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All participants in sexual activities are eighteen or older.

Thursday, March 23, 1961

My mom was having one of those “oops” babies—one of those pregnancies that come totally unplanned, which this definitely was. I’m Richard, 18 and a high school senior, and because Mom had to spend the next four months in bed, I was able to drive her car to school rather than take the school bus. After reaching the school and realizing that I was early I drove through some of the parallel streets behind it, looking for friends who were “walkers” who might want a ride.

That’s how I ran into Bev—not literally, of course. She was walking one Thursday morning in late March as she always did when I approached, asking if she’d like a ride. Like me, Bev was a senior, but we were polar opposites. I was tall and thin—actually skinny—well over six feet with a protruding Adam’s apple that gave me a nickname ever since we had read the Washington Irving story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” way back in ninth grade English. Ever since then I’d had been called “Ichabod” due to my resemblance to the Disney character we had also seen on TV. In contrast, Bev was short—barely five feet—and to be kind, I’d call her plump. We were friendly acquaintances as were most of us in the senior class, but hardly close personal friends.

Bev accepted my offer of a ride which was no surprise, but once in the car, she slid across the front seat of Mom’s ’58 Ford until she was practically in my lap. That was not only a surprise—it was actually shocking, but what would I do about it? It was chancy, I knew. There would be one of three results. I was pretty sure that she’d let me kiss her, but what would she do when I put her hand on my cock? First, she might just stroke it, and—if she did—I’d have it out and into her hand in a flash. Second, she could just pull her hand away. Finally, she could just haul off and slap me. I was praying for number one, obviously.

I pulled over after about a quarter mile where I could tell that there was nobody to be seen, ahead or behind us, and on neither side, too. Once the engine was off, I leaned down and gave her a kiss. Her response was better than I had hoped. Her mouth opened and her tongue was pushed into mine in a flash. I wasted no time getting to the moment of truth. I had pulled my cock up so there was room for it to expand and harden. Using my left hand, I took her right and placed it on my organ. YES! She began to stroke it firmly as she pressed her lips into mine forcefully and her tongue became even more active.

My hands were busy with her blouse’s buttons and soon I had her bra pushed up over her fleshy mounds. My hands massaged them as my fingers pinched and tweaked her nipples. Meanwhile, Bev continued to rub my cock through my slacks. I stopped the massage momentarily so I could open my belt and slacks. Bev’s hands dug immediately into my briefs, pulling my cock and balls out and tucking the elastic band under my large swollen testicles.

Now Bev attacked my organ with surprising strength and energy. Her hands were moving swiftly as I began to feel it. “Bev, if you keep that up, I’m going to make a terrific mess. I’m gonna cum all over the place.” I thought she might stop, but she continued as she quickly removed her lips from mine, wrapping them tightly around my glans, and just in time, because I blew mere seconds later. Bev eagerly swallowed all of it—well, most of it, anyway. There were several drops on her cheeks and chin.

Bev was licking her lips when I grabbed my cock, pulling it with my tightly wrapped fist as I told Bev, ”There’s a bit more here, if you’re interested.” Not surprisingly, she was. Every time I pulled a droplet from my hole, she was there to lick it, savoring the taste and texture in her mouth and on her tongue. Finally, I was done, so I wrapped myself up and returned to kissing her and tweaking her nipples.

Once she was warmed up physically, I lifted her skirt and drove my fingers under her panties and into her cunt. “Oh, God, Richard. Do it! Fuck me with your fingers. That’s it. Use another finger in me, please! Make me cum! Please! Make me cum!”

Now I had two fingers in her and she was dripping wet. Any more and her skirt would be ruined. Suddenly, she arched her back and her body rose from the seat. Her hands gripped my head as she kissed me frantically, her tongue driving deeply into my mouth, as she came with incredible force. Some thirty seconds later, she came to rest. Checking her watch, she told me, “I have just enough time to go home and change if you’ll take me. Don’t worry. My parents are away for a long weekend. Maybe you’d like to come by tonight and fuck me.”

I started the car and turned around, following her directions to her house. She ran in, stripping out of her skirt as she ran. Less than five minutes later she was back in the car and we were on our way to school. “You probably think I’m an incredible slut.” I was just about to say “no” when she continued. “All I think about is sex. Fucking and sucking, over and over, is all I want to do. I don’t care if you just use me for sex. That’s what I want. I know we’ll never date seriously. My parents will only allow me to date someone who is an Orthodox Jew, just like us. But I don’t care if it’s just this weekend. I want your cock…and I want it badly. Can you take me home after school today? I have two condoms, but we’ll need more…lots more, if you want to do it tomorrow and Saturday.” What the hell! That sounded just fine to me.

An entire weekend of unbridled sex! What an incredible find for a socially inept guy like myself. I’d never know the reason, but while I was always confident and outspoken in class, I was usually totally tongue-tied when it came to girls, or young women, whatever you might want to call them. I knew from locker room talk that several of my friends were sexually active. I wasn’t so naïve that I believed all of the talk, but several of my classmates had some of the finest looking and hottest girls as their long-term girlfriends. They were all confident athletes, and, unlike the “big talkers” they rarely talked about their relationships with their girlfriends. I also knew that two brothers—no longer students—had married their girlfriends after knocking them up. They had all dropped out of school–a powerful statement about the depth of their stupidity.

I told Bev that I’d have to check with my mom—if she needed me to run any errands for her. If not, I’d be in her bed in a heartbeat. We parted once I had parked in the high school lot, heading for our lockers until lunch when all of the seniors would meet to eat and chat. I had often sat with girls as well as my guy friends, so nobody would be surprised to find Bev and me at the same table. We were joined by two girls and one male—all top-drawer students like me. Oddly, all three girls were Jewish while the other male and I were Christians.

Our table talk dealt mostly with academic issues—the upcoming Advanced Placement exams in English, Calculus, French, and Physics as well as the state exams in Physics and Advanced Algebra which Bev and one of the other girls were taking. Also, on our minds, was the Senior Prom which was just two months away, for which I still didn’t have a date. We all rose to leave, but Bev and I lingered behind the others for a few seconds. “I phoned my mom and she doesn’t need me at home so I told her I was going over to a friend’s house to review some calculus issues. She just told me to be home by 5:30 so we’ll have at least an hour and a half.”

“That’s great,” she whispered. I’ll bet I can get you to cum at least twice and at least that many for me. I’ll meet you at your car. Okay?” I agreed and, once I was sure we were the last to leave I pushed my hand up the back of her skirt and my fingers into her cunt. I fucked her with them for about thirty seconds until she shook as the spasms of a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. The timing was perfect as the cafeteria workers were coming to clean and sanitize the tables and chairs. The custodians would then place the chairs on the tables so they could clean and mop the large floor. As seniors, we had the final lunch period all to ourselves.

I had a hard time concentrating on my afternoon classes, except Advanced French which usually required all of my attention. I had a big advantage over my fellow students, though. One of my neighbor’s mother and grandmother were born in France as was his step-father who had actually fought for the French Resistance during WWII. He didn’t like to talk about it very often and I had often thought that was understandable. What kind of person would want to brag about killing, even in a major war?

I had gone to my friend’s house when he had moved in while we were both in fourth grade and recognized immediately that his parents were French. He attended a nearby parochial school at the time and since ninth grade he’d been at a regional Catholic high school even though he openly admitted that he was no great student. “I think they’re only interested in my parents’ money.” That was how he explained it. I could understand. His mom had a top-level job for a big French designer, supposedly a major force in creating high-end women’s clothing. At least, that’s what my mother and sisters had told me. His step-dad was an engineer—the kind who made roads and bridges.

I had spoken French—real French—not like what I heard every day in class, with his mother and grandmother, improving my pronunciation, grammar, and accent. Surprisingly, and I’m sure to his mother’s embarrassment, Mike had failed French 1 three consecutive years and couldn’t speak it worth a damn. Many times, his Nana had suggested that I was really her grandson and that we had been switched at birth. I laughed at that because Mike was born locally while I was born in New Jersey. We lived now in Westchester County, just north of New York City.

The afternoon dragged, exactly as I had expected, but eventually the final bell did sound and all of us hustled out of school. I did see my sister who was a sophomore and told her that I was going to visit a classmate and would be home in time for dinner. I did this fairly often, so it was hardly a big deal, although this afternoon definitely would be a big deal—hopefully, an extremely big deal.

As planned, Bev met me at my car and, once I had opened the driver’s side door, she slid across, but only far enough for me to sit and close the door. She had my cock out and into her mouth before we were even off the school grounds. A few minutes later, as we approached her home, I asked if it was safe to park in her driveway. “Sure, none of our neighbors get home from work until well after five. It’ll be dark by then.” Hell, if it was okay with her, it was fine by me. It wasn’t my parents who would be bitching about a non-Jew visiting their daughter.

Bev had me as hard as a rock before I had even turned onto her block and she reluctantly pushed me back into my slacks so we could walk the short distance to her house. Once inside, we shed our clothes and I followed her at the run to her room where she pulled two condom packets from her drawer. She pulled me onto her bed as she opened one of the packets with her teeth before rolling it carefully down my hard, pulsing organ.

Once it was in place, she climbed onto my body and slowly lowered herself onto my cock, sighing as her cunt was stretched and filled with my meat. Until this very second, I had been a virgin and I couldn’t believe my luck. Neither of us would win any medals for beauty or sexiness. Her small breasts bounced with my every thrust, as did her belly and ass, but I didn’t care—not then and definitely not over the next few days. I’d have plenty of time to reflect on all of it once her parents returned from their trip.

Bev rode me hard for several minutes, begging me to pinch and twist her clit. Thank God for the Letters section of Playboy or I would have had no idea what she was talking about. Instead, I pulled and twisted her tender tissue until she screamed that she wanted me to use my nails on her. I did and she came—apparently quite hard and a second or two later, so did I. I’d actually lasted somewhat longer than anticipated. I owed Bev for that, too. My orgasm this morning had taken the edge off and given me a bit more staying power.

We lay next to each other, our arms and legs intertwined as we returned to normal. Bev was kissing me as she removed the gooey filled condom. She had just wrapped it into a Kleenex when I asked, “So, where’d you get this fındıkzade escort experience? How did you become addicted to fucking and sucking and cum?”

“You won’t believe me when I tell you. It was sleep-away camp in the boonies of New Hampshire. I’ve always gone to this camp run by several synagogues in this area. Two summers ago, when I was just seventeen, I worked as a counselor-in-training and this past summer I was a regular counselor. There wasn’t much to do at night so we explored each other. I turned eighteen last June, just before school was out. When I was seventeen, we talked about sex a lot, but never really did anything. Last summer though, I went wild. I must have sucked and fucked every counselor, and the three male cooks, too. They were all negroes and very well endowed. I could barely even walk the next morning. The cooks also taught me to suck cock and deep-throat. I love doing that. It’s hard to believe that a totally conservative religion would turn out a total whore like me.”

“I think that any boyfriend you have and your eventual husband will be an extremely happy and satisfied man.” Bev smiled, then took me deeply into her mouth. I thought she said, “I hope so,” but it’s hard to understand what someone is saying while their mouth is full of cock.

We rested for a while then went at it again, this time in what she called “doggie.” Once I was lined up behind her, I understood fully the origins of the term. I especially enjoyed my freedom of movement and my ability to grab her flopping tits and twist her needy clit. I especially liked the way Bev shook and screamed when she came in this position, and that was often. The first time I heard her I was terrified that I had hurt her in some way. However, I was totally inexperienced then. I was gaining experience at warp speed now thanks to Bev.

We were lying on her bed, recovering from our second session in the past hour when Bev asked me an important question. “Richard, will you tell all of your friends about me when you get back to school tomorrow?”

“No, Bev. I’ll remember this weekend for my entire life and I’ll treasure what we have done, but what we do will remain between the two of us. Truthfully, I doubt that anyone would believe me, anyway. I know that we will be limited to just this weekend. But I wish I could find another woman even close to you.”

“You know…sometimes wishes can come true. You do know that, don’t you?

“Sure, and then there’s Santa and his elves and Rudolph and the other reindeer—or is it reindeers? I never get that one right.”

“Richard, you know I’m Jewish. We don’t believe in Christmas…well, not in the religious part. The gift giving part…well, that’s another story.”

“Don’t you do that over Chanukah?”

“Yeah, but that’s a really minor religious holiday and, contrary to popular belief, we don’t get presents on all eight nights. At most, it’s the first and last, and I doubt we get any more than you get for Christmas.”

“I knew that already. I do have some close Jewish friends, you know. Ricky and Alan, Larry, and Richie; and those are just the guys.”

“I know, they’re in school with us, and—speaking of school—I think I have my hand on my favorite student. He’s becoming bigger and harder every time I stroke him. Soon, I think, he’ll get his reward and I’ll get mine, too. Yum!”

“You know, Bev…you’re really funny.”

“Oh no, Richard; there’s nothing I take more seriously than a mouthful of semen. I just love the taste and the texture as it slides down my mouth and over my tongue. Even when I scoop it out of my cunt. Don’t get me wrong. I live for the orgasms, but there’s nothing that compares to the taste. The best thing about taking it in my cunt is that first I get to cum and then I get to relive it all over again when I dip my fingers in and lick them off. It’s like reliving the entire experience. Know what I mean?”

“I don’t, honestly, but I think I can understand how you feel because it’s really special for me, too. I mean…I’ve jerked off plenty of times and I do love it, but cumming in you—your mouth or your cunt—is the best feeling I’ve ever had. I love it and I’d never tire of it. Too bad it has to end Saturday night.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, Richard. I’ll bet we can get together after school once or twice a week, if only we can find a place…like a dead-end street or some road with no houses or traffic.”

“Hmmm…maybe, but it can’t be too long. I think your mom will get suspicious, or mine…although….”

“Damn! You’re probably right, but we can still try. And speaking of trying.” And with that, my now hard cock slid into the depths of her mouth. Only the fact that I had cum less than an hour earlier prevented me from erupting like Vesuvius into her mouth and down her throat. Instead, she sucked me and sucked me. The sensations of her tongue and the roof of her mouth on my organ made me weak in my knees. I was lucky to be lying down or I surely would have fallen as blood rushed from my head into my cock.

She shifted position without warning and moved her cunt over my rod so she could slowly slide down. In that moment I could really see the appeal, the euphoria she experienced when my hard man-meat stretched out the muscles in her cunt. I realized the extent of her sheer joy when I heard and saw her sigh in her rapture. Bev’s eyes were closed, but her mouth formed a perfect “O” as she first inhaled and then slowly exhaled. It was clear that she truly loved what she was doing. I thought it was pretty fucking amazing, too.

Bev obviously had a lot more experience than I did. Her motions alone proved that all too clearly. I doubted that she’d had much recently unless she was actively fucking guys from her synagogue, which I doubted because one of them would probably be here instead of me. That would mean that she had fucked and sucked and drank gallons of semen during our two-month summer vacation. How many times could she fuck during those sixty-one days? Sixty? Ninety? A hundred and twenty? Damn! Whatever, it was a shitload of sex! I doubted that even newlyweds had that much. One of them, at least, had to go to work and I knew from personal experience that the male partner had some physical limitations to deal with.

Bev had rocked on my cock for almost ten minutes when her back arched and she screamed at the top of her lungs. It was good timing, because I had been ready to pop for a couple of minutes and I doubted that I could hold back for even another second.

She was off me in a flash as her fingers plunged into her cunt, scooping out as much of my crème as possible and plunging her creamy fingers into her hungry mouth. When she had finished with that, she took me into her mouth, not only cleaning my cock, but sucking as much as humanly possible from my wilting organ. When I checked the time, I saw it was already after five. I ran to her bathroom, grabbed a washcloth, and washed down my face and genital area until they were clean and free of the telltale odor of sex. I dressed hurriedly, kissed Bev good-bye and bolted out the door, knowing that Bev would have those hungry lips around my cock again tomorrow morning. I got home just before 5:30, just in time to help my sisters prepare the evening’s dinner—pork chops. I chuckled at the irony of eating pork after sex with a woman who had likely never tasted the stuff.


Friday, March 24, 1961

I drove into Bev’s driveway at 7:43 in the morning, giving us plenty of time before our 8:40 start time. I thought that we would have at least forty minutes for our fun and games before school would open so we could get to our lockers prior to homeroom.

Bev bounded out the door and down the steps just seconds later. She wasn’t in the car even thirty seconds when she had my cock out, and in her mouth, licking and sucking as I sat stock still as my body experienced the closest thing to heaven I could possibly imagine. The sensations I experienced were incredible and it was obvious to me that Bev was enjoying it every bit as much as I did. That was proved wrong when my cock exploded in her mouth and I could see the rapture in her eyes and face as she sucked down every single drop my balls produced. She smiled as she licked her lips. “Delicious, breakfast of champions; that’s the way to start the day.”

I laughed in response, then got serious. “What do you want to do tonight? Do you want a movie or bowling, or what?”

“None of the above, Richard. I want to spend the entire time balling. That’s a slang term for fucking, in case you didn’t know, although we can spend some of our time with your cock in my mouth, if you want.”

“Okay, I’ll leave the agenda up to you. Oh, I have to take my sister to the supermarket this afternoon so I can’t give you a ride home.”

“That’s okay, I’ve walked it plenty of times and we’ll make up for it tonight, won’t we?”

“I certainly hope so,” I replied, a huge smile on my face.

As big as that smile had been, it was nothing compared to the smile I had when Bev opened her door that evening. I had two sisters, but to my knowledge they’d never worn anything like what Bev was wearing. First of all, it was sheer—so sheer that I could see right through it. Her breasts, nipples, navel, and pussy were clearly visible through the gauzy black fabric. On her feet she wore high-heeled slippers. Once she had closed and locked the door, she moved into my arms for a searing kiss, tongue moving deeply into my throat as she led my hand into her already dripping-wet cunt.

Breaking the kiss, she moved back and looked up. “I hope you remembered to buy the condoms…lots and lots of condoms.”

“Think a dozen will be enough,” I asked as my unoccupied hand dipped into my jacket pocket. Bev laughed as she put the jacket onto the back of a chair before taking my hand and leading me, once again, to her bedroom. She started to disrobe me on the way so all I had on by the time we walked into the room were my socks. They were off seconds later.

I was a bit shocked when the phone rang. I knew that Bev’s family was well off so I wasn’t shocked that she had a phone in her room. “Be still and quiet. It’s my parents, I’m sure.” She picked up the phone saying, “Hello.” A few seconds later she said, “Hi, Mom. How is the conference? Oh! Too bad. Yeah, I’m in bed reading some of my English assignment. It’s one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Yes…it is boring. That’s why I’m in bed. If I get tired, I’ll just fall asleep and wake up tomorrow morning. Yes, everything is fine. One of my classmates found me while I was walking to school yesterday drove me and volunteered to drive me again this morning.” Then, after waiting a few seconds again, “Yes, I think you know him…Richard Kelly, the boy the kids all call, ‘Ichabod’ because he resembles the Disney character. No, he’s not insulted by the nickname. He thinks it’s funny. Honest! I think he told me that his mother was expecting so he gets to take her car to school. Yes, I know he has one sister in tenth and I think there’s another younger one.”

Bev was silent for several minutes so I assumed that her mother was speaking. That was confirmed when Bev finally spoke again. “Okay, Mom, I’ll expect you and Daddy sometime Sunday afternoon. Should I put something on to cook? Great, Chinese it is. I’ll have the table set and ice cubes ready for soda to drink.” Then after another pause, “Yes, Mom, the house is all locked up and I have Mrs. Nathan’s number right here in case of an emergency. Okay, I miss you, too. Bye.

“Thank God that’s done. My parents are jewelers and several times a year they go to sales conventions where there are lots of displays and even more lectures on how to market jewelry. I’m sure it’s even more boring than it sounds.” Then she took my cock in hand and the evening’s festivities began.

I was expecting a marathon, but it was even more than I could have imagined. Bev sucked me twice, swallowing everything I could give her, then she fucked me, dipping her fingers into her cunt so she could swallow even more. I thought she was done when she began to ride me in what she told me was reverse cowgirl. It was far from my favorite because I couldn’t see anything that interested me, nor could I easily reach up and worry her tits and nipples. However, she seemed to like it and after the evening I’d had, I could afford a little generosity.

We finished that bout around 10:30 and I relaxed on her pillow with Bev lying on my body while she idly played with my cock. “You know what, Richard? I think I’m güngören escort in love with your cock.”

I had to laugh. “I think you’d be in love with any cock that could produce enough semen for you.”

“There’s some truth to that, but yours is just the right length and the perfect width for me. I just love the way you stretch me out when you enter me. A smaller and thinner one just doesn’t do it for me and I’ve had quite a few like that. Everyone thinks that bigger is always better, but a cock that’s too long will bang into my cervix on every stroke and that hurts like you wouldn’t believe. Same with too thick; I’ve had a few like that, too. They feel good while we’re fucking, but the next day I’m so sore that I can barely walk. Yours stretches me out and I know I’ve been fucked the next day, but I’m not in serious pain—just a little discomfort, which actually feels good. My cunt was just a little sore this morning and tomorrow it will be even more, but that just makes me want more. Think we can make a plaster cast of this?”

“Talk about uncomfortable! Ouch! Say, think I could grab a quick shower before I leave tonight? I have to work tomorrow morning.”

“Sure, but I’m not finished with you yet. I’m betting you have one more load in you tonight.” I groaned, but down deep I was thrilled to be so strongly and sexually desired. I lay with my head on her pillow, allowing Bev to do all of the work. I wasn’t surprised to take more than fifteen minutes to get hard enough to allow us to have a really good fuck, and that was exactly what we had. She rode me cowgirl, ramming her clit into my abdominals, for almost twenty minutes before I felt the rumbling. She had already cum three more times so she hopped off and spun around, bringing her mouth to my gooey cock. It went deep into her mouth just before I dribbled into her mouth and throat. I’d love to say that I erupted, but after tonight’s marathon I felt I was lucky to dribble. There was a little semen that Bev savored, rolling it over her tongue, swishing it back and forth in her mouth until she finally swallowed. “Okay, you can use the shower next door on the left.”

“Sure, if I can actually walk that far. I think you’ve destroyed me.” She laughed and lightly slapped my ass as I struggled out of the room. The shower was quick, just a quick rinse to get the odor of sex off my body. Ten minutes later I was drying off when Bev walked in carrying my clothes and shoes. I dressed in another five and kissed her good-bye, locking the door behind me when I left.

I walked quietly into my home at 12:15 and I was in bed and asleep less than five minutes later. Bev had done a great job of wearing me out. All the same, I was up at eight and eating breakfast with my family by 8:15. “How was the bowling, Richard? You got in pretty late, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, Mom; for some reason the lanes were very crowded. We had to wait for almost two hours for just one lane. Having five guys on one lane makes for very slow bowling. We only had time for two games, instead of our usual three. Tony finally called it quits. He has to go to work with his dad’s construction company this morning. I think he had to be on the job at eight.”

“Well, it’s nice you have such good friends.”

“Yeah, unfortunately all of that will change in a few months.”

“That’s progress, dear. We all grow older and meet new and different friends, although I still have a few from high school. Then again, I’ve lived in the same area for all of my life. You’ll be going away to college, but I’m sure you’ll make new friends. Anything on tap for tonight.”

“Yeah, Mom. I don’t know if you’ve ever met Beverly Vincman. I ran into her Thursday, I think, and offered her a ride to school and home again. I’m sure you read about the rapist in the area in the newspaper. I’d feel terrible if I could have given her a ride, but didn’t and something happened to her. I told her I’d give her a ride both ways until the guy is caught.”

“That’s very sweet of you. I’m glad you’re so considerate.”

“Yeah…well, she invited me to a party with a small group of her friends tonight. I’ll be sure to be home by twelve.”

“I think you can make it one if you promise not to have anything to drink, and no kidding around with that horrible sense of humor you have.”

I gave her a look that showed just how offended I was. “Moi?” I hadn’t taken six years of French for nothing.

Mom laughed and then told me, “Yes, you! And none of your fancy foreign languages. You know I took mostly sciences in high school and there’s not much call for an RN to speak French around here. Now finish your breakfast and get your butt to work!” I was supposed to be there by nine and I was four minutes early.


Saturday, March 25, 1961

I worked, as usual, until one and then drove home for lunch before I mowed the lawn and raked leaves for another hour, finishing at 4:30 so I could shower and take a short nap before dinner and dressing for a “party.” I knew that was a waste of time, but I had to maintain appearances. I had told Mom I was going to a party. I thought of it as a white lie because I knew there would be a lot of really close dancing and celebrating taking place. However, I couldn’t reveal that we’d be naked at the time.

I left the house just a few minutes before eight, pulling into Bev’s driveway just ten minutes later. I was laughing as Bev opened the door in yet another revealing nightgown, or whatever it was she was wearing. All I knew was that my clothes hit the floor in an instant as I bent her over the couch for our first fuck of the evening. “Richard, you didn’t use a condom!”

“Not to worry; I’ll be out and into your mouth long before I’m ready to spurt.” I was true to my word on that, pulling out just minutes later and spinning Bev around and onto her knees. She cleaned my cock of her succulent juices before sucking me dry—at least until our next time.

We were lolling around lazily a few minutes later when she asked if I recalled what she had said about who owned and managed the camp she had attended. “Sure,” I replied. “Didn’t you say that it was run by several synagogues in the area?”

“That’s right and some of them are much more liberal than mine is.”

“Okay.” I tried to sound confident as I did every day in class, but truthfully, I was confused.

“I mentioned that because while my parents will only allow me to date and eventually marry an orthodox Jew, lots of the other girls’ parents allow their daughters to date boys of any religion.”

“Okay,” I said, knowing that my uncertainty was more obvious as I said it. Mostly, I was wondering where this conversation was going.

“After all we’ve been through this weekend, I thought it might be cruel to just cut you loose without any sex on the horizon for you. Would you believe that you know a few of the other girls who were at the camp with me?”

“Yeah, that makes sense, I guess.”

“Not all of them were sexually active, but one was even more involved than I was.”

“Wow, that’s hard to believe, but I’ll take your word for it.” I still had no idea where this was going, but I already told you that I’m not very good with women.

“One of the things I love about you, Richard, is that you can be so naïve when it comes to women.”

“That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it certainly is. So, let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about.”

“Okay, there’s Bev Rich, but I know she has a boyfriend so I doubt it’s her. There’s Judith, but I can’t believe it’s her, either. She always acts like she’s got a stick up her ass.” Bev laughed like crazy, even as she agreed with me. “Sandra has a boyfriend, too, as do Wendy and Pam and Michelle. The only one I can even think of is Carol. She’s always friendly, but she doesn’t exude sex like some of the other girls in our class.”

“Yeah, some of them act like genuine sluts, but it’s just an act with most of them. I have to tell you that I’ve invited this girl to join us tonight. I want you to close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open. Will you do that?”

“Okay.” This time I was more than sure that I was in for a good time tonight. I only failed to realize how good and what new sexual frontiers I would break tonight.

Bev had me lie in the center of her double bed as she began to suck me to hardness. It wasn’t long before I felt two tongues on my organ. Just that realization was enough to push me to rock hardness in spite of just cumming a few minutes ago. Then I felt a pair of slender legs straddle my body. There were two hands on my cock, supporting it as I began to enter what seemed to be the tightest hole I could have imagined. It was lubricated, but it didn’t feel like Bev’s cunt. Instinctively, I moved my hands up to grasp a small set of tits—much smaller than Bev’s. Still, massaged them and twisted her nipples, hearing her groan for the first time.

I knew then who I was screwing, but I still didn’t understand the tightness until Carol leaned forward to kiss me. “Fuck me, Richard. Fuck my ass and finger my cunt. Oh, dear God, I’m going to cum so fucking hard.” Carol’s body convulsed wildly as she experienced what seemed to be a seriously major orgasm. When it comes to women, I can be a bit slow on the uptake, so it was several seconds before I processed what I had heard. Did she say “fuck my ASS?” Was that where my cock was now—buried in Carol’s tight butt?

Looking down I saw her vacant cunt and her ultra-tight sphincter wrapped tightly around my never-harder organ. Seeing how she had cum and was about to even harder again, I drove into her with increasing strength and speed. I had never even dreamed of such sexual nirvana, but here it was and I was actually part of it. Carol came again and then another two times before I literally exploded into her ass. I was exhausted and the clock only read 8:42.

I looked up at Bev as I asked her, “Why?”

“Easy enough, Richard. You and Carol are both friends of mine and I know that anything we do will end tonight because of my parents’ beliefs. Neither of you are dating, at least not seriously, so I thought you’d like a helping hand at getting together. You’re both horny as hell and I know you’re already good friends, so I took a shot at playing matchmaker.”

What Bev said made a lot of sense, but I needed to hear from Carol and I did as soon as my wilted cock fell from her anus. “You’re probably thinking that anal sex is really filthy.” Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking. “It would be if I hadn’t taken two enemas before coming here tonight. I’ll do that whenever we date, assuming that we actually do, and if I can’t, then you’ll still be free to fuck my pussy…my cunt. My ass is different in that it’s not self-lubricating like my cunt is, so I’ll be sure to use plenty of lubricant whenever we date. I know that I don’t have much in the tit department, but you can play with them whenever you want. Okay, not in school, but before and after and anytime we’re dating. The same goes for my cunt.

“You see, I spent most of my time at camp with the Negro chefs. My cunt is really tight—too tight to accommodate them, so we used my ass instead and I found that I loved it. We like each other, Richard, but we’ll never be in love, so we can enjoy each other until we do find love. Is that okay with you?”

“It sure as hell is! That sounds just great to me, so I assume that we can have a date next Friday night.”

“Sure, and you can take me to and from school so you’ll at least get a blowjob every day.”

Bev laughed as she told Carol she had already promised that.

“Okay, you can have both of us blow you and you can finger two cunts, too; maybe even fuck both of us.”

“It sounds great. I already have permission from my parents to give Bev a ride every day because of the rapist I’ve read about in the paper. I do have one question. Where on earth did you learn to speak the way you do. I never thought I’d ever hear a woman use the word ‘cunt.’

Bev answered first. “That’s from camp. Between the girl counselors and the Negro cooks, the language was pretty fucking raw. Words like ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ and ‘asshole’ were used dozens of times every day. I had to be extra careful once I returned home and I know that Carol had the same problem. Besides, you’ve never been in the girls’ room at school. The language there is really rough.” I nodded. My experiences in the boys’ room were exactly the same. I’d never heard either of my sisters say anything, but I didn’t spend fatih escort twenty-four hours a day with them, either.

Bev had brought a warm soapy washcloth to clean my cock once we had finished talking. Carol had begun kissing me and, I had to admit, she was pretty damned good at it. Soon, Bev was sucking my cock while Carol and I made out and, after about fifteen minutes, they switched places. Fuck! Sex with two women at once was pretty damned spectacular.

We continued that way all night. I did cum six times, but each of them came at least eight, and probably more. I gave Carol a ride home and she sucked my cock all the way. Her family’s home was on the way and I had a great idea what was in store for me next Friday evening. We could always figure out what we wanted to do at school during the week.


Mom, of course, asked how the party was so I told her it wasn’t really a party, just a group of five guys and seven girls, some Coke and chips, and some snacks courtesy of Bev’s mother. “We danced some and played Parchesi and watched some TV, although I didn’t watch, and I did get a date for Friday night with Carol Gold.”

Is she kind of skinny with light brown hair?”

“Yeah, Mom, but in case you haven’t noticed, that pretty much describes me, too. Anyway, we were talking and found we had a lot in common so I asked her out. We’ll figure out what during the week. It’ll probably be a movie if there’s anything decent playing.”

“Maybe you’ll get lucky and there will be some horror movie in one of the theaters,” my dad said.

“Geez, Harold—you have a one-track mind. Leave him alone. He’s never had much of a social life so he’s entitled to one now. Don’t you think?” I was sure Dad did, but he also knew better than to argue with Mom. He was sure to lose, just as he did many times in the past.

I spent Sunday doing chores around the house and out in the yard, returning to school Monday morning. I picked up Carol at her home on the way and she couldn’t wait to suck on my cock. She was still sucking when I stopped to pick up Bev. Carol made room for Bev once we were out of sight of her home and the two of them licked and sucked me until I was ready. Then, they swapped off—alternating swallowing a mouthful of hot slick semen—until I was empty. They licked me clean and gently returned my tired cock to my khaki’s, just as I drove onto the school lot.

The week went by quickly and before I knew it, I was picking up Carol for our date on Friday night. We’d decided on a movie, thinking that we could fuck all night. I’d found a great parking spot only about half a mile away and was looking forward to sticking my hard cock up her ass. The movie was described as a romantic adventure story, but it was more romantic than anything else. I didn’t care. I was busy making out with Carol with my hand on her naked tit the entire time. We were seated in the last row of the balcony and my hand was hidden by her jacket. Her hand was inside my slacks, stroking my cock and preparing for my blowjob once we had left the theater.

That’s the way it went for the rest of the school year. The cops never did catch the rapist so I continued to give Carol and Bev rides to school right up until graduation. I met Bev’s mother one morning and she wanted to pay for the gas I was using to drive Bev to and from school. I politely refused, explaining that taking care of my classmate was something my parents expected of me and that they would be furious if I accepted any kind of reward for doing so. Bev’s mom smiled and thanked me, but we both wondered what she’d say if she knew how Bev was actually rewarding my efforts.

I did get lots of blowjobs from Bev, either individually, or in tandem with Carol, but we never fucked again. Carol was happy to pick up the slack, giving me her cunt and her ass on a regular basis. I always fucked her ass on Saturday nights and her cunt on Fridays. I also got her two or three times a week on the way home from school once we had found a safe spot that was shielded from spying eyes by about twenty feet of high brush. We usually did it on the car hood once the weather was warmer in April, May, and June.


Unfortunately, Carol had left the state to attend college in Illinois while I went to study in Massachusetts. We still got together during breaks and in the summer. We knew we would never become serious romantically; we only enjoyed fucking each other. We rarely saw Bev during that time and the only contact I had was the occasional phone call—just enough to keep in touch with a classmate and friend, but not enough to make her parents suspicious. Unlike Carol and me who had gone out of state to college. Bev’s overbearing parents had kept her at home. She was engaged to a rabbi’s son as soon as she had graduated from Yeshiva University, which I knew was someplace in Manhattan, in New York City. I hoped at the time that she’d be happy, but for some reason, I doubted it.

That proved true when I read in the legal ads that Bev and her husband divorced after four years. I knew that Carol had married. She had become a lawyer and her husband was a local justice who later was appointed to one of the state courts.

I had studied business administration with an emphasis on accounting, taking an entry-level position with one of the major financial services firms, working my way up the corporate ladder slowly but surely. I had gained a reputation as a straight shooter, always being honest and telling the truth, even when the truth reflected poorly on me. It was that attitude that caught the attention of one of the firm’s three principals. I suddenly found myself earning more than most of those hired at the same time as me, or even a year or two before me. I was given more responsibility and the opportunity to lead groups of accountants on jobs that required more and more responsibility.

It was through my relationship with this man that I was invited to the Christmas party at his house during my fourth year on the job. We’d had a party for the employees two weeks earlier, but this was more for his friends and family. I was tempted to pass, but Bradley insisted, telling me that he’d be really pissed if I didn’t show up.

I had gained a lot of weight since graduating high school so I was now six feet four inches tall and weighed a firm two hundred pounds. I worked out several times a week and ate sensibly. Dressed in a navy blue blazer and grey flannel slacks with cordovan loafers, I felt I would be appropriately dressed. Well, I hoped I’d be appropriate. I checked my tie at the door before knocking.

I had no idea what to expect and I had thought several times during the week that I had been invited to serve as bartender. Instead, I was greeted by Bradley and introduced to his wife who insisted that I call her Denise. She took me by the arm, leading me, I thought, to the bar. I learned then the real reason why I was invited—their daughter, Sandra. She was a year younger than me and had studied nursing. Many of my friends as an undergrad tended to think of nursing students as stupid, horny, and easy women, but I knew better. My mom was an RN and she had told us how arduous the course of study had been. Sandra was a tall good-looking woman with a slender athletic body. Overall, at least an eight on a scale of ten, was my initial assessment.

“Richard, this is my daughter, Sandra. Sandra, will you please show him around while I play hostess for a while?”

We stood there for a few minutes, just looking into each other’s eyes until Sandra spoke with a chuckle. “Do you have the feeling that we’ve been set up? I’m related to them and even I’m embarrassed.”

“Um, I did have that thought a few times, especially when your dad threatened to fire me if I didn’t show up.”

“Oh no, he didn’t do that, did he?”

“Actually, he didn’t come out and say it, but it was kind of implied. So, if I’ve been set up, I might as well take advantage of the situation and get to know you. That’ll probably satisfy your parents, and who knows? So, tell me, what you do?” And then she did, following up by asking me about my work.

She replied once my story was done, “You know, I always thought that accounting was boring, but you make it seem fascinating.”

“Well…like any other job there are parts that actually are as boring as hell. Then there are some jobs where you actually look forward to the boring work because the people you have to work with on the account are obnoxious. And some are even worse.”

Sandra smiled as we were offered some boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce by a waitress. Then she reacted to what I had said. “I’m sure you’re just making that up.”

“Yeah…I wish! What do you tell someone who questions your effort on their investments when they’ve returned 7% and the overall market has returned 2.5? The fact that you are a lady and my boss’s daughter, prevents me from being totally honest.”

“That’s not what Daddy has told me about you. He says you’re always honest.”

“I try to be, but some clients don’t really want to hear the truth. They don’t want to hear that their investment strategies have been idiotic or even dangerous, so I do try to tamp it down quite a bit. However, I refuse to take responsibility for their stupid decisions, so I do occasionally have to remind them that they did this or that against my advice, and now they’re suffering the consequences of their own stupidity. That’s also why I keep excellent records of conversations and meetings.”

Sandra took my arm then and led me to the bar. She had a gin and tonic; I had a Coke. “Don’t you drink?”

“Sure, but not at an occasion like this. If I was out with friends, no problem, but I’m not taking a chance on embarrassing myself or my hosts by getting even a little tipsy.”

Sandra stood silently and looked at me before leading me away from the crowd to a deserted and chilly patio. She took my drink and put both onto a table before grabbing my head and pulling it down for a long and passionate kiss with lots of tongue from both of us.

“Um…am I going to hear about this on Monday morning, if not sooner?”

Sandra laughed for almost a minute before replying, “Not if you ask me out for next Friday and Saturday evenings.” Then she added, ” I knew there was a good reason why I wore heels tonight. This way I won’t have to reach up too far for our next kiss.” She proved that a few seconds later with an even more passionate kiss that went on and on, not that either of us was complaining.

Now it was my turn to laugh. “I like a woman who’s direct. Think you’d like to see My Fair Lady? I know it’s been around for a couple of years, but it’s still next to impossible to get tickets. I’d take you to dinner first. If we do that on Friday, we can discuss what we want to do on Saturday.”

“How are you going to get tickets on such short notice?”

“The producer is one of our clients and he’s offered them to me several times. I can send him a text right now if you like.” I did and sure enough I was promised row eight center tickets fifteen minutes later. That was the start of my relationship with Sandra, who became Sandy long before she was introduced to my family on Christmas Eve, just two weeks later. We spent New Year’s Eve at dinner before dancing extremely closely and retiring to my townhouse for the evening. That was our first time making love, and that’s exactly what it was. Surprisingly, I never heard a word from her father. I did hear from him and my future mother-in-law four months later when Sandy phoned to tell them that she was engaged.

She and I were making up the guest list to our wedding and reception when she told me that we must absolutely invite Bev. “I need to thank her for helping to give you the wonderful sexual skills you have today. No man has ever made me feel the way you do. Of course, my love for you has a lot to do with it, but….” I put Bev’s name and her parents’ address on the list that was swollen to more than three hundred by the time it was finished. The Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria was rented and no expense was spared for the only child of my boss and his wife. By then I was a junior partner in the firm.

I rewarded my in-laws for their love and confidence in me by working extra hard. In turn, Sandy rewarded me by working me extra hard every night–usually several times–even after we had confirmed her four pregnancies.

Bev did attend our wedding and the reception with her Lutheran boyfriend. She and Sandy talked for almost half an hour and—yes—my ears were burning. I knew they were talking about me and I didn’t care even a little. Bev had been instrumental in making my teenage sex life successful, breaking me out of my shell and helping me to acquire the skills and confidence that would ensure that my wife would be mine forever.

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