Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 16

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I woke to the touch of Tim’s fingers on my shoulder. “Hey, sleepyhead — did Beth forget to set her alarm? You’re supposed to be there in an hour.”

Beth sat up, rubbing her eyes. “Wups, yes. Thanks, Tim, you’ve saved our lives.”

She glanced at me, grinning. “So much for all our imagining what we’d do when we woke up. Never mind, there’s always tomorrow.”

Beth and I jumped in the shower — “No way we could have managed without a wash, after last night and this morning,” she teased — and pulled on our uniforms. “I even ran the iron over them after I’d washed them,” offered Tim, getting a kiss from Beth as a thank-you.

He dropped us off at the front of the block — “I’d better not come up, or you might end up late for work even though we’re here on time –” and I gave him a more than usually passionate goodbye kiss. “See you in the morning.”

Things on the ward were quiet again, and Beth pulled out the book she’d brought, one of our set texts. “Hmm, anatomy and physiology.”

I grinned. “There are some bits of anatomy we’re coming to know quite a lot about, aren’t there, and Tim too –” Beth’s expression mixed mild shock with amusement — “Why don’t we take a look at those sections…”

I flipped through until I found the chapter on the female reproductive system. “Hmm. Labia minora, clitoris, vulva… Maybe we could wind Tim up one time and use all the proper words for everything, when we tell him what we want him to do.”

Beth looked thoughtful. “Or we could really shock him,” she chuckled, “and say the ones that Mum always told me I wasn’t supposed to.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “Like, ‘cock’, you mean,” I said, emphasising the consonants. “Hmm, it feels different in my mouth like that,” I grinned, raising my eyebrows.

Beth groaned. “Alice, that’s terrible.”

“Sorry,” I smirked, “I couldn’t resist that one.”

She turned the page. “Mm, I like this picture.”

The diagram was of an erect penis penetrating the vagina, and Beth breathed in, obviously a little turned on even by the cold clinical presentation. “He really does go all the way in…”

“And if we really open for him we should feel our bones touch each other, sort of,” I pointed.

Beth’s face went a little pink. “I like it when I feel those — bumping against me,” she indicated, “nearly touching the other place.”

“Mm, yes,” I grinned.

I looked more closely at the diagram. “Why do you think the clitoris is there? It doesn’t look like anything touches it when he’s in us, not that way at least.”

“To give his mouth something to do before — or afterwards,” laughed Beth. “I’m not expecting to see any of those other ways in our textbook, though.”

She fanned her face. “It’s not that late yet — why don’t we call Tim? If we were apart for a night I always used to ring him, and we’d — you know.”

I chuckled. “Phone sex, too — the things I’m finding out.”

Beth caught her lip between her teeth. “Um, actually it was on the computer, so we could see one another.”

I blinked, raising an eyebrow. “And you –“

“God, yes,” Beth breathed. “Toys, and all sorts.”

I pulled out my phone, grinning. “Then we’re definitely calling him.”

I tapped the screen, putting the call on speaker and turning the volume down a little. “Hello?” we heard from the other end.

I put on my most sultry voice. “Hello, Tim. This is your two sexy nurses calling…”

We could hear him smile. “Some people pay money for that, you know. Not that –“

“Strictly for you,” Beth reassured. “You weren’t asleep, were you?”

“Not yet. How’s it going?”

“Quiet here,” I chipped in. “Actually Beth and I were getting turned on by our anatomy textbook.”

A short pause, then “Oh, I can imagine — I find the patella incredibly sexy, myself.”

Beth smirked. “Very funny.”

She threw me a grin. “I guess you’re ready for bed, Tim.”

“Mm-hm.” We heard the mattress creak. “I already know what you’re wearing,” Tim mused. “I watched you put your uniforms on, and very sexy you both looked too.”

“How would it be if you needed us to take care of you?” I suggested.

Tim chuckled. “What would be wrong with me?”

Beth glanced at me, raising one eyebrow. “You could have had that operation our pet patient had.”

Tim poker oyna was obviously considering. “It doesn’t make any difference to –?”

“Absolutely not,” I reassured him.

“So what care do I need, exactly?”

I grinned, forgetting Tim couldn’t see me. “The main thing is that we have to get a sample. You can work out what kind, right?”

“We need it to check for — what did Dr Patel say? Motility,” added Beth.

“So, imagine you’re in bed, starting to get a bit bored, and we turn up.” I nudged Beth. “I wanted to imagine us just pulling the curtains round in the ward, but do you think it’d be too obvious?”

“I thought about it,” Beth admitted, “but perhaps we’d better have Tim in a side room, with a slider on the door — ‘Treatment in progress’.”

“So I bend over the bed, making sure you can see down the top of my uniform, oops, seems I forgot my bra. ‘Mr Oates, we’re here to help you with your sample’.

“I pull back the covers, and there’s an obvious, um, bump in your hospital gown. ‘I think the patient is responding well so far, Beth.’

“So I lift up your gown, you’re pretty hard, and you look at us, start to touch yourself. Beth joins me, and we start to kiss.”

“You won’t mind if I, um –” Tim began, and I exchanged grins with Beth. “Oh, we were counting on it.”

“So we’re kissing,” I continued, “and definitely our tongues are involved, and we start to touch, stroking each other’s breasts through our uniforms.”

“Of course that’s not enough for us,” Beth joined in. She flashed her eyebrows at me. “Alice is the first one to go further, she watches my face while she undoes three or four of my buttons, just looks at my breasts for a few moments with her lips moist, parted, then starts to touch again. I can’t help myself, and I undo her uniform too, and we’re caressing one another, our fingers on each other’s nipples.”

“What about your mouths?” I heard Tim’s breathless voice, obviously well on the way to his release.

“Mm, not this time,” I teased, “but there is one thing we both like, when I use my fingers to rub my nipples directly on Beth’s. Mmm…”

“So I think our patient is getting pretty close, he can’t take his eyes off us, and I kiss Beth again, then smile at him. ‘Maybe you need a little help.’

“I put a finger in my mouth to make it wet, showing him it glistening, then I reach out my hand, and I just stroke the tip of my finger along his shaft from the bottom, slowly.

“I feel him tense, harden, then he groans really loudly — we wouldn’t have got away with just curtains, Beth — and I take my hand away as he spurts. He remembers the sample jar just in time, and manages to catch most of it, but some goes onto his stomach. ‘Oops,’ I grin at him.

“So Alice reaches out to dip a finger in one of the sticky blobs, puts it to her lips. ‘Hmm — a very adequate sample.’

While I’d been speaking, Tim’s breathing had quickened, and just as I finished, we heard him gasp, then a moan of pleasure. “Was that what I think it was?” teased Alice, and after a few moments Tim managed to reply, breathless. “Oh yes. I — um, I’m going to need a few paper hankies…”

“Glad we could help,” I chuckled, “though if we were there, I’m sure we could find a better way to clean up… Sleep well, dream of us.”

I ended the call, grinning at Beth. “That was fun.”

She nodded. “I –“

She stopped as we both heard the sound of footsteps, and a moment later a figure in a staff nurse’s uniform appeared. “Hi — I’m Maisie, Katharine probably mentioned I’m supervising the next ward. I’ve got a couple of students on 98 so I thought I’d come and see how you’re doing.”

“Fine,” I smiled. “We were just about to do a round.”

Maisie waved her hand. “I’ll do that — why don’t you two take a bit of a break?”

I exchanged a look with Beth. “Sure, we’d like that.”

Maisie sat down at the nurses’ station to look through the paperwork before starting her round, and I took Beth’s hand. “Come on.”

I led her down the corridor to the break room where Tim and I had had our goodbye the previous night, and closed the door behind us. Beth’s face held a question, and I nodded, moving closer to her, bending to kiss her. “Bless Maisie,” I whispered, “if she hadn’t turned up, I think I might just have spontaneously canlı poker oyna combusted after what we imagined for Tim.”

I felt Beth’s hands move to stroke my breasts. “You mean this?”


I caressed her in turn, and just as in our fantasy I couldn’t resist going further, my fingers working on her buttons. “Can I…?” I asked, touching her bra strap, and she nodded. I slipped both straps off her shoulders, the cups falling from her breasts, and my fingers were stroking her softly. “Oh, yes,” she breathed.

She reached to unbutton me, then without pausing unhooked my strapless bra, dropping it on the bed, returning to cup my breasts in her hands. “Mm.”

Her fingertips started to brush my nipples, and I felt darts of pleasure shooting down to the growing dampness between my thighs. “Oh — Beth — yes — don’t stop.”

I held my breath as she bent to tongue one nipple, then the other, then suckled gently, and I tangled my fingers in her hair, pulling her closer, harder. “Oh, Beth, I think I’m going to…”

I felt myself tense, my hips shudder, then the unmistakeable sensation of warmth sliding from me to wet my panties. Beth lifted her head, her expression almost awestruck. “Did you…?

I nodded, then grinned sheepishly. “Damn — wet on duty again…”

I raised one eyebrow at her. “Want me to help you…?”

Beth nodded, and I bent to her breasts, using my mouth, then moved a hand up between her thighs until I felt warmth, dampness. I pressed a little harder, and Beth responded, her hips flexing. “Oh — yes — that’s just right –“

I suckled a little harder, getting a gasp, then moved to the other breast, and ever so delicately pressed my teeth to Beth’s hard nipple. Her response was dramatic, head tilting back, a groan, and a sudden rush of warmth against my pressing fingers. “Oh — oh god, Alice, yes…”

I moved to wrap my arms around her. “Mm…”

Beth took a deep breath. “Think we’ve had our break time — we’d better get back before Maisie comes looking for us.”

We retrieved clothing, straightened uniforms, and when we reached the ward Maisie was making a note on the last chart. “Perfect timing. I’ll get back to 98, then — you know where you are if you need me.”

We sat down, and Beth grinned at me. “I can feel –“

I nodded. “Me too. Now, what book did you bring for us tonight…?”

The rest of the shift was uneventful, and Tim picked us up as usual. “Hope our chat didn’t leave you too frustrated?” he chuckled. “Although it’d be distinctly to my advantage when we get home.”

Beth threw me a grin. “We, um, found a way to help a little with the frustration — but that doesn’t mean you get away with it.”

“Whatever you need,” assured Tim, pulling into our parking space and turning off the engine.

“What I’d really like right now is a foot rub,” I ventured as we climbed the stairs to the flat.

He grinned. “No problem. And I have a treat for you two, as well.”

“Mm, what’s that?”

“I delivered one of my projects, and they’ve paid me, so I booked a spa day at the weekend.”

“Are you coming too?” Beth queried.

“Of course,” Tim chuckled. “Why would I pass up the chance to see you two water nymphs splashing about in the pool?”

Beth glanced at me, smiling. “We can wear those new costumes we bought — Tim’ll like those.”

I nodded. “But, Beth –“


“They’re cut pretty high, aren’t they — we might need to –“

I felt my cheeks warming. “To tidy up a bit?” Beth teased.

“Um, yes.”

She raised her eyebrows, glancing at Tim. “I can think of something even better, to thank Tim for treating us. Are you ready for a shower, Alice? I know we wanted to let Tim find out how wet we got imagining for him — and afterwards. But he can get us excited all over again when we’ve finished, can’t he.”

“Definitely. And if I’ve guessed what you have in mind, I think we’ll be pretty ready before he even starts.”

We went through into the en suite, and Beth opened cupboards, drawers. “OK — here we are.”

She stepped into the shower, turning on the water and letting it sluice over her body. “Want to do me first, Alice?”

I nodded, and she moved out of the flow of water a little, parting her thighs. “OK.”

I picked up the disposable internet casino razor she’d left out, looking round. “Oh, here’s Tim’s shaving stuff, that’ll work, won’t it.”

I sprayed creamy foam into my palm, and Beth watched as I spread it between her thighs, rubbing it gently into her fur. “You’re sure about this?”


I applied the razor carefully, stopping after every stroke to hold it under the shower, watching Beth’s soft fur sluice down the plughole. As her mound was revealed, I brushed it with my fingertips. “Tim is going to love this…”

I worked my way down little by little, using my fingers to check that everywhere was completely smooth, and I heard Beth’s quiet gasp. “God, Alice, I can’t believe how much that’s turning me on.”

Finally I was finished, and I cupped water in my hand, letting it spill down her, the last traces of foam sliding down her thighs. “Perfect.”

I stood, taking her in my arms, enjoying the new sensation of pressing myself against her smoothness. “Are you sure you want to do it too?” queried Beth. “It’d be fun making love to Tim in the dark, not saying anything, and the only way he knows which one of us is which, is because he can feel which of us is smooth. And I know you like it when he tugs your fur a little…”

I grinned. “No, I want to — even if it’s just to feel your fingers on me so I know what it was like for you.”

Beth knelt, spreading foam on me. “It was amazing when you came without me even touching you here,” she murmured, starting to use the razor. Her fingers were gentle, and I gasped as she slid fingertips inside me for a moment. “Helps me get the last bits,” she teased. “There.”

I lifted the shower head from its holder and directed it between my thighs to finish rinsing off the foam. “Mm, Beth, this feels nice — one day we can definitely try this again, maybe touch at the same time…”

Reluctantly I replaced the shower head, turned off the water. “Now, let’s show Tim.”

His reaction didn’t disappoint, his fingertips drifting over Beth’s smoothness then mine. “Now, didn’t you want your feet rubbed, Alice?”

“Yes, please…”

Tim poured strawberry-scented liquid into his palms, and I closed my eyes as his hands moved over my toes, his thumbs pressing into my soles just hard enough. “Oh…” breathed Tim, “Alice, I can see you getting wetter.”

“Mind if I…?” queried Beth softly, and Tim shook his head. “Ohh…” I managed as Beth bent to dab her tongue between my thighs, then ran the tip over my smooth mound. “If I make it slippery for you, Tim?”

He nodded, giving my feet a last squeeze, shifting upwards and stroking his hard tip over my mound, mixing clear liquid with the slipperiness Beth had already created. “Mmm…”

He began to move his shaft on me, and the sensation of him pressing on my mound, pulling gently at me with each stroke, was more intense than I’d anticipated. “Oh, Beth, my breasts,” I breathed, and she nodded, bending to my nipples, her mouth and tongue soft, warm.

“Mm,” I moaned, “I’m nearly there…” Tim moved more urgently, and I felt him leaking again, adding to the slipperiness. “Mm — yes — oh…”

My hips flexed upwards against him, and he gasped, stiffening, finally spurting warmth onto me, his shaft spreading it lower, till my mound was covered with creamy fluid. “Oh, wow,” I breathed, and Beth nodded. “Tim’ll hardly have to touch you soon, to make you come.”

She ran a fingertip through the stickiness, her eyes fixed on mine as she tongued it. “Mm.”

“Now, Beth, what about you?” Tim queried. “I, er, might need a while, if –“

She shook her head, smiling, and took a deep breath of anticipation. “I want your mouth.”

Tim leaned back on the pillow. “Come here, then.”

Beth slid across him, offering her parted thighs to his mouth, and I watched, leaning lazily on one elbow, as Tim began to lap at her. “So smooth,” he breathed, then Beth gasped as his tongue explored lower, circling and brushing at her nub. Tim’s fingers searched for her nipples, and Beth began to push urgently into him with her hips. “Mm — god — I can’t believe how quickly I –“

She gasped, her body tensing, wetness spurting to run down Tim’s chin, his throat, and he released her to sit astride his chest, leaning forward to kiss her navel. “Whatever it is you two do while you’re on nights, I love how ready you are when you get back,” he breathed.

Beth slid down to pillow her head on his chest, and I joined her. “So do we…”

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