him on top of me and reached down and began to stroke the tip of his cock. It grew quickly and he began to hump my hand. I smiled “good boy” I said “let’s see if you can back that up” and I pulled him up further until the tip of his cock was rubbing against my pussy lips. He trust forward and growled. “Yes boy, you can feel it can’t you?” I sighed.

Brad the Lab was so close to fucking me but he wasn’t fully trained. After an initial interest he broke away and stood looking confused. I imagine he couldn’t istanbul Escort understand what this strange animal (me) wanted. Frustrated as I was I placed him back in his cage. I went back into the breeding room and got myself off before I settled down. Both Brad, and to a lesser extent Roger, were both now trained well enough to lick pussy on commend. I had learnt from my experience with Randy that a pat on the head was the best signal to get a dog started. Once they picked up the sweet smell of a wet and ready pussy it wasn’t too difficult to go the whole way. Once they knew your pussy was ready they would be ready too. It was just practice, practice, practice until it became second nature.

I finished work and went to the gym to work out. I didn’t say anything to Toni about my shopping trip. I would get her worked up and then spring my surprise. I must admit that seeing her made me so wet. By the time we got home my knickers were soaked. I just hoped I could keep my hands off her long enough to put the strap-on on. We had dinner and Toni remarked that my nipples seemed to be erect. “A good day at work?” she asked. I told her about the two dogs and how they were enjoying licking my pussy. “I can understand that darling” she said and winked at me “I just love licking that delicious pussy”. “Well then, maybe I will let you if you are a good girl” I said and chuckled. “And what do I have to do to be a good girl?” she asked. “Well for a start you can get naked and wash the dishes” I said. She looked at me a bit shocked. “You want me to wash dishes Naked?” she exclaimed. I laughed “of course I do sweetheart” I said “like a slutty maid”.

She stripped off and started to clear up. “I will be right back” I said. I rushed to the bedroom, stripped off my clothes and retrieved the strap-on from my bag. I put it and looked at myself in the bedroom mirror. “Oh shit I look so hot” I said out loud. I walked back to the kitchen and stood there. Toni hadn’t heard me. “Toni” I said and she turned around. Her eyes bulged, her mouth fell open. “Fuck Beth. Oh shit” she cried.

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