Beths First Massage

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I had just finished a long hard week, and as stressed as I could be. My entire body ached, my flat mate mentioned going to the masseuse, I asked if I could tag along. I didn’t have any plans that evening and I really needed to relax. He told me told me of the place he goes to where they usually got ‘really’ friendly with you. I couldn’t wait for the end of that day to come. Peter, my flat mate, popped into my office about ten after five and said he’d meet me in the parking lot and we’d take his car. Traffic is horrible and since I didn’t know where this place was, we both agreed one car would be best.

On our way to the massage parlour Peter began to tell me of the other times he had visited this place and what the lovely girls had done for him. Peter always went for the European Asian look and suggested that we both use the same girls as they were really good at what they did. Well it was just a massage so what the hell, l had no real preference.

When we got there, Peter was required to show proof of membership, and leave his credit card, l thought this a little strange as a massage is a massage and surely one price. Peter explained that he always liked a little extra and thought l might like a little extra for myself, l agreed that a little nice smelling oil would be good and at that peter smiled and escorted me to a small locker room, it was just big enough to fit two people in. It was never a good idea for us to undress in such a small area, we had trouble keeping our hands to ourselves in a large apartment. Well you guessed it, Peter was fully naked in seconds and l began by taking my skirt off, Peter took the skirt from me and then watched as l pulled my top over my head, getting my arms tangled and giving him the opportunity he needed to pinch my nipples. I jumped with surprise and my nipples began to harden poking through my lacy bra.

‘How am I supposed to go for a massage looking turned on’ l said

‘It won’t be a problem’ Peter laughed ‘ now take off your bra and knickers so l can have a quickie before we go in’

Well what could l say to that, l stripped off in super fast time and Peter filled his mouth with my nips and my pussy with his fingers. He had me cumming in seconds and l could see how poker oyna hard his cock had become so l offered to blow him. I got down on my knees and slipped his hard cock all the way into my mouth till it filled my throat, he placed his hand on the back of my head to help me into a good rhythm. Starting slowly, l took his hard shaft into my mouth as deep as it would go and sucked for all I was worth; Peter gave me a little guidance and soon began to speed up thrusting into my throat deeper and faster. It wasn’t long before he was spilling his hot cum into my mouth, he always tasted so good and l loved licking the last little drops from his nob.
Once l had licked Peter clean we entered the massage room, l remember Peter saying to the clerk up front that he wanted his usual masseuses and she said something about extras and to lay on the tables and leave our towels on the hooks. So l took off my towel and climbed up onto the table next to Peter. Peter then decided to tell me about the extra features and it in no way involved scented oil, how stupid am l. He said for the first part he would like to watch the two women ‘massage’ me then when he was ready he would join in.

I didn’t have to wait long. Almost as soon as I got settled I heard two women’s voices ask me if I was ready. I said yes and heard the door open. Once she noticed I didn’t have my towel draped over my body they got to work. It started like a normal massage you would give to a friend, one started at the top and the other at the bottom stroking my arms, legs, bottom and back it was sooooo relaxing.

soon they redirected their hands to my sides, letting their fingertips rub the sides of my breasts and stomach. Their slick hands easily slipped underneath my breasts and stomach. One squeezed my nipples between the insides of her fingers as she cupped my breasts and the other stroked down to run her fingers along my shaved lips. All l could do was lie there moaning and ready to cum. Their fingers became more insistent pinching at my now hard nipples and stroking my now wet lips. I could hear Peter telling them how hard and how fast and they had me cumming within minutes.

Next, they asked me to roll over so they could finish their massage. I rolled over quicker than canlı poker oyna I had intended, but hey! This was so good. Peter came over as they began to slide their hands over my arms, legs, tits and lips. He watched my face as one of the girls slid her hands in between my thighs, pulling my legs apart. Peter wasn’t too happy with this as my ass wasn’t high enough. So while one massaged my tits and sucked on my hard nips the other disappeared out of the door for a few seconds only to come back with a pillow and some rope. Above the tables where hooks so l kind of got the feeling they had done this before. They roped up my legs so they were hanging nice and wide and slid the pillow under my ass. Peter was now happy with this and stood above me while they got back to work.

The girl at my breasts was sucking and stroking for all her worth keeping me wet for her friend who slipped her fingers into my wet, hot pussy. I moaned as her finger slipped into my pussy, then when she was happy with that she began to lick my wet lips as she slid her finger in and out. This felt so good that l totally lost it crying out and begging for more. So she gave me more, sliding in a few more fingers and sucking my clit like a lollypop. The other girl was still sucking and pinching my nips and l could see that Peter was getting a little restless. I must have come about ten times before Peter decided he wanted a little more, he slid me back up the table so my head was tilted back over the end and slid his hard dick into my mouth. As he slid his dick in and out of my throat again as he had done earlier someone else was sliding something big and hard into my pussy, it felt warm like a dick and but there wasn’t anyone else in the room, was there? All l could do was lie there and take it, with my mouth so full what could l say. I could still feel my nips being attended to and a tongue on my clit as well as my pussy and mouth being full. I can’t remember how many times l came but who’s counting!

Peter shot his load into my mouth again watching me as l licked his dick clean, it was only then that l raised my head and noticed another two men standing at the end of the table, one with his dick in my pussy and the other getting ready for my pussy, so l thought. internet casino The man ramming his dick into my pussy began to lick his fingers and wet my ass with them, well didn’t look like the man waiting was waiting for my pussy after all, he wanted my ass. I wasn’t too sure how this went as l had never done puss and ass together before. I looked to Peter for support but he was busy getting ready to ass fuck the girl who was still playing with my tits. So l relaxed and waited for it, the second man slid in a finger at first while the first man was still ramming me and the girl between my legs was sucking on my clit. He waited for me to finish cumming before sliding another two fingers in opening me up ready to take his hard cock. Next thing l know l’m being lifted up by Peter so that the second man could slide underneath me when he was in position the first man takes out his dick and allows the second man to slide his hard shaft into my tight ass. Even though they had taken time getting me ready it was still really tight, so tight l thought he was going to split my ass. I relaxed a little more and with the help of the first man he was finally all the way in. Now for the second cock to be pushed into my pussy. I thought my pussy was going to explode with the pressure of his hard cock, not being as gentle as the man up my ass he rammed his iron hard dick into my puss making me scream. Everyone loved this and it seemed to spur them all on.

So now l had girl one at my tits and being arse fucked by Peter, girl two stroking my clit and helping out the two men that filled my pussy and ass. Then they began to shove their rock hard dicks in and out of my ass and puss only this time the man up my ass was not so gently, as l screamed with pain and delight they pounded harder and harder till they both came spilling hot cum into both my holes. I’d been fucked so much and so hard at this point that l thought l was going to pass out, so much for the relaxing massage!

Finally peter came in the ass of girl number one while she stroked my aching nips, massaging me the way she had when she first entered the room. The men who had tortured my ass and puss left the room giving thumbs up to Peter as they left, not a chance meeting then! And the other girl was attending to my sore ass and pussy cleaning and soothing it.

Well for my first massage I’d say it was a success, what do you think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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